tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDenial: Third Comes Conversion

Denial: Third Comes Conversion


Author's Note: Another in the Denial series


It had been a few weeks since Mark had became Miranda full time. He no longer had any of his own clothing and had taken a place as servant in the home. Janine had been slowly beginning to work Mark over by using 'creative discipline' and during the last day few weeks had began altering his behavior through a bit of creative discipline.

"Hello, puppet." Janine said as she walked into the room as Mark was getting out of the shower. She had a bottle of baby oil gel in her hand and a bag at her side. As she approached Miranda, she motioned for him to drop his towel. "Today, we begin a little something more to your training, and because I don't trust you I've gotten some incentive for you." She said casually, as she put some gel in her hand and rubbed it on his soft cock. "First, Miranda, close your eyes."

Mark obediently closed his eyes. As he did he felt something cold and hard along with Janine's warm hands massaging his cock in an unfamiliar manner. Mark thought he was about to enjoy some time with a new toy and began to get excited. Then he heard a click and there was pressure but Janine was no longer touching him.

"Open your eyes Miranda and behold your new status. I wanted to ensure you didn't act like a little slut, now you can't even get hard." Janine said beaming a great big smile.

Miranda looked down and found to her horror her dick had been packaged up in a chastity device with a numbered brass lock. It made her appear a little ridiculous, she was naked and her package was all packaged up and useless. Miranda felt humiliated and was more more submissive than before with this shackle.

"What am I suppose to do about the bathroom or shower?" Miranda asked meekly.

"Oh, there's enough space there to take care of that. Though, I'm afraid, the way the device is designed, standing up to pee is no longer an option." Janine said grinning with a hint of mirth.

Then, in a commanding tone she continued, "You will now wear this continuously for as long as I say. If I choose to take it off of you that is my option, never ask me to though. I've had to go without at length and now so shall you. It is possible for you to tuck that away so the device doesn't stand out in your clothes and I suggest you do that. From now on sex is something you can perform, read about, dream about, and even think about but you will not be receiving it. I will continue to have you read stories to keep your sexual interest high even though you cannot have the pleasure of release."

"Now, go bend over the bed and stay very still." Janine directed, tapping her foot. "Quickly now we haven't all day!"

Miranda walked over to the bed and bent over it staying very still. She spread his legs in anticipation of possibly being fucked. She had come to enjoy being fucked since becoming Miranda. Janine walked over and placed a hand on her ass and Miranda tried to rock into it to begin feeling pressure on her sensitive little ass and rub her dick on the bed for extra sensation. She quickly discovered that the chastity device prevented any sensation there and nothing was pressed against his ass as he expected. Instead he felt the sharp prick and dull pain as something was injected in him.

"What the hell was that!" Miranda cried out suddenly. "What did you do to me?"

"Now, Now." Janine said condescendingly. "There is no need to get testy;" she giggled. "It is simply your weekly injection of hormones, you will become a true sissy slut when I'm done with you. Remember everything you have given me so far. You are mine, and soon everyday when you wake up you'll remember it."

Miranda had conflicting thoughts regarding this. She was appalled that Janine had chosen to give her shots without asking, but also aroused by the prospect of being truly turned into a girl as all the stories she had read led him to believe was happening.

The first month passed without incident, Miranda was more submissive and attentive. There was a few occasions where she burst into tears without much reason. After two months Miranda's breasts began to swell and after four months she had a pair of noticeably perky breasts.

Miranda woke each morning, donned her makeup and uniform and began breakfast so it was ready for Janine as she stepped out of the shower. Miranda stood politely to the side as Janine ate, making small talk and taking care of anything Janine asked for. During the day Miranda cleaned and cooked and at night she served dinner and performed massages. Occasionally, Janine had unique duties she wanted carried out very particularly and Miranda soon learned to act before thinking about things.

Miranda had started having erotic play-wear as her uniform and at other times Janine would have her pretend to be an animal all day, even inviting friends over to see her new pet. Janine treated Miranda with love and care the whole time, and even though so many things seemed odd, Miranda would do anything for her.

Even though Miranda wasn't allowed to use her little dick anymore, at least twice a week Janine would take a toy or strap-on and fuck her till she couldn't take anymore. Over time Miranda was continually trained and monitored to become more and more feminine. Her voice and mannerisms were monitored and she was continually encouraged to behave in a feminine way.

Eventually, Janine removed the device on Miranda that had been ensuring that she had no intimate contact without Janine. Miranda didn't need it anymore, the injections had made her unable to get an erection, although she immensely enjoyed the teasing that had been continued by Janine.

There was a night that a friend of Janine's, Alexa, was to throw a sex toy party at the house.

One day while talking to Miranda, Janine giggled at the mention of silk. "Oh, I think I forgot to mention," she said. "Tonight, Alexia is going to have a party at our house. Oh don't fret I know your party dress is at the cleaners. Tonight you'll be wearing lingerie, it's a toy party! There will be some very special people there and you should be on your best behavior."

Then, Janine, put her hand alongside Miranda's face and looking directly into her eyes said, "You must do everything I, or Alexa, ask without hesitation, anything less and I fear you'll have to be taught degradation, not just humiliation and denial."

Miranda was made to set it up and wear lingerie as the guests arrived. She had tucked herself so that nothing was given away directly, but it was noticeable in the scanty clothes.

After snacks and drinks were laid out, and everyone seated they called Miranda in to be a model for them. She had to wear everything for display, and they even made her put all the toys on. Janine had a little fun and had Miranda offer herself to everyone, though she knew they would all turn Miranda down.

Miranda was beside herself with joy, she was being accepted not only as a woman but also made privy to some of their darkest desires. Although she was being a bit humiliated by being the test dummy all the toys felt so good that she didn't care about who was watching, drunk on endorphins and horny from being teased so much all night.

At the end of the party Alexa had a two-way strap-on on herself and called Miranda over, "Come here, Honey I want to see you on your knees." Smiling as Janine approached she continued, "Now get down and suck you little slut, you know you want to, it's the only way to really know what it's like to be a woman."

Miranda got down on her knees, breasts heaving heavily from excitement. She lifted her mouth to the cock and looking at Alexa licked it in a teasing manner. There was something on the toy which made it taste like strawberries. Miranda began to suck on the two-way with vigor moving it in and out at a steadily increasing pace.

Alexa grabbed Miranda's hair forcing her to deep throat the cock and rocked back and forth, rolling in the waves of euphoria as Miranda sucked her off.

Janine walked in and and saw this, "What the hell are you doing?" she asked.

Clearly shocked Miranda turned and said "She told me to suck, so I did as she asked, like you told me to."

Janine put a finger to her lips indicating Miranda should not speak. "I meant why are you doing such a poor job, I taught you better, try again. This time use your hands on her curves and rub your breasts so they graze her body as you suck."

This time Miranda not only sucked but used her other hands to entice Alexa to further the contact.

Alexa responded, "You little slut, I see you truly are a sissy, you want this big toy cock don't you?"

Miranda excited and a bit out of breath nodded, her lips red and swollen from sucking.

Alexa gave Miranda nudge indicating that Miranda should turn around, and promptly thrust the strap-on an inch into her little sissy cunt, then more. Going in and out as she panted. "You like this don't you, little sissy slut? Perhaps I should find you a man, or have Janine prostitute you out. We'll just have to see, I guess"

Alexa continued fucking Miranda till Alexa had came twice. Miranda was feeling a bit light-headed and was having a hard time focusing.

"Miranda, I am going to give you a choice," Janine began slowly. "Though I did not plan for things to go this way, things have... changed. So your choice, you can go back and become a man or you can continue down the path you started tonight with Alexa, and train to be a woman."

Knowing the truth serum was affecting Miranda after sucking it all off the cock Alexa began, "So what do you choose?" Alexa said standing hands on hips, placing herself so Janine understood everything a woman could be , "Will you wear your panties forever, learn to fuck and suck in all new ways, serve me and trust me explicitly as you do your wife? And after you have completed the training return to love your wife in whole new ways, deeper than ever before?" She began walking toward the door, she added, "Well do you want to come?"

Miranda, her mind light-headed and spinning could not control her impulses and excitedly said "I do!" and began to follow Alexa.

"I now pronounce you convert and mistress. I expect when I visit to check on your progress I'll find nothing out of order. Now go with her, I'll send your stuff later. Treat her word as if it's mine.

As Miranda walked out in her lingerie, exaggerating the sway in her hips as she walked towards the door, Janine commented to herself, "Sometimes things surprise you, and sometimes you surprise yourself."

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