tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDenial: First Comes Addiction

Denial: First Comes Addiction


Mark ran a website design business from home. His wife Janine was a fairly successful horticulturist specializing in several exotic flower species and selling them to high class florist shops and also did consulting for a successful interior decorating firm.

Mark was nothing special to look at, though not very athletic he was lean. Janine had a great figure and was often described as stunning. She took pride in how she presented herself both professionally and socially and was frequently brought in as a design and decorating consultant for high-class clients. As a result of her decorating and floral work she frequently received invitations to social events in the area and was generally well thought of in the community.

Recently Mark had gotten a series of projects for large sites on a short deadline and had been working all hours of the day paying little attention to Janine or anything else for that matter.

Janine thought, since she had a little extra free time, because it was winter, perhaps if she gave him some extra attention she may get some in return and so she spent a week treating him as near royalty.

Throughout the week, she had a big breakfast ready for him when he awoke, brought him drinks and snacks throughout the day, and even gave him back massages every night as he went to sleep. And though she got one or two thanks in the whole week nothing changed.

The next week while she was having lunch with her friend Kathleen, she mentioned her recent troubles with Mark, how he was ungrateful and inattentive.

Kathleen said, "I had the same problem, but with a little discipline, you can change any man. In fact, I was able to overcome my marital issues once I started making enough money that I could support us on my own . Through a bit of creative discipline I forced him to be attentive to my needs and begin taking care of the house as well."

Taking a breath, Kathleen contemplated whether or not to share how things had truly changed in her marriage. Revealing the changes in her marriage was not something she did lightly, since sometimes the adverse reactions had cost her a friend or two.

After making up her mind, she continued, "All it really took was the right lure and a little denial to bring about great changes and then enjoy my new life."

Kathleen eyes widened as she saw a clock and realized she was late for an appointment, "I'm sorry, but I have to go."

Then added in a mysterious tone, "If you are interested in pursuing a bit of creative discipline, you should stop by on tonight around eight and I could fill you in on exactly how everything changed for me and if you're still interested we can discuss things a bit further."

That night as Mark sat in front of his screen again Janine went to visit Kathleen.

Once she arrived at Kathleen's house, she was immediately greeted by Kathleen and invited inside. The whole house was artfully lit by candlelight Janine noticed, as she was led to well lit living room.

Kathleen, with a cherry attitude, began, "If you like you're cold we can sit beside the fire, otherwise I've had the big comfy chairs moved, so we can have drinks while we talk."

"Umm, I don't mean to sound rude or presumptuous but I'm not into you like that." Janine said.

"Why do you say that?" Kathleen asked sounding a bit confused, and then smiled as she realized what must've been going through Janine's mind.

With an attitude of mirth and dismissal she continued, "Oh, the candles, and the fire, and I even offered drinks, I'm sorry. I seem to have a knack for missing the obvious. The house isn't set up for a date; it's setup for my personal time. The house is setup like this three days a week for three or four hours. It's just my time to relax and release some stress; my husband sets up the house and candles."

"Really? He does all this? Your house is beautiful and I don't think there's a thing out of place, unlike my own home." Janine commented in awe.

"Actually nothing is out of place, I checked it myself. With 'creative discipline' sometimes you have to focus on the discipline aspect, to make sure everything stays in line. I couldn't have my husband getting bored. Sometimes a little work is needed to keep cabin fever away. My husband doesn't get out much anymore."

Curious, Janine asked, "So what does this creative discipline you keep mentioning involve? I mean is it like spanking or BDSM or something?" .

"No, not really, I mean sometimes at first there is a little bondage involved but nothing like the masks and whips that usually come to mind when BDSM is mentioned." Kathleen replied.

"'Sometimes' there is bondage? Have you done this a lot, Kathleen?"

"Well no and yes. By no I mean I have only done it to my husband, but yes I have helped and given advice to a few women on how to improve their life. It is a little 'out there' but if you give it a little try you may find it's to your tastes. If not, well not everything is for everyone."

Expectantly Janine replied, "Okay, I'm open-minded let's hear it."

"Okay, first, it's a bit easier to display the results than to tell you how everything will end up, but it will probably be a bit of a shock. So, if you could give it three or four minutes before making a comment, to give you time to process everything it would be better."

"Okay I'm game, mums the word. Lets see it, Kathleen."

Kathleen raised her voice a bit speaking over her shoulder towards the hallway, "Honey, we are ready for the drinks." A moment later a lady walked in with two cosmopolitans and a small tray of finger sandwiches.

As the woman came in, she smiled and her eyes lit up with happiness when Janine looked up and thanked her as she came in. After she placed the drinks and sandwiches on the table between Janine and Kathleen, she took a step back and courtesied to Kathleen and said "If it pleases my lady, I brought out some sandwiches as well."

Kathleen smiled and crooked her finger towards her, beckoning her closer, and then kissed her, grabbed her ass, and said "Thank you love, I'll call if I need anything." And with that the woman, beaming a beautiful smile left the room.

Janine sat there in a stunned silence, with the sudden revelation that Kathleen was a lesbian, she was uncertain what to say. As the woman had entered the room, Janine noticed her clothing was extra frilly, everything had lace at the fringes, and her dress was very tight and short, as if intending to broadcast intimate intentions.

"Janine dear, I know what you saw must surprise you, Justine and all." She waved her hand toward where the lady had just left and continued, "But this is not what you think. Justine is simply my husband, Justin, with some time, energy, and a little creative discipline. Now she is a wonderful doll."

"I'm not looking for a wife Kathleen, just an improved relationship with my husband. I'm not into lesbian sex." Janine said quite directly.

Emphatically, Kathleen responded "Nor am I, I have always had exactly what I wanted. It's Justine who's given stuff up and by giving various things up, we've grown closer and he's almost as in tune with what I want and need as I am. It's been absolutely fantastic."

Kathleen sensing Janine's unease with the situation continued explaining, "Just so you understand, I've given my husband the option to be the way things were or to continue as I molded him and he chose to continue as I molded him instead of going to what he once was. It's never been the wrapper of clothes and appearance that makes a person who they are, but how they act and behave. People can change it just takes the right encouragement."

Janine, trying to gain a bit of understanding, asked, "I'm confused and a bit scatterbrained by everything maybe you can explain a bit of the process from the beginning? How did a husband ever become the lovely Justine?"

"Of course, I'll try to explain it as best I can, Janine. It has always been based on denial of pleasure, it's amazing what you can accomplish once you master that basic concept. Basically, My husband was extra macho and rude. When I denied him sex since his attitude was unacceptable he began to take care of things himself, if you catch my meaning."

A hint of anger at the recollection tainted her voice as Kathleen continued, "I even caught him once and told him to stop, which he didn't. So a few nights later when he had passed out after drinking to much, I locked him in a chastity device. I also took some pictures of him in rather compromising positions and when he woke up he found copies of the pictures on the bed around him and a chastity device on him."

"I told him that if he was good and listened that I would let him out. It probably didn't hurt that I wore my most evocative clothing while convincing him to do what I wanted. Someone once told me, 'Speak directly to the sex drive and it'll override all their common-sense' and so it did."

"Long story, short, basically I kept humiliating him by degrees till he was in to deep to get out and then molded him into something wonderful. Everything he had been became everything he began to hate. Now I couldn't make him change back if i tried. It wasn't a fast process and the first few months I think it was harder on me than it was him. But in the end everything has gotten much better." Kathleen concluded.

"What was it that inspired you to change him, like this?" Janine wondered. "I mean making a guy a girl doesn't exactly follow conventional logic."

"Well I had been tired of being treated as a second class person and found a support website for women in the same position. Most people were supporting divorce or separation, but there was also a group who had changed there relationship for the better and this was how a few of them had done it. I loved Justin to much to want to leave. I knew the goodness was in him, if I could find it. I still don't know what drove him to become a jerk, but it is gone now. All I have now is my lovely attentive Justine."

After thinking for a moment Janine asked, "What exactly did you 'do' to him, I didn't even realize that Justine was a he."

Gazing into the fire, she continued, "Well Justine's had a lot of time to practice feminine ways, so it's not surprising you didn't notice right away. Originally, I had him take lessons online on how to behave feminine at some obedience site. Then I had him start taking herbal supplements for estrogen and it really mellowed him out and we got to know each other better."

A bit distracted Kathleen continued, "Over time his male wardrobe has been replaced and now the breasts are his own due to hormone therapy not silicon falsies. He still has his dick I didn't take that and the breasts help him blend in better than the falsies and have the added benefit of being highly sensitive for teasing. His voice is still his own he just has greater range now and can sound like a man or woman through some training. But it wasn't instant, it was probably a year or two before he would even remotely blend in. It's been eight years since Justine first answered to that name, now she goes by nothing else."

"So that's the story Janine, that's what's possible now. There are different ways to approach everything, but only you can find what's best for you."

Janine leaned over conspiratorially and said "Well I can't say your method doesn't intrigue me, but I've got a few more questions as to specifics."

"I'll answer as much as I can" said Kathleen and they continued to talk for quite a while before Janine left for a home that would soon change for the better.

Over the next three weeks Janine began acquiring things in preparation for what was to come, hoping the whole while things would change, but they didn't. Finally she had gotten everything in place and Mark completed his most recent job and finally had time available. So Janine jumped at the chance and started putting her plan into motion. Her plan was three phases addiction, humiliation, and conversion, and then allow him to choose how things began.

Since Mark had been ignoring Janine she thought she could make things better by changing him but first she needed to addict him to something, only to deny him that later, and sex was the best tool around.

Janine had gotten her chance to begin working on Mark when his work completed. She said "I've been thinking, since you spend so much time in front of the computer maybe we should include it in sex."

Mark a bit curious said "Okay sure whatever you want to try"

So they went to the computer room and Janine pulled up something on the computer then turned to Mark and demanded, "Unzip your pants and sit in the chair."

"Okay." he said looking about nervously.

"I want you to start reading the story I just pulled up. I'll be right back in a few minutes, you start reading." Janine said.

Mark began to read as Janine left. Janine had left him a story of a cross-dressing man and his wife. The more he read the more explicit and erotic the writing became till he was getting hard in spite of himself, then Janine walked in.

Janine was wearing a red lacy bra and panties, black thigh high nylons, and heels that made her look even more seductive. "Keep reading don't just stop to look at me, you haven't looked at me in a while anyway. Soon we are going to find a new you who's a bit more attentive, but first we take care of a few prerequisites."

Mark did as he was told and continued reading. Slowly he became increasingly aroused as the imagery portrayal of the story became more evocative.

Janine looked at him and then his cock, then in dulcet tones said "My! I didn't know that reading would get to you but I guess you like the story. Let me take care of that for you." She knelt down and began caressing his cock in her hands and when he looked away from the screen she said "Read the story, remember I wanted to change things up a little. Read the whole story."

Mark kept reading and was continually distracted by his engorged cock and the subtle motions of Janine caressing it.

Not stopping a moment Janine teased, "You keep getting distracted mark, start reading out loud, maybe then you'll stay focused." As Mark began reading out, loud Janine stepped up the intensity of her actions.

Mark continued reading thoroughly aroused and, as the intimate sex portion began in the erotic novelette, Janine leaned over and put her warm moist mouth over his dick and began to lick, suck, and hum.

Mark kept reading though his words began to be punctuated by ever increasing gulps for air as she brought him closer to the edge. When he got to the part of the story where the guy was being fucked by his wife with a strap-on, Janine brought him cascades of pleasure as she hummed him straight through his orgasm.

Mark took a breath, "That was amazing", he said.

"Then we'll keep doing it kinda like this for a while before I mix it up some more," Janine said with a smile on her lips.

Over the next two weeks this continued every single day he would read a new story about feminization or sissification, and cross-dressing fantasies., though she was slowly having him read it in less and less clothing till he was naked. After two weeks of this he had just stepped into the shower and she joined him.

"Is there room for two?" Janine asked

"Of course there is!" Mark said

"I've got a new soap I want you to try, and I thought I would be the first to put it on you, so you'll think of me in the shower. It smells like melon."

"Sure, why not, melon sounds good." Mark replied.

"Mind if I point the shower at the wall while I soap you up? I really didn't plan on washing my hair today." Janine said with an innocent smile.

"Not a problem." Mark replied. So he let her soap in up and she even gave him a partial massage on his legs, arms, chest, etc.

"I'll just step out now so you can rinse off, it kinda smells different than I thought though." Janine said as she stepped out of the shower.

Mark began to rinse off and to his surprise his body hair was all washed away and dissolved. His body was absolutely smooth and, though he enjoyed the sensation, he was a bit irate with the trick. When he walked out of the bathroom he noticed Janine sitting on the bed in her sluttiest black lingerie. The visual enticement and the smoothness of his skin made him begin to be slightly aroused and before he knew it he already was partially erect.

Janine began apologetically, "I'm sorry for the trick but I wondered how it would be if we were both smooth." Then she walked up to Mark and looked him in the eye and placed her hand around his hardening cock.

She whispered in his ear seductively, "Do you want it here in the bedroom .. or .. while reading a story?" At which point, his dick grew harder from the story and sex conditioning of the last two weeks. "Oh dear! I think your dick just voted to read, very interesting. Let's follow your libido; let's go to the computer room."

So they went to the computer room and she had a story already up on the computer screen. Once he started reading she began right away to put her lips around his cock and lick and tease till he was near coming and then asked, "Do you mind if I try something just a bit different?"

He agreed, "Oh yes, anything you want love!"

With that she briefly left the room and came back with a pair of black thigh highs dangling from her hands. "I love the feel of nylons and I think you might like it too. So I'm going to put these on you, okay?"

After a few seconds of hesitation, Mark agreed, "Yes, love anything you want, clothes don't really matter."

Seductively, she replied, "Oh, I think you may change your mind on that particular idea." Then she slid the nylons slowly up both of his newly, smooth legs and rubbed them up and down, as she did this his dick grew harder and began throbbing.

Surprised by this sudden unfamiliar and intense sensation exclaimed, "Oh my God! This is absolutely sensational, why have we not done this before? I love the way it feels as you slide your skin across my legs!"

"Oh, I see you like this, we'll definitely have to keep this up." Janine purred and then began to suck his cock while rubbing his legs.

After Mark came, Janine looked up and said, "Stay smooth and you can expect more of this, nylons look goofy over hair, and I wouldn't want you to look goofy. I think you look kind of cute like this."

Over the next week he continued using the hair removing creme, whenever his hair began to grow out, and they continued to use nylons and erotic stories as she gave him oral sex.

After a week had passed she began to monitor his computer history, and more, more frequently he had been going to websites and reading stories without her. All about forced feminization and sissification, mostly related to female dominance. After this discovery, she decided it was time finish the addiction and move on to humiliating him into a corner, before the real work of converting him could occur.

Janine came in one day while he was in the shower. "I've laid out some clothes for you on the bed. When you get out, get dressed in them and wait a few minutes. I'll be right back. There is something to read on the table if you get bored." After that she walked out.

When Mark was done with his shower, he got out and went to the bed to get dressed and found an entire female outfit including breast forms. He was very excited as he put on the pink lace panties and bra and then slid in the breast forms and he modeled them in the mirror to himself.

A bit disgusted with the masculine bulge in the panties he tucked his cock back to effect a more feminine appearance. Then put on the thigh-high black lace nylons, running his hands up and down them causing erotic thoughts to leap to his mind. Finally, he put on the short black dress and heels and twirled before the mirror ignoring the imperfections and marveling at how feminine it was possible to look and feel.

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