Deployed and Tied


After a while, his pace increased, she was moaning constantly as her hands opened and closed helplessly. She felt him suck hard on her nipple, her breath caught, he nipped it lightly, he started to suck hard, she gritted her teeth. When he stopped, she looked down at the dark red hickie he'd left on her nipple. Her eyes widened and she looked at him.

"MMMMMuthrfffuccc," she tried to yell.

"Sorry, couldn't resist," he laughed.

(If he unties my I'm going to kill him. I can't believe he did that. Christ that felt good though. I wonder if he going to lick me anywhere else? Please, please let him be the kind of guy that likes that. It's been too long since I've had oral, between that last jerk of a boyfriend who wouldn't give it and this deployment I can't remember the last time I had any.)

As if reading her thoughts, he shifted his body to the bottom of the bed, his face was inches from her sex and his hands were on either side of her hips. He could tell how moist she was and he leaned close and inhaled her scent. She looked in his eyes and gave a quick nod and a whimper.

"You trying to tell me something?" he smiled.

(I'm going to kill him if he keeps teasing me like this.)

She tried to spread her legs but couldn't because of the ropes, she tried to tell me him quit teasing but couldn't make the right sounds, they just came out unintelligible noise. She shook her head, frustrated he wasn't doing what she wanted. She lifted her mound up an inch, to his lips, and wide eyed nodded her head and flicked her eyes toward her pussy.

"You want me to use my tongue here?" he teased, using his tongue to just barely touch her lips.

(Yep, I'm going to kill him.)

She nodded her head and whimpered a yes.

Finally, she felt his tongue at the bottom of her pussy, he moved upward with one long lick to the top of her mound. She groaned loudly, encouraging him to continue. He began softly at first, just licking her slit, as she became wetter, his tongue probed deeper, driving her wild.

His hands reached around and cupped her ass, he held her hips firmly in place as he used his tongue. She couldn't stop moaning, thrashing, and going out of her mind in ecstasy as he conquered her pussy. He found her clit and teased it with the tip of his tongue, she strained against the ropes, her back arching and thrust against his mouth as hard as she could as he sucked her clit. She struggled to breathe, to move, to do anything, but it felt so good, finally her body locked as she orgasmed. She shuddered, his tongue inside her, she was barely aware of his hands grabbing her ass cheeks tightly, keeping her pinned. She couldn't think, as it ended her breathe came back, she collapsed, covered in sweat and chest heaving, her body lightly convulsing from the power of her orgasm.

Storm straightened from the bed, breathing hard and smiling.

"Good thing you were tied down, or you might've hurt me," he laughed. As he talked he undid her ankles. He moved up to her hands and started untying them. "Is that your first time tied up and given oral?"

She nodded weakly. With her hands free, she pulled the gag out by herself and laid there unmoving. "Let's see, first time tied up and given oral, first time naked in front of two guys and first time ever orgasmed from oral! I'm not sure what I can do with you after this, I really don't see how you could top it."

He smiled, "We'll have to see about that..."

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by Anonymous05/16/18

If more people would allow thamselves to be tied and stripped

there would be a lot fewer frustrated people around. Also it would make dating easier.

Nice story, by the way.

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