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Den of Delights


Snowed in again, two days before Christmas, all flights in and out of the airport cancelled, no chance of her getting home for the holidays. So sure that she would be long gone, that she didn't put up a tree, no presents, not even a can of Spam to open for dinner.

She curls up in the chair, power out, she can't even get on the internet to amuse herself. Just the flickering glow of the fireplace, the crackling of the logs as the moisture in them heats and sizzles. She shifts, tucking her cold hands into the warmth at the juncture of her legs, and her sobs slow to sniffles.

She gives herself a mental shake, not usually given to feeling sorry for herself...but damn it, it's the holidays, and she is all alone. She drifts off into a fitful sleep, her body contorting on the couch, even in slumber her lips pouting.

The pounding of the door brings her instantly awake and she sits bolt upright, her heart pounding. Who would be out in this weather? Arming herself with the fireplace poker she pads silently to the door.

"Who's there?" her voice sounds timid even to her own ears, and her body shakes, as much from the cold as from fear.

"Please, just open the door before I freeze. I saw the smoke coming from the chimney and thank heavens for it too." his voice carries through the door and before she can change her mind and run screaming for cover she yanks it open.

Without waiting for an invitation he pushes past her and slams the door shut against the elements. He slides out of his sopping clothes, strips down to just his underwear right in front of her. She is thankful for the dim light her in the porch, because she can feel the heat of her cheeks as she blushes. Although, he is much less frightening clad only in underwear. She lets her eyes track over his body, and sucks in a breath. He is gorgeous, his damp skin glistens in the meagre light, and she watches as he shivers.

Recovering her composure, she leads him to the fireplace, drops a blanket over his shoulder and pours him a hot chocolate that simmers on the hearth. He sits holding the steamy mug in both hands, shaking to the point that she starts to worry about him.

"Are you ok? How long have you been out in this weather?" she stares into his dark eyes, watches them blink as if he had forgotten she was there. He shakes his head, then brings the mug to his lips and starts to drink the hot liquid greedily.

She waits, standing next to him until he finishes his hot chocolate, then she holds out her hand for the empty mug and places it back on the hearth. "Would you like some more?" she asks, hovering near the kettle.

His voice quivers, "No thanks." and he huddles inside the blanket. His shaking body starting to relax as the heat seeps back into his skin.

She squats down beside him, inhaling the scent of the near naked man, and shivers herself. Mistaking her shiver for cold, he opens his blanket and pulls her onto his lap, then without a word wraps them both in the blanket. They stay huddled together, neither of them moving, just breathing in tandem with one another.

As the heat of the fire starts to diminish he stirs, opens the blanket and says, "Stay wrapped up, let me put some wood on the fire." His voice is commanding so she settles down, wrapped in the warmth and watches as he bends to the task. His ass cheeks, muscled, rippling as he moves, long legs moving with a quiet grace and that length of back from underwear to shoulders is strong and handsome. She sighs without realizing it and he turns to look at her, concern showing in his eyes.

His eyes travel over the huddled form, and she watches amazed as his eyes turn from worry to something more, a desire that not only shows on his face, but, her face turning crimson, the rise of his underwear as well.

He clears his throat, looks down at the tent he has created and without the slightest bit of embarrassment, he reaches down and strokes the tip, smiles at her and says, "Open up, it's freezing up here." He bends and scoots beside her on the floor, wrapping them once again in the blanket.

"So, since it looks like we will be spending some time together, let's just wait until we warm up for any hard questions. My name is Marty. I am so glad you got snowed in, because I think I was just about frozen out there."

"Well I am not glad I am stranded here. I made no preparations for the holidays, and we may starve instead of freezing to death. But I'm actually glad you're here with me, I was scared all by myself, and my name is Becky."

He reaches and pulls her onto his lap once more, wrapping his strong arms around her, and together they silently soak up the heat, their bodies warming, taking comfort in the other. Long minutes pass, the air filling with heat, she wriggles in his lap, lays her head on his shoulder, her arms winding around his waist, small hands resting on his muscled ass cheeks.

She breathes him in as he breathes in her. Bodies twined with each other, strangers taking comfort in each others arms.

The fire starts to wane once more and he gently shifts her to the floor, then rises and feeds it again...he pours them each a cup of hot chocolate and this time he sits beside her, staring at her as they drink.

"So, what now, we are stranded here together, what shall we do to entertain ourselves?" his smirk spreads across his face, reaches his eyes and she watches as his underwear move again, his cock straining to be free of the thin fabric.

Her cheeks flame with colour, and she bites her bottom lip, debating with herself how to answer this handsome, near naked man with his growing arousal clearly evident. So she doesn't, she just stares, letting her eyes rove from his eyes, to his lips to his chest to his...omg...to his cock as it peeks out of his shorts. The head winking at her, glistening in the fire light and she reaches out with one finger to rub, to touch, to feel the heat of this man.

He smiles and moans, not moving, letting her come to him, the sweet anguish of that single finger tracking over his swollen glans is a near torture.

As if coming out of a trance, she pulls her finger back, and then slips it between her lips, suckling on it, moaning softly and staring into his eyes. He takes a deep breath then stands, his hands on his hips staring at her. He is torn between ravaging her right now, or taking his time and making love to her.

Both options are equally pleasing, and he is sure that given the two choices, she would be happy with either one. He chews his bottom lip, his eyes never leaving hers.

Instead of making a decision, he goes into action. He piles the pillows and cushions from the couch on the floor in front of the fireplace, drags all the blankets and sets up a make-shift bed. He glances at her as he kneels beside the mountain of pillows and watches the emotions play over her face.

She stares at his crotch, his erection not quite as severe as it was, and she stands. She slowly, omg, so agonizingly slowly undresses in front of him. First her sweater, then her sweatpants, leaving her with heaving breasts in t-shirt and panties. He steps closer, and inhales the female scent of arousal and as she lifts her shirt up over her head, he growls, feels his cock stirring to attention once more.

She stands mere inches from him, her bra strained by her swollen nipples and her panties clinging to the wet form of her mound. She cannot quite bring herself to disrobe completely in front of him, and her trembling body is not from the chill in the air but from the heat inside her.

He gathers her trembling form into the circle of his arms, holds her close to him, wraps her up in his warmth, squeezes the shivers from her. His lips descend on hers, claiming her mouth, planting his tongue on her teeth and forcing it inside her hot wetness. He can taste her, his taste buds infusing with the sweetness of her mouth, he shudders, his cock growing harder, it presses against her belly.

Her arms wrapped around his neck, fingers twisted in the soft hair at the nape of his neck, he thinks how glad he is that he didn't find time for a hair cut. Her soft fingers dancing on the sensitive flesh as they weave through his hair.

She holds her breath, her senses drinking this tall stranger in, filling her emptiness with his nearness, and with a shudder, she releases it, exhales into his mouth, moan muffled as he swallows her breath.

They are as one, the soft light of the flickering fire, the stillness of the air outside after the storm, two bodies mapping each other. He brings his hands up along her naked back, unhooks her bra and draws it slowly down over her arms, he whimpers as her hands unwind from his hair. He pulls his lips from hers and steps back, taking her bra with him and he stares at the heaving mounds of female flesh, perfectly tipped with hard red nipples.

He tosses her bra, and bends his head, his lips a breath away from engulfing, both hands seizing her heavy breast, and pulling her up on tiptoe, he sinks his teeth into the root of her nipple, drawing the length of sensitive skin into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue. She growls, quivering as she leans into him, both small hands twisting in his hair, he braces, sinking his teeth deeper, preparing for her to pull his head away, but instead she pushes him onto her breast, feeding him as much as his mouth can handle. He lets go with one hand and grabs her wrist, pulls it free of his hair and guides her hand to his raging cock.

She hesitates, resists him for a moment as she realizes where he is placing her hand, but then relaxes, and wraps those warm soft fingers over his manhood. Her fingers almost too tight as she grips him, then he groans onto her tit, her hand starts to stroke him...slowly, up and down, running her thumb over his throbbing head, toying with him.

He bites down, too hard maybe, causing her to cry out, to scream her pain, or...as he pulls his head away, looks into her glassy eyes, to scream out her desire. He takes the other nipples between his teeth, sinks them in deep, grinds at the root of her rubbery teat, torments it with his tongue and reaches to pull at her panties, ripping them in his urgent need to feel those nether lips. He pushes the ripped fabric aside and digs his fingers in.

Her shaved mound quivers, the swollen lips draping wide, kissing him wetly as he probes between them. Her continued moans spurring him on, he gropes deep inside her with two fingers, scooping out the slippery lube, then as he renews his efforts on her nipple, his fingers rub at her clit, bringing it to life. It bursts free of its hood, meeting his fingers. Her hips grind at his hand, as her hand picks up the rhythm on his cock.

With a scream, primal, deep and tinged with urgency, he pulls from her nipple, teeth scraping it raw, and pushes her down on the pile of pillows. He stares at her, scanning her eyes for permission to continue. Her hand still on his cock gives him her answer, she pulls him down, spreading her creamy thighs, letting him sink into the softness of her feminine charms.

He leans in to cover her lips once more, he wants to eat her screams, swallow her moans and with one quick thrust drives his thick cock deep inside her warm wet depths. Her tight passage sheathing his cock, his pulsing head forging a path in the velvety box. Her walls closing in, hugging him, squeezing his manhood almost painfully and he grunts into her mouth. His cock not stopping until his balls slam home on her ass, his head presses hard at her cervix and her moans tumble into his mouth,

His tongue reaching in, scooping out her screams and lustful cries, sucking them into his lungs, feeding on her breath, on her primal sounds of desire. Her hips lift to meet his, thrust for thrust, her legs wrap around his hips, her heels locking on the swell of his ass, bearing down on him, demanding more from him.

Locked in a carnal dance, they moan and scream...their passionate cries filling the air, the smell of sex heavy as he breathes in. Her eyes fly open, startled, almost surprised, and he feels her muscles tighten, briefly hold him in place, before she screams out her release, her pussy already wet, floods with cum, and seeps out, coating his balls, they slap wetly on her ass, yet he does not stop, he continues to fuck this angelic creature and she...she continues to cum, one long orgasm, keeping her on heat until...with his own scream...his cock swells, his balls tight, pull up against his body, then his seed shoots deep inside her, creaming her cervix, thick and hot.

He collapses onto her, she holds him tight, legs still wrapped around him, holding him inside her, her hands on his neck, fingers laced through the thick wavy hair. His breathing slows, and he looks deep into her eyes. He rolls off her at last, slithering out of the cage she has made of her body. Without exchanging a word, he feeds the fire, pours new cups of hot chocolate and slips an arm around her shoulders helping her to sit. He hands her a mug, and once again, they stare at each other, drinking the hot chocolate.

He takes her mug, and asks for an escort to the bathroom. She laughs, it tinkles melodically, and she pads, bare naked in front of him, leading the way. Cleaning up with barely luke warm water, they smile and touch each other.

Returning to their make-shift bed, they curl up against each other and sleep.

Morning finds them still snowed in, his clothes still wet where he dropped them the night before. Now there are practical things to consider. It is the day before Christmas Eve...and there is no food in the house, more wood needs to be brought in from the shed, and his car has to be found and his belongings brought to the house.

The snowplow has not been through and with the size of the storm, it might be days before it does. So, they hang his clothes by the fire, and she digs through the cupboards finally coming up with a box of crackers, a jar of peanut butter and a bottle of jam. They share their breakfast in front of the fire, still naked, and still grinning at each other.

She tells him that she was supposed to go to her parents for the holidays, he explains that he was driving to his brother's house to spend a few days with him and his family.

They smile at each other, and with unspoken consent, she slips back into his arms, and they make love again, soft slow and sensual, long slow strokes in and out, the orgasms building slowly before bursting leaving them weak and panting in each others arms. They nap until noon, then decide that they must prepare for another night at least of being stormed in, with no power, bringing in some wood is essential.

She finds him an old sweater, some boots and gloves and together they bring in some wood, smiling as they trudge through the snow...shaking the water off themselves before making several more trips. They find more crackers, brew hot chocolate and content themselves with laying in front of the fire, talking, finding out about each other.

At last, they decide to make the trek to his car. Bundling up, they find an old toboggan in the shed and take turns dragging it through the snow. Finally, his car looms, buried to the top of the wheel wells in snow and they giggle themselves into a fit of hysteria. He scoops snow away from the door and climbs in, handing her out packages and parcels. He shuts the door and they load the rest of his things on the toboggan and walking side by side in a companionable silence, drag their laden burden home.

He grins as they gather the things and lay them out on the kitchen table. He shoos her back to the fireplace to warm up while he prepares supper for them. It is Christmas Eve, and he is determined to put together a decent meal out of their meagre supplies.

Crackers and cheese, grapes, he slices the stick of salami thinly, arranging it on a platter, adds some pickles and uncorks the bottle of wine. He is sure that his brother will forgive the pilfering of his Christmas basket, considering the circumstances. He opens the gingerbread cookies meant for his niece and nephew and tucks them on the side of the platter. Not too bad for a last minute meal...he puts the things that should be kept cold back in a bag and tucks the bag in the porch...it's as cold as the fridge out there at the moment.

He carries his tray, laden with yummy edibles in by the fire and finds her curled comfortably, and sound asleep. He sips his wine, watching her, the soft rise and fall of her chest, the rapid fluttering of her eyelids as she dreams. He hopes she is having a pleasant dream, featuring him. His glass empty, he refills it, leans back against the couch, the fire keeping him warm and lets his mind wander.

Without even realizing it, he has moved to her side and he is shocked to find his hand reaching inside her shirt, stroking her warm body. She wriggles, moves closer to him, murmuring in her sleep. Intrigued by both his actions and her reactions, he traces tiny light circles over her belly. Her deep moan stirs him and he lets his hand wander higher, cupping that perfect round breast, rubbing his thumb over her bra covered nipple. Her lips part, moans tumbling out, her back arching, feeding her breast to his hand.

Downing the last of his third glass of wine, the fire heating his face, the wine heating his belly and her moans heating the rest of him. He leans down to kiss her sleeping lips, and is surprised when she kisses him back. He is sure she is still asleep, his free hand dipping lower to rub her crotch through her jeans.

Slowly pulling back his hand, holding still, not even breathing, he listens for telltale signs, and at long last he lets his breath out slowly. He stands up and pads softly to the fireplace, adding another log, then turns and watches her. He does not want to wake her just yet so he grabs the flashlight to go do a bit of exploring.

He prowls almost silently, room to room, taking in the essence of her in the subtle colours, the soft curves of furniture and finally finds himself in her bedroom. He pauses on the threshold, not sure if this is too much of an intrusion, but wanting to know more about her. Glancing over his shoulder to make sure that she did not awaken and follow him, he then takes that first step into her bedroom. He is startled by its small size, just room for the bed a nightstand and her dresser.

The bed is simple, white duvet tossed over its queen sized mattress, dark elegant dresser matches the head and foot boards and a simple stand with clock and a book placed in the centre. Odd, she seems more complicated than this. His flashlight glares back at him from the full length mirror mounted on the closet door and he steps forward, hand twisting the knob, the light shining down on the floor. Smiling he plays the light over the clothes hanging neatly on the single rod. Colour coordinated, shirts, skirts, pants, jackets and a row of shoes underneath. He turns to go when something catches his eye. Curiosity getting the better of him he steps into the closet and touches the edges of what appear to be ... a door?

A closet in a closet...most bizarre.

He pushes and pulls, fumbling in the near dark until with a soft click, the door falls open a crack, so he pushes and is amazed to find a whole room inside the tiny closet. He steps in, shines the flashlight all around. The room is about 20 X 20 feet. Much bigger than her bedroom and furnished with the most interesting pieces he has ever seen.

A large bed, decked out in brilliant red satin sheets, with high posts at all four corners. He moves in for a closer look and sees the strategically places hooks. He raises an eyebrow, definitely delighted to have found her secret room. A low padded bench, perfect for a submissive to bend over for a well deserved spanking. A set of stocks, he can just imagine her full bottom on display as she is held captive in the wooden holes. One wall is mirrored from floor to ceiling giving a reflective light, seemingly glowing.

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