I would like to credit Love2ReadInOR as my editor.


Raul sneered at me as he closed the padlock over my cuffs with a sickening click. "You stay right here, baby," he leered, "And as soon as I'm back I'll take care of you too." As if I had a choice; he had kidnapped me and was leaving me bound and naked. Each ankle tied to the opposite knee, forcing my thighs open, and my wrists were cuffed over my head. A ball gag filled my mouth and all I could do was moan incoherently and squirm helplessly.

Raul, of course, was completely fictional, but my bonds were real. I had been planning this little escapade for about two weeks, ever since I found out my roommate was flying home during the MLK holiday. I would have four days to myself. My plan really took off when I found out that the 4 other girls in our house were also leaving for various things. With the house to myself, I could afford to go a little wild and treat myself in a way that I only had previously been able to do when my parents went on trips.

Each little event was a production, and I had gotten quite good at it. The routine was similar and written along with other fantasies in my nasty diary, which I always kept hidden behind two locks. First, there was a long planning and anticipation stage, where I would dream about what was going to happen and toy with myself, being careful not to let myself cum. Then there was the agony of waiting out the morning until everyone had left. Then a long, luxurious bath and makeup session, as I wanted to look my best even though no one would ever see it. Of course, I played with myself the whole time, teasing myself to the brink of an orgasm. Finally I would get into bed with my nasty diary and write some more of a filthy fantasy and then tie myself up. The coup de grace was the key, my only way out, frozen in the middle of little bucket ice, with a string attached to it and the other end tied to my headboard. All I could do was squirm, helpless in my bonds and completely aroused, and wait for the ice to melt. I knew it would take about 14 hours; any longer might require a bathroom break. 14 hours of suspense. As soon as I got out, I would masturbate to the most unbelievably powerful orgasms.

I was a junior, on scholarship as a midfielder on our college's women's soccer team, and a pretty good one. I had heard the rumors: Nationals were just going to be a formality, I was already the starter for the US team. I was between boyfriends, but really hadn't had much luck in that department. I was pretty, not gorgeous, with a medium chest. Shoulder length black hair, hazel eyes, and I stood about 5'6". Obviously, I was in terrific shape. No one, and I do mean no one, knew of my perverted little fantasies.

I squirmed anew against my bonds, naked under a silk sheet, the fabric brushing my erect nipples and teasing me even more. This was going to be great. I had just settled into another fantasy as I heard someone come into the house. My blood froze for a moment as the footsteps came closer, but they continued past my door. It sounded like she went into Karen's room. I thought Karen had said she was heading east to that concert with her boyfriend? Had I known she—or anyone—would be here today, I would have never gone through with my production, but it was a little late for second thoughts now. I figured that she wouldn't come into the room anyway, so I relaxed and fantasized some more. It was night, about 6 hours into my event, when there was a light knock on the door.

"Suz, you in there?"

My eyes widened in panic. Why was she calling out to my roommate? She repeated the question and then came in, casually swatting on the light. She was wearing a white tee and a short blue skirt. I screamed at her, but through the gag it didn't make sense. She freaked out.

"Ohmygodohmygodohmygod," she panicked, looking wildly around the room. "Is he still here?" She must have thought someone had broken in and raped me. She ran to me and fumbled with the lock on my cuffs, my incoherent screaming probably not helping matters. She was practically bawling as she finally thought to take my gag out.

"Oh my God, I can't get you out," she sobbed. "I'll call 911." She fumbled with the phone, shaking so badly she dropped it.

"Karen, stop!" I finally got out. She looked at me, holding the phone. "It'" She stared at me blankly. My cheeks burned in embarrassment as I admitted it. "I did this to myself."


" this to myself. It's okay."

She looked at me gape jawed. Her eyes slowly swept over me, from the cuffs that held my hand to the headboard to my sheet-covered body and back to my eyes.

"But why?"

It was too humiliating to tell her, so I just asked her to take the frozen bucket to the tub and thaw it to get the key out to release me. She looked over to the bucket and followed the string with her eyes back to the headboard, with a completely mystified look on her face. She slowly put the phone back and then leaned forward and lifted my sheet up and looked down over my naked body.

"Karen, oh my God," I protested.

"Quiet." She said as she looked back at the bucket.

"Karen, just thaw the bucket out."

"I said be quiet," she said firmly and peeked under my sheet again.

"Karen, c'mon," I started.

She looked at me coldly and put the gag back in my mouth. I was so surprised I didn't even fight it. I screamed at her through my gag as she sat gently beside me on the bed, her eyes slowly following the string from the key back to my cuffs.

"Be quiet, I need to think," she said absently.

I screamed through my gag. This was not funny. She looked at me sternly. With a quick motion, she pulled my sheet down, grabbed a nipple between her thumb and the knuckle of her forefinger, and pinched. Hard. My eyes flew open and I screamed in pain. My nipples had always been very sensitive; this was definitely not funny.

"I said, shut up," she said sternly. I silenced immediately and she mercifully released me. "I need to think," she said absently again, her eyes deliberately taking in the room. I looked down to my tortured nipple, her hand still resting on my breast. She ignored me as she looked around at my set-up. Her eyes fell upon my nasty diary, lying beside me.

Perhaps now would be a good time to describe Karen. We six girls lived in a house about a mile off campus. None of us had known the others before; we had all just called on an ad for rooms. We were all friendly, although Karen and I belonged to different cliques; mine was the athletic/brainy group, hers were the socialites. Karen was an absolutely gorgeous petite blonde with big blue eyes. I was about head taller than she. I thought her best assets were her breasts, 32Cs, which looked great on her small body. Her hair went to the middle of her back, and although she was thin, I had never seen her work out. She claimed to hate her ass, which was perfect as far as I could tell. She was only a sophomore. She had taken a year off after high school to travel Europe, so we were the same age. She had a boyfriend and had always seemed sweet and innocent, which made this situation even more bizarre.

"What's this?" she asked innocently and vaulted over me to lay on her stomach by my side as she picked up my book. My eyes widened in fear. Please, God, no. My nasty book, full of all my perverted thoughts, always locked away, was in her hands. "Looks like a diary. Can I look at it?"

I vigorously shook my head, eyes wide in terror. She smiled wickedly at me. "I'm sorry, let me rephrase the question." She took my other nipple and pinched it hard. "Can I look at it?" I screamed and nodded vigorously, and she let go. "Thank you," she smiled sweetly and opened my private book. I turned away in shame. "Look at me, Leigh," she said and I immediately complied, terrified that she might pinch me again. "Good girl," she smiled, looking at me for a moment. "You know, you're very pretty. And I really admire how fit you are, you have a most amazing body." I blinked at her, trying to figure out what was going on.

She tossed off my sheet, leaving me completely naked, and then looked back to the diary and started reading it. I could feel the shameful heat in my cheeks as I watched her read. Her other hand started fondling my breast and lightly toyed with my nipple as she read. My breasts had always been very sensitive, and suddenly all the suppressed lust in my mind boiled to the surface. I was completely turned on. She turned the page and continued to read silently while she toyed with my tit. I was breathing hard already. Her hand left my breast and wandered lightly down my helpless body to my waist and I protested, shaking my head violently. "I'm not a lesbian," I tried to say, but only muffled sounds escaped from around the ball gag. She looked at me coldly, her frozen blue eyes piercing me.

"I'm sorry, do you need a reminder that you're supposed to keep quiet?" she spat, taking my nipple in her fingers again. I shook my head, desperate to avoid another pinch. "You know," she continued icily as she rolled my nipple lightly, "It's not like I'm asking you to do much, just fuckin' lay there and keep fuckin' quiet. Do you think you can handle that?" I nodded meekly, terrified. I had never heard her curse, never seen her so angry. She let go of my nipple without a pinch and instead fondled me again. "Good girl," she smiled, suddenly happy. "You're so good. I know it's hard sometimes, but I know you're trying your best, aren't you sweetie?" I nodded, eager to make her happy.

Her hand drifted down again and started stroking my thighs, and this time I kept quiet and watched her read. Her hand would sometimes come very close to my pussy, but she never touched it. She turned the page and started to fondle my breasts again. I moaned in arousal but quickly silenced myself.

"No, that's okay sweetie," she smiled and continued to read awhile. Suddenly she laughed. "Leigh, I had no idea you were into this stuff!" she giggled. "This is really good. Here, let me read part of it." She started to read my filthy words aloud and I turned away. Her hand steered my chin back to face her without missing a beat as she spoke a particularly nasty passage. Her fingers returned to my breasts, stroking and teasing them, and I whimpered in pleasure. When she was done she looked at me again and complimented my writing style, emphasizing the dirty phrases I had created. Suddenly she stopped and looked about, sniffing the air.

"Do you smell that?" she asked. I looked around. All I could smell was her perfume and my arousal. She sniffed again. "It smells someone's turned on." She looked at me quizzically. "Are you turned on?" I was so ashamed that I shook my head. "Is your pussy wet?" I shook my head again, mortified. "I know you wouldn't lie to me, but I think I'll check anyway. Is that okay?" she asked sweetly. I shook my head, knowing full well that I was soaking and scared that if she found out she would pinch me again. She let out a little giggle and took my nipple between her fingers. "I'm sorry, did you think we were having a conversation? I think I'll check anyway. Is that okay?" she nodded and I quickly realized that I was supposed to nod also. I did. "You want me to check, don't you?" she smiled. I nodded again.

Her hand drifted down past my waist and I looked away in shame, only to have her tell me to look at her. Her fingers lightly touched my inner thigh and stroked me as I stared into her smiling eyes. God, she was gorgeous. Slowly her fingers moved inwards until she stroked two fingers up my slit. My hips bucked violently.

"Oh my God, you're soaked!" she exclaimed, holding her wet fingers in front of my face. "You didn't know it did you," she mocked. "Here," she smiled, holding her fingers under my nose, "This is what you smell like when you're turned on." I turned away and immediately her voice was hard and unyielding. "Don't you dare turn away from me," she growled and I snapped back to her. She smiled brightly again and held her fingers under my nose. "Go ahead, smell it," she said, and I sniffed. Her hand went back to my dripping pussy and got wet again. This time she smeared my wetness under my nose. I recoiled in disgust, but one harsh warning from her got me to lay still. She made several trips to my cunt, my whole body shaking as she stroked me. She covered my upper lip and nostrils with my own juices, her smiling eyes holding mine the whole time. All I could smell was my arousal.

Her hand went back to my pussy and started to stroke me. She was going to get me off! My eyes fluttered closed as she lightly touched my most sensitive spot. "Look at me, Leigh," she said, and I opened my eyes again. I had always masturbated with my eyes closed, and it was very difficult to keep my eyes open. Every time they would close she would pull her hand up and smear more of my juices around my nose. I got pretty good at staring into her blue eyes as she fingered me. I was grunting in a most un-ladylike fashion, my whole body covered in a sheen of sweat, tensing as she worked me, and I knew it wouldn't be long. Just as I reached the brink, she pulled her hand away. A few more light touches and I would have cum, but she just smiled at me and giggled, wiping her fingers on my lip again. I stared at her, desperate for my release, but I was completely helpless.

"Did you like that?" she laughed. I shook my head and begged her to finish me, but she only laughed and wagged her finger at me. "Wrong answer. Did you like that?" This time I nodded. "Good, I'm glad," she smiled. She sat up and climbed out of my bed with my book.

"Well, while you're cooling down, I'm going to scan this into my computer. Is that okay?"

My eyes flew open and I shook my head. God, please no. Karen just laughed and kissed my forehead before leaving me alone in my room. I screamed into the gag in frustration and fought my bonds until I was exhausted.

Finally she returned and put my book back on my desk. I stared at her with all the venom I could muster but she simply sat beside me with a smile. She put her hands on my breasts and started to play with them again as she looked at me. My body immediately melted to her touch and I was completely aroused again. Any anger I might have had disappeared, replaced by a clawing need to cum. She climbed back into my bed and started stroking my thighs while she toyed with my breasts, smiling into my eyes the whole time. Her magical fingers found their way to my pussy and she started to touch me again. In no time I was ready to cum, my hips bucking wildly under her. Once again, she stopped with a giggle just as I was about to climax. My back arched in frustration and she started rolling both nipples in her fingers. I was thrashing about, but nothing I could do was going to make me cum. I finally collapsed on the bed, exhausted.

"Wow, that was really good," she smiled. "Did you like that?" Actually I hated it, I no longer wanted to cum, I needed to, but I knew better than do anything other than nod. "Good, I'm glad. Okay, picture time!"

My eyes widened as she stood and pulled out a little digital camera. I screamed in protest, this was going way too far. She looked at me sternly.

"Quiet," she said. I continued to try and yell, but as soon as she held her hand over my tit, I silenced myself. "Good girl," she purred. "You're so good! Now smile for the camera!"

She started to take pictures of my helpless, bound body, and there was nothing I could do about it. She praised me constantly, commenting in detail on my most private areas. She took a lot of close-ups of my cunt, and plenty of my face. She made me raise my knees as high as I could and took more pictures down there. She made me hold the pose until I finally collapsed. Frowning, she studied me before making a decision. Setting the camera aside, she undid my leg bindings. She picked up the camera again.

"Spread them."

I looked at her—before I had no choice, now I would be participating in my own humiliation. She gave me a sharp look and I complied. After a few more poses she was satisfied and set the camera aside. She sat back next to me and in mere moments had manipulated me to the edge of another orgasm. This time when she stopped my legs thrashed about, trying to get those few extra touches. I was literally going insane. Suddenly I noticed she was taking pictures of my futile thrashing. I knew I should be ashamed, but all I could think of was trying to cum. I finally gave up and collapsed on my bed. Again she made me nod that I had liked it. She put the camera aside and came up to my head.

"Do you remember the rules?" she asked with a smile. "No talking."

I nodded and she took off my gag. I worked my jaw silently as she studied me with a smile. I wanted to beg her to make me cum, frightened that if I said anything she would pinch me.

"God, you're beautiful," she whispered and stroked my face softly. She went to my bathroom and emerged with my make up and tenderly touched up my face, putting on a darker shade of lipstick. She picked up the camera again and took more pictures, especially of my face. Finally she shrugged—the camera was apparently full. She turned it off and started playing with my breasts again, our eyes locked. In no time I was moaning constantly. She started to stroke my pussy again and once again stopped just short of heaven. This time she clamped a hand over my mouth so I couldn't beg for my release.

"I don't think it's fair that you're getting all the pleasure here," she finally said after I calmed down. She stood and her tee cleared her head. A moment later her breasts sprang free as she dropped her bra. My eyes almost popped out of my head. She had large nipples, unlike mine, and of course her tits were absolutely amazing. She straddled me, put her hands on my headboard and lowered her breasts to my face.

"Lick it," she said.

I hesitated for a moment before rationalizing that this was my college experimentation with lesbianism. I raised my head to place my lips on her nipple and tentatively started to lick them. She gasped and I smiled, glad I was doing it right. Periodically she would switch breasts, and soon she was grinding her hips against my belly. My neck was soon exhausted from holding my head up, but I kept at it as best I could.

Finally she slipped off of me and took off her skirt and panties. Without a word she climbed on top of me and lowered her hairless pussy to my lips. I didn't know what to do, but I knew what I liked. I licked and sucked her as she moaned and panted, encouraging me the whole time. I never even considered stopping at her brink, and when she came she screamed so loudly I thought the neighbors would hear. Finally she toppled off of me and landed with her head at my knee, cradling my thigh as she came down. Surely she now would take care of me. When she finally recovered she crawled back up to me with a smile.

"Wow," she trembled, "That was amazing. You've done that before, haven't you?" I shook my head, still afraid to speak. "Yes you have. When my boyfriend went down on me for the first time, it was nothing like that."

She smiled at me with that dazed post-orgasm look and then she kissed me. Softly, tenderly, lovingly and then stronger and more desperate, our tongues battled. I relaxed, content to let her set the pace. Her hand played with my breasts. Finally she pulled away and smiled at me and gave a coy glance to my pussy. I nodded eagerly.

"Can we 69?" she whispered. I nodded again. "I hope I can do as good a job as you," she said shyly.

I kissed her in response. She got on top of me and soon I was licking her. She was really reluctant to reciprocate, and spent a lot of time licking my inner thighs. Occasionally she would kiss my clit, but was spending way too much time on the other end of my pussy. I figured she was just inexperienced, and tried to show her what to do by sucking and licking her clit with abandon. I was completely ready; a few well-placed licks would have sent me to heaven. Finally she seemed to hit the spot, but before she pushed me over the edge she started to gasp and exploded into her own orgasm. Her pussy ground into my mouth as she leaned back, away from my quivering snatch. She collapsed on top of me; her hot breath on my pussy keeping me acutely aware how close her precious tongue was to my burning clit. Finally she rolled off of me and I stared at her in shock as she got up and went to the bathroom, leaving me alone and frantic with need. She eventually came back and snuggled up to me with a kiss.

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