Demon's Slave


The demon seemed to notice it too, as he suddenly lifted her up again and tossed her to the ground without the stream of semen abating the slightest while doing so. Then she lay there on the ground, still in the grasp of her own orgasms while the demon's sticky cum splattered over her from above and at the same time gushed out of her, flattening her belly and reducing the sensation of going to explode.

Several minutes passed. The ejaculation of the demon had finally stopped, and he had unexpectedly not done anything after that, leaving her some moments to herself even though she knew, he was still there. She lay on the ground, finally free of whatever the demon had done to her.

No. Not free anymore, she thought. She still remembered what she had pledged to the demon in exchange for short-time pleasure and freedom from the pain, he had caused himself. Tears streamed down her cheeks and mixed with the rests of the demon's semen that were still there, as she thought what might be happening to her next.

Then lightning hit her. Or at least it felt that way. A shock ran through her body. But before she could do anything but let out a little cry, it was already gone.

What had that been? Was it the demon's next torture in order to make her obedient? But her thoughts came to a sudden stop, when another sensation assaulted her body. First it resembled the warmth she had felt when the demon had used his magic on her, but it soon changed. Her body was heating up. After only a few moments she felt like having a fever. And the heat still increased. If she hadn't been naked already, she would have torn apart anything she was wearing. Her body now felt like it was on fire, and still it seemed to be getting hotter. When she looked down her body, she suddenly knew that it was not only her imagination. The demon semen that still covered her body was boiling! Steam rose up from all over her.

She stumbled to her feet. She looked around. There, in a dark corner, was her tormentor, seemingly doing nothing, but her body told her different.

"Why are you doing this? I already swore you obedience?"

she cried to him. But he stood only there, arms folded, and watched her with his black eyes.

The temperature of her body still seemed to increase. She wouldn't have been surprised to notice she was actually burning, but even the steam had vanished as there wasn't anything anymore that could produce it. But it soon found a new source, as tears formed in her eyes, but evaporated the instant they appeared. Her body was completely dried up. And she still got hotter. She now felt as if her body, skin, flesh and even her bones was created of molten lava. She closed her eyes, bent her back at an almost impossible angle and let out a pained shriek that she wouldn't have thought to be able to produce in this volume and pitch.


As if it really was burning and leaving only ashes behind, her body darkened, till it was completely black, not, not only black, it was the color of pure darkness, dark as the night itself. In contrast, her hair lost all color it had had before and turned completely white, while at the same time growing in length with massive speed, till it reached down to her butt, that was swelling up to a nice round form. In the same way, her breasts were also increasing in size, but without losing their firmness in the least, till they stood clearly out from her body, but (thankfully) stopping before becoming ridiculously large. Her public hair retreated inside her body, while at the same time a long, thin tail with a tip formed like an arrow grow out from above her ass. Her fingers and toes formed to long, pointed talons, and two small horns, each only four or five centimeters long emerged on her forehead. And from her shoulders grow a pair of huge, black, batlike leathery wings.

Finally, she exhaustedly collapsed to the ground, and passed out.

After she awakened, she opened her eyes. The gaze of those eyes of her that now looked like glowing coals, and besides her now blood red lips the only point of color on her, wandered down her new body. What had she become? It definitely wasn't human anymore. Strangely, that thought wasn't terrifying her as much as she would have suspected before. Was it the shock? Her thoughts were disrupted, when she heard the demon's voice:

"Stand up my slave!"

Without a moments delay, she rose to her feet.

She wondered herself. Why had she obeyed so eagerly? She hadn't even thought about doing it, she just had done, what her master had told her. No, she corrected herself alarmed. She had done, what the demon had told her!

"Turn around!"

Again she obeyed without even thinking about it. Her master (No, the demon!) watched her body turn on the spot, seemingly pleased of what had become of her.

When she finished her rotation, she stood still with a slightly bowed head and awaited her master's new orders.

While she waited, she registered a new sensation inside of her. No, not a new sensation. It was one, she had already felt earlier, in what seemed now ages away... A mysterious heat inside her body...

It wasn't the painful heat she had felt before and during her transformation, but the heat when her master first used his magic on her. But it felt slightly different now. She couldn't really point at the difference, but it felt somehow more... natural! Yes, it felt as if it was right, that she had this heat inside her. And from somewhere she knew that it would never vanish as long as she was alive.

"Come over!"

Slowly she approached her master.

"On your knees!"

She sunk down.

"Suck my cock clean!"

She couldn't believe what she just had heard. Sucking her master's cock... She hadn't done anything yet to deserve such generosity. She looked closely at the huge thing in front of her that was glistening with semen it had produced itself and blood and other fluids from another person - they were her own juices, she remembered after one moment. But that seemed so distant now, it almost felt like a dream...

"What are you waiting for?!"

Her master grabbed her hair and pulled her head upwards so she was looking straight into his face. She instinctively spread her wings, but her master simply ignored it, and she folded them behind her back again a moment later.

"Still trying to resist?"

"No, master... I didn't want to..."

"Then do what you are ordered to!"

He released her hair.

Eagerly she lowered her head, but when she was about to open her mouth, she hesitated again. How should something as big as master's cock fit into her tiny mouth?

Despite this thought, she didn't want to anger her master any further, so she still opened her mouth and moved it closer.

The moment her lips touched her masters dick, a feeling like an electric shock run through her body. She almost broke out in tears of joy.

After pausing for only a second she continued opening her mouth and taking in her master's cock. And although she wouldn't have believed it possible, she managed to open her mouth wide enough to take it completely it. It fit perfectly inside her mouth. No, she corrected herself one moment later, it didn't fit inside her mouth. Her mouth fit perfectly around it. Before, it wouldn't have been possible for her to open her mouth this wide. But now, she didn't even feel pain from doing so. She didn't even have to think about it, she simply did it!

Slowly, she started moving her head back and forth. Even though she had never done anything like this before, she instinctively knew what was expected of her. No, not only what was expected of her. She simply knew what she had to do to increase her master's happiness. While her lips created slurping noises by sliding along his shaft, inside her mouth her tongue moved as if it had a mind of its own, softly flicking against and caressing the tip. While continuing this, she brought her head nearer to her master's belly with each forward movement.

But what was still beyond her abilities was to take the full length of her master's dick inside her mouth. Soon the tip reached her throat and even when there wasn't any gag reflex, she couldn't take any more in as there was simply no more room inside her mouth, while still at least the half of it was outside her mouth. She was disappointed at her own body for not being able to do more for her master.

But then, knowledge she didn't even know from where she got it provided her with a solution. Were it not for her mouth movements to be very restricted at the moment, she would have smiled.

Her lower lip was pushed even further down, when her tongue wiggled around so it found its way out of her mouth. And then it extended. She didn't know herself, how she did it, but her tongue got longer and longer. Still extending, it moved to her master's cock and began coiling around it. She tasted the various fluids and shuddered from that delicious taste, while at the same time adding her own saliva to the mix while still extending.

Finally, her tongue had completely enclosed his cock, and nothing of it was to be seen anymore. When an idea flashed through her mind, she extended her tongue one last bit, so she could press the tip against her master's balls. A groan from her master was proof to her, that her idea had been right.

Since she couldn't move her head anymore with it being tied to her master with her tongue, she had to change her technique. Instead of gliding around her master's cock, she exerted pressure with her tongue. She began at the base of his cock, slightly behind the tip of her tongue, which was alternating between pressing and licking her master's balls, and then concentrated the pressure on a point nearer to herself, while again loosening at the point behind and so on. To her master it should feel as if he was sucked in a spiral movement.

When she had reached the end with the pressure point, she began at the base again. And again. And again. With each run, she did not only increase the speed between pressing and loosening, but also concentrated on pressing shorter parts each time, what would further increase the feeling of being sucked at to her master.

After some time, her master seemed to finally near orgasm. His breathing became ragged, and his lower body began to tremble. Once again he grabbed her head, but this time not to punish her, but to stabilize his footing, although his strength still made even this painful.

Then, with a loud groan, he came. His cock exploded and shot his semen deep into her throat. When she felt the stream splashing inside her mouth, she came herself. Even though she had come a lot of times this evening, this time it felt totally different. While feeling not less intense than the times before, it somehow had a new quality to it, as if this was the state, her body was supposed to be in. Even though she probably couldn't describe the difference clearly, she could tell, that it felt even better than before, something she wouldn't have believed to be possible anymore. And every time it seemed to end, the taste of her master's semen was enough to initiate the next one without a pause between them.

Although he had already come only a little while ago, the amount of her master's cum would've been enough, to drown a normal woman, especially, since his cock was right at her throat. But she had no problems of taking all of it in and swallowing it down. Not even her belly inflated, though the amount of liquid sure should have been enough to cause such a reaction.

When the stream finally abated, she squeezed her master's cock to force some leftover droplets to come out, and then recoiled her tongue slowly. When it reached its normal length, she moved her head backwards, till her master's dick left it with a slurping sound.

Then she happily looked up at her master.

He had a satisfied grin on his face.

"How was it, my slave?"

"I feel honored that my master choose that little, petty slave that is me to fulfill his desires. Never could I have expected to be offered such pleasure for only doing my duty by following my master's commands."

The demon nodded, seemingly pleased.

"As I know a transformation burns up a lot of energy, you are probably still not at full power yet."

He seemed to be waiting for an answer, so she concentrated on her own body. And really, although her master's semen had given her a huge amount of strength, she somehow still felt weak and feeble.

Disappointed over her own body to not serve her master with all of its power, she admitted in a low voice:

"You are right master. Your slave is ashamed of not being able to serve you with all the power you deserve."

"Then go out and feed to restore your power. But make sure to be back before dawn. I have plenty of things for you to do."

"Yes master," she said, standing up. She bowed once again, and then leaped up to the window. She looked back to her master that was simply watching her, before she dived down the outer wall of the tower she had been in.

When she had covered about half the distance to the ground, she finally spread her wings. Supported by the wind, she shot back up in the air. Enjoying this new experience, she darted through the sky and tried some maneuvers. This was great.

But suddenly, she calmed down. Even if the flying was awesome, she had the feeling that something was amiss. She couldn't clearly make it out, but something seemed to be missing, as if a part of herself she didn't even know to exist had disappeared, and that was reducing her fun. Sailing silently through the sky, she pondered, what reason she had to feel this way, but she just couldn't find the answer. What could she want, what she didn't have now? She had her master, and to please him was the greatest honor she could imagine. Furthermore, she currently was enjoying the feeling of freedom the flight was giving her...For a moment, something about this seemed to ring a bell, a word, that would her help to remember, what she was searching for, but soon it was gone again.

As she couldn't manage to get closer to the problem, she finally shrugged it off. Most likely it was just an indication of her hunger. Nothing, a male human's semen couldn't quench...

She looked at the sky. She would have to hurry, if she wanted to entertain herself a little before feeding, as she had to return before dawn. Her gaze wandered back down to the ground in search for prey. Thinking about what she would do to it, she licked her lips in anticipation...

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