When I left the salon, I had my usual feeling of excitement. After my session with Elspeth, my body was utterly hairless from the neck down. As per all of my appointments with her, she waxed every area of my body where hair had once grown. My legs, underarms and pubic region were carefully depilated and any stray hairs that she found were tweezed. This had been a monthly ritual for several years and was now only necessary three or four times a year. The feeling of heightened sexuality and beauty was something that I experienced every time I left the salon.

I have never liked body hair. I started shaving when hair started to grow on my legs and when it appeared under my arms and between my legs I tried everything that was readily available to remove it. I endured razor burn and a few rashes caused by depilatory creams until I heard about the bikini wax. I found an esthetician who carefully removed all of my pubic hair and I have continued having it done ever since.

The sexual urges that I get from being so utterly naked under my clothes make me feel like showing myself off a little. This is something that I sometimes do at the fitness club where I keep my 40-something figure in shape. Sometimes I linger in the steam bath or shower when one of the better looking women is around. I even turned one of my exhibitionist displays into an afternoon delight with the lovely Mrs. Mathison.

On this day however, I was feeling very naughty and thought about the relatively unknown club which I had attended on a couple of occasions in the past. It was at the back of a high end hotel in the downtown district but was not open to the public. It was a members only place for women and I had purchased a membership when I went there with a friend several months earlier.

It was the end of the school year so having no worries about going to work in the morning, I decided that I would have a wild night out to celebrate.

After a light supper, I showered and wandered around my bedroom nude, deciding what to wear. I decided on my shortest skirt and a sheer blouse which I would wear over my half cup bra. I was feeling very naughty by that time and considered going without panties. However, I got an even naughtier idea. A year or so earlier, I had purchased what they called a C-string which barely covered my pubis and stayed in place with a narrow piece between my buttocks. Once I put that on and selected my heels, I strutted in front of the mirror and admired myself. There would be very little left to the imagination for those women who would see me at the club.

Now fully in the mood, I sat down at my dressing table and did my make-up. When that was done, I put on my half-bra and saw that my nipples were mostly exposed so I decided to highlight them with lipstick.

By the time I arrived at the club, I felt very sexy and dressed to be noticed. The hostess smiled at me and after checking my membership, allowed me inside.

The main room was a bar with tables and booths around the edges of it. As usual it was filled with women who met the standards of attractiveness required to become a member. I made my way to the bar, passing by several women who were topless including two waitresses. The bare breasts around me made me feel even more daring.

I sat down on a tall stool and ordered wine while I checked the action on the floor. I could hear dance music from the next room but around me the women mingled and displayed themselves. As I sipped my wine, I could see the women who were glancing at me, checking me out. I turned slightly sideways on my stool so my legs were well presented. My short skirt slid to the top of my thighs and my crotch was partly visible.

"Don't you look gorgeous!" a voice said on my right side and when I turned to see who it was I was amazed to see a tall beautiful woman in a tight red dress smiling at me. She had clear blue eyes, an amazing figure and a completely shaved head. On her it looked great.

"Thank you," I said. "And you look fabulous. Is this your regular hairstyle?"

"Yes," she laughed. "I started shaving my head several years ago. It makes me feel very elegant and very sexy. Do you want to touch it?"

I did want to touch it and when I did she purred as I stroked her scalp. It was warm and very smooth to the touch. It did feel very sexy and since I am aroused by hairless bodies, the absence of hair on her head was very exciting.

"Come. Dance with me," she said taking me by the hand and leading me into the disco part of the club.

The music was too loud to talk so we just touched as we moved through the crowded floor filled with highly charged women some of whom had shed all their clothes. Several of the dancers called my dance partner Angela and I supposed that it would be hard to forget her once having met her.

As we began to move together facing each other, Angela began to unbutton my sheer blouse. I allowed her to slip my blouse over my shoulders and then allowed her to undo my demi-bra so that my lipsticked nipples were fully exposed. We were watched by those nearest us as I was undressed. My skirt was next and when I stepped out of it, I was naked except for the small patch of fabric that covered my pubic mound.

Angela carried my clothes to a corner table and let me dance alone while I was admired on all sides. When she returned, she pulled me to her and slid my C-string off, leaving me totally nude except for my high heels. I danced for her, enticing her, inviting her to touch me.

She danced all around me, admiring my body. She stepped behind me and pulled me to her by my hips. Then she ran her hands over my shiny body, caressing my breasts and my naked mound while grinding against me.

When the music stopped, Angela led me to the table where she had placed my clothes in a cloth bag. Then she took me by the hand once more and led me across the floor to the entrance. Other tableaux were unfolding on the dance floor but most eyes followed my naked body.

After telling me to stand by the door, she took her keys from the hostess and went to retrieve her vehicle. I waited naked while passersby regarded me with interest.

Minutes later, the door was opened for me and the hostess escorted me to a white Mercedes and opened the door. I slid in onto a cool leather seat beside Angela and once I buckled my seat belt, she drove into the night.


We arrived at our destination in a few minutes. It was a two story building that was like two concrete cubes stacked on top of each other. Angela pulled the car into a parking space behind the house and came around to my side to open the door. She helped me out of the car and led me carefully over a stone pathway to the rear door of the place. A plastic card and a key entry allowed her to open the door and lead me, still nude, into her place.

Every thing that had happened was so exciting. The feeling of being stripped naked in public and kept that way made me feel unbelievably aroused. Now I was seated on a leather sofa, still nude and with my lipsticked nipples hard as pencil erasers.

As I sat there, she faced me and removed her red dress and her bra. Her magnificent breasts swung free and she stood over me smiling. I could not believe how beautiful they were and I sat there dumbstruck as she began to remove her panties.

The shock of seeing what was in her hands was indescribable. This beautiful hairless creature with the magnificent breasts had an erect penis of above average size. She moved closer to me so that I could touch it and marvel at its beauty. It was as smooth as the rest of her and I could not take my eyes off it.

"Touch it," she said and I took it in my hand. Then as she moved closer, I opened my mouth and took it inside.

Very slowly, Angela slid it a little deeper and then retracted it. She knew I could not resist her and she wanted both of us to enjoy our connection.

It had been a while since I had fellated anyone and now I was eagerly taking in the over-sized cock of a beautiful hairless creature who was probably the sexiest person I have ever seen. Her smooth abdomen touched my lips as she entered me and her hands grasped my head so she could control the rhythm of my cocksucking.

We continued for long minutes and she seemed tireless. Her erection never wavered until I finally could control myself no longer and pulled away from her as orgasm shivered through me.

But Angela was not through with me. She pushed me onto my back and spread my legs wide. I looked at her beautiful face and her smooth scalp as she lowered herself onto me and then I looked at her breasts pressed against mine and then I felt her erection sliding inside of me as she started slowly and then gradually sped up until the pleasure I felt was unstoppable. As I gasped my second orgasm, she slowly removed her cock.

"You will be my three hole slut," she said as she turned my limp body over. Then, she very carefully entered me from behind. My saliva and body fluids had lubricated her and although this was something I had seldom done, my body was so relaxed that I accepted her and allowed myself to be sodomized until she finally came.

When we were done, I lay with her and stroked her shaved head and held her limp but sizable cock in my hand.

"That was incredible," I said at last.

"It is the beginning," she said.


I awoke sometime in the morning and heard Angela in the kitchen. I found a robe and made my way to her. She was in a silk kimono and was making coffee.

"What would you like for breakfast?" she asked.

"I should probably get going."

"Why? Last night you told me that you don't have to be anywhere until September."

"That's true but I don't want to wear out my welcome."

"That would be impossible for you to do. You handled my little surprise very well."

"Little is hardly the right word," I laughed.

"Thank you. I am glad you liked it."

I looked at her as she made coffee. Her beauty was impossible to describe to someone with standard conditioning. Her shaved head seemed preferable to any hair that I could imagine on her and the fact that she had a functional male apparatus made her so exquisitely unique that already my desire for her was rising.

Angela came close to me and opened my robe. My nipples were already hardening and when she stroked them, I slid the robe off of my shoulders and onto the kitchen floor. She pulled me close and kissed me as her erection arose between my legs. I felt her guiding herself inside me and we were conjoined as we stood with our smooth bodies pressed together.

As we kissed and fucked standing together, I caressed her head and felt traces of re-growth on it. I was still aroused by her and let myself be swept back to the bedroom where we continued to make love.

Angela was the most amazing and obviously unique lover that I could imagine and when she fucked me she whispered into my ears telling me how submissive I was and how she was going to make me her hairless three-hole slut.

Afterwards, as I lay on the bed, I thought about whether she was right. I no longer had any doubt that it excited me to have absolutely smooth skin and I was even more excited to have this exotic smooth lover but I was wondering if she was right about me being submissive. The idea of being her hairless three hole slut was intriguing as I drifted off to sleep once more.


When I awoke this time, Angela and I were not alone.

A tall beautiful woman stood over the bed with her, looking down at me.

When they realized I was awake the visitor was introduced as Angela's mistress, Cleo.

Cleo had beautiful hazel eyes and chiseled cheekbones that emphasized her slightly cruel look. She wore her hair in a dark bob that exposed her slender neck.

They helped me sit up and then stand beside the bed. Then Angela took my wrists and twisted them behind my back before tying them together with leather cuffs.

"What are you doing?" I protested as I stood there nude and handcuffed.

"Mistress Cleo is going to shave you and make you my hairless slut...just as I am her hairless slut."

"But my body is already totally hairless," I said realizing that it was my head that Ms Cleo was planning to shave as they pushed me up a staircase that led to the second floor which turned out to be Ms Cleo's living space.

I was seated in a vinyl chair in the middle of her kitchen and a wide belt was cinched around my waist so I could not move. I was facing a flat video screen and when Ms Cleo turned on her device, the screen filled with a recording of me on my knees fellating Angela. It was a very clear video and instantly I understood the possible ramifications of it.

"You are a wonderful cocksucker Cynthia.," said Ms Cleo. "Imagine how interested your principal would be in your skills. Or maybe your students or their parents."

I cursed myself silently for telling my bald lover that I was on summer vacation from my job and I realized that until I could get this video back I was at their mercy. I turned to look at Ms Cleo and saw that she had electric clippers in her hand.

"Tell us how you want to be our hairless three hole slut!"

I stared at her and realized that it was going to happen. The idea had excited me when smooth Angela whispered it in my ear and now I knew I must submit.

"I will submit if you give me back the video."

"We will not release the video once you are shaved but tell us how you want to be shaved and fucked in all of your holes."

Ms Cleo removed her skirt and confirmed my suspicions. Like Angela, she was a beautiful woman with a very large cock which was smooth and hairless like Angela's. I had seen pictures of such androgynous goddesses before but now I had been captured by two of the most gorgeous creatures who shared my obsession with depilation.

"Tell us!" commanded Ms Cleo.

"I want to be your slut. I want to be used by you."

"Tell us that you want to be shaved bald."

My mind was racing. I calculated that if I was shaved bald, I would have to grow back enough hair for the fall term. It was scary but ever so erotic to think of myself completely hairless and submissive.

"I want to be shaved bald," I whispered.


"I want to be your hairless bimbo who you can fuck whenever and how you wish."

"So it shall be," said the she with the shears as she stood beside the chair and turned them on.

She worked quickly, reducing my light red hair to stubble while small piles of shorn tresses surrounded the chair. The wisps of hair tickled my bare shoulders and breasts and a couple of them stuck to my nipples which were erect.

"She likes being shaved...just like you," said Ms Cleo as she worked.

She used aerosol lather and spread it carefully over my scalp. Then she took a disposable razor and started to remove the hair under the foam. She worked on the right side of my head, shaving around my ear which she folded out of the way as she went. The back of my head was next and I felt more and more naked as each stroke of the razor bared the nape of my neck and more. The left side of my head was next and finally Ms Cleo was shaving my crown.

When it was done, my head was wiped clean and oiled. It felt so strange and yet erotic to be so nude before them. With my hands still tied behind my back, I was lowered to my knees and opened my mouth to Angela whose beautiful cock stood erect before me.

"You shall be the first, Angela," said Ms Cleo as she held my naked scalp in her hands while her bald slave entered me. Slowly my head was manipulated to please Angela while my shaved head was lightly guided back and forth until Angela climaxed.

Then it was Mistress Cleo's turn and she began by untying my hands and leading me to her bedroom where we sat down on the edge of her large bed. She told me to undress her while she gently stroked my utterly hairless body.

She knew exactly how to arouse me with her gentle fingers touching my breasts and then all the parts of my body where hair no longer existed. As she explored me I caressed her smooth body as well. Her breasts were perfectly shaped and pink tipped but it was her erect phallus that I focused on.

I took it in my hands and slid to the floor between her thighs. My total depilation had made me unbelievably aroused and I wanted to be fucked in my mouth and my cunt and my ass.

As I took Ms Cleo in my mouth, Angela was kneeling behind me and fingering my sphincter. I resisted instinctively but ultimately she was inside me. Then I felt Angela's freshly rigid cock sliding inside of me as they made me their hairless three hole slut for what would be the first of many times.

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