Demoted Ch. 01



I had been working in this office for a couple years, I was a floor supervisor had my own office and a few people under me. It was very easy and never had any trouble at all. I am also a cross dresser and I didn't know it but my story starts with a page I had on the Internet. I checked my messages on it one day and forgot to close it out, but I didn't find this out till a week later.

It was Monday morning and everything was running smoothly as I got my cup of coffee and made my way to my office. On my desk was a package, I was curious as to what it was being as I wasn't expecting anything. I tore the wrapping and as I lifted the lid my heart jumped to my throat and I dropped the lid back down. I jumped up and locked my door and closing the blinds to my office I walked back around the desk and sat down.

As I lifted the lid again inside was a hot pink lace thong with a card. As I picked up the card my face went white as I read. It said, "I caught you Ashley, you were sloppy. Wear these tomorrow and you secret will be safe, for now."

It wasn't signed so I had no idea who had done this or how they knew. I picked up the panties and looked at them they were size 5, which is exactly right. I was so confused and worried the rest of the day drug by. That night I could hardly eat as I was still trying to figure out who it was that knew. I decided to go to bed early and try to sleep it off tomorrow would be a better day. All I had to do was wear the panties and no one would be able to know.


The next morning I woke up and took a shower. As I drank my first cup of coffee I contemplated what to do some more. I came to the conclusion I like to wear panties anyway so I might as well do as the note said so I began getting dressed starting with the panties. They fit nicely hugging my cock tight against me and I could feel the fabric between my ass. Then went on with my normal attire my slacks and button up shirt and tie. I made myself another cup of coffee and left for work.

As I walked through the office I was very nervous and I kept getting the feeling everyone knew and was staring at me although I knew this wasn't the case. When I made it to my office there was another package on my desk. I locked the door and closed the blinds as I made my way to the desk. I unwrapped it and opened it and inside was a pink lace garter belt that matched the panties and black fishnet thigh highs. I pulled out the not and held it up to read it. 'This I want you to wear tomorrow with your panties. You better shave all your body hair off tonight and be hairless except for the long brown hair on your head. Now I want you to stand up and drop your pants and hold your shirt up and slowly spin around for a minute so I can see your panties.'

This shocked me whoever it was was somehow watching me. I was scared as I stood up and did what the letter said not wanting to take a chance of being caught. After a minute of turning I pulled my pants up and retucked my shirt.

As soon as I had unlocked the door and opened the blinds my computer notified me of an email. It was from an anonymous address and it read, 'very nice I'm sure you will look very sexy when our little game comes to an end.'

I tried to think of other things and work harder as the day progressed on and it did go by faster then the day before. Once it was time to go home I grabbed my package and rushed out to my car. I sat there for a moment and opened the package to take another look. I shook my head and said to myself, "how did you get yourself into this."

When I arrived home I grabbed a quick bite and went off to the bathroom. I started a bath and commenced to shave everything. First my legs, second my chest and stomach, then my ass, and finally my crotch. When I was finished I stood at me vanity counter as I grabbed my lotion I lifted on leg at a time onto the counter as I spread the lotion on me. Then the rest of my body and as I came to my cock it began to grow.

The more I thought about this happening the more it turned me on. I was scared because I didn't know who was doing this but I was enjoying not having a choice in the matter. As I was thinking this I had begun stroking my cock without realizing it. I stopped deciding I was too tired and worried and as I made my way to the bed and crawled in it was still hard.


The next morning when I woke my cock was still hard with no sign of release. I laid there dreaming of the person making me wear these clothes and began to stroke myself as I did. I imagined it was a man and as he had me dressed he made me suck him and as I was imagining this it took no time and I came all over my hand and stomach. I got up and jumped in the shower washing off then making some coffee as I went off to get dressed.

I started with the thong fallowed by the garter belt and then the thigh highs. I went ahead with the normal pants shirt and tie and left for work anxious to see what the next present would be. I rushed through saying good morning to everyone as I made my way to my office. On the desk was another and I instantly locked the door and closed the blinds. As I opened it I was a little shocked at what I found. It contained a bra that matched the panties and garter belt and a butt-plug with lube. I was skeptical as I read the note it said, 'good to see you this morning the bra you will wear tomorrow but the plug I want you to put in now. You will wear it until you are told differently now drop your pants and pull your thong to the side and put it in.'

I was shocked as I finished reading it. I had used toys a few times and even wore a plug once or twice but never told to do it before. Slowly I stood up and undid my pants and as they feel to the floor I picked up the plug and lube. Once I squirted a generous amount on the plug I bent over the desk and pulled my panties to the side and worked it slowly into my ass. It took about 5 minutes to finally get it all in but when I did I fixed my thong with caused the plug to push deeper and I bent over to pick up my pants. As I was fixing them the computer beeped and I looked to see another anonymous email.

I opened it and began to read, it said, 'you are a good little slut. I bet you like having that toy up your ass while you're in your lingerie don't you? Just wait till its my cock there instead I bet you'll never want anything else ever again.'

I shuddered at the thought of it and was extremely excited and rushed through the day excited for tomorrow and wondering what my present would be. When I left work I stopped at a fast food restaurant as I made my way home and it was already beginning to get late so I went straight to bed once I got there.


I woke up very well rested and very horny but feeling good I went and turned on the coffee pot as I went and jumped in the shower. I touched of the shaving as it was beginning to get pokey and shaved my face as well. Getting out I put on lotion before going to the bedroom and putting on the lingerie. I put on the pants first and then an undershirt to conceal the bra and then my normal button up shirt and with the plug still inside me I made myself a cup of coffee and left for work.

I managed to keep my excitement down today and casually made my way to my office without any real notice. There was a good-sized box on my desk and I had no idea what could be in it. So I went through my now normal routine of closing the blinds and locking the door. I opened it and was shocked at what I found. It contained a female business suit in my size with a very short skirt to go with it. Stiletto heels that would be classified as stripper shoes, with what looked like a 7 inch spiked heel. A pair of breast forms that and in black on the black they said 'size 36DD' which thinking back was the same size as the bra I was wearing. Also some make up to finish it off.

I found the note at the bottom of the box under everything and didn't believe it as I read it, 'good morning slut, I hope you like your presents because now it is time for your decision. You now have a full female business outfit, as you know I have been in the market for a new secretary. You have one of two choices, tomorrow morning you can show up in my office as the sexy slutty secretary wearing the clothes I have provided. Or you can clean out your desk and leave for good I don't need a sissy for a floor supervisor. If you decide you want the interview tomorrow I have set up an appointment for you at a salon owned by a good friend of mine, she will style your hair in a feminine style and have your ready for tomorrow. The appointment is at noon with the address on the business card in the box. Take the rest of the day off to decide and I hope to see you in the morning.'

I sat back flabbergasted looking at the contents of the box strewn across my desk. Not sure what to do I gathered the items up and returned them to the box and closed the lid. I picked up the box and left the office walking out to my car not saying a word to anyone. As I sat there I put my face in my hands not having any idea what to do numerous thoughts ran through my head. I new I would enjoy the opportunity I have always had thoughts of trying life as a girl and if I didn't do it with the state of the economy the odds of finding another job any time soon weren't good. But then what would people think if they knew what was going on.

I pulled the business card out of my pocket and looking at my watch it was ten thirty I had enough time to grab some breakfast before the appointment. I went to a waffle house not far from the salon and ate and when it was fifteen till noon I got in the car and went to the salon I was having second thoughts as I got out of the car and walked inside. There was a pretty lady in her early forties standing at the counter as I walked up she asked if she could help me. I told her I was looking for Margie and she replied, "O you must be Richard I've been expecting you. Just fallow me back to the back and we'll get you taken care of Kevin has already picked out the style he wants your hair."

Sluggishly I fallowed behind her she told me to cheer up if I change my mind I could always just cut it short. I agreed telling her she was right and feeling a little better about it I perked up. She led me to a closed back room saying it was for her special clients and sat me down in the chair as she closed the door. She walked around behind me saying we were going to do my hair up in a pageboy style that would make it easy for me to manage until I got the hang of it.

With that she went to work and in no time she was holding a mirror up to my face allowing me to see my new hair style I was impressed even without any makeup it looked very good. She smiled as she looked over her handy work. I told her I loved it and was very impressed with the outcome. The told me she was glad and offered to help with some make up tips if I wanted to try out the outfit I was supposed to wear tomorrow. I blushed as she said this and became embarrassed she noticed this and patted my hand saying, "it's ok, you aren't the first person in the world I have seen cross dress and I enjoy being able to help."

I gave in and told her if she really wanted to I was game. She asked for my car keys saying she would go get the box of stuff out of my car while I stripped down to the lingerie. I handed her the keys and she was off. When she came back I was looking at myself in the mirror in nothing but the lingerie thinking I already looked pretty good. She sat the box down and opened it saying, "ok lets get started."

First she pulled out the breast forms and as she handed them to me she said they were huge and I was going to have a good-sized rack. I cautiously slid the forms into the bra cups one at a time and was surprised how real they looked; they matched my skin color perfectly. I turned looking at myself in the mirror again from the front and the side. They looked great on me because of my petite size body it looked like I had a boob job and I could pass as a woman with no problem now.

Margie laughed as she watched me and said, "Ok princess next the skirt." She handed it to me and I held it out stepping into it and pulling it up my legs and zipping the back. It came down to mid thigh and I was sure it was too short for an office job. Next she handed me the matching sleeveless blouse and I put it on covering my big fake tits. Then she had me sit in the chair and turned me to face the mirror.

I watched intently as she added foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner and some blush. Then she applied lip liner and handed me a tube of lip-gloss with two ends she said one was color and one was topcoat so it doesn't come off easily. I applied it enjoying the sensations as it dried on my lip. Then she handed me the heels and helped me put them on which I had no problem walking in since I loved wearing these kind. Then she helped me on with the black jacket that went right along with the rest of the outfit. As I stood and looked in the mirror I was overcome with joy at the results. I looked like a full-blooded female and if I hadn't known better I would have thought the girl looking back at me was someone else.

Margie picked up my male clothes and placed them in a bag as I continued to look at myself from every angle. I enjoyed looking at this big titted brunette bimbo in the mirror. When I finally pulled myself away from the mirror Margie handed me the bag of male clothes as I thanked her again for all her help. I drove home and sitting on my doorstep was another package.

As soon as I was inside with the door locked I ripped it open inside was a baby blue satin nighty with matching bra and thong. There was a note with it and as I red it I was reminded of what I was going to do tomorrow. It said, 'I'm glad you made it to the salon and I am excited about seeing you tomorrow. Here is something for you to sleep in so you continue to feel feminine until then.'

I pulled the nighty out and held it up to me and like the rest of the clothes it looked like the perfect size. The rest of the afternoon I practiced my posture and feminine voice trying to sound and look as feminine as possible. Even into the night as I made myself dinner I tried to eat as a lady would. When it was time for bed I stripped half heartedly not wanting to take off the feminine clothes but then as I put on the new satin thong and bra I was overcome with joy again. I placed the breast forms in the bra thinking I might as well get use to them. Then stepped into the nighty, pulling it up my body. I removed the makeup so as not to have a mess in the morning and crawled in bed with a million thoughts running through my mind.


When I awoke I was extremely excited and anticipating what the day might hold. I jumped in the shower and shaved again just to make sure I was completely smooth. I put on the pink bra and thong and inserted the breast forms before making my way to the kitchen for some coffee. I sat at the kitchen table, in my underwear, lightly running my hands over my body as I waited for the pot to finish.

When it was finally done I made a cup and went to the bathroom to start getting ready. I styled my hair the way Margie had taught me and was very proud of myself with the outcome. Then I applied all the makeup except the lipstick because I didn't want to mess it up as I drank my coffee. When I was satisfied with the way it looked I made my way into the bedroom and began dressing. First the garter and thigh highs fallowed by the skirt and blouse then the heels. I looked at myself in the mirror again entranced by the female staring back at me. I pulled myself away and finished my coffee before putting on the lipstick. I grabbed the jacket and put it on as I made my way out the door.

As I arrived at work the shock of the situation hit me. I sat in the car for a few minutes not sure if I was able to get out and do this. Finally I decided no one was going to recognize me and it was either now or never. I didn't want to be late as I rushed in and made my way to the elevator and rode it to the top floor where the boss's office was. When I got to the receptionist and as she asked if she could help me my mind went blank. I stammered as I finally told her, "I am here for my nine o'clock appointment with Mr. Pierce."

She looked in her little date book before calling over the intercom informing him I was here. It took a moment then we heard the reply send her in. I smiled to the receptionist as I nervously made my way to the door and taking one final deep breath I opened the door and walked in. he was sitting on the edge of his desk as I came in and he told me to lock the door so we wouldn't be disturbed. I did as he requested then he invited me over to sit in front of his desk I did almost stumbling still very nervous. As I sat down I finally looked up at him and was very intrigued by him.

He was a very good looking man, late thirties, just a little hint of gray starting to show through in his hair, and he defiantly worked out the suit looked like it was going to tear open if he moved the wrong way. He looked me over as he leaned against his desk and said I looked very pretty and he was happy to finally meet me. I thanked him for his compliments before he began to inform me of his plan if I chose to accept.

He said, "I'm glad you decided to come although I had little doubt after seeing your web page, but stranger things have happened. What I am offering you is a job as my personal secretary you will live as a female all the time disposing of all male clothes of any sort you own. You will make the same amount you made in your previous job with much less stress and responsibility. I see the shocked look on your face don't worry we aren't just going to transfer you. What we are going to do is fire Richard Beckers and hire Ashley swallows so there is no connection between the two at all. Yes that is your new name if you choose to accept it Ashley swallows."

He finished speaking as I looked up at him from my seated position. I tried to let what he said sink into my mind, but I couldn't stop moving my eyes over his body looking at him. I had never really been attracted to many guys but as I was sitting her looking at him I couldn't think of anything but what would he look like naked. As my eyes returned to his face I notice he was staring at me waiting for a response. Meekly I asked, "Ok sir and what are the job requirements?"

A smile graced his lips as he replied, "well as my secretary you will do all the normal tasks such as typing, scheduling, answering phones. But then you will also be willing to do anything, and I do mean anything, I require day or night without hesitation."

I sat there thinking this over for a few minutes and nervously I responded, "it sounds like a very good opportunity sir and I'm thankful you are offering it to me and I accept. But why did you decide to offer it to me and how did you know about my hobby?"

I laughed at this and said, "o well you left your computer on last Friday and minimized was your web page I took a look and was totally taken with you, you have been a very good addition to this company since you were hired and I knew you would be open to it."

I sat there shocked at this and I thought back to last Friday and I became embarrassed and blushed as I remembered he was right and I did forget to close it after checking my messages. I was sitting there still smiling as I looked up at him and asked, "So when do I start?"

He gave a little laugh and said, "You can start now if you'd like."

I giggled at this and said, "ok sir ill be happy to start now what is my first assignment?"

He moved back to his desk and said, "now that you have accepted your new position I have to make a phone call to Margie. You and her need to go shopping tomorrow for a whole new wardrobe for you, on my tab of course."

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