tagErotic HorrorDemon Victim Ch. 04

Demon Victim Ch. 04


George came storming into the room, his cock aching. He could see from the horror on his wife's face that she could tell who was in charge of his body; but he couldn't do anything about that. Right now it was really his dick that was ruling his body, and the Demon was controlling his dick. Also, the second he started thinking about doing anything but what the Demon wanted, that incredible pain started up again. Maybe he was weak, but he needed release and he needed to keep the pain from returning.

A small flow of power from the Demon put Samantha back in the chair, the ropes tying themselves around her struggling form. Claudia cried out as the other girl was tossed onto the bed, her red pussy spread wide and she was crying again. Taking Claudia's hair in his hand he pushed her face into the girl's ravaged pussy, where his cum was leaking out of her hole.

"Clean her," he hissed, and his niece didn't immediately obey he slapped her ass, only realizing the moment after the Demon hadn't made him do that. But the hard smack got her going and Claudia immediately started licking at the girl's pussy, softly soothing the sore flesh.

Getting behind his niece he pressed his own dick into her pussy, feeling her tightness firsthand, the joy of that first entry. Groaning loudly he moved into her, the pleasure clear on his face... he tried not to look at Samantha, not wanting to see the broken trust in her eyes. Before, at least she'd looked as though she pitied him, trapped in his own body as he was forced to do terrible things... but could she still pity him when he had the choice not to? When he chose his own pleasures above other people's pain? When he chose not to be in pain himself? He couldn't look at her.

He fucked Claudia hard, shoving her face into the new girl's cunt. His wife cried and begged him to stop, but he ignored her as a warning jab of pain flowed through his balls. Besides... he had to admit that he was turned on by watching the girl on girl action, and that deep down he really didn't want to take his dick out of his niece's pussy. Inside him, in the back of his head, it was almost as though he could hear the Demon joyfully laughing, but he tried to ignore that too. Instead he just concentrated on the incredible feeling that he got from fucking Claudia's tight, young pussy. Getting more and more into it, he began slapping her upturned ass, making her shriek into the other girl's pussy.

Groaning, he could feel the cum boiling in his balls; it felt like his own but it was also hot like the Demon's... almost as if it was a mix of their juices. Gripping Claudia's hips he grunted as he slammed home, feeling the strange mix of cum spurting into her tight pussy.

When he was done cumming he made Claudia continue to eat the new girl out while he watched, shoving his dick into Samantha's mouth. She was crying, knowing that it was him in charge of the body... but he was starting to get off on the power, he knew that he could use some of the Demon's powers even when he was in control of the body. And watching his niece eat out the other girl was an incredible turn on. Almost as much of one as watching his wife suck up Claudia's juices off his dick.

Turning Claudia on the bed, he soon had both the girls eating each other out, sniveling into each other's pussies, while he lifted Samantha off the chair and lay next to them, fucking her hard. This time she didn't even try to struggle, knowing that it really was her husband doing this to her had completely defeated her. Even the look in his eyes was the familiar one of lust that he had when he wanted sex. Only now he was watching the other two girls, and his cock was punishing her pussy with its bruising thrusts and large proportions.


Almost a year later a very pregnant Samantha watched dully as her husband raped another young woman, a new one, college aged again. He had quite a harem now, with his wife and niece and three other girls, all of them were over eighteen but she was the oldest of them. Four of them were pregnant (including herself) and the other two would be soon as well, she was sure. The Demon's cursed sperm was incredibly potent, and she knew that what was growing in her womb was an abomination. George wouldn't let her abort it though, he was completely different. In fact, it was almost impossible to tell who was in control of the body anymore, he'd become just as cruel and sexually greedy as the Demon had; making the girls perform for him and raping them constantly...

Just last night her husband had raped her in the ass, saying that he didn't want to hurt the baby. Every week he'd go out for a night or two, looking for new girls... sometimes he'd just rape them on the street and leave, maybe they'd have a baby maybe they wouldn't. Sometimes he'd find one that he'd like in particular and he'd bring them back to the cabin... it was these girls that Samantha felt the most pity for. George was brutal to all of them, and although he seemed to get the most pleasure out of raping those he cared about - Samantha and Claudia - he was the cruelest to the girls he had no former emotional ties to.

George was thrusting, he could swear that the Demon was making his cock even bigger lately; completely lost in his pleasure he'd come to accept that nothing was going to change his possession by the Demon so he might as well just go along with it. It was either that or go insane trying to fight uselessly... and at least this way he could protect Samantha and Claudia somewhat. He looked down in the familiar, crying face below him; her body writhed underneath him, it had been awhile since someone had fought him this much. In some ways it was almost enjoyable... and she had an incredibly tight and elastic pussy... or maybe his dick really was just even bigger lately.

Groaning, he could feel the Demon taking over his body completely; it was the first time in a long time that it had happened. In a way he almost regretted that, although he could still feel the sensations they seemed much sharper when he was in control of his body. But the Demon wanted her and he had to give way; feeling it as the thrusts changed and the dick swelled inside her. When he came, it was all the Demon's cum, rather than the mix that it usually was... the Demon seemed to enjoy mixing their sperm so that it was a toss up as to whether the woman would be impregnated by George or the Demon. This time nothing was left to chance, and he knew that as deep in her womb as his cock was right now, she would almost certainly be pregnant just from this first time.

Pulling out of her ravaged pussy, he trotted off to find one of the other women. Maybe one of the newer girls that he hadn't gotten pregnant yet... he found that he wasn't all that attracted to the pregnant women, he wasn't quite sure who had his babies and who had the demons. He wondered if anyone would be able to tell the difference when they were born.

Samantha was left to help the new girl. Silently she went over and gathered the sobbing young woman in her arms; it was a little awkward with her new belly. She didn't say anything though... she didn't think anything that she could say would explain to her daughter why her mother had stood by and just watched as her father raped her.

As George began to fuck another girl, inside him the Demon grinned. He'd been waiting for George's daughter, although some of the other girls might carry his offspring, she was the one he'd chosen to carry his Heir.

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