tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDenise: The Early Years

Denise: The Early Years


All characters are over 18

Denise rose from her bed, pulled off the baggy t-shirt she'd slept in, donned her dressing gown and padded into the bathroom. After her morning wash and tooth brushing she brushed her long dark hair. Looking at herself in the mirror, she sometimes felt she was looking at a stranger.

Gone was the skinny tomboy who loved to play football on the wreck, climb trees, and anything the boys were doing. Now at 18 she'd suddenly bloomed into what can only be described as a woman. Her long dark hair reached down to the middle of her back. Her lips were full and her high cheek bones gave her a beautiful exotic look. Her breasts were already a 36c. A flat tummy, cute round bum plus her tanned shapely legs finished the look she had today. The trouble was, with this changed body came new emotions and feelings. She'd noticed how the boys had changed towards her about 8 months ago. No longer wanting to play footie with her and stuff. In fact treating her totally like a girl. She'd noticed how they always tried to be alone with her. They started talking to her tits and she also noticed that they always got huge lumps in their football shorts. 8 months ago she didn't have a clue what was going on with them. She does now though. Tony had had the guts to reveal what this lump was. He'd taken her hand and showed her how to toss it off. Since then she'd wanked quite a few boys off. They liked to look at her ample tits or stroke her bum while she did it. Denise hadn't had full sex yet. Was in no hurry. It was enough that she got to bring the boys off and satisfy herself in her bed.

Just lately though, she'd noticed older men looking at her. Not just looking, but actually ogling her. Young men and even some pensioners she noticed were weighing her up. It's got so bad that most of her male teachers have been caught by her looking at her legs under the desk. Even her P.E teacher couldn't keep away from her. He was always standing behind her showing how to hold some racquet or bat. Seemed to her they were just excuses. She could definitely feel something pressing against her arse and she wasn't that naive not to know what it was anymore. Her tutor was the worse culprit. Mr Williams was always trying to get glimpses up her skirt and see her knickers. He was about 45. Quite handsome and a very large man. She wondered if his cock was the same as the young lads she was used to. Or would it be bigger. She was going to do her best to find out today. She'd already got herself a 30minute detention for talking and had to report to Mr Williams at 3.30 after school. Denise got her self dressed as normal but instead of her usual big blue school knickers she put on her bright red thong. She was going to enjoy today.

One bus ride later and Denise is sat in her tutor room. Mr Williams is there taking register. She can see him keep peeking at her over the top of his glasses. When that was complete he tells the class to read. When everyone had their face stuck into a book she glanced up at him. He had some papers held up high but she knew he was looking at her legs under the desk. She slowly opened them until they were quite wide and he could get a view of her thin thong inside her pussy lips. The shaking of his hands was a dead give away. He'd seen her. That gave her a lot of satisfaction. He'd be more than shaking this afternoon with what she'd planned.

3.30 came round really quick and Denise was surprised at how excited she was. Before she went to the classroom, she went into the toilet. There she removed her bra and thong. So determined that she was going to see his stiff cock. Walking into his classroom he looked up from the papers he was marking and his mouth dropped open. Before him stood Denise with a lot of cleavage on display. Shutting his mouth he tells her to take her usual seat. She sits, crosses her legs and waits for him to say something. He gets up and comes around the desk towards her.

Whilst trying not to ogle her young breasts he gives her some work to do. She could swear he was already semi. Not good enough. She wants him rock hard. Back at his desk now she gives him 2 minutes and opens her thighs. Her naked pussy is on display. She lets her hand caress the inside of her leg so that her fingers rub against her wet cunt lips. Williams coughs and excuses himself saying he's got to go get stuff from the store room. He quickly runs in and slams the door. But not before Denise had seen the huge bulge in his trousers. She gets up from her desk and heads to the door. A small moment of hesitation and she quickly opens it. Williams jumps, but there's just no way he's able to stuff that huge knob back in his pants in his condition. She switches the light on and walks in. This was the biggest cock she'd seen. Not like a boys one at all really. This was about 9inches long and was very veiny. The helmet was big and angry. Denise got on her knees and fully opened her shirt and replaced his hand with her own. With long slow strokes she pulled his foreskin up and down. Pre-cum was oozing out the end of it and it was starting to make a slapping sound. She watched his balls tighten up and knew he was going to cum. Pointing his knob at her tits he spurted load upon load over them. Much more than she was used to. She gave his cock one last squeeze and left him standing there. Denise pushed the door fully open and was shocked to see Mr Jones the headmaster standing there. He'd obviously seen what she'd done because he had his own stiff knob in his hand. Jones had to of been 60years old. It amazed this young girl that someone that old could still get erections. So having no choice in the matter, she got a hold of his prick and pulled him back into the store room. Reopening her blouse so that he could see her jugs she gave him what Williams had. He too came in a short time. The cum just oozed from him though. But she still liked it.

Walking home she was smiling to herself. Pleased to of found this new power she had over men. And she intended to make good use of it. She laid in bed that night with the handle of her hairbrush gliding in and out of her wet pussy thinking about what she'd done that day. She knew they would treat her differently from now on. She only wished she had someone she could share this with. But there was no-one she trusted enough to tell something like this to. No. It would have to remain her secret. She meant to have many more of them as well. Tomorrow was Saturday. She couldn't wait to see what adventures she could conjure up that day.

Strolling around the town with a list from her mother, Denise decided to try the new jeans and t-shirt she'd seen in Dorothy Perkins, before she got the shopping. Picking the clothes of the rack, she made her way to the changing room. Slipping off her shorts and top she happened to become aware that she was being watched. Through a gap in the curtain she saw a man trying to discreetly peek at her. He was trying really hard not to let his wife see. With new found confidence, she undid her bra, turned round and pulled her thong off. Bent slightly so that her cute round bum was staring him in the face. When she turned to face him, she bent again so that her large tits hung and licked her lips staring at his lunchbox. He sort of shivered and made some excuse to his wife and ran from the shop. That was a bit quick, but enjoyable though. She knew he was in some loo tossing himself off.!0 minutes later, she'd made her purchases and left the shop, making her way to get her mum's shopping. When she walked around the corner, there stood the man from the changing room. Waiting to go into the loo. Denise kept walking towards him and smiled slightly as she passed him. Denise noticed that his hands were deep in his trouser pockets. Obviously trying to hide something. When she reached the next corner she quickly glanced back and he was following her. Any other girl her age would of been frightened. But she new what he wanted and was quite prepared to give it to him. She made her way to the multi-storey car park and pushed the button for the lift. Stepped inside and he joined her before the doors shut. Pushing the button for the top floor he quickly undone his zip and his prick stood up proud and hard. Without a word she grabbed it and wanked it before somebody stopped the lift. His hands were mauling her tits and he soon lost control and came all over the lift doors. She left him with his cock still dribbling, leaning against the lift wall and made her way to Tesco's.

Her eyes roamed all around the shop. So many men to tease. Some on their own, some with their wife's or girlfriends. All ages. Didn't matter what their age, they were easy prey for her. Her pussy was absolutely sodden after that experience in the lift. So she made her way to the cafeteria where she knew the toilets were situated. Entering a cubicle, she dropped her jeans and brought herself to a tremendous orgasm. Satisfied for now, Denise completed her shopping and went home.

After lunch, Denise thought to go and sunbathe in a small clearing she knew of. Getting changed into a nice white vest and high cut shorts, putting a book and towel in a bag she set off. It was a really hot day and she looked forward to having a lazy afternoon. Spreading the towel on the ground she looked about and seeing nobody around slip her vest off. With a hand full of lotion she rubbed it all over her body. Settling back with her book, Denise started some serious reading. It wasn't long before she thought she could hear voices. Looking about there was no-one to be seen. Eventually, probably due to the heat she dozed off. Only to be awakened by sounds close by. Peeking through her shades she was stunned to see 2 men stood either side of her. They were both looking down at her tits. But more to the point, they were both wanking as hard and as fast as they could. Denise decided to play possum. Her hand that lay on her tummy crept down to her shorts and slipped under the waist band to her bubbling pussy. The men were watching every move she made. One of them got down on his knees quickly followed by the other. Denise's fingers slurped in and out of her wet pussy and that sent the men over the top. cum flew at her from both sides, covering her tits and belly. They squeezed every last drop out of their softening pricks and crawled back into the woods. Giving them enough time to get out of sight she sat up and took her glasses off. Made a big show of finding the spunk on her tits, shrugged, and rubbed it in. She knew they were watching and knew what they'd both be thinking of tonight in their beds.

Saturday night was girls night. So after bathing, she did her hair and make-up and put on her shortest mini dress because of the heat. When she'd finished she looked a lot older then her 18years. More like a woman than some woman she knew. She looked hot, and knew it.

She step out the front door and headed for the taxi that had just arrived. The driver looked to be around mid thirties and mentally undressed her as she walked to the taxi. Getting in the back, Denise told him her destination and the car pulled away. For some reason she noticed, the driver had re-adjusted his mirror. A girl her age was obviously not a driver, but even she knew there was no way that he could see out the back window with it like that. That could only mean that he was trying to look up her dress. Ok. she was cool with that and parted her legs. He was now driving with one hand and if she moved slightly she could see him squeezing a hard cock through his trousers. She placed both hands on her thighs and let them run up the inside of her legs. Her thong was in clear view and the driver was panting so loud she could hear it in the back. She reached under her dress and pulled her thong right up into her pussy and he literally came in his pants. Making a man do that was a totally new experience for her. But hoped she would have it many times again.

She met the girls outside the club. She wanted to tell them the stuff she'd been up to, but knew it was too risky. She could get quite a few people in trouble. Not including herself. She wasn't sure if they would understand anyway. How do you explain to your friends, or anybody for that matter, how you love to tease cocks. Most people females she knew weren't like that. No it was better to keep it secret. They paid their money and went down the stairs. Denise made sure she was last in line. The two bouncers she'd been flirting with were in their normal place. She'd been teasing these two for ages now. They were always trying to get her to meet them after they finished and go to a party. The guys were both black. Very big and built like outhouses. They made her 5' 3" seem really small. Their hands were huge and she often fantasised about them caressing her body. Maybe, if they played their cards right, she would meet them later. Denise said hello to the guys. They as normal, answered to her tits. They told her that if she wanted a drink later, they would be down the back, once the main doors closed. Telling them she'd see them later, Denise went after the girls. After an hour and a half and lots of dancing, the three other girls had partnered up and were obviously try to leave with them. Problem was, it wasn't the done thing, leaving one of them on their own. After promising to catch a cab directly outside, she made them go and enjoy themselves. She would make plans of her own.

Walking to the back of the club, Devon and Alex were already there waiting for her. They wanted to know where her friends were. She explained that they'd already left and that she was finding her own way home. She also explained that she was supposed to be staying at one of the girls homes tonight but wouldn't be now. Shame because her mother wasn't expecting her back till the morning. Devon wanted to know where home was and when she told him, it transpired it wasn't far from the flat they shared. She accepted the offer of a lift home and Alex said that she could call in for a drink on the way, which she also accepted. A look passed between them both and they bought her a drink.

At 2.30 they left the club and made their way to the car-park. The vehicle was a customised ford van. Alex opened the passenger door Denise got in the middle. Devon drove. She noticed that both men kept looking at her legs which were on full view. Every time Devon changed gear, his hand kept touching her. Alex's right leg was pressed up tight against her left one. She made out as if nothing was happening. When they arrived, they both showed her into the front room, told her to help herself to a drink while they got their suits off. Pouring herself a coke she sat in the middle of the sofa and switched the TV on. When they returned she was more than pleased with what she saw. Both of them were kitted out as if they were going for a workout. Both of them were wearing vest tops which showed their muscular arms and chests off to perfection, and leisure bottoms. If she wasn't mistaken, they weren't wearing underwear either. Fetching themselves a can they came and sat either side of her. They all chatted for a while and Denise excused herself and went to the loo. Once inside she removed her bra and thong. She had a quick feel of her wet pussy lips, then went back. Alex noticed at once that her bra was gone because her huge nipples were poking through. Devon was a little slower, mainly because he was a leg man.

Denise stayed standing, pretending to look over their CD collection. She bent down to see the ones at the bottom and her dress rode up over her bum cheeks. When she looked back both of them were squeezing their lunch boxes. Sitting back down she asked if they were both alright, as they looked uncomfortable. Devon and Alex both looked at each other and Alex pulled out the biggest blackest cock she'd ever seen. It was so large she wondered if she'd be able to wrap her fingers round it. Devon, seeing that Denise hadn't minded, got his out as well. That was her second shock. His was bigger and fatter than Alex's. She said that maybe they would be more comfortable if they took their bottoms right off. Both men stood and dropped their bottoms to the floor and sat back down. Devon said she should relax as well if she wasn't in a hurry to get home. She stood and removed her dress as they watched and played with their erections. When her dress hit the floor they both stood up and made a grab for her. In seconds both men were pressed against her and she could feel Alex's hard-on in her tummy and Devon's pressed into her back. Two pairs of hands were fondling her all over and she had a cock in each hand. They pushed her back to the sofa and Alex's mouth found her large nipples. Devon licked up her legs and when she opened them stuck his tongue in her pussy. Alex got to his knees and wiped his wet cock all over her face. Moving down Denise was able to get the tip of his prick in her mouth and greedily sucked on it.

Devon, his face wet from her juices, got his cock in position and nudged her lips. Denise was more than ready for his cock. He pushed until the helmet slipped in and then pushed harder. Denise was unable to make a sound with Alex's fat cock in her mouth. She loved it though. Pre-cum was dripping out of her mouth and she squeezed his balls. They both got hold of a tit each and were both pumping their cocks in and out of her holes. Devon was ploughing her pussy harder now and his eyes were squeezed tight and she knew he was about to cum. Alex's knob barely fitted into her mouth it was so swollen. Devon was first. She felt the first splash of jism deep inside her belly and he just kept pumping. Denise lost all senses then and started to come herself. Her come flooded out all over him. Alex, seeing his mate cum, shot his spunk down her throat. It came so fast she couldn't swallow it all. It came out the sides of her mouth. As they came they kept fucking her. She'd only ever really shagged boys before. She was used to boys who were so overjoyed about fucking her, that they just banged her till they came. And that was your lot. These were men and they knew how to fuck. She knew that these two were going to do her good.

They all sat back on the sofa and relaxed. Both the guy's were sat with their heads back and eyes closed. Denise took the opportunity to compare dicks. Alex's was lying across his left thigh, pointing towards her, cum still dribbling out of it. The foreskin was pulled back and it still twitched now and again. Looking over at Devon's, his was laid down over his balls, which like his cock, were massive. He had no foreskin and she decided she had no preference. With or without, she didn't care. Denise took a cock in each hand and gently teased them back to life. She needn't of worried, they were far from finished with her. Their cocks sprang back to life and Devon pulled her head towards his. She could only just get his fat helmet in. She could taste her own cum on it. Another new experience for the day. She felt Alex's finger enter her pussy from behind and lifted her leg to make it easier for him. Removing his finger, he got to his knees and shoved his cock so hard into her from behind, Devon's cock was forced further into her mouth making her gag. Every time she pulled her head back, Devon would push his cock back in further. Both the guy's were getting frantic and she could tell that very soon they were going to give her another load of spunk. Suddenly, as if they planned it, both of them pulled their dicks out and spunk splashed all over her face, tits and belly. Denise sensuously rubbed it in whilst the guy's watched. There was a copious amount and it took plenty of rubbing. Both the men were still very horny by the look of their dicks and Denise settled back for a long night of shagging.

In the morning she awoke very sore. She'd never in her life been used the way she had last night. Whichever way she'd turned, one of them was shoving a cock in her pussy or mouth. Her legs had been shaking and she'd felt well used. She crept into the bathroom to get washed and changed. She was fully aware that if they saw her before she got out of the house, they would try to fuck her again. One thing was certain. She absolutely loved big black cocks. More and bigger the better.

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