Dentist Dan

byEgmont Grigor©

"Oh sorry, just like you didn't tell me you were a dental surgeon."

"Dentist, orthodontist, dental surgeon. They are just names."

"I now feel inferior. I have a BA in arts and you have a doctorate."

"Well someone has to have doctorates and anyway, I have tiny tits and look at your tits -- real beauties."

"I can't believe I'm hearing this."

"Do you make a lot of noise when you are having sex. I bet you do."


"Hello you two. Dinner is coming along fine; the meat is resting. What is the conversation?"


Debra looked at Daniel open-mouthed at then looked nervously at the door to the kitchen. She whispered, "Charles is chief of police."

Daniel whispered, "Do the police believe only they can talk about tits?"

"Please Daniel..."

Charles came in with a fresh round of drinks. "Please what Daniel? Debra's eyes head drooped.

"Debra was asking me what do I like about this time of year and I said being an unmarried guy I notice a lot of exposed tit flying about with women wearing such skimpy clothes. There's nothing like seeing bouncy tits in the sunshine. What do you think Charles?"

"You mean breasts?"

"Oh don't call me old fashion Charles. Even some women today quite happily call them tits."

"Yes so I've noticed."

"Do you think it represents the end of civilization as we know it?"

"Oh come on Daniel. Every guy likes spotting a decent pair of tits. I'm lucky in my home because I..."

Charles ground to a halt, his eyes almost popping.

" have two women each with a great pair."

"The dinner," Debra said and Louise rushed out with her.

Conversation over dinner was about summer weather, the state of the city economy, books, theatre, cinema and TV and the men even made a go at discussing fashion and the women gave a reasonable impression of being interested in 10-pin and fishing.

"That was a lovely evening and a beautiful dinner. I was wonderfully hosted," Daniel said, kissing Debra and he whispered, "Keep those tits looking good."

"Good having you here son," said the police chief. I wish the city had more 32-year-olds like you two."

"They are probably out there sir -- you guys probably deal with the lower end of them."

"Yeah, I'd have to go along with that. Drop in here anytime you wish."

"You've never said that before dad."

"You've never brought anyone home like this guy before."

Louise laughed and said she'd go down to the lobby with Daniel.

"Remember there are security cameras in the elevators," reminded her father.

Riding down the elevator Louise felt the outline of Daniel's cock. "When do I get this?"

"There's a time and place for everything. We just have to get those two things in alignment once I know you better."

"In answer to your earlier question, yes I do make noise when having sex, I think."

"You think?"

"Well I am not very experienced."


"Don't be rude," Louise said, squeezing him hard and he yelped.


Louise was growing increasingly frustrated. She was seeing Daniel every day, if only for a cup of coffee but they also had lunch occasionally and dined once and had been to the movies twice. But he'd not shafted her and that was a worry.

She'd not been invited to his apartment; in fact she didn't know where he lived. Perhaps he lived with a guy? That would explain the absence of sex. That really was unfair of her thinking like that. He'd had a breast out a couple of times and the last time at dinner they'd had a booth and she'd dragged his hand over her thighs and withdrew her hand, wondering it he'd get the message.

Dan did. He popped a couple of fingers in under her panties and before too long had her red-faced and panting and she cried out just as the waitress came with the dessert menu. Louise disappointingly wet over her panties instead of over his hand because by then he had his hand on the table and innocently was playing with his cutlery. The waitress had asked with concern, "Are you all right ma'am?" and as smooth as silk Dan had said, "She's okay; she just gets these minor seizures after eating steak."

"She had chicken."

"After eating chicken steaks."

The waitress sniffed in disbelief and walked away. She and made them wait before returning for their order which was no dessert, just coffee.

Reluctantly, very reluctantly, Louise decided to wait until Sunday night. If he hadn't shafted her by then she'd end dating him. She didn't want to wait around to be fucked; she wanted to be fucked -- often and thoroughly.

Dan called Louise next morning and said he wanted her to come to his apartment on Saturday for dinner -- that he had two other guests coming; her parents, just confirmed.

"Yes, all right."

"Is that your idea of enthusiasm?"

"Oh sorry; something else on my mind. Um, that will be lovely. What can I bring?"

"Your overnight bag."


He sighed.

"Oh, my overnight bag?"


"My parents will work out what's going to happen."

He laughed and said they would not be invited to stay and watch. She giggled and suddenly he was the greatest guy around. She just wanted to hug him and be held.

* * *

Louise heard her father give the cab driver Daniel's address. She said in exasperation, "That's his business address."

"He lives on the eleventh floor of that building in one of the penthouses."


Her mother sighed. "So it's true -- you didn't know. I didn't believe you when you said he hasn't seduced you."

"Why would I lie to you?"

Debra said yes, quite.

Charles, sitting beside Louise, said, "What's in the bag you're carrying?"


"Oh, sorry for asking."

A couple of minutes later he asked, "Why are you all breasts tonight?"

"Charles, give the poor girl a break. She's wearing a special corset for the first time -- black with red trim and is under wired."

"What's under wired? Does it have flashing lights?"

"No, it's strapless and the concealed wiring gives support in the right places so she doesn't droop. For godsake, leave the poor girl alone. You heard me say she's staying tonight."


"Charles, will you please shut up. If you open your mouth again before we get out of this cab you and I will be going back home as soon as we deliver Louise."

"Keep your shirt on Debra. You're showing a lot of tit tonight."

"Charles!" Debra shrieked. "I'll have the driver dump you in the middle of the road."

At the destination Debra got out of the cab seething, Louise was shaking, her confidence plummeted and Charles paying the cabbie appeared spoiling for a fight. He led them to the entrance but there was a grill over the entrance and it was locked.

The chief of police was stymied.

"There will be another entrance for the apartments." Miss Lee suggested.

Her mother's contribution was, "You could be just as easy wrong as right."

"Come on idiot, follow me," Louise said, and walked to the other end of the building where she found the entrance to the apartments.

She called Daniel.

"Hello darling, we're here."

"Oh great darling. The elevator doors will open now. Take it to eleven."

Debra said, "You call him darling, he calls your darling. And yet you claim you two have not have sex."

"You are absolutely right mother," Louise sighed.

"But you're changing that situation tonight, so that bag's an overnight bag," deduced the city's top policeman.

"You are absolutely right dad, and because I'm aged thirty-two is should be no matter for discussion between me parents and me how many times I have sex and with whom."

"You're absolutely right," said her mother.

He father said he agreed.

The elevator arrived at the top floor and Louise wondered if that would bring relieve.

The doors opened and Daniel was there, smiling, in bare feet, black and silver pantaloons and a black collarless shirt with no buttons until about level with his belly button.

Daniel took her bag and kissed her, Louise running a hand up over his chest.

"Oh god, mom kiss him and run a hand up over his chest."

"Oh god, hairless, taut and perfectly smooth like the finest velvet. May I stay the night?"


"Oh who brought you?" she asked, standing aside so Charles could greet the host.

It was a typical bachelor's pad -- plush carpet, the décor was principally while, black and silver/chrome/stainless steel and a couple of the names on the colorful paintings made Louise and Debra's jaws drop. It was large with a high stud and the view out over lower buildings to the river was delightful in the moonlight. A spa pool bubbled on the deck.

"Ooh, I could live here," Debra said.

Daniel smiled handsomely and said, "The question is could Louise?"

Louise fluttered her eyelashes at him and said, "Yes, absolutely."

"Good, move in as soon as you wish."

"Thank you."

Debra said, "Oh that's marvelous Daniel. We'll know our daughter is in safe hands. Say something Charles."

"Oh yeah, how much does it cost to run a big spa pool like that one?"

Louise rolled her eyes and her mother sighed. Daniel grinned and said he hadn't a clue. "My company accountant looks after that, leaving me to just live here and enjoy it."

They had a champagne cocktail and then sat on leather and aluminum chairs at the dark glass table supported on an aluminum column to begin with shrimp appetizer supreme followed by goat cheese salad. The main meal was pan-seared orange tuna with white beans plus a selection of steamed vegetables and they finished with chocolate jalapeno cake. He's gone easy with the jalapeno pepper and everyone said they were comfortable with chili. It was wonderful and Debra couldn't believe Daniel had made the entire meal unassisted but when he ran through the way he'd made the cake she was convinced and went home with half the remaining cake.

As soon as they waved off the parents, Louise and Dan smooched in the elevator and when up in the apartment he said, "Please take your dress off."

"It's tight -- you'll have to help me."

He lifted the dress over her head and draping it over a chair leered at her. "I knew you'd dressed sexily for me; now let's clear away."

"Aw, couldn't we..."

"Not before the dishwasher is on."

Louise attempted to run around him to turn on the dishwasher but he caught her and said firmly, "Bring in the dishes from the table please darling."

The command dripped of sexy overtone so Louise thought she could behave with restraint for another ten minutes.

Dan switched on the dishwasher and sank to his knees and pushed his face in against Louise's pelvis.

"Oh god," she moaned and jerked, wetting his face through her panties. "Sorry... it's not pee," she assured him.

"I know, I'm not that green," he laughed and pulling her panties aside lapped up the moisture around her pussy. Louise bent over and grabbed two good handfuls of his short dark blonde hair called "Oh god, oh god" until she came again, hugely.

"Oh you sexy beautiful princess," Dan cooed, carrying her to the couch, where he presented a reasonably sized dick for her to lick before he inserted.

"Do you want me to fire over your corset?"

"No, inside me. I'm protected."

They were both a little drunk but managed to end in satisfying climaxes reasonably close together.

Dan rolled off her and fluttering eyelashes sleepily said, "You know where the bathroom is. I'll join you in bed soon."

She went to the bathroom, juices running down her thighs, feeling very happy. She'd had much better sex but it had been good enough. Louise waited and waited for Dan to join her and next morning at dawn found him where she'd left him on the sofa, naked and cold. Gently she licked and fingered his dick into erection and he awoke just as she threw a leg over him and guided it into her pussy.

"I need a pee."

"I need a fuck. You'll have to wait."

"You're hot," he said, grabbing her tits and squeezing hard. She erupted but carried on bravely until he shook and shuddered and when his eyes rolled back she knew he was finished so hopped off and went and ran a bath.

God, she'd never had a guy who could get her off so quickly. She decided to attribute it to early relationship lust and believed when he settled into her groove after quiet foreplay and they concentrated more on pleasuring rather than drilling/getting drilled everything would work out just beautifully.

Louise had two fingers up herself when he came into the bathroom and said, "Here, let me finish that for you." He clambered into the bath slapping up an erection, sat on his knees and pulled her cunt around his cock and only pushed into her twice before Louise screamed and had stars and fireworks in front of her eyes before collapsing into a jellylike heap, allowing soapy fucking bathwater to wet her hair. "Oh damn," she groaned, thinking of her hair, only to hear him misinterpret and say, "Yeah, you do come pretty damn quick. We'll need to work on this."

She groaned and said she couldn't go to work with traces of 'sexual excesses' in her hair.

"Wash your hair in the shower."

"Do you have a hair dryer?"

"Yes, mom gave me one saying my girlfriends would need it but none have ever asked. I'll get it out of its box and go make breakfast for you."

"Just one piece of toast, lightly done."

"God, little wonder you ejaculate prematurely. You don't eat properly. Will you settle for low-fat yogurt over fresh fruit?"

"Okay but go easy on quantities."

"Will you move in with me?"


"Will you move in with me? We have to work hard to get good sexual rhythm going. We are rushing into it too passionately."

Louise smiled and pulled his head down and kissed him. "Yes, I'd love to do that providing you guarantee six lessons a night."

"Six -- isn't that a little excessive?" said Dentist Dan, timidly.


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