tagErotic HorrorDemon Victim Ch. 02

Demon Victim Ch. 02


Although George thought things were as bad as they could get, he'd just spent the night before brutally raping and abusing his wife thanks to the Demon that was now in control of his body, he wasn't at all prepared for this. The Demon was taking him out onto the streets, still in control of his body and looking for more prey; his poor wife didn't even had a chance of escaping because the Demon had used his powers to lock her in her room. Even if she did wake up, which she probably wouldn't she was so exhausted from her ordeal, there wasn't any chance for her. His mind was filled with the horrors of the day before; no matter what he did he would never be able to make this up to her, nothing could repay the things that her husband had done to her - even if he hadn't been in control of his body. He'd watched himself do it, seen her eyes as she'd succumbed to horror, not knowing how her beloved husband had become so cruel.

'STOP IT! STOP IT' he screamed inside his head, feeling like he was running around looking for the enemy and finding nothing. The demon just laughed at him, looking around curiously for new meat. There was a girl walking down the street, alone and young looking... as she got closer George was horrified to recognize his niece, his brother's daughter Claudia. Eighteen years old and as sweet a girl as could ever be found. His voice got more high-pitched as the demon realized just who she was to him, and he could feel the imminent weight of impending evil surrounding him.

"Hi Uncle George!" the sweet girl chirped, running up and hugging him, George screamed as the Demon hugged her back, smiling pleasantly, "I was just on my way to see Aunt Samantha! She's showing me how to make a cheesecake today."

"Well that's nice dear," said his voice, cheerful and normal... if he'd had control of his body he would have felt like he was out of tears, completely helpless to even warn her, "Why don't I walk you there? You really shouldn't be walking around by yourself you know. There are bad people out there." George could feel the Demon laughing at him, and he screamed his rage; impotent and angry.

"Oh Uncle George," she giggled cutely, and the Demon's eyes wandered to her tight shirt and jiggling bosom, George groaned as he was forced to really notice his niece's assets for the first time, "It's morning and it's perfectly sunny out. It's not like there's anyone bad out right now."

More than anything he wanted to tell her that the worst person she could be walking with was him, to turn around and run home and never leave the house again - and never ever wish for anything! Instead his body walked with her and they talked of cheerful, harmless stuff... he wanted to beat himself into a bloody pulp when the Demon told Claudia that her Aunt Samantha was tired from the night before - and added in a wink! For some reason the Demon enjoyed taunting George as much as anything else, taking some kind of pleasure in his psychological pain.

When they got to the house it was still quiet, Samantha wasn't even awake yet. Leading Claudia into the living room, the demon suddenly changed before her eyes; from her adored Uncle George to some malevolent-eyed twisted looking man. Gasping, she stepped back and screamed as she tripped over the footstool... and then he was on her. She fought back, much more effectively than Samantha had at first; the Demon was forced to turn her onto her stomach and hold her down. Reaching out he grabbed the tie from the curtains and bound her hands together, tying them to the couch leg. Leaving her there, sobbing and pleading with him, he grabbed more curtain ties and returned to tie her legs apart and attach them to other large pieces of furniture.

"Uncle George... what are you doing? What are you doing, I'm your niece... it's me, Claudia... what are you doing.... UNCLE GEORGE???!!!!" She wailed as he ripped the shirt from her body, tearing the clothes off of her until she was completely naked in front of him. Despite his horror at the events that were unfolding, George couldn't help but notice his niece's beauty and he knew that even if he'd had control of his body he'd have a hard on. Of course, if he had control of his body he would have never found himself in this position.

Seeing her tied and spread like that, her innocent beauty lay out before him, he wanted to cry for her. Not the sobbing self-hating cries, but the weeping that one does for innocence lost. Somehow he was starting to become more accustomed to the situation; rather than screaming and denying what was happening, he was instead starting to mourn the losses. The Demon toyed with her breasts roughly, slapping them back and forth and pinching her nipples rudely; Claudia sobbed as she was manhandled, her chest was burning with the rough treatment. A virgin, she had let boys feel her up before, but none of them had ever treated her like this; she'd always been treated with respect and tenderness. This sudden brutality, along with the fact that it was her uncle who was doing it, was a complete shock to her system.

Without much preparation, the Demon placed George's enlarged cock at her virgin entrance and started to push. Despite the roughness of the treatment to her breasts, she had ended up getting a little wet which was fortunate for her. Claudia's back arched in pain as the large cock broke through the barrier, her pussy feeling like it was being torn apart by the large shaft. Letting out an ear-splitting scream, she shook with the tension in her body as her uncle completely buried himself in her body; their groins met and she sobbed, her pussy clasping him tightly as it convulsed.

For George, this was so much worse than the day before. Not because Claudia was younger than his wife, or because she had been a virgin, or even because she was his niece... no, it was because he was almost enjoying himself. He didn't want to, he wasn't trying to, but he could still feel everything that was happening to his body, and her pussy felt fantastic. Inside his head he was moaning with pleasure as the Demon raped her, she was so tight and elastic... tighter than he could ever remember feeling. And she was so young and beautiful, her skin so soft against the roughly grasping hands... it was something he had never really noticed before, always just thinking of her as a kind of supplementary daughter. Now his dick was thrusting in and out of her and he was actually enjoying himself in some ways... which just made him hate himself even more.

What was wrong with him? What kind of sick fuck could he be to actually be having himself enjoy this? This was his NIECE... not only was he involved in incest now, but he had just raped her and she had been a virgin... and yet he was still enjoying the way his dick moved in and out of her ravaged pussy. The physical vs. the mental and he really wasn't sure which was winning.

Claudia was hopelessly lost in horror, her body being used by her Uncle George... although he didn't even look like her uncle, his expression was completely different and strange to her. She tried to keep from looking at him as he pumped in and out of her body, her hands were still weakly pulling at the bonds on her wrists. It felt so strange to have something inside of her; big and hard and actually inside her body, it still hurt but the pain was fading somewhat and she was grateful for that. His fingers groped at the soft spots on her body, digging in and making her wince as he continued to fuck her hard...

The Demon thrust harder and harder, banging her curvy ass against the floor and making her cry out in startled pain. Then, just as his body stiffened in orgasm, George found himself back in control of his body, found himself making that final eager thrust and spilling his cum into his niece... For Claudia the experience was even worse as her Uncle George suddenly looked like himself, but with his face screwed up in lust. She sobbed as she felt him spurting inside her... there had been no protection used and she wasn't on the pill... was it possible she might have her Uncle's baby?

George collapsed on his sobbing niece, completely shocked and horrified... he'd had the chance to pull out... he'd been in control of his body just before he came and he'd had the chance to spare her and he hadn't. What kind of animal was he? Maybe the Demon had started the rape, but he'd finished it... he'd made the final thrust, he'd cum in her. It had felt different than last night with Samantha; he knew that all the cum was his, there was nothing of the Demon in it. Then he realized that he was still lying on top of Claudia, his dick was still inside his niece.

Crying himself, he untied her, babbling and pleading forgiveness. She didn't even hear his words, it was just murmurs as he untied her and she curled into a ball. Although she winced when he touched her, he picked her up and took her upstairs to be with Samantha. His wife woke up as they came into the room, seeing Claudia and realizing what had happened; he handed his niece off, not knowing what else to do. As Samantha comforted the younger woman, her eyes dull with the horror that she had already lived through, George curled up - naked - in the corner and started to cry. The women rocked back and forth on the bed as he held himself, curled up alone in the corner of his bedroom.

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