Denial Ch. 01


"How often will you allow me to masturbate." I asked.

"Whenever I think of it, not you."

I thought about the idea of denial, and realized that a few days or a week without masturbating might actually highten my orgasm when I do have one. I began to get hard.

Maxine saw my excitement and smiled " Remember, the thought of allowing you any sexual relief at all has to be my idea. And when the device does come off, I'll decide how you get relief."

She pulled me to her, and stroked my restricted penis again getting me hard.

"I don't know how I'll react if it becomes a reality." I answered honestly. I was a bit scared over the power Maxine now had.

"I think you'll react fine. This is something you need deep down. Since I love you, I want you to have what you really need. So, do we try it?" She had her hand poised on the lock, waiting for the go-ahead from me to lock it. I thought for a second, and realized that I was very excited and a little afraid. She was probably right. Deep down, this probably was what I had always secretly wanted. I nodded my head, and heard the lock click.

The first few nights, the pressure increased and I kept waiting for Maxine to go into her night table and take out the key. But she didn't. She would go to sleep holding me, and pushing her breasts into my back. She also made it a point to expose herself to me and turn the conversation to sex as often as she could.

A week after being locked up, I was about to burst. The summer evening was warm, so Maxine came to bed naked. She layed down and held me.

As I was trying to sleep, I started getting hard. Suddenly, on impulse, I gently took Maxine's hand and brought it to my penis. Her reaction was swift.

Maxine took hold of my caged penis, and began to coax it to fuller erection. She was speaking very low, but very distinctly from behind me. "So, the pressure is getting to you, is it?"

I nodded and grinded my hips against her hand. The pain was getting intense. "It's been a week, and you want an orgasm, I bet."

I sheepisly laughed.

"It is funny, isn't it. For me to see you like this, that is. Hot the way you are." She breathed into my face and stroked my caged cock. "You want my mouth there, don't you."

I nodded. She replied in a whisper. "I am so hot. I have been for days, but what is making me hot is your situation. Your frustration makes me so fucking hot! You're making me hotter now with your cock locked up than I ever was with it free."

I said nothing as she ground her body against mine. "Do you know what would make me so hot?"

I shrugged.

"Extending this frustration another two months."

"What?!?" I replied.

"I told you not to hint." She gave a few more fevered strokes, and then let go. "Go to sleep. You've no other choice."

We didn't speak a word about it from that point on. I was a "good boy" and didn't hint at all. A week went by, then two, then . . .

On a Saturday night two months later, Maxine came into our room, and tossed me the key to open up the cock lock. True to my word, I hadn't nagged her or even hinted for any relief. The sexual tension had built up in me fiercely so at the beginning, everything got me excited, but the pain when I got an erection quickly forced me to think myself soft.

A few times she had me finger her to orgasm, and the cage was very uncomfortable the way it restricted my penis. So, when she finally let me remove it, my cock momentarily sprung to life, but curiously began getting soft again. It stayed at a halfway erection, with a dull pain deep inside me. Maxine just stared and half smiled at my wilting erection. "You're not so hard now, big shot."

She told me to lie down on the bed, and she immediately began lowering her crotch onto my face. I looked up expectantly for her pussy to settle on my mouth, but my wife instead was lowering her ass onto my face. I tried to get to her pussy, but she was too quick. "I want you to tongue me in the back." The depravity of it all got to me, and as soon as her hand touched my penis it betrayed me. I began to have a weak orgasm. I wasn't even totally erect. It was very unfulfilling, like a 1/3 rd orgasm. Would it be like this everytime. Would I ever be able to get an erection and have a solid orgasm again?

"Please give me a rest, and let me try again," I asked her, as she wiped stray drops of my cum off her breasts.

"No!!" she asked. And even as my penis was still glistening, and my first orgasm in two months was subsiding, Maxine took the chastity device and began strapping it on me. She clicked the lock, and kissed me on the cheek.

"Say goodbye till Christmas, honey."

It was only September. I held back my tears.

She looked at me with a slight smile, and I began to tear. Why was she being so cruel? She had reached down into my guts, twisted, and pulled them right out of my body.

This was my lot in life now.

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