tagNonHumanDemon's Slave

Demon's Slave


She woke up. The first thing she noticed was she wasn't at home. The second thing was she didn't know where she was at all. Third, she wasn't wearing any clothes. And finally, she didn't have the slightest clue, what had happened, so that she now was naked in a place she didn't know.

Confused she looked around. As far as she could tell in the dim light, she seemed to be in a stone chamber without any hint to where it was located. Plain stonewalls, only interrupted by a window high above the ground, which didn't let her see anything more than the nightly sky, and a solid looking door. She was sitting on the floor of the room that seemed to have absolutely no furniture in it. She shivered. It was cold in this room, so she curled up to a small ball.

Suddenly, the silence was broken by the sound of footsteps. They seemed to come closer, and then stopped. After a moment, the door opened with a creak. Framed by the light outside, she could make out the silhouette of a man. The person looked large, at least two meters and had a sturdy build. She cowered back in the corner in fear.

"Oh, it seems my new slave has finally woken up." His voice was very deep and resounded in the room. "Then we'll immediately start with the training."

After closing the door, he took a few steps forward. When he was next to the window, he stopped for some reason. The moonlight shining inside revealed his body, which she had only seen as a silhouette before. It wasn't human! His skin was a deep red, his arms and legs were easily twice as thick as a human's, and he was even taller, than she had thought on the first look.

His face was the least human part of him. He had no nose at all, his eyes were pools of blackness, and when he opened his mouth, she could see, that he had fangs like a predator.

Furthermore, strangely convulsed black patterns seemed to crawl all across his skin. And between his legs hung, like a counterweight to the thick tail, which sprout from his back and draggled over the ground like a lizard's, the biggest cock, she had ever seen. It was at least half a meter long and as thick as her both fists together. Though it looked erect, the demon didn't seem to mind it, as though this was its natural state. She didn't even want to imagine the demoness that could take that thing inside her.

"Are you satisfied, my slave?" the demon asked, and she realized, that he deliberately had stopped, so she could have a good look at him.

"Now it's your turn, slave! Stand up, and let me have a good look at you!"

Out of fear, what he might do to her, if she didn't obey, she really tried to stand up, but her trembling feet couldn't support her own weight, and so she sank back to the ground and tried once again to make herself as small as possible in the corner.

The demon stepped closer and was now only few centimeters from her body. "First lesson: When I order, you follow, without me having to repeat myself!"

The he bend down and grabbed her on her wrists (both of them in his one hand), before he pulled her up. She hung there in his grip and when he straightened up himself again, her feet didn't even reach the ground. She grew limp, when she realized, she didn't had the slightest chance to escape his grip without even touching the ground. Then he carried her to the window and held her body into the moonlight.

She knew what he was seeing now. A approximately 20-year old woman, 1,70 meters tall, slim build, small but firm breasts, hazel colored hair (her shoulder length scalp as well as her public hair) and green eyes, at the moment filled with fear and fright.

"Nice", was the only comment he made. Then he threw her through the whole room against the wall!

"And that was for your disobedience", he declared.

With tears flowing down her cheeks, she finally managed to stutter: "W-Why are you do-doing this to me?"

"Looks, like my slave is able to talk after all..."

He once again stepped closer and stopped right in front of her. Then, without warning, he kicked her full force in the stomach!

From the pain she blacked out some seconds.

When she came to, he said:

"The only question a slave has to ask, is, what her masters wishes are! Do you understand?!"

As fast as she could she nodded, fearing more punishment, if she didn't.

"It seems you're beginning to understand. Then I'll ask you the most important question: Will you swear eternal obedience to me?"

She froze. Eternal obedience? To a demon? How could she do this? Even if he would torture her more, she couldn't; every fiber of her self protested against it. But even so, all that came out of her mouth was a weak "N... No..." almost to low to be heard. Then she quickly cowered down again, expecting his next attack.

Although the volume of her voice was almost inaudible, he still seemed to have heard it.

"How disappointing. But not unexpected. Then I'll have to..."

Instead of attacking her again, he took a few steps backwards, until he once again stood clearly visible in the moonlight. Then he started muttering something. Even though it was clearly a language, she couldn't understand even one single word. It wasn't only that she didn't know the language - she couldn't even recognize one single syllable, as if it were impossible for humans to reproduce the demonic language he used.

Strangely, nothing seemed to happen, except the lines on his body seemed to move even faster around... Then he finished and - still nothing happened. She was almost disappointed, even though she knew she wouldn't like what should have happened, whatever it was.

But the demon didn't look like something went wrong. He only looked at her with those black eyes of his, as if expecting something...

And then she suddenly felt something. Though it wasn't something she would have expected - it was a strange warmth within her body. The pain from the points, where the demon hit her, faded away, and she felt completely relaxed, as if she were at home and not naked in front of a demon, that wanted her to become his slave. What did the demon intend with this? Did he think, that she would agree to his crazy demand, if he made her feel comfortable? Even a demon couldn't think humans were this easy to trick...

But then from one moment to the other, the feeling in her body changed. Or rather, it intensified. About hundredfold! When she before felt a relaxing warmth, she now felt a heat, as if she was burning. Her whole body seemed to become a single blaze! She screamed! But not in agony - even though the sensation almost made her go insane, it didn't feel painful. It was only the extreme intensity that made her body bend on the ground as if she was going to die.

Finally, her convulsions stopped. Not because the feeling abated, or even got fully away, but because the initial shock subsided. Since the feeling itself wasn't bad, but only its intensity, she could bear it, after she had some time to adjust to it.

Now, that she wasn't overwhelmed by the feeling anymore, she could concentrate in what the feeling actually was. It wasn't just relaxation (although there had to be as well, since there was still that freaking demon in front of her, but she wasn't in fear as much as before!) but another thing as well, she couldn't identify in the first moments.

Then it struck her. She couldn't identify it, because it was too ridiculous to actually belief it. While being a captive by a demon that wanted her to become his slave and under the influence of some strange black magic, this was the last feeling she could imagine to strike her.

She felt horny!

She couldn't find the least reason, why she should feel this in her situation (or, why the demon's magic should make her feel this way, what seemed at least a bit more logic, even if not by much), and yet after she identified the sensation, there was no doubt about it.

Now that she knew what it was, that made her feel this way, her arousal seemed to increase more and more with every passing second. She was already panting heavy like after a long run, and sweat started to appear all over her body.

The demon still didn't seem to do anything besides watching her. What could it be, he was aiming at, she thought, when she suddenly felt a sting of pleasure emerge from her clit. She looked down and saw... her own hand playing with herself! That was simply crazy! Whatever this demon's magic was, it shouldn't make her playing with herself in his lair, while he was watching her! Despite these thoughts, she still continued to slowly rub her clit with her hand, and then she even held up her other hand and started massaging one of her breasts. At this moment a soft moan escaped her lips.

"Seems my slave is beginning to enjoy herself. Starting to feel good?"

"Of course not!" At least the relaxing effect of the demon's magic made her able to talk more firmly, even she still knew, there would probably punishment for talking back to the demon. "How on earth should I be able to enjoy myself in a situation like this?" Even though it took all her willpower, she stopped playing with herself, took her hands to her side, and threw an angry stare at the demon.

"You know, I can give you even more pleasure, if you accept becoming fully mine..."

"No, I never will!" she interrupted the demon. She feared, that he was now going to hurt her again (probably a stick and carrot tactic to break her resistance), but he just mumbled "Well, we'll see..." and continued staring at her.

She tried to stay focused and not give in to the demon, by constantly telling herself, that this was all his plan and her only chance of coming out of this, was by resisting everything he was doing to her, but her arousal was still increasing and before long, her hand again wandered down her body...

She indulged in the pleasure, she was giving herself, when she suddenly noticed, something was amiss. Even though her one hand rubbed her clit like furious and the other one pumped her fingers in and out of her pussy (when had it wandered down from her breasts to accompany her other hand?!), she wouldn't come. Her pleasure increased, and she got the feeling, she could explode any second now, but the last bit, that would give her the final relieve, somehow didn't come, as if her body was waiting for something.

"Problems, my slave?"

Her only response was a grunt. Probably in the pre-orgasmic ecstasy she didn't even hear him, and absolutely sure she didn't understand, what he was saying!

"Well, I'll help you..."

And with these words... he lightly flicked one of his fingers against her clit, not exerting more pressure than a falling feather. Still, this touch, she wasn't even sure she was really feeling, finally sent her over the edge. Her body shuddered uncontrollably, as she reached the strongest orgasm she ever had in her whole life. It was so great, that in the end she again lost consciousness for some seconds.

When she came to her senses again, she noticed, she was already playing with herself again, as if her body had continued even while her mind was absent. While she still felt the aftereffects of the orgasm, her desire hadn't subsided in the least, but seemed to have become even stronger, even though she wouldn't have believed that was even possible just a few seconds ago.

"P... Ple... Please..."

she murmured, not even knowing anymore, if there was anybody that could hear her.

"Will you become my slave?"

"N... No..."

She didn't know why she was giving that answer, her mind too filled with ecstasy to really comprehend what was going on, but a small part of her still tried to resist.


The demon turned his back to her and started to walk away. But before he could leave, she stammered:

"P... Please... D... Do... Don't go..."

The demon stopped in his tracks and turned around again. On his face was an evil smile.

"Is there something you want to say?"

Furiously pumping one of her hands in and out of her pussy, while rubbing her clit with the other one, she couldn't think straight. There was something she had to say, then he would make her feel good again. But she shouldn't say it. Why was that? She couldn't remember. It couldn't be as important as coming again, so...

"I... I'll be your slave..."

She almost whispered, but the demon still seemed to have heard it.

"That's a good slave. Then I'll give you your reward."

She smiled. He would touch her again and make her feel good.

But instead of touching her parts, she wanted to feel him with, he once again grabbed her wrists.

"What...? No, not that..."

she cried. She couldn't even touch herself with her arms restricted. She rubbed her legs together, but that wasn't even causing a slight reaction.

He didn't seem to listen and lifted her up, until she was hanging right in front of him, her face the same level as his. His grin broadened. Then his eyes went down and seemed to concentrate on a point right below her. Her eyes followed his.

"No, not that, all, but not that, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Her panic was so strong, it even broke the spell she was under for a moment.

Without any hint of noticing her desperate cries, he slowly lowered her body. She tried to break free with all power that was left in her body, but to no avail. The demon seemed even to enjoy her reaction.

The moment her privates touched that giant pole of meat, originating from the demon's lower body, she went over the edge once again, even though it wasn't more than a little touch on the outside.

When her shuddering subsided, she noticed, her movement had come to a halt, her slit still in the slightest touch with his cock.

She looked up at the demon's face, only to be met with an evil grin.


was all she could say. Then he moved her down again.

She was sent to hell. Her body was torn apart, all that was inside her was flying around. What was left of her was scattered to the four winds, not even big enough to be recognized as remains of a human.

That was the one thing she felt.

She was sent to heaven. She was riding on a wave of bliss, feeling more pleasure than she ever had imagined possible for a human to feel. Never could she call anything she ever had before an orgasm, when it was compared with this sensation.

That was the other thing she felt.

Her body shivered. Pleasure. Pain. The two feelings seemed to exist at the exact same time, overlaying each other, complementing each other, melting with each other. There was only one way for her to express her feelings:


But there was none to hear her, except the demon, which was clearly enjoying hearing her screaming.

Finally, she didn't know why, she regained some of her senses. She shifted her gaze downwards. What she saw widened her eyes in fear. What had felt like a lance being pierced in her body from down below was actually just the tip of the demon's cock! He still held her wrists so she wouldn't sink any deeper, as long as he didn't want her to, even as she could feel the thing under her get slipperier every second as fluids of her own body all but gushed out from her still present arousal.

The he opened his hands.

She had the brief expression of the sensations she thought being already more than any human could endure even increasing, before merciful darkness surrounded her.

When she came to (she didn't even remember how often this happened since she came here - not that she cared for this at the moment) she knew, she must be dieing, since the pain her body was feeling couldn't arise from anything but mortal wounds. Describing it with the word pain would be as describing the ocean with the word moist. Every single cell in her body seemed to scream in pure, undiluted agony, she would never have believed possibly existing before.

And yet... at the same time she was feeling what was worlds beyond pleasure. It couldn't be that she was feeling it with her body, since the capacity of a human body wouldn't come close to experience what she was feeling. It was as if her whole being had been reduced to a single point of infinite, unlimited ecstasy.

Tears streamed down her face. She didn't know why. All was mixed up. Pleasure. Pain. Life. Death. She couldn't distinguish them anymore. She just wanted to enjoy this moment of never-ending pain. To finally stop the joy she was feeling.

Then something grabbed her body on the waist. It was the demon's hands. Suddenly her body was lifted upwards. Then rammed back downwards! She screamed in agony, as the demon's giant cock impaled her one more time after being partially extracted from her.

Despite fearing what she would see, she looked downward. The giant monstrosity that felt like filling up her entire body wasn't even inserted halfway into her. The other half was covered in a red liquid streaming out of her body. It would almost have looked like some kind of defloration, if the blood wouldn't be in such quantities.

But all such thoughts were driven out of her mind when the demon lifted her up and brought her down again! And Again! And Again! And again! Every time with increasing speed! Each time she cried a death scream, while at the same time another wave of orgasm washed over here, till she was screaming nonstop and wasn't able to tell anymore, where one orgasm ended and the next began.

But without her noticing at first, the pain lessened. Or rather she didn't notice it anymore. As the orgasms continued and melted into a continuous stream of passion, every other feeling was driven out of her body. There was simply no place for pain anymore. She still screamed, but at this point, she didn't even know the reason why anymore. It was more like she couldn't stop it than doing it because she had a reason to.

Then something changed. First she didn't notice it at. But when the time between her orgasms increased, her mind returned bit by bit, and she noticed what was happening. The demon - had stopped. He held her still in one position without her touching him, so the stream of orgasms had come to a halt. But while the pleasure subsided, at the same speed, the pain returned. It felt as if her body had been torn to shreds, crushed by a giant hammer, pierced by a giant drill.

"No, don't stop!" she muttered, wanting the pain to be washed away once again. At the same time she wiggled around to get at least some reaction. But the strong arms of the demon held her in place, her efforts were fruitless.

Then the demon spoke:

"Will you be my slave?"

She had already answered that question. Still he asked again. And while some voice in her mind still screamed at her to say no, when her mouth opened, her answer was a plain "Yes."

"Will you give over to me your body and mind?"


She didn't really understand what he wanted to accomplish with this question, but what she knew was, that he wouldn't continue until she gave him the answer he wanted to hear.

"And will you give over to me your soul?"

No, you can't do that. That's the thing you can't give him no matter what. He may break your body and mind, but that's the one thing he can't take away from you, unless you give it to him at your own will.

There was this voice inside her head. But it was so low. And the pain was so strong.


"Yes," she murmured with a voice even lower than the one inside her head that cried to her to stop.

The demon smiled.

"Then the pact is sealed. You are now mine, and will forever be. Now come, my lovely, little slave!"

He seemed barely able to hold back a booming laughter while he spoke. But she didn't care about that, as long as he would continue.

And he continued.

If anything, he moved her up and down even faster than before. And before long the pain was buried once more under the continuous onslaught of orgasms.

Suddenly, the demon stopped again. But this time it was for another reason than before. Before the pain could return, an ocean was poured into her. Millions of liters of fluids filled her body until it swelled up and was on the verge of bursting. In the tiny moment between two orgasms, she suddenly understood. The demon was cumming. But matching his size, it wasn't just a short stream of semen that was coming out of him, but a large current, that her body didn't have the slightest change to keep inside her without breaking apart.

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