tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDemonthorn Ch. 05

Demonthorn Ch. 05


Gortelesque saw that the woman was waking. He smiled, his fangs bared as the woman began blinking away the unconsciousness that had plagued her for the last few days.

Jolie, the Arch-Fury of metal took stock of her situations while Gorrtelesque sat grinning in the shadows. The woman warrior was tied to a polished wooden table set at a 60 degree angle to the floor, with each arm and leg stretched out to each corner and tied securely with a padded leather thong.

Her eyes squinted, trying to peer through the darkness around her. A small glowstone illuminated the the area immediately around the table, but it also ruined her night vision, making it impossible for her to see outside of it's circle.

Gortelesque licked his lips in anticipation. He took in the naked form of the woman before him. Her wide hips and toned legs drew his attention first. His eyes slid upwards to her stomach, deceptively muscled through a thick layer of fat. Her breasts were mounds that his hands almost could not restrain themselves from touching, the nipples perky in the cold room. Her eyes were flashing, angry and narrowed in suspicion. Her teeth were gritted in effort as she attempted to strain against her bonds.

"I may as well tell you now there is no escape my dear." Hissed Gortelesque from the shadows.

Jolie whipped her head toward the source of his voice and glared. There was a soft rustling from her left and she turned just in time for the sneaky demon to clock her with his fist before disappearing back into the darkness.

"Just like a demon, all tricks without substance." She spat on the ground. "You can beat me all you want but I will never tell you anything about the Citadel."

Silence answered her.

"You may even break my spirit, but I could never betray my sisters. You have lost before anything has begun you sneaky bastard." After she said this, Jolie raged against her ties again, screaming incoherently as she spent all of her energy thrashing.

Her head ached and her muscles cramped in protest when she had finished screaming, her throat hoarse and dry. It was then that Gortelesque stepped into the circle of light, the shadows melting from his handsome features and accentuating the curves of his abdominal and arm muscles.

Jolie, panted, getting ready for another tirade. The demon reached out with one clawed hand and stroked her chin. The woman snapped at the hand, attempting to take a few fingers from it. Gortelesque was too fast however, and he gracefully pulled his hand back so that the Fury's teeth only clacked together.

"I see you remember me." Gorteelsque said pleasantly.

"You are the one who took my wings." Croaked Jolie. "And you can be sure that by the time this is all over, I will kill you for what you have done to me."

Gortelesque grinned.

"I do not think you are in a position for you to be making death threats on me my dear." said the demon,

"You would be surprised what I can do to a demon with just my teeth and fingernails." Jolie grinned maliciously. "I would gladly take any punishment you can give to have the chance to rip your throat out."

The demon just grinned and melted back into the shadows.

"You come back out here and face me you coward!" The fury croaked as loud as she could.

The demon reappeared with a long, blunt knife in his hand, his face passive and unyielding at the same time.

"This is what we call the doorman. It was so named because it is the introduction to pain for our new initiates." He came close to her and placed his hand on her belly, his eyes staring straight into her defiant brown ones. "We call it that because it is relatively dull and not able to cause much damage should the initiate fail to control his subject."

"Is a dull knife supposed to scare me." said Jolie sarcastically. "I got stabbed with a sword and had my wings ripped off, I think I can take your little seal breaker."

"Of course you can, that is the whole point." Whispered Gortelesque.

He placed the tip of the knife against the place where her right leg joined her body. The cold metal drew an involuntary intake of breath as it scraped upon her skin, sending shudders of physical pleasure through her body and causing her breathtaking breasts to bounce.

Jolie closed her eyes, seeming to want to will the physical sensations away. Gortelesque grinned slightly and narrowed his eyes in concentration as he moved the knife all around Jolie's sensitive areas, causing the waves of pleasure rippling through her body to become more focused and intense. With horror, the Fury realized that she was on the verge of an orgasm when she moaned in pleasure.

Just as one more inch of knife play would cause her to erupt in the most savage orgasm of her life, Gortelesque pulled the knife away, sweat beading on his brow from the intensity of his work.

"You call that knife play?" Said Jolie as shudders of pleasure still ripped through her. "I have met at least a dozen women better than you."

Gortelesque smiled again as he walked off into the shadows with the knife.

I always scoffed at the women who fell and were tried at court. Thought Jolie. But by the Goddess it is damn hard to resist the pleasure just with your mind.

Gortelesque returned, his massive visage dominating the fury's field of view.

"This is the nicest of all of my whips." The demon said as he showed a small and supple whip to the woman. "It is very soft and short so that it does not crack when I use it. Again, it is for a beginner, but I think that you deserve the most pleasurable of all of my toys, my dear."

"Bring it on bitch!" Jolie snarled as the demon unraveled the whip. "Whatever you can dish out, I can take it."

"Yes you can my dear. This is only the first day."

As he said the last word he flicked his wrist and the tip of the whip struck her ankle, stinging for a short time, but not causing any damage. The woman grunted in surprise, expecting more of a painful experience.

"This is a pleasure whip my dear. These strokes are just for you to get used to the sensation."

The whip lashed out again, this time, the Fury felt the sting of a graze on her cheek below her eye. She gasped softly as the pain excited her. She quickly shut the feeling down, replacing it with seething anger for the creature that had captured her.

The demon said nothing as the whip lashed out three more times, each time the sting got worse and the pleasure that Jolie got from the whip increased. The last one drew blood and the demeanor of the demon changed slightly. He gripped the whip tighter, making the subtle sound of leather groaning.

This guy is barely holding it together. Thought Jolie. Maybe I can use that.

Like any Fury, she had not enjoyed all that a man had to offer, but before she was a fury she had studied the art of seducing men. The postures, voice inflections and touches that would drive a man wild were hers to use as she saw fit.

She gave her most devious smile and narrowed her eyes seductively.

"Hey there fuck wad demon. I bet you have never had Fury before." The demons eyes went wide.

"I bet you have had hundreds of women, but I am damned sure that you cannot dominate me the way you have them. I can beat you at your own game, lamb chops." To illustrate this point, she gyrated her hips against the table and her breasts bounced seductively and managed a slight moan as she clenched her fists..

The demon knew what she was trying to do. Even so, he dropped his whip in surprise and the balance of power in the room was shifted in her favor. The demon gritted his teeth and did his best to control his raging erection.

"I decide what gets fucked and when, you manipulative little cunt." Whispered Gortelesque.

"Whoa there big boy, somebody has issues with his confidence that he can break me. Do you want me as your little Fury servant? Well I got news for you, that is not happening, never has and never will."

The demon took a deep breath, forcing a measure of inner peace upon himself. During this the Fury was silent, exhausted by her insults and weak from lack of food and water. Slowly the demon's erection grew soft, and his logical mind surfaced again.

"I am your master now, Jolie. I am your lover, your friend, your brother, your servant, your caretaker, your warden and if necessary, your executioner."

He said this with such a cool calm that Jolie felt her insides go cold. This was not a mindless torturing creature. This was a man trapped inside of a beast, fighting against the murderous creature within to make something of himself. Jolie was surprised that she was impressed by this demon.

The demon again disappeared into the darkness, leaving the whip where it had fallen. When he returned, his grin revealed his sharp teeth. He opened his left hand and revealed two devices.

"These are nipple clamps my dear. I am assured that they are ever so popular in Ravencrag these days, so you must be aware of how they work."

The demon approached the woman, he used his massive left hand to grab her by the neck and apply enough pressure that it was hard for her to breathe, but not enough that she was hurt. His right hand fondled one of her breasts, cupping it and feeling the weight to it. He growled so low that it was almost a purr. He placed on of the nipple clamps upon the nipple of each breast, tightening them only to the point that the woman cried out at first.

He produced a fine chain from his kilt and ran it through metal loops in the clamps so that he was holding the ends in his right hand. As the woman's eyes first started showing signs of rolling back, the demon released his grip and Jolie coughed and gagged, bringing in the air her body so desperately needed.

Gortelesque backed off a few steps, still holding the chain.

"My dear, you are no doubt feeling the border to plain and pleasure that these devices can give. If I tug on them like so, I am able to control exactly how much pleasure or pain your receive."

He demonstrated, pulling lightly on the chain, and eliciting a sigh of pleasure from the bound woman. He pulled a little harder and she cried out in pain, involuntary tears welling in her eyes.

"These exercises that we will be doing daily are designed to break you. They will make you get on your knees and suck my cock while screaming 'Yes Master' in supreme ecstasy. Of course it will come out mostly in a mumble." Gortelesque chuckled at his own wit. "I will own you. I will own your tits, your eyes, your ass and your hair. But my dear your very soul you will give to me, and gladly. I will take whichever hole I want, whenever I want and you will derive pleasure from it."

"Bullshit," coughed the Fury as she still gasped for air. "I will never submit to the likes of you. I am one of the chosen of the God and Goddess, a protector of Above, a scion of the righteous path and a powerful woman. I will not BEND!"

She spat out these last words with a growl that was almost animal in it's power. She glared at the demon, who was still holding the nipple clamp chain. He tugged on it slightly, forcing an involuntary moan from hr lips.

"Even in your rage you are mine. You no longer walk the light way, Jolie. You lost that privilege when you lost your wings and were the first Fury in the history of the world to be captured by a demon. The first to turn on your sisterhood and bring it all crashing down." Grinned the Demon.

"I would die before I did anything to help you!" The Fury croaked.

"I know you would, I just have to get you to care more about where and when the next pleasure and pain will come from rather than on the morality of those who have abandoned you and left you to die."

The demon slipped the chain from the loops on the nipple clamps, but left the devices on, the woman herself in a limbo of pain and pleasure that tickled at her brain. He turned his back on her and pulled a table from the shadows with a screech.

The woman surveyed the items on the table once the demon had stepped of to the side. There were whips, blindfold, clamps, feather dusters, carved wooden penises that were too ridiculous to be based on human anatomy, a glass pike with knobs running all over it. Her mind raced with the functions of all of these things.

"Not a bad collection if I do say so myself. Most of these were pilfered from the summer homes on Lake Gowaton. This is how the lords and ladies please each other when the spark goes out of their forced marriage." Growled the demon in that almost purr.

"I wouldn't know what they do. I have never met those kind of people. I don't fight for them."

"Then whom do you fight for?" Asked the demon with exaggerated curiosity. "You cannot mean the children, who go back to to playing their games of demons and paladins? You cannot mean the men who undress you with their eyes and fantasize about you later on? You cannot mean the women who see you and your perfect tits and feel that theirs have gone? They all hate you Jolie, for your perfection and your talent. They are threatened and scared by you."

"I fight for those who cannot fight themselves!" Yelled the woman.

"Why?" Asked the demon, clearly amused.

"Because it is right. Because it is my duty." Jolie snarled.

"My dear, we both know why you do this. You enjoy the ferocity of the hunt, the sadistic pleasure of the kill and the satisfaction of feeding. You enjoy the violence you wreak upon those who are wicked, be they demon, man or woman."

"That is a lie!"

"You know the lies I tell are truth." said the demon. "You are not allowed to get off with a man, so you get off on inflicting pain and death, the perfect tool of the usurpers. You play with yourself when envisioning penetrating a man with your sword. You enjoy the sting of pain when the man strikes back at you."

The demon grasped her head by the hair at the back and forced his blue eyes into her brown ones.

"You have been fed lies, fear, rejection and more lies. You are a beautiful creature Jolie, but they have encased you in a cocoon prison of duty, righteousness and self sacrifice. You are destined to become the most wonderful creature imaginable and do great things. You will hunt and kill. You will rape and massacre and you will fill the void that has been at the core of your being since they burned those wings to your back and strapped the sword to your belt."

"All demons lie. All demons deceive. All demons should die." Snarled the woman as she attempted to bite the demon.

He let her sink her teeth into him, relishing the pain of the bite. The sting and feeling of his bending flesh raised him to his full stature in his kilt. When he felt she had bitten long enough, he slapped her, spraying his green luminescent demon blood from the wound and letting her head hang limp.

She snarled and yelled incoherent things, but the demon saw only here eyes. There was longing there, longing for his stiffened cock and the release it would bring her. He gently placed his hand around her neck, pinning her again to the table with his left hand. His right undid his kilt and let it slide to the ground. Her eyes took in the massive thing, widened in comprehension and then she began to struggle.

He grabbed his penis and felt around her clit as she struggled. He saw the moisture running down her leg. He saw her biting her lip to keep from moaning in pleasure. He leaned in close to her, so that he was mere inches from her.

"I know you want this, woman. What every man was designed to give. What every woman was built to receive. Will you take my seed, Jolie?"

"Never!" Said the woman in defiance.

"Then I will respect your wishes my dear." he pulled back and released her neck.

Jolie let out a sob that was half relief and half disappointment. She truly had wanted to slobber all over the demons cock, to feel it forcibly penetrate inside of her, to fill her core with the spark of sinful pleasure she was denied.

"We will meet again tomorrow. I will have my servant bring you some food and water. Please do not bite him, he is liable to bite back." said the demon with a grin.

He walked off into the shadows, leaving behind an unsatisfied woman. Gortelesque himself was still risen and his blood was up as never before. He would satisfy his raging desire with his harem that night, but they had their work cut out for themselves. Gortelesque never went unsatisfied for long.

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