tagIncest/TabooDenise Moves Back to the Farm Ch. 02

Denise Moves Back to the Farm Ch. 02


I'm drinking coffee at the kitchen table of my farmhouse looking out the back door at the tall corn. It is going to be a bumper crop. It's going to be a beautiful warm day.

I call it "my" farmhouse because when you're fucking your dad and you're the only woman in the home, I suppose, that gives you the right to consider it yours.

Ten years earlier I had made the decision to leave Chicago with my two boys, 10 and 9 at the time, and move back to my daddy's farm. That decision included continuing the incestuous relationship dad and I had started.

It was very tedious to conceal our relationship from the boys. In the beginning, dad and I rearranged the house a bit, putting my bedroom downstairs on the opposite side of the house from the boy's room, which was upstairs. This arrangement allowed dad to visit me at night without much concern of being caught our heard.

The old cook, who had been on the farm for what seemed like forever, lived in a small house about 100 yards from the big house.

She had not been so easily fooled, but we had had a long talk in the kitchen one day and I got her to agree and somewhat understand that my decision was made for the boys and not myself. Still, she became somewhat distant to my father.

Within the first year of my return, we retired her to her little house. The boys delivered her food and did whatever was necessary to make her life comfortable. They would sit and talk to her for hours, gaining the knowledge of the old days and ways.

A year later she was gone and we suggested that the boys take possession of her house. Still in their youth, they jumped on the chance, making them feel more self-sufficient and free to come and go as they wished.

My bedroom was returned upstairs, using the excuse that it was much closer to the full-bathroom.

I became so accustomed to the incestuous relationship that I would often visit dad, rather than wait for him to come to me. When it came to sex I was high maintenance and dad, with all of the work it took keeping things in order on the farm, would sometimes make humorous remarks about me draining his energy.

"It's what you wanted! What you made me do! Now, you can damn well take care of me like you do the rest of the things on this farm." Is just an example of some of the things I would say in reply to his remarks.

So, here I sit drinking coffee 10 years later. My dad is three days buried next to my mother and the old cook, within a fenced in area where dad's mom and dad are buried. It is where I will likely be buried.

My two grown sons are out in the fields. Having learned the art of farming from their granddad, they were doing a fine job. Their only need now is to find a girlfriend and eventually a wife, but they are scarce in the hill country of Illinois.

A few days later;

My boys, 20 and 19, love to eat and I love to watch them eat.

They always thank me for my cooking and spend time with me watching TV before retiring to their beds.

The 20-year-old, Durbin, is it his granddad's bedroom now, while the 19-year-old, Devin, remains in the old cook's house.

It was near 11 o'clock before we shut the TV off and went our separate ways.

I had not had my shower yet and as always I was enjoying standing under the steaming water.

"I've got to pee, mom!" Durbin said, entering the bathroom.

"Boy, you sure do take after your granddad." I exclaimed. "A woman can't get any privacy in this house."

That old sixth sense spoke to me again but I was still taken aback when I glanced around and saw my son holding the curtain open studying my rear in.

"What in damn hell are you doing?" I shouted. "Have you lost your damn mind looking at me all naked. Close that curtain and carry your ass out of here."

He shut the curtain quickly enough but I saw his shadow sit down on the toilet seat.

"Ma, I need to tell you something." He began. "Granddad told me I should take care of you.......... sexually."

"Say what! "I exclaimed. "That son-of-a-bitch! What did he tell you about me and him? And, when did he tell you?" I questioned, standing perfectly still, in shock, underneath the water.

"About a week before he passed." Durbin replied nervously. "He said you are..... I mean........ were....... like a wife to him. You had separate bedrooms but lots of times ya'd.............get together. He said you were needy in that way."

"And he asked you to take his place!" I retorted. "Well, you can forget about that because it's not happening."

"He also said that you would be very upset." He replied. "But I'm supposed to remember that you need sex and don't be put off.... no matter what."

I had stood under the water so long that is beginning to become chilled. I cut it off and stood there thinking.

"Have you ever been with a girl?" I queried, already knowing the answer. "How are you supposed to make one happy when the first naked one you'd seen is me?"

"I've looked at girls in magazines and read on the subject." He offered. "And granddad said you would help me."

"Get your ass in bed!" I demanded. "Right now!"

I heard the door shut, pulled the curtain back and stepped out. I was pissed off royally, thinking that my dad would put such a notion into Durbin's head. I hated dad even more for putting the notion in my head. Damn him! He had no right to hand me down like I was written into his will.

Toweling myself off, I studied myself in the mirror as usual. At 42, I was still a fine looking woman, but what good was it doing me on the farm.

I lay in my bed staring at the full moon. I was still mad as hell and wondering how I was going to diffuse the situation. There was no way in hell I was going to allow my son between my legs no matter how much I needed the attention.

Sleeping naked, as I had become accustomed to, my right hand slipped easily to my mound. I began to finger my pussy and was soon quite aroused.

My hand froze when I heard by door open.

In the soft light of the moon, I watched Durbin as he tiptoed to my bed. I let him get right to the edge.

"Durbin, what the hell do you think you're doing?" I asked, in a calm tone.

"Granddad told me how to go about..... seducing....... you." He told me if I managed to get in bed with you, you would melt like butter."

"Did he now!" I retorted. "Well, I'm sure he would applaud your effort. Now carry your ass back to bed!"

Durbin quickly lifted the bedding jumped under and on top of me. I averted his attempt to kiss me but I was not expecting his instant fondling of my breasts. He was naked also.

"For Christ's sake, Durbin." I exclaimed strongly. "Your granddad is in hell right now for putting such nonsense in your head! Get off of me! Now! Dammit!"

"Your naked!" He said, stating the obvious. He stopped his sloppy attack.

"I've always slept naked." I replied, again in a calm tone. "What! Granddad didn't tell you that too!"

There were long moments of silence as he lay on top of me. I could feel his erection on my right thigh.

I quickly reached a decision. There was no way I was going to let him fuck me. Maybe, it was my state of arousal that fogged my judgment, but I figured there might be a way to make the situation work. I was certain the situation was not going to go away. My dad had brainwashed by son, which would not have been hard to do to a horny 20-year-old male, but Durbin was still innocent enough to mold.

"If I'm going to let you do as granddad asked," I began. "You listen to the directions and then you do. Understood? Kissed me on my lips and then around my face and neck. Slowly and softly."

Durbin began the task much to my liking and I let him continue for long, long minutes.

"Now," I continued. "Kiss your way very slowly down my front, my shoulders first, then my arms. Let your hands cup my breasts. Squeeze them softly while your kissing on me. When you get there, and take your time getting there, take one of my nipples into your mouth and suckle like a baby."

I did not wish to stifle my soft moans as he did as directed.

When his mouth finally took my nipple, my right hand lightly gripped his rigid cock. I appraised it being a good, ample cock.

"The other one." I directed him to the other nipple. "Let your right hand slide down the middle of my belly until you feel hair. That's it. Now, let your middle finger slide down between my legs. Very gently, I want you to explore my pussy."

Switching hands on his cock, I maneuvered him to my right and spread my legs more to give him full access. I was very much aware of his soft groans as I toyed with his cock.

"Does that feel good?" I whispered.

"Yes!" He replied.

"Do you like my pussy?" I queried.

"Oh yes!" He moaned.

"You got a nice cock." I said. "That's good, sugar! You're finding your way around real good!"

It had been some time since I had had my dad's hands on me. I missed a man's hand on me. Now, I was able to teach one to take their time and give me exactly what I wanted, which was like the song; a slow hand.

"You're wet down there." Durbin observed.

"That means that the woman is turned on by what you're doing to her. The lubrication is good for intercourse." I replied. "I will not allow you to have intercourse with me but if you're determined to do is granddaddy asked, there's still a bit of satisfaction to be had by both of us."

"This is not intercourse?" He queried.

"No. What we will be doing is considered heavy necking or petting. Your cock in me would be intercourse."

I guided his finger a bit more, finally focusing it on my clit.

My lustful moaning and my excited yanking of his cock caused him to ejaculate all over my thigh, arm and hand. It broke the mood but for a few moments.

"I bet you've done that before?" I queried. "But not with someone else's hand on it?"

"Yes mama. No mama." He sighed. "It's never been that good."

"Now, let's concentrate on mama's itch."

I directed his finger and how to manipulate my clit in a number of ways until all I could do was moan and groan. I wondered later if it was disturbing or joyful for young man to listen to, for the first time, a woman rising to and having an orgasm. Mine was most always strong and appeared violent the way my body bolted and shook.


The release of my orgasm brought me back to reality. It was the reality of a darkened bedroom not the stark, unforgiving reality of the light of day.

My rise to orgasm had created a fresh and strong erection on my son. I felt it on my thigh and I reached with my left hand to grasp it again. I began to stroke it.

"You've seen the farm animals mating." I directed. "Hump my thigh just like you've seen them humping."

I suppose, it came quite natural. He needed no more direction and he was soon groaning as he shot his semen onto me once more.

I lay holding him for long moments before telling him to clean up and go back to his room. I listened until I heard his door shut and then I to went to the bathroom to clean up.

I spent the rest of the restless night tormented again by the guilt of the old, and now the new, incestuous relationship.

The months wore on and Durbin and I spent two or three nights of the week together. I developed different tells, keeping his brother in the dark, to let him know he was welcome to visit me.

I taught him how to eat my pussy and the many positions to do it. I had resisted strongly when my father wanted me to suck his cock. I protested on the grounds that no respectable woman would do such a thing. Durbin did not ask for it but I threw my respect out the window the night I sucked his cock for the first time. As I was not allowing him to fuck me, I thought it only fair.

It was dead of winter now and with less work to do on the farm the boys and I stayed up later watching TV. More likely than not Durbin and I spent every late night in sexual play. Of late, at his suggestion, he must've been reading, I allowed him to place his cock in the crack of my ass and hump me while he or I fingered my clit.

He had tried to slip his finger into me occasionally, but stern resistance and a few days of cold shoulder promptly stopped his attempts. I suppose, it was my fault as I had taught him how to tongue fuck me.

I had told the boys during dinner I was feeling a little tired and thought we could make it an early evening. Catching Devin looking a way, I lifted my eyebrows up looking at Durbin with a slight smile on my face. I was feeling especially horny.

After cleaning up the dinner dishes, I kissed each one of them, for show, as I headed upstairs to take a shower. I was certain Durbin would find a way to send Devin to his little house.

I'd been lying there waiting for what seemed like a long time. I must've dozed off.

When I drifted back to consciousness, I was unfocused but aware that I was completely uncovered, my knees high and wide, a head between my legs and a tongue on my pussy.

I rolled my head to the right to see a head, feeling my nipple being sucked.

'OH HELL!!' My mind screamed. "WHAT HAS HE DONE!!"

I sensed the uneasiness of the suckling on my nipple and figured it must be Devin. It could only be Durbin between my legs. I lay there trying to figure out what to do, how to handle an impossible situation.

My older son had betrayed me in a similar fashion that his grandfather had betrayed me. I could almost rationalize Durbin's thought processes. He had a woman and his brother did not. It made sense to share.

Durbin was undoubtedly figuring if he had me aroused I would be less likely to resist.

If he was that smart, it was working.

"Have you two lost all sense of reality?" I queried, in a very controlled, calm tone. "I can't believe you've brought your brother into this."

I resisted the strong urge to use the word "betrayed", though that's how I felt. I was already searching for a method of payback.

I lay passive letting the two of them have their way with me, but the longing and warmth in my crotch was having its affect.

Devin was now fondling my other breast while his hand rested on my lavishly, bushed mound. Durbin had slid his hands under my ass and I knew a tongue fucking was imminent.

"I suppose I should feel fortunate to have the attention of two young studs."

Then, moments later.

"Mama is a lucky lady to have two handsome, strong young men to take care of her." I whispered in a lustful tone. "You like your mother's tits?"

I heard Devin moan affirmatively.

"Your brother has his tongue stuck in mama's pussy." I whispered lustfully. "I'm going to have to teach you how to do that."

Durbin, lifting my ass, had indeed put his tongue in me as I groped for the only cock within reach. Devin maneuvered to his knees, sensing what I was looking for. With the head of this cock pointed towards my arm, I began to squeeze and pull on it. His suction on my nipple increased.

I had recently returned to my birth control pills, knowing it was only time before I allowed Durbin's cock in me. It was inevitable.

I now had payback in my hand, literally.

"Durbin come up here and lets show your brother how I suck your cock." I directed.

Durbin was quick to displace Devin. I maneuvered Durbin's legs to straddle me and I took his cock into my mouth.

I picked up Devin with my peripheral vision and directing with my hands I motioned him down. As I lost sight of him, I kept my legs lifted and spread wide, giving him incentive in the darkness.. I continued pantomiming with my hands hoping that nature would take its course. It did!

"OOMMmmmmmmmmmmmm!" I moaned as Devin's cock pushed into me. The vibration on Durbin's cock alerted him to glance behind him.

I felt Devin's cock pumping into me with a quick, stabbing rhythm.

"Dammit, mom!" Durbin exclaimed. "The first time was supposed to be mine!"

I had given Durbin his payback by allowing his brother to be the first to fuck me.

Devin, without the refinement I would teach him, was like a bunny rabbit and he ejaculated into me quickly. His moans were intoxicating. He moved away from me. My legs straightened and I saw him come into view again.

I spit Durbin's cock out and pushed on his belly to maneuver him down. I lifted my legs again, fumbled with his cock, putting it to my hole. With disgruntled desire he slammed it home, making me yelp.

"Don't be upset, sugar!" I chirped. "Mama's sloppy seconds is better than anything else you'll ever get!"

I could see Devin standing by the bed stroking his cock as his brother gave me a frenzied fuck. In this instance, he too ejaculated quickly. He rolled to my left huffing and puffing.

"Come here, sugar. "I whispered, my hand outstretched taking Devin's hand.

"Your mama hasn't got hers yet. Your brother is not up to it right at the moment. Durbin, go cut on the over head light."

Durbin did as he was asked, returning to his place on the bed. He began to fondle my breast nearest him.

Devin maneuvered between my legs again and I guided his renewed firm erection to my hole. We pushed together as he entered me.

"UMM! Now, let mama show you how it's done." I said, wanton lust in my tone. "If you want mom's pussy, you'll have to learn how to make mama happy."

I proceeded to guide him, showing him how to vary his rhythm and how to pound my ass without mercy and how to stick it deep and hold it in me. I instructed him on how to monitor my, the woman's, moans and body actions and respond appropriate. Eventually, I showed him how to ride up on me to allow his shaft to compress my clit and when it would be most welcomed.

All of this was done in the stark illumination of the overhead light. It was all very animated and descriptive with practice. I really enjoyed him hammering my pussy and let him practice for long minutes.

"Have you been paying close attention, stud." I directed the query towards Durbin. He nodded reluctantly. "Your brother Durbin already fucks me good, but you two need to learn that while you may have the privilege of my pussy, I'm still mama and don't you forget it. Cause if mama's not happy ain't nobody going to be happy! Now, Devin, let's see if you can put my instructions to use."

With a bit of ass wiggling, he finally got the gist that we were going to do some real fucking. We soon forgot that Durbin was lying next to us, pumping his cock and waiting his turn.

Morning after

I'm setting here drinking my coffee. The boys ate their breakfast like they were starved, both giving me a peck on the cheek on their way out the back door.

I tell you, I'm sore as hell! My body and my cunt! The two of them fucked my ass off last night before I sent them packing. When I finally got up, I dribbled cum from the bed to the bathroom.

I don't think I can take both of them on, on a regular basis. There will have to be a schedule worked out and rules of respect to follow. I'm their mother dammit!

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