tagTransgender & CrossdressersDena and Annie Pt. 02

Dena and Annie Pt. 02


This story is a complete work of fiction and is only to be taken that way. If Transgender sexual ideas offend you then do not read. If you are not above age 18 then you should not be here anyhow.


On the interstate I grabbed us a drink from a cooler Annie had prepared for our ride. She made remarks about how perfect the outfit was for me. Also how she could not wait to see what else she could dress me in later. "So tell me about this Mr. Lee that seems to be the object of your affection sweetie. And tell me what makes him so special" Annie asks.

I tell her that he is a first year teacher and fresh out of college. He is tall but not too tall that makes him dorky. He has a dark complexion and dark hair that is always in place. He has made remarks in class about how he is a trust fund baby and teaches because he likes it. He says his family lives in California and he seems so different than other teachers. He is very polite and has always been nice to me when other teachers just think I am weird.

Mr. Lee remembered my birthday the other day and sent me a sweet email too. I catch myself talking like I am a girl who has found her first boyfriend. When I look to Annie she is smiling and I have this deer in the headlights look. "What? Did I do something wrong? Why are you looking at me like that Annie?" I say out loud.

She says "It is going to be so much fun watching you mature just like a little girl who kisses her first boy or has her first date with a man. You are so giddy just talking about your Mr. Lee. I cannot imagine how many times he has made your little panties wet thinking about him as you lie in bed honey!"

"Enough about him and I will make sure I introduce myself to him before too long. He still has to pass my test before I give him thumbs up to let him see what I see right now. We need to take care of some essential things right now anyhow. How do you like the idea of being Blonde Dena? I forwarded your picture from the house to a very special friend of mine in Charlotte. She loved the pics and said she would work on some ideas for our appointment at 11:30." Annie tells me.

I find out where we are going when she stops in front of a very nice looking white building. In the parking lot are Mercedes', BMW's, two limousines and Jaguars. An attendant opened my door and I stepped out as he held my hand up like I was being escorted in a wedding. My doorman was a very good looking twenty something black man. He was bald and built like an athlete. I thanked him as Annie walked over being led by another hottie and both were in suits.

The door was opened and we went inside the salon. "Good day ladies we are so glad to see you decided to visit Vision's Salon. May I get you girls something to drink or may I take you to your appointment. I know Gia is waiting on you as we speak" a very pretty blonde lady asks us.

"Thank you Lindsey and yes we will share a bottle of your best red wine. Gia is such a sweetheart and I haven't seen her in a long time. Please do tell her we are here Lindsey! Annie says to her.

Looking around the money just comes right out of the walls. Everything is so perfect and in place. A large wall has water flowing over it and the lighting makes it look like I imagine a palace looking. "Annie you look as beautiful as ever honey! I am so glad to see you again and how have you been?" a dark haired lady come over to greet us. They hugged as I watch two old friends reunite.

"Now who do we have here and why haven't I ever met her before now Annie? She definitely got her look from her Mom and I am sure she is going to be a man killer in no time just like you Annie" Gia says and I thank her for the compliment.

"This is my daughter Dena and I am sure she will love you Gia, just like I do. We just want you to work some of that Gia magic and make both of us feel like a million bucks. You have us for four hours and we are out of here for a day of girl fun" Annie speaks to Gia.

Gia walked a little closer to me and began to look me over. Her hand grasped mine softly and held it over my head. She remarked she knew I was a dancer and I should twirl underneath so she could se more of me. I spun around as she wished and stopped when she let go of my hand. "You are a Doll baby and we are going to have lots of fun today. I have girls ready to do both of your manicures and pedicures. I have facials lined up and a new hairstyle for our little girl here and her Mom is getting highlights. Young lady have you ever considered going blonde? And I don't mean bleach blonde but light enough so guys will make jokes about you being one" Gia says to us.

I smile really big at Gia and tell her I would love to do anything she thought might be pretty. Then we are taken back to Gia's room to begin our pampering. We were given very pretty pink pajama like outfits to wear during our visit. Annie remarked that these were to use so we wouldn't stain our own clothes. They were identical and felt good to my skin. I had a little concern that my extra equipment would become exposed in the skimpy outfit but so far so good. I did not have anything this pretty to wear to bed like them and wanted to keep them for myself. Annie asked one of the assistants to snap a pic of us in the cute outfits with her phone. We hugged and smiled really big as the girl took our picture.

We then sat down to have our nails done in a reclining chair with our personal manicurists. It felt good as they massaged and played with our feet. I smiled at Annie and thanked her for everything she had done. She reached over and took my hand in hers to hold. "Girls everything today is going to have a pink theme so if you will please give us your prettiest pink toes a girl could ever want.

I watched as my feet turned from sore dancer's feet to pretty girl feet with new polish. I had only ever done this once and I did not do a very good job either. I felt like I was walking on air as we stood to go over for our manicure. The girl doing my nails was not but four or so years older than me and her name was Emma. "Sweetie I am going to add some short extensions to your nails and use the same polish as I put on your toes" she said as if to ask and glanced at us for approval. I told her that I loved that idea and thanked her.

Another worker in the salon brought in a large ice bucket with the bottle of wine Annie had ordered for us earlier. I sipped my first taste of the wine and it was so smooth, I sipped it again. The girls asked us about what was the occasion for our visit. Annie told them that it was my birthday and we were celebrating for a whole week. Both of them said "Happy Birthday Sweetie" and did not ask how old I just became.

My nails were drying as I began to daydream a little. I imagined Mr. Lee taking my pretty hand in his to kiss as he told me how pretty I was. He was holding it as if to help me to stand up from my chair. I saw myself standing up to face him closely as he wrapped his strong arms around my waist. He held me closer as we stared to each other's eyes. As his hand goes to my tiny rear he leans down to give me my very first kiss. And we then!"

"Dena!" "Wakeup honey and quit daydreaming!" Annie says bringing me back to reality. "Sorry I was way out there I guess. Maybe I was already blonde." I laugh and almost giggle as I say it. I looked to Annie still smiling at her as Gia calls me over to her chair.

She leaned me back to the sink to start washing my hair. Her fingers massaging my scalp and the hot water felt good. I was finally being treated like a pretty girl and not a dysfunctional kid with awkward dreams.

From a package Gia showed me the hair extensions she was going to add to my hair's length. I watched Gia slowly work the extensions into my hair. In the mirror I could see the difference between my old length and the new. She turned me away from the mirrors as she used her scissors to begin the new haircut. "Honey you will love this new haircut and I will show you how to do the styling so you can keep the look for some time to come."

I finished my first glass of wine and politely declined to be poured another. Color treatment takes awhile and Gia told me all about herself as she worked. I told her I had trained young in ballet and now I am hoping do study modern dance in college. I look to Gia trying to see her reaction if any at all.

"Honey there are dancers in this town are my best customers. All have six digit incomes with most of it in the bank because they have friends who take care of all their bills. A few of them began their careers just like you Dena. And I don't mean 18 and blonde sweetie, they were young and sweet just like you are. But they didn't have an Annie to help them along like you do. The thing that is different about you is what will drive men crazy in this town. Give you a stripper pole and some music and they would be begging at your door Dena. I am sure with a little time and effort a large bank account would be right around the corner. By the time you are in your thirties, you would be set for life. I don't know any men who can retire at that age. They are beautiful ladies who still have their life to live as they please. I do so envy them sometimes" Gia tells me.

After the color treatment, I sat under the dryer to let my new color set in. Gia worked on Annie's haircut and style and they talked without stopping. The problem was that I could not hear a word of it because of the dryer. For some reason I thought about my friend's dad, Mr. Lee. Like I mentioned he is a very handsome black man. He attended some of the parties Dad gave and he had been caught on occasion coming out of the pool house with a couple of ladies. He seemed to have a soft spot for blondes also. Maybe that is why I thought of him right now. I had never until now pondered the idea of a black man. I am sure that would go over like a September hurricane in High Port. I smiled at the thought of Mr. Lee seeing me as a cute young blonde.

One of the salon assistants came in carrying some boxes from the SUV. She was instructed to put them in the dressing area and walked out of the room. When the hair dryer turned off Gia called me back to her chair and Annie disappeared into another room. Gia wished me a happy birthday as I sat back down to have her style my hair. Slowly I watched in the mirrors as Dena was made into an entirely new "Gurl." -At times I did not like that word but my daydreams about Mr. Lee made me appreciate it.

Gia removed all the strips to see the new color and how well it may have taken to my own color. As it dried and revealed the real color Gia's face lit up like a Christmas tree. "Honey we have hit the jackpot and the color is fabulous!" Gia tells me. She curled and cut and teased my new hairdo. Reading the excitement in her face made me so damn anxious to see how it looked.

Gia called Annie's name and told her to come take a look. I had to look at both of them before Gia would let me turn to the mirrors. They spun me around to see how it looked and I was speechless. My hair hung to my shoulders very easily and was beyond what I thought was possible. "Dena if I didn't know better I would swear my chair was filled by a pageant contestant. You have all the looks to make any girl jealous as hell. You can't create in a salon what you have behind those eyes sweetie" Gia says to me.

I looked to Annie and cannot believe that she is actually speechless. "Baby she is not just being nice. You are so pretty that any mom would be proud to call you her own" Annie says. Only in a dream could I have imagined this moment.

"I really don't know what to say. I love it Gia! Thank you both for everything! Every thing I could have imagined in a mirror looking back at me has come true today. What I see looks and feel better than I could have imagined it might. This is what I want to be Annie, and Gia. I love it!" I spoke wondering what they are thinking. I stood silent for a moment.

"Dena you are looking at two people who would love nothing more than to see you this happy everyday. We know we are seeing the beginning of something very beautiful. Gia and I know you are something very special. The hair and nails and color just help bring out the real beauty of which you are Dena. And besides we only have an hour and a half to finish and we still have to get you dressed, do your makeup and get that skin a pretty light bronze color. Gia has told the girls to get the tanning booth ready for you" Annie says.

After hugs and kisses Gia led me down the hallway to the tanning booth. She closed the door behind me and said "Sweetie we need to get you out of that outfit to do this. When I don't move immediately Gia looks to me and says "Dena don't worry about taking your clothes off sweetie I am not gonna bite you. I know exactly what you have under there and you will learn to love yourself naked as well as clothed. That pretty little body of yours is gonna love being a deep dark brown."

Gia reached forward and starts to undo the top of my outfit. "I know these are not real Dena - as she brushed my filled bra. Is it also your dream to have a permanent set sweetie? I am sure Annie will help you get a superb set of tits Dena if you want them bad enough. Ten thousand dollars and a few doctor's appointments will get you a sweet set of C cups" She says to me as she brushes my top off my shoulders. Stepping around behind me she undoes my pretty bra and helps me remove the breast forms.

The room has a large mirrored wall and I can see her standing behind me. I feel her hands on each side of me as they slip down to my panties. "This is a pretty little package you have here Dena. I am surprised it has not shown itself to us before now.

I slip off my short bottom to reveal the panties I am wearing. She tells me to slip them off as she hands me a patch thong panty.

"Yes I would love to have a set of C cups one day Gia! But like you said they are not free" I say.

Gia goes on to tell me that - I am at the age now where if I want anything bad enough, I could get it. A girl as pretty as me will have no problem getting what she wants. She said she understands how things for me will be a little different but she is sure it would amaze me to know how many men desire someone just like me. Gia says that a lot of very wealthy men actually hire "Friends" like me as highly paid employees.

I ponder everything she says as we prepare for the tanning booth. She hands me a bottle of oil to cover myself with to help the process. She tells me that I am going to sweat a little but not to be concerned about my new hairdo. She helped me some with the oil before I entered the booth. The lights were hot and I could feel the tingle on my skin. I spent 15 minutes before a timer sounded and the lights went off.

I stepped out of the booth and Gia hands me a towel and a robe to follow her. She has me shower off my skin and ready to get dressed. When I see Annie the next time she has already dressed and looks great in a new black outfit. "Come on over sweetie so we can finish and go get some lunch." Annie says. I see my new outfit on a hangar in the dressing room and smiles really big. She hands me a pair of black satin and lace panties to put on first. I sit on a chair to slip on a very nice feeling black thigh high hose. I take a moment to admire how well they fit my legs.

"Those legs don't have a blemish on them Annie. How would you love to have that going for you? And they are as smooth as everything else is too. I don't even see a need for a bikini wax around the little sexpot's play parts. I cannot believe that she hasn't gotten a rise while we have been doing all of this either!" Gia says.

"Slip this over your hose Dena to see if we need a smaller size or not" Annie says when she hands me a garter. With her help it is set above my panties and she says they are perfect. Annie shows me how to fasten the garter to the tops of my hose. With that done I position my breast forms and then puts another new black bra on my shoulders. The black cocktail dress on the hangar looks pretty enough to be worn by an actress on the red carpet of an awards show in LA. I stepped into the dress as Annie zips up the back I flip my new found hair out of the way. I glance into the mirror and so dreams of being that girl in the centerfold of a magazine. Annie and Gia keep up their babbling and seeming to egg me into saying something.

"Gia you just haven't hit the right buttons with Dena yet. Ask her about the big crush she has on a Mr. Lee." Annie tells her. I just smiled and Gia was standing close enough to touch my crotch under the dress when Annie wasn't looking. I twitch a little as her fingertips tease my little equipment, but it feels good. Gia smiled and winked, knowing she startled me real good.

"Is that all it takes to get your little clitty to spring up sweetie? Don't worry honey there will be many Mr. Lee's in your life but you will call them Sugar Daddy" Gia says smiling at me.

"I really don't know whether to take anything seriously that you two say. Yes I do have a crush on a very nice looking man. Is that so wrong that I should be ashamed? Annie, you said to tell you everything I feel. Right now I feel like the girl I was meant to be and I love it too." I say to them with my hands on my hips looking to a huge mirror

"That's exactly what I wanted to hear you say Dena. We have done and talked a lot today but all of this is so you can be the person you desire to be honey. We are going to head to downtown Charlotte to have us some lunch and talk about what is next. Gia thanks for everything and we will surely be back soon. If you would be so nice as to take a few pictures for me, we will be on our way" Annie says encouraging me with a soft kiss on the cheek.

Gia snaps the pics for us and hands the Ipad back to Annie. She quickly shows me the pics and we are now at the front desk. The receptionist gives Annie a credit card receipt to sign and with a big smile says "Thank You Mrs. Owens and Dena!" I guess Annie left a huge tip for them.

Valets escort us to the SUV and we drive away. Annie begins asking all sorts of questions about how I feel and once again building me up. She has me cross my legs and telling me how to sit as we drive. She says you never know who you might meet while in your car. "Dena we are going to a totally private place for lunch today. I want to have a really nice meal and maybe we will meet someone there to talk too. The more people you are around the more comfortable you will feel with your new look. It is a place where you can meet some of the wealthiest and most powerful people around. There are lawyers, doctors, politicians, and other rich business men. It is a very quiet place where everyone is so nice and respectful of each other. And of course it is expensive too. That's how they keep it private. Your Dad and I come here when we are in town" Annie says to me.

Maybe it was the look on my face after Annie said that which caused her to grasp my hand. "Dena I am here like I said every step of the way. You just have to trust me and let things take their natural course. You have all the assets you need and I am just going to make sure that you have the opportunities you want. If anyone asks you about yourself just tell them that you are about to begin classes here in Charlotte and you will be living here soon. It will be that easy sweetie" Annie says.

The place had no sign out front but as soon as you enter there was a sign that read Jennings'. We were greeted by a man in a black and white suit. He greeted Annie by calling her Mrs. Owens. The host led us into the place and I was amazed by how nice the place looked. From outside you have no idea this place even exists. Everything was very private and when you sat down no one else was in your sight. Annie and I were seated and the host held our chairs. I began by saying how shocked I was this place even existed.

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