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Dentist Dan

byEgmont Grigor©


Just on closing time a guy stood in front of the door Louise Lee was about to lock from the inside. She almost smiled politely and walked away. But his smile turned her brain into a roller coaster.

The prudent part of her brain cried 'Danger'. Her groin thought otherwise and Louise found her hands pulling open the door.

"We're closed."

"You could have fooled me. I would have thought almost closed would be more accurate."

"Okay, come in."

"Your assistants appear to have gone. Do you think it's safe?"

Louise gritted. God it might not be safe.

He eyed her seriously. "I meant for me."

Louise's befuddlement continued. What the hell did 'I meant for me' mean? Then she grinned. The stupid asshole meant was if safe for him to enter the store with her the only person there and likely to pounce. What a jerk!

She smiled. "Come in but I'll have to lock the door behind you. Are you prepared to risk that?"

He grinned, showing good teeth and although a little weary after all day on her feet Louise half-felt she wouldn't mind pouncing. And then she disappointed herself by thinking you slut.

"Nice décor," he said, looking around. "I'm looking for a wife and thought you seemed promising."

What? Louise was sure she'd heard correctly.

"I've had my eye on your for a couple of days."

Jesus. Ah the big scissors were in a drawer ten feet away.

"Any chance of coffee?"

"Don't you want to buy something?" It seemed the right thing to say.

"Well frankly I've always wondered about a women's store and about sizes and stuff like that. I haven't been in one since I was a little fellow in a pushchair... taken in by mom, usually with two or three cronies. They used to pick up something and they'd laugh. I had no idea what there was to laugh about in a women's apparel store.

"If they were mothers they would probably be appraising new fashion articles for younger women."

"Oh, like panties?"

Fear clutched Louise's throat. "W-why do you mention panties?"

"Dunno. Just random and I guess it's because I don't often see them and when I was growing up it was the only thing mysterious to me about a female until I learned about their mind complications."

"Mind complications?"

"Yeah, their inability to always think in a straight line."



"Devoid of passion like men?"

"Well that's going a little deep."

Louise thought control his mind and she'd get out of this safely. "Can I show you our range of panties?"

"Okay if that will give you a thrill."

What the hell did that mean?

They walked to the lingerie section.

"These little fellows are cute."

"They're thongs."

He said oh really and said he'd never seen a woman in one of those although they looked a lot like miniature bikini bottoms.

"I'm wearing a pair," Louise said stupidly.

"Oh really, show me."


"Oh come on lovely one. I won't bite."

Louise hoped certainly not. The madness continued. "What will you do if I show you?"

"I was planning to do nothing but if you insist on me doing something I'll think about it."

Moving robotically Louise pulled up her skirt, watching him carefully, ready to... what? Oh god, she was locked in with no quick escape.

He appraised her. "Oh great, very sexy but must be a poor choice if you stand in a draught. You have amazing legs."

Amazing legs? Yes she did have great legs and now he'd want to see the bra display and she'd be asked to drop her top.

"I had mentioned coffee?"

What? He wanted to be taken right to the rear of the store where they'd be out of sight of people passing the front windows.

"I'll sit here be the counter and you can bring it out if you're nervous."

"Me nervous? That's a laugh."

He grinned and turning to the rear of the shop said in that case lead on.

Louise led on thinking she must be the most stupid woman alive. Ah there was a carving knife in the small staff room. She could get that and be safe... oh god, he could take it off her and turn and raise it and... she sighed and fell.

Louise came to with the smell of coffee under her nostrils.

"Here... you fainted and I caught you. You have a lovely firm body. I've made coffee for us. Are you pregnant or having a period?"


"I said..."

"No, no and no. I've had a long day and am hungry."

"May I take you to early dinner?"

"Yes no I mean no."

"That's not straight line thinking and I'm confused. Which is it?"

Louise's brain rolled into gear. If she said yes she'd get out on the street, out of this entrapment.

"Yes I accept. But I'll pay my way."

"Sorry but a gentleman does permit that."

That confused Louise. If he planned to harm her why would he pay for her meal? Something was not quite right.

"Who are you?"

"Daniel Peters more commonly known around here as Dentist Dan. I work opposite here, one floor up. When I take a coffee break I stand at my windows and look down at street activity and see some way into your store. I see you smiling, bending over, frowning and looking bored waiting for customers or hustling you assistants. Today you have acted differently. Whenever you stopped and relaxed you scratched under your left armpit."

"Er yes, do you wish to inspect the bra display?"

"Oh no, it's only panties that are foreign to me. Twenty percent of my adult female patients attempt to subtly show their tits to me."

"Daniel, please, the word is breasts."

"Okay, if that pleases you."

"Well yes, except in the bedroom."

"What, you change language and standards in the bedroom?"

"Well yes... no. You're not very experienced with women are you Daniel?"

"Of course I am. Almost sixty-five percent of my patients are women."

"I mean sexually."

Daniel replied stiffly he was not into that with his patients. He was an ethically responsible dentist.

"I mean socially."

"Well no. The hot babes don't find me attractive when I say I'm a dentist and I'm not interested in lethargic babes."

"What kind of babe am I?"

He didn't hesitate and grinned wolfishly. "Hot, without a doubt. When I look down from above and see you bend over to straighten your stockings..."

"Daniel, please."


"I actually like the thought of that but we've only just met."

"Oh I see. May I ask how do you manage to keep up your stockings?"

"What's a garter belt Daniel?"

"Those things women in butt sex DVDs wear?"

Louise was hit by a hot flush. She knew only too well was he was talking about. She had some of those DVDs in her collection that she'd begun collecting when eager to know about more athletic uses of her dildo. She had to get his possible interest away from her butt. "Lift up my skirt and learn how my stay-ups stay up Daniel."

"I think I know. I see them in magazine advertisements but I've not touched the real thing, if you know what I mean. Women I've known... er... intimately wear those things that go to the waist... er tights."

"Oh how ghastly, you poor boy. I bet you were all fingers and thumbs?"

"Well to tell you the truth I learned to rip them open to get at it, but that tended to make me unpopular."

Louise experienced the unexpected. Rather than a quick flick up of her skirt and an informed statement something like, 'Ah yes, this sticky coating adheres to the flesh, Daniel lifted her skirt gently and ran a hand up the inside of her left thigh and he murmured, "God, the feel of this stocking is sexy."

Louise felt a hot wave gripping her and her breasts tightened in her bra.

His fingers hit the warm flesh at the top of her stockings and she had to fight not to grab him and tell him to fuck her.

Daniel's fingers slipped under the lace top and he said in awe: "It feels sticky; it that lady's cum?"

Louise grabbed him and groaned, "Fuck me" but he pushed her away and said gently, "Steady on, we barely know one another."

She calmed down and between sipping coffee scratched under her arm.

"Please remove your top."

Her mouth dried up. He was between her and the door. Perhaps he'd just fuck her and leave, allowing her to live for another day, another encounter with a male maniac. But he was a dentist and yes a dentist had rooms opposite her store, or more correctly her mom's store.

Mechanically she removed her top and her eyed the well-filled bra that matched her patterned thong.

"What an amazing sight."

"Glad you like it," she managed.

"Lift up your arm."

She complied.

"No your left arm."

He moved in close and said aha.

She rolled her eyes around and met his gaze.

He kissed her. He damn well kissed her! Louise felt her temper rising, slowed by the fact she thought he kissed rather well. And then he brought her under control.

"It's a wee boil. You probably infected a hair follicle when shaving."

"I did?"

"Yes probably. When shaving you armpits and pussy I recommend starting off with an antiseptic cream."

Pussy -- he knew she shaved her pussy? "H-how did you know I shaved?"

"There is an absence of hair under this armpit."

"Oh god, I haven't showered and you're under my armpit. I have been working all day..."

"Relax. Some of my patients appear to rarely bath or shower. In comparison you smell as sweet as a spring flower garden."

"I do?"

"Yes, where's the medical kit?"

"Below the knife drawer... er I'll get it."

"No, you stay where you are. Drop you arm for the moment. The boil is ready to lance and drain."

"You'll do it with the carving knife?" Louise asked, eyes bulging.

"No, with the point of the surgical scissors in the medical kit. I'll have to sterilize them first."

Sterilize them? Louise relaxed, thinking she'd never heard of guy who'd turned down the chance of having sex who'd then take extraordinary care of his intended victim. This guy was lonely and wanted to date her and when he got to know her they'd fuck. How positively romantic. She must not let on she was highly experienced at sex.

He said it was a very small boil but it hurt like hell when he lanced it. She cried and he said comforting things to her and after he had a plaster over it he licked away her tears -- yes, she was surprised at that as he had dressings and even a towel handy. He asked if she wanted to be admitted to hospital. She saw he was joking and loved him for that and thought about pulling out a tit, er breast, for him but thought he'd rebuke her for being sluttish although that was not quite so bad as being called a slut.

She heard him say something.

"Come on, put your top back on and I'll put the medical kit away and we'll go for a meal."

"My armpit is sore. Please put my top on."

"It won't fit me."

She laughed and said don't be a fool.

As he was pulling it on her he said, "Gosh, look at your nipples. Are you aroused?"

She just smiled and was so pleased he'd noticed.

They had a lovely time at dinner and as he put her into a cab he told her to stop off at a pharmacy and gave her the name of the ointment to purchase.

"May I kiss you goodnight?"

He nodded gravely and their tongues touched, only just.

"You are such a slut," he said.

She rode home thinking of the lovely way he'd said that and knew he was hooked on her.

* * *

Next morning after unlocking the entrance into the store Louise looked up at the rooms of Daniel Peters and her tempter flared. The stupid developers of that building had specified one-way glass; she would be unable to see Dentist Dan.

Mid morning Louise took a call on the store line. "Good morning, Louise Lee speaking."

"Dentist Dan speaking. So that's your name?"

"I introduced myself last evening and you used my name, often."

"Did you and did I?"

Yes of coursed she'd introduced herself and he'd called her Louise several times and... No, he'd not called her Louise and no she'd not introduced herself but had asked for his name.

She hadn't replied so he said, "Have you in the involved way women's minds work figured out whether my claim is correct or incorrect?"

"Correct. I must be the most inhospitable bitch on the planet."

"I could say I agree with that but I won't. Today is a new day Louise Lee. Any chance of a date?"



"I don't eat lunch."

"Perhaps that's why you got that boil. How is it and how are those perky nipples?"

"God, you are a changed man today."

"Well I know you better."

"Okay, buy me one slice of rye bread with no spread and thin sliced tomato and gherkin."

"No cheese, onion and chutney?"

"No thank you. You may bring whatever you like and we'll eat in our staff room at 2:00. Please don't allow my staff to seduce you; they are not used to seeing a dishy man on our premises."

"Dishy. Oh thanks. That sounds as if you might like me?"

"Well, you did such a good job on my boil last evening."

"I'll always do a good job on you Louise."

"What my teeth?"

"No not your teeth. Give my your cell phone number please."

After giving it and taking his number Louise asked did he want to join her and her parents for dinner that evening.

"Yes and thank you, how lovely."

She gave him the address and time to arrive.

"Does this mean if your mom approves of me I'm free to fuck you?"

He cut the call before Louise could reply.

Her breasts were tight and her groin was radiating heat. Oh dear, she knew what that meant. To divert he mind she called her mom.

"Is it okay if I bring a guy home for din-dins?"

"Please say dinner."


"Yes, but it's a waste of time my darling. They'll eat our food and after a couple of weeks of plundering you they go. Won't you ever learn? Join a club or go to church and meet a guy who's had time to eye you and see you for all the qualities you possess before he even lays a finger on you."

"Yes mother."

"What's his name?"

"Dan... er Daniel... er something. I know it but you've made me nervous."

"He's fucking you already and you don't know his name. Oh Louise."

"Panic tore at Louise. Come on, come on you stupid slut. "His name is Daniel Peters."

"Are you sure? That name sounds familiar."

"Yes, a customer I met late yesterday and he said he was hungry and I said so was I and he suggested early dinner and I answered yes without thinking."

"Darling, I've told you 10,000 times always be very careful what you say to a male; they have no sophistication and they think of only one thing."

"Yes mom. He put me into a cab outside the restaurant and I came straight home."

"Then when did he seduce you?"

"He didn't; it was you who said he did."

"Oh, so I did. All right, invite the asshole."

"Is that your new word for gentleman?" Louise cut the call before her mom could answer.

The doorbell chimed right on 8:00. Louise, with her hair up and in a red dress with a ridiculously high hem that made her parents gag, went to answer the door, hoping he wasn't wearing jeans; he mother hated jeans.

Of course he was dressed in blue jeans and a white turtleneck. He looked uncertain and asked if it was the Lee's apartment.

Mystified Louise said yes and he asked could she call her older sister. Only then did she catch the stupid grin. She giggled and went for the jugular, sucking as well as kissing it and then moved up to his lips and they kissed open-mouthed although keeping tongues at bay.

"You are such a beautiful woman."

She felt like dropping to her knees in joy, dragging down his zip on the way down. Instead she was far more modest and just lightly scooped his balls into her fingers just to let him know she knew they are there.

His reaction was quaint: his eyes bulged.

"Please come in Daniel. Oh are those flowers for me," she said coyly and was shocked when he said no there were for her mom.

Her eyelashes with extensions dropped in disappointment but he got them raised again, handing Louise a package. She unwrapped it slowly, feeling his impatience and she looked at him, tongue pushed out a little between her teeth before she said, "It's gorgeous. Thank you."

It was Lancôme's Miracle, just perfect for her to be her very best perfume.

Daniel said nervously, "Don't show it to your mother; she'll think I want something in return."

Louise faked a coy expression: "What would you want from me?"

But too late, her parents arrived in the foyer smiling like good hosts.

"Ohmigod," Debra Lee said. "Dr Peters. How could you possibly be interested in my daughter when you have half the city ready to fawn over you?"

"Mom, you know Daniel?"

"Yes I do darling but please address him with respect and call him Dr Peters."

"Daniel is my mother in the 20%?" She was referring to the bunch that tried to show their tits to him.

The nervous reply was, "Yes."

"Twenty percentage what?"

Daniel looked about to panic.

"Daniel's preferred clients of course."

"Oh," Debra smiled and, patted her hair and said "Oh' again as the relieved Daniel handed her the flowers. "These are beautiful. Dr Peters, this is my husband Charles."

"Hi Charles, for goodness sake call me Daniel," he said, shaking hands and handing Charles a bottle of red wine, saying it was something for the cellar.

Charles red the label and his eyebrows raised. "This is a cracker; thank you."

"What did you get Louise?"

"Scent, is someone getting Daniel a drink? This welcome of Daniel has a touch of inquisition about it. The poor guy must be hanging out for a drink.

When they all had a drink and said cheers, Daniel said, "Debra, you must stop this nonsense calling me doctor. At the office you address me as Daniel."

"Well yes, but you calling on us for the first time with Louise being here it occurred to me that some formality was in order."

"Louise calls me Daniel. Before you identified me as having a doctorate in dental surgery I'm sure she assumed I was a general practitioner, which I am for much of my time of course."

"Well I seem confused."

"And another thing I would like to mention. I was surprised at your query how could I be interested in Louise. Louise is perhaps the most perfect young woman I've met."


Charles said, "I keep telling you Debra has become a swan."

"A swan princess Charles. Louise is beautiful and from what I can see has a beautiful body shape and she is charming and I should think passionate and from what I can see from my office she runs a tight ship at her store. I became so attracted to her that yesterday I went over and spoke to her for the first time and we just clicked. I didn't buy anything but she did model a thong for me and that's when I say he sensational legs and is what I can call her a swan princess with confidence -- from that and having dinner with her. We just clicked"

"Modeled a thong for you?"

"Yes, I was ignorant about them."

"I see and were bras modeled for you?"

"Goodness no. A large number of my patients seem keen to ensure I see they are wearing the latest in bra design."

"Are you serious?" Charles queried.

Debra hurried from the room saying, "Dinner, I must check the dinner."

Charles whispered, "Debra shows the tops of her stockings and the top of her bra more than I think is polite. Is she one who shows you tit?"

"Charles, your wife seems too much in awe of me to pull a stunt like that, don't you think?"

"Oh yes, of course."

Louise looked over the top of her glass with a you-are-a-naughty-boy look and winked at Daniel.

"This is a beautiful apartment in a great location Charles. Are you some sort of VIP?"

"No, I'm chief of police. I'm pleased to say I can't recall your name ever popping up at the office."

"Oh of course, Chief of Police Charles Lee. That's where I've seen you before -- on TV. I guess if I were into crime I'd not even come here this evening."

Charles laughed and slapped Daniel on the back. "Very droll, allow me to get you another drink."

When Charles went off to the kitchen he said to Louise, "You could have told me your father was chief of police.

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