tagErotic HorrorDemon Victim Ch. 03

Demon Victim Ch. 03


That night the Demon took over George's body again, as the two women slept. Although George was quite sure that the Demon would be able to handle both of the women at once - although George wouldn't be able to on his own - the Demon seemed to like waking them up frightened. First was Samantha, the Demon pulled her off the bed and tied her to a chair next to the bed after gagging her. Then he turned to Claudia and George could hear his wife struggling, trying to scream behind the gag as the Demon turned her over. She looked so innocent, nothing of the past twelve hours marred her features... he wanted to weep with what he knew she was going to wake up to.

It was worse than he imagined it would be. The Demon molested her in her sleep, but gently and almost tenderly. Claudia moaned, her face looking aroused as he caressed her breasts, gently rolling the nipples between his fingers. When he lowered his mouth to her pussy, her hips actually bucked and she sighed with pleasure as he began to feast on her juices. Samantha was sobbing in the chair as she was forced to watch her niece violated and aroused, knowing that her niece was unaware of what she was responding to. It was so much more personal now that the Demon was pretty much forcing her to enjoy it, so much worse.

When his dick began to press into her, Claudia actually sighed happily, her body was aroused with passion and it felt good even though her pussy was sore. An orgasm was building... when she opened her eyes she was shocked and horrified to see her Uncle George thrusting into her, his expression back to the strange and terrifying unfamiliar face. Holding her wrists down on either side of her head, he lowered his mouth to suck on her nipple, making her cry out in despair as her body responded with pleasure. Playing her body skillfully, the Demon built her desires up, making her quiver with the need for an orgasm until her hips were thrusting against him even though she hated what was happening to her.

Sobbing in defeat Claudia came, her body quivering beneath him and her tight pussy grasping. This time the Demon didn't give over the body to George, instead the Demon's potent and burning cum spurted into her pussy, making her feel as though her entire lower body was filled with it. The Demon left her sobbing on the bed, feeling ashamed and dirty that she had cum while her Uncle raped her. Although George and Samantha had explained to her exactly what happened, George could see it in her eyes that when she looked at him she still saw her Uncle, even when the Demon was controlling his movements. It killed him to see that betrayal in her eyes.

Sealing off the room with its power again, the Demon went off into the morning sun.


George was shocked when the Demon chose a young man, he was an attractive young man and a little bit of a pretty boy, but so far the Demon had only shown attraction to women. He himself definitely wasn't attracted to men, but the Demon grabbed the young man and pulled him into an alley. As the Demon tore of the young man's clothes, pretty much ignoring the struggles even though the young man would probably have been stronger than George, George looked him over with pity. About twenty-five years old, well dressed... this was probably the most terrifying experience in his life.

Although the young man was screaming, no one was coming, and George could feel the Demon savoring the young man's terror, enjoying the screams. Somehow the Demon must have blocked off the noise from this alley so that no one would even attempt to come help. When George's large dick was shoved into the young man's mouth, he felt teeth almost immediately... but they didn't seem to be able to sink in, there was just the feeling of pressure.

Something in the young man collapsed, defeated as his last gambit failed. Completely naked, he probably would have been very attractive to most women, well built... and yet here he was taking George's cock all the way down his throat. Disgusted, George tried to ignore the fact that the pleasure coursing through him was coming from another man, tried to ignore the Demon's glee. Pumping in and out of the man's mouth, it was amazing how much dick he could swallow when chances were he had never done this before in his life. The tears were easier to ignore... since this was a stranger George felt a lot of pity but he found that much of the horror was gone... the absence disturbed him a little. Shouldn't he feel worse that he was raping a young man he didn't even know?

Cum blasted from his dick and down the young man's throat, although as usual the Demon didn't even lose a little bit of hardness. But he also didn't do anything immediately. Instead, George found himself laying the young man down on the pavement and putting his own mouth to the man's limp dick. Thoroughly disgusted and disturbed, George found himself trying to resist again, although of course it was completely useless. The Demon seemed to enjoy shaming its victims by giving them pleasure today... it was as good at arousing the young man as it had been at arousing Claudia that morning. It didn't take very long for the young man to be moaning, his hips thrust up and down.

Smiling the Demon pulled off of the young man's thrusting dick and turned him over, putting him on his hands and knees. When he pressed his large dick to the young man's anus, the guy didn't even protest, just stayed on his hands and knees, wincing as the dick began to press inwards. George wanted to gag, although the hole was tight and warm and felt incredible, he couldn't forget that his dick was now in another man's body. Somehow he felt like it would be different if it was a woman's asshole. It was even harder to forget when the Demon reached around and started pumping the young man's dick with his hand.

Everything was in rhythm, and despite himself George found that he was starting to get into it. The asshole was so incredibly tight, and it really didn't feel that much different from a woman's. Trying to block the back that he was seeing and what his hand was doing... and it was almost enjoyable. He sometimes wondered whether or not the Demon meant to share the pleasure with him, or if it was just a coincidence... or something that the Demon just couldn't block since it was his body. Whatever. It was starting to get to him. Maybe it helped that this time it wasn't someone he loved and cared about.

It was all just pumping and pumping; in and out... pleasure and tightness and warmth... his hand moving up and down on the dick and his own dick being engulfed in that snug hole. Groaning loudly he came, pushing his dick hard into the other man's ass and feeling the dick in his hand pulse, cum splattering onto the ground in front of them. As his dick began to shrink George realized that he was in control of his own body again, and that he didn't know how long he had been... had he been fucking the man? How long had he been fucking the man? What the hell was wrong with him that he hadn't even noticed he'd gotten his body back, he'd been so wrapped up in the pleasure? He was sick! Sick!

Pulling his dick from the man's ass and zipping up, he ran away, leaving the young man laying there on the cum-spattered ground.

The Demon let him have his own body for awhile, not that he really wanted it. More than anything he wanted to not have control of his body, to not be the one doing these awful things... cumming inside his niece on his own had been bad enough... but how long had he been the one raping that young man? How could he not have even noticed? Walking around in a daze, he wondered if the Demon was gone... if it had just left him with the ashes of his life now. In a way he almost hoped it wasn't, how could he rebuild from this? What would he tell his brother about Claudia? How could Samantha ever forgive him? It was almost a relief to be out of the control, to not have to deal with any of that.

It wasn't so much of a relief when the Demon took control as he passed a pretty young woman, she looked about the same age as the young man - probably 25 years old -, and the Demon made him turn and walk towards her.

That night George had a third member to his harem; after raping her in the kitchen, the Demon took her into the living room and made her suck his dick as he watched TV. Finding a particularly violent show on television seemed to get him riled up, laying her down on the ground and fucking her hard as she sobbed. The show seemed to make him particularly violent, and he slapped her across the face and her breasts, even pulling out of her at one point to slap her pussy. Screaming she tried to close her legs, but he forced them open, slapping her pussy until it was red and raw looking, then he got back in between her thighs and started fucking her brutalized pussy.

Despite himself, George was almost enjoying some of this as well... it was almost as thought the Demon's pleasure at her fear and pain was leaking into his own emotions. And her pussy certainly felt wonderful and tight. Suddenly George was in control of his body again, and he knew it right away... but the Demon was also sending unbearable lust coursing through him. He meant to pull out of her ravaged body, but as soon as he did he was thrusting back in, taking pleasure in her tightness, in her weak movements. Hating himself more than ever, he couldn't stop himself from raping her, his arousal and desires were so strong, spurred to their greatest heights by the Demon.

In a way it was almost as though the Demon was still controlling him, like a puppet-master would his puppet. But George also knew that it was really him doing it, he was the one raping this girl now, he was the one not stopping... With a final thrust he started to cum, spending his pleasure in her. It felt like he was cumming and cumming and cumming... but when his orgasm was over he wasn't feeling at all completed. In fact he was almost hornier. His dick certainly wasn't any softer.

The Demon nudged a thought into his head. He resisted. Then his dick started to ache, almost as if it was the worst case of blueballs ever... it started to get worse and worse, until he was on his hands and knees next to the sobbing girl, gasping with his own pain. Finally he grabbed the girl and started pulling her towards the stairs, immediately the pain ceased and he could walk again. Practically throwing her over his shoulder he picked her up and headed for the stairs, his aching hard dick eager to get to the bedroom where the other two women were.

Although he cursed himself for feeling weak, he also realized that he was feeling somewhat eager as well. It wasn't the Demon who had his fingers pushing into the girl's pussy at the moment... and the Demon hadn't even told him to.

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