Demoted Ch. 02


The next morning I was awoken by the sun rising and I just laid there comfortably in Kevin's arms. I thought about all the events of yesterday and last night. I was smiling to myself as I felt him move his head and kiss my neck and say, good morning beautiful. I said good morning sexy in reply and he squeezed his arms around me. I was a little light headed as I got up and told him I was in need of a shower he nodded saying he agreed and told me i knew where it was. I felt his eyes burn into my back as he watched me walk back into the house.

I walked into the big bathroom and turned on the water in the shower stall before walking out and looking in the dresser he told me had stuff in it for me I found a bra and some matching thong panties and took them into the bathroom with me. I slowly stripped the bikini off and stepped into the warm water letting it cascade over my naked body. as I moved my head out from under the water and wiped my eyes opening I saw him watching me and I smiled to him he opened the door and handed me a razor saying just in case I needed it and asking if I wanted some coffee I said yes I would love some and thanking him for the razor. He closed the door and stood there taking another look at me before walking out of the room.

I stood there smiling wondering how I was lucky enough to have a good looking man totally taken by me and actually act on it. I was as giddy as a schoolgirl as I took the razor and touched up and then washing my hair and body I stepped out drying off as he came in with a cup of coffee for me. I thanked him and wrapped my arms around his neck pressing my lips against his. This put a big smile on his face I slowly pulled away and began looking myself over in the mirror as he watched. I smiled and told him I wanted electrolysis and asking if he would get it for me he said yes of course he would set up and appointment for Monday, this made me smile even bigger.

I picked up my panties off the counter and stepped into them going very slow as if putting on a little show for him, then did the same with my bra sliding my breast forms in. I put on some make up and did my hair as he watched my transformation and as I finished I walked over and wrapped my arms back around him kissing him loving the feeling of being his girl. he held me and kissed me for a while before looking at his watch he pulled himself away and said, "as much as I would love to hold you all day in nothing but your bra and panties, you need to hurry up and get ready the driver will be here any minute."

With that I walked into the bedroom and went to the dresser and found a pair of jeans and a blouse as he left the room and walked down stairs. I got dressed and put on some sandals with a small heel grabbed my coffee and went down to find him sitting in the living room watching the morning news.

I walked over and sat beside him. He looked me over and smiled nodding his head in approval and as I glanced down I saw a slight bulge in his shorts. I slowly moved my hand to ret on it and smiled asking if I needed to take care of my man before I went out. I began lightly stroking him through his shorts before he could answer and when he did it was only please. Without hesitation I pulled his shorts down exposing his semi hard cock I leaned my head down and gently kissed the head. It grew to full hardness in a matter of seconds as I opened my mouth and began swirling my tongue around the head. he let out a slight moan as I moved my tongue along the underside of it at the way to the base and it twitched slightly as I wrapped my lips around the head and began sliding my mouth down on him.

I felt his arm move behind my and start grabbing and rubbing my ass as I started bobbing my head on his cock. I moved my hand to his balls and started playing with them making him moan and buck a little bit. He couldn't take much this morning and after just a few minutes I felt him twitch s he moaned and I felt him explode in my mouth. I held just the head in my mouth as I stroked his cock with my hand being sure I got all of it then I swallowed and licked the head clean as before sitting up and smiling I asked if he enjoyed it. He nodded unable to answer as he tried to catch his breath and just then there was a nock on the door.

I patted his leg as I got up to answer it, it was the driver as I expected I invited him into the entry way and told him I would be ready in just a second. I walked back into the living room and told Kevin it was time for me to go and he would get more later. He smiled as he stood up and put his arms around me. he lightly kissed me on the lips and told me to have a good time, then before I left the room he said, "o one more thing." he reached over and picked up a purse from the end table beside the couch and handed it to me saying everything I should need should be in there. I smiled and thanked him and gave him one last kiss before walking out of the room.

me and the driver walked out the door and he opened my door for me to climb into the limo and as we left I opened my purse to see what was in it. it contained some make up and a wallet inside was a credit card with my new female name on it and an id as well I smiled to myself thinking he thinks of everything. At the first Starbucks we passed I had the driver stop and get me some coffee and I sat and enjoyed the drive sipping my coffee thinking this could be the greatest time of my life.

Instead of going to the salon we picked Margie up at her house. She was excited as she jumped in the limo she was saying how we were gonna be great friends and how much fun we would have. Our first stop was a lingerie boutique where we bought all kinds of lingerie and I was a little worried of the price as the lady behind the counter rang us up. Margie put her arm around me assuring me Kevin wouldn't mind the price just as long as I was happy. I smiled and we shopped all day and the limo was full of shopping bags as we arrived back at Kevin's that evening the driver was nice enough to unload the bags while Margie and Kevin talked for a few before she took me by the hand telling me lets go get you ready for your date.

She led me up to the bedroom and went through the bags pulling out a black bra thong garter belt and thigh high and handing them to me she said put them on. I stripped but before I started putting on my lingerie she produced a key and unlocked the chastity cage and said, "You are a woman tonight and won't need this." I did as she told me and put on my lingerie while she went through and started putting up all the clothes we had bought. when I had my lingerie on she pulled out a red cocktail dress we had bought it was a stretchy fabric that was low cut halter top and came to about mid thigh. She held it out as I stepped into it and pulled it up and tied it around my neck I looked at myself in the mirror and thought it looked very sexy on me.

Then she went through the shoes and found some nice heels with a 3 inch heel and little diamonds embedded in the strap. And my outfit was complete. She led me into the bathroom and took off the makeup I was wearing just to apply more making me look ravishing in my own opinion. We walked down stairs and Kevin stood as we entered the room and he was speechless as he looked me over he picked up a little box he had sitting on the coffee table as he walked over to me. He told me I looked amazing and he was a very lucky man to have a girl of my beauty on his arm tonight.

He presented me with the box and I opened it to find a pair of diamond earrings and a very pretty silver and diamond necklace I was shocked to receive this kind of gift and I was breathless as he put the necklace around my neck and Margie put the earrings in my ear. I wrapped my arms tightly around him thanking him for my gifts I kissed him deeply and without thinking I looked him in the eyes and told him I loved him.

This caught him off guard but only for a second because then he pulled me tighter and kissed me again. After a long moment he released me saying he needed to get something from the bedroom and he would be right back and we would go. As he left the room I looked at the beautiful girl in the mirror before turning to Margie and practically jumping for joy. Kevin was back in a matter of moments and took me by the arm asking if I was ready I nodded yes and he led me out the door to the waiting car and helped me in. I asked where we were going and he told me it was a surprise and he smiled as the car began to move.

As we drove he asked me about my day and what we had done and wanting to know all the details of it and I told him as. We arrived at a very expensive restaurant and were led into a dimly lit table in a back corner where we would be undisturbed. We had some wine as we talked some more and waited for dinner to arrive. I behaved as femininely as I could from the directions Margie had given me; Kevin even complimented me on what a good job I was doing. After we had finished eating we had some more wine as Kevin told me he had been looking for a girl like me for a long time and he was ecstatic that he finally found me, and I was more beautiful then he could have ever dreamed. I thanked him blushing and taking a sip of my wine then he dug into his pocket and I was shocked at what happened next.

Without skipping a beat he slid out of his chair onto his knee on the floor. I was shocked as he took my hand in his and looked me into the eyes. Tears welled up in my eyes as he started to talk, "Ashley Elizabeth I have been looking my whole life for a girl like you and now that I have found you I never want to let you go the passed two days have been heaven on earth will you continue my happiness and be my wife for all eternity."

I was completely taken by surprise I had no idea what to say it was so sudden I had a million thoughts in my head and before I knew what I was saying I nodded my head and about fainted as he slid the engagement ring on my finger. he stood up pulling me with him and wrapping his arms around me kissing me deeply he said, "come on baby lets go home and let me make love to you like the woman you deserve to be treated like."

he led me out to the limo by the hand and held me as I cried tears of joy the whole way home when we got to the door he picked me up and carried me all the way up to our room he set me down and kissed me deeply and he moved to nibbling and kissing my ears as he slowly unzipped my dress letting it fall to the floor and wrapping his arms tightly around me he moved me back to the bed and I slowly unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off him as he continued to run his hand over me body. He kissed down my chest to my stomach as he slid his fingers in the waistband of my little panties and slowly pulled them down my lags and taking them off me. he went back to kissing my neck as he grabbed my breast with one hand as I reached down between us undoing his pants and pulling them down as far as I could and he stood up and took them the rest of the way off.

he was already rock hard as he climbed back on top of me and I wrapped my lags around him I grabbed the lube off the night stand put some on my hand and reached between us stroking his hard cock getting it nice and slick. Then as I looked him in the eye I said, "Please my love, make love to me, and make me feel like your wife."

With that he slowly began to push his hard cock against my tight little hole. I moaned as I felt the head slowly enter me. He kissed my neck telling me he was so happy to have me I wrapped my arms around his neck and held him tight as he continued to push himself deep inside me. We kissed and ran our hands over each others bodies as he slowly began sliding his hard cock in out of me and I moaned with every thrust and began moving myself to meet each one. He grabbed me tightly all of a sudden and rolled us over so I was on top him. I moved around so my legs were in a comfortable position as he grabbed my waist and held onto me as I began moving on him cock. At first I just slid up and down it and then I pushed myself all the way to the base and ground my hips on him, which drove him crazy. He pulled my face down to his and we kissed as he began moving under me grabbing my hips and ass. We were in heaven when all of a sudden I felt him twitch inside me and he grabbed my hips holding me all the way down on his hard cock. I cried out as I felt him explode deep inside me. I began moving trying to get it deeper in my as he filled me up.

When he was finished he pulled my head to his chest and held me pulling the covers over us. I fell asleep laying on his chest with his cock still deep inside me thinking, 'wow being demoted isn't a bad thing at all.'

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