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This is a true account in the sense that I have recurring attacks of sleep paralysis otherwise known as hag attacks. The rest is pure fantasy. If you suffer from sleep paralysis you may not be haunted by a spirit you may only be awakening during a period of REM sleep. It may just be a simple biological explanation.

I've been haunted all my life. Ever since I was a girl. I have these periodic attacks where I wake up unable to move. A heavy weight is pressed on my chest and I can only be free if I am able to somehow turn over in bed. It is not always like this though, sometimes I am half asleep and I feel that same pressure but this time it constricts my heart and what feels like electric shocks sting my body jerking me awake only to let me drift off again for it to repeat over and over. I say a rosary and salt my room like crazy and it helps but not for very long.

I can't say that I'm pretty. No one really thinks so. I'm average, average height and weight with brown hair and brown eyes. So if a demon or incubus is behind my attacks I cannot understand why. I don't tell anyone about these experiences they would tell me that I am dreaming or on drugs neither of which is true.

I am 22 now and I am a good girl. A virgin. I go to college and have a circle of girlfriends who like to go out. One day we ditched class and my friend Amiah tells us about this local psychic that is in the town and is of some renown. Amiah is totally into the New Age shit and the group of us groan but anything is better than class so we head out.

The place is a small crackerbox room heavily scented with incense where a short squat lady sits behind a table with a tarot deck in front of her. Amiah hands her twenty bucks and sits before the lady as she cuts the cards. You can imagine the reading; Amiah will get a man soon and to watch her grades, blah, blah, blah. Everyone of us steps forward and hands over the fee required, everyone except me. I hold no faith in something another says they see I have my own tarot deck at home if I want to know my future I can read it for myself. As we leave the lady rises and grabs my upper arm as I turn toward her she drops her hand away as though she has been burned. "What's wrong?" I ask looking at her eyes her pupils have widened to such a degree that they swallow her irises.

"Watch yourself." Is the cryptic answer that she gives.

What the fuck was that all about? I wonder. That night I sleep undisturbed.

Amiah and I along with two other girls share an apartment and the next night as I am sleeping in my bed I hear this piercing scream. I am startled awake and rise up in bed when Amiah turns the lights on. "Fuck!" I shout feeling the burning pain in my eyes as they adjust to the light. "What the hell is wrong with you?" I look up to see Amiah distraught and shaking. I rise up and guide her to her bed on the other side of the room.

"I-I. I saw this thing hunched in the corner by your bed as I came in. It was huge and black in the shape of a man. It had its arms about you as it kneeled by your bedside." Amiah had been staring ahead of her with glassy eyes when she suddenly turned to me. "Didn't you feel it?"

Amiah freaked me out I couldn't say a word to her. She couldn't sleep in our room she said and made up the couch in the living room for herself. I offered to sleep on the floor so that she wouldn't be alone but she vehemently refused.

After two weeks Amiah was able to sleep in our room again but she kept a small nightlight on at all times.

It was during this time that spring break occurred all the girls in my apartment were off to Cancun and I had to stay behind to read up for my AP classes. For three nights I had a peaceful time in the house doing my work. On the fourth night I lay in bed half asleep when I felt the familiar pressure on my chest. My hands were up by my ears and I felt them being pressed down by the wrists. Usually a white noise loudly fills my ears but this time there was no sound. I felt the pressure on my wrists lighten slightly and I tried willing my muscles to move so I could turn over and end the episode but no. I was able to open my eyes though which never happened before and I visibly saw the sheets being pulled down off my body by a huge black shadow. When they reached my feet I felt the soft touch of fingers lifting the edge of my nightgown pulling it up my waist. My breath came in shaky gasps as I could not move only watch as this large shadow moved over me.

I knew instinctively this was a man. A man now caressing my breasts now licking my neck sending goosebumps over my neck. I couldn't speak or cry out I could only accept the wet passionate kisses on my skin. I closed my eyes in exhilarated fear. My nipple was enveloped in hot warmth and pleasure flowed through me. Hands went to my knees opening them up finding no resistance. I felt strong fingers grip the waistband of my panties pulling them down. The soft touch of cotton erotic on the skin of my thighs. I could feel him warm and heavy between my legs his hot velvety skin shocking me. In my mind I had always thought demons to have scales. I felt the soft wet tip of his cock pause at the entrance of my cunt. No, I thought. He pushed in slipping remarkably easily into my virgin cunt. I had never had a man before but this spectral dream felt so good.

He stayed where he was for a moment but then he began to move. He rode me incredibly hard and fast parting my thighs even more so that he could sink deeper into me. I couldn't respond at all only lie there and moan in my head when he stopped. My cunt burnt and sore he rose up off me and I dared to open my eyes.

The psychic was right now that I think on it in retrospect. But how could I have known what was the cause of my night attacks?

In the end my friends came home to the apartment to find my body pristine and clean in my white nightdress my hands folded over my chest.

As I watched them bury me. My demon lover who stood at my side begged my forgiveness as he couldn't stop. He just couldn't stop all those years ago. I had known him once before he said and he claimed that one taste, one lifetime was not enough for him. I had to be his to have and to hold forever.

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