tagBDSMDemon Unleashed

Demon Unleashed

byRichard Crawford©

The ache to control rose inside me until my mind swam with it. My hot blood pulsed and I could take him, own him, replace his will with my own. The dominatrix demon inside me seduced, promising to soothe my hot needs at last, and I succumbed to this third mind. Nathan appealed to me tremendously in this moment, because he stood resolute. He stared into my eyes defiantly. He would not melt for me. The demon behind my gray eyes promised me that the collapse of his will would give me deep pleasure.

The wicked entity inside me played Nathan's game, enjoying the hunger in the three of us. I looked at Nate standing again in a motel room, this time sans blindfold and trembling voice. He sounded strong as he explained the reasons our coupling would not occur. His submissive fire had faded into ashes and his apologetic words poured easily from his lips. I looked away, feigning hurt and confusion, feeling all the more evil as my pussy pulsed with heat. My mouth grew dry with the knowledge that I could rip away this facade in any of a hundred ways. What kind of woman would toy with the honest emotions of such a sweet man? God, it excited me to do so. Walking the line between true love in each other's lives and deep knowledge of each other's darkest sexual needs made my head spin with power.

I whispered softly, feeling the truth in my words as well as the falseness, "I'm not the same woman who seduced you five years ago. My age shows clearly on my face and in my body. I understand, Nathan." Yes, I used not 'Nate' his everyday name, but 'Nathan,' which I had always when he begged for my touch. He stepped closer, caring and concerned and I used his emotions against him by turning slightly, looking away sadly while stretching the silky fabric across the breasts he adored. He reassured me regarding my appearance, heightening his awareness of me. My face turned away, I smiled, knowing that he still found me attractive and that part of him would always belong to me. For the thousandth time he spoke of my hands, my nails, my lips, my breasts and for the thousandth time I felt his honesty, his desire, and the deep pleasure of controlling a man, though overtly he resisted still.

I turned back to him with moist eyes and searched his, fighting down my inner demon so he would see dull gray irises, not hot ones. Later, after I reached orgasm, the gray would turn smoky cold, like plumes of dry ice vapor. For now I played the role of rejected lover, knowing his eyes drank me in as did his nostrils.

He stepped closer and paused, and I knew the bait had been scented. Not my regular perfume but his special submissive preference assaulted his senses. His eyes blurred as he whispered, "Shalomar..."

I allowed myself a slight smile and murmured, "Yes."

"I thought you gave it up years ago in favor of Mary Kay?"

"I did, Nathan"

"You told me you had given that scent up forever," he whispered, almost imploring.

"Special occasions require special trappings." I breathed. I gauged his reaction meticulously, noting his blush, his eyes, his slight tremble. "Are you ok, Nathan?" He swallowed hard. "You look dizzy, " I said very softly. " Shall I steady you?" I touched his elbow, sliding my palm artfully over the muscles in his upper arm.

The feel of him drugged me further until all I heard was the devil inside commanding me to take this young man. I let Nathan absorb my touch through the cotton of his shirt, and lose his will to be his own person. I waited for the blue eyes to close and the strong legs to tremble before I spoke again.


An inner cacophony like a roar of waves consumed me and the feel of my congested sex overwhelmed all logic as I watched him kneel at my feet. I cupped his chin and smiled at him, leaning down to lock his submission in place with a gentle kiss of promise. I was a Bitch and I loved it.

"Stand and strip for me," my commanding voice ordered. My words lifted him to his feet and his hands began unbuttoning his shirt as I watched. His pale chest emerged, so lightly haired and delicious to kiss. As he pulled the shirt off, his upper arms tightened, making me ponder how long I would tie him tonight. Would I hurt him so I could watch those muscles tighten again? A monstrous sigh escaped me: I would do anything I wanted, tonight.

His trousers followed, the click of the belt musical. I heard the swish of the fabric as it piled on the floor, and watched his lovely legs step out. Stumbling, he managed to remove his shoes and socks, then stood for me, turning and allowing me to look.

He wore my panties.

I chided him softly for trying to fight me while my panties claimed him. Almost pointless to resist me anyway, with the unrelenting clasp of my underwear he had no hope. Then I ordered the wet panties removed. I loved his hard erection, recalling his embarrassment when he first emailed me photos of it, wet for me as we spoke on the phone. Soon I would feel it inside me, fucking me just the way I liked, but one thing had to come first. Perhaps even two...or three? The hot cruel voice in my mind became the only voice.

I walked to the other side of the room, feeling his eyes on my curvaceous body. I turned quickly, catching those eyes on me and watched pink color spread from his face into his chest.

My first command repeated, "Kneel." He began to walk toward me but I halted him with an upraised hand and he kneeled. "First you will fuck me the way I like Nathan, then we will go to dinner, and then--if you are very good--I will suck you into my luscious mouth and allow you to cum there. Would you like that? Hmmmm?"

It only took a few more questions like that before he was begging on his knees across the room. Fully into my alter-ego, I enjoyed his suffering, but needed his cock inside me. I closed my eyes for an unbearably long second, seeking my equilibrium as I formed my next words, "Crawl to me."

I loved his wide eyes, almost as much as watching him lay on his face, legs spread. He never took his eyes from mine as he crawled, keeping his ass down and his legs spread. His ass so tight and small, dimpled and cute. I loved his ass, looked forward to spanking and fucking it.

Naked and crawling...all mine. I ordered him to crawl slower and reached into my clothes to touch my clit, easing and raising my tension at once. He crawled with excruciating slowness, offering me views of each muscle as it tensed, relaxed, tensed. His cock was hard and wet for me and I knew the carpet felt odd as it rubbed. He knew better than to beg any further, but his strong hands gripped the carper fiercely, dragging his aroused body. I rubbed faster, bringing myself closer.

When he reached me I halted my masturbating and stood over him. I eyed in his young form, his firm legs and ass, the freckles on his smooth back, his deep breathing making his body rise and fall. Using my foot, I rolled him onto his back. He lay sprawled at my feet, body spread wide and available to me. I raised my foot over his cock and let my high-heeled shoe dangle. His fascinated eyes watched and I let him wonder at my thoughts. When the eyes closed I let the shoe drop, striking the floor close to his hip, then caressing his wet aching cock with my nyloned foot so I could hear him purr.

Relief was not his destiny, but it was mine. I lowered my body to the floor, knees on either side of him, fully clothed on his nakedness, and spread my skirt. I lowered further and whispered into his hot mouth, "Garters and no panties" as my pussy swallowed his cock.

Then I used him like a toy to get myself off. My pleasure would become his, so I fucked him the way I liked, riding up and down his cock, pausing to arch my back and rub into him, grind into him. He was my vibrator, yet his eyes spoke of being so much more. I adored him as toy and boy, feeling my orgasm approach. Mmmm...if I was this bitchy now, how would I be after I came? I ordered him to move his hips, directed the right rhythm and power, and slid up and down. I felt my face grow hot, closed my eyes, drowned in rich Domme images, and came...came loudly....everything I wanted exploding in words-images-sounds-sensations-control!

Carefully I withdrew, not wanting him to come yet, and smiled at him. Once his cock lacked the stimulation of my sex, I dared give him a hot kiss, raping his weak little mouth. Moments ago my wild fucking of his mouth would have brought him to orgasm, but now it only made his body buck as if electrified. Nathan's hips left the carpet, every muscle tense, but his submissive lips were soft and open and I knew he felt me laugh as I swirled my tongue into the intimate corners of his mouth. But I was ready for dinner, so I ended his pleasure with a sudden withdrawn of my marauding tongue. I thought he might cry; it made me wet again. I directed Nathan to the bathroom to dress in the clothes I had laid out, quite sure he would not miss the remote-control butterfly. He would obediently place the vibrating point just below the tip of his hard cock and all night I would have my manicured finger on the button of his sex. He would never question my authority again.

Or perhaps, I thought with a rush, he would.

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