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Depravity Loves Company


This is the continuing story of Pete, and his wife. For a full understanding of our character's please start with the story titled "Oh man...your breath smells" Parts 1-4, which can be accessed from my home page.

Our story transitions at this point to include Pete's wife in her journey of depravity. As we have learned in the previous portions of this tale, she has developed quite a taste for cum herself. We are also introduced to Amy, who is the source of the stories title...Depravity loves company, and we see how Amy's journey quickly parallels my wifes'. This is the story of her week at the pampering pregnant lady spa.


Thank goodness it's Friday.

I was never so glad as to see a Friday as this one. Pulling into the pampering pregnant lady spa my heart is just racing with anticipation. Man I missed my wife.

I grab her paperwork at the nurse's station, and head to her room. How sweet is this? Room 69...I cannot wait to share that joke with her, and race to her room. Upon entering I see that a couple of the staff are saying their goodbyes. They are both young: the male appears to be 20's good looking, dark, of Italian or Puerto Rican origin, and...wow...would you look at how cute she is!!

20's also with shoulder length strawberry blond hair and green eyes and...oh man what a set of tits!!! She cannot be more than 5' tall, but with a great set of legs and almost comically proportioned breast's threatening to split apart her nurses uniform.

This show ends though as my wife is soon thrusting her tongue into my mouth, and I am lost in the sweetness therein.

"Mmmph" I moan as my hands travel over the familiar bulk of her belly as I pull her as close as I can.

It is almost as if I can still taste my dick, and my salty load on her tongue as we swap spit for some moments.

We finally break apart, and I realise that the sweet little strawberry blonde is still in the room with us. Her face is flushed, and I cannot tell if she is embarrassed, turned on, or both.

"Amy...this is Peter" my wife lets out as she kisses me again. We lewdly trade tongues again for a moment before breaking apart.

"Honey...this is Amy" my wife sighs once again as I smile stupidly.

Amy is staring at my now tented groin, and then she returns her eyes to mine...boy is she cute...

"Pleasure to meet you Peter" she states in that breathy quality that I have come to know means only one thing...Amy needs dick, and soon, but...

"Mmmph" I am moaning once again as my wife repeatedly fills my mouth with her slimy digit, and then Amy is gone, and my wife is making her way over to a wheelchair.

This is one funky looking chair. It has been custom designed for the women who are at the spa. The chair is oversized to begin with. It then has a reclining upper portion so the ladies can ease themselves back, and it also has a custom set of "stirrups" so the legs of said pregnant mother may be comfortably raised, and separated.

Right now though, my wife has hiked up her gown, and is unabashedly displaying her sweet cunt as she places her legs in the stirrups, and eases the seat back.

Not a word is spoken as I immediately stoop to her gash and eat her out.

"Ohmygooooodnesssss yessss...oh Peter I missed your tongue...oh baby yes" she mewled with delight.

After soaking my face I discovered that this special chair, when reclined, places the mouth at optimal dick sucking heigth, and I was soon throwing my first load into my sweet wifes throat.

"It is so good to see you" I sighed as we shared my load back and forth in a long french, "Now let's get you home."

My wife's new friends all waved us goodbye, as we loaded up and headed out. I could not help but check the rearview mirror, and sure enough, old strawberry blonde was gazing fixedly at our car as we departed.

If I wasn't such a numbskull I might have wondered about our little friend Amy. I also might have wondered why I could still taste dick in my wife's mouth almost a week after I had coated it with my jism. Yup, if I only had a brain.

Looking over at my wife I am struck by her silence.

"Whatcha thinking about hun?" I smile as I rub her leg.

"Mmm...nothing babe...just reliving the spa" she sighs as she opens her legs to my caresses.

"Did you have fun?" I quip as my hand finds her soaked gash.

"Ohhh yes...rub my wet cunt baby!" she gasps, and that was the end of that as she started into a long shuddering climax.

Anyway...as I would very much later find out, this is how her week went...

My wife's name is Staci, and she stands at 5' 6'' with short brown hair she recently cut before this spa venture. She has perfect mouthfuls of breast capped with very large and ready to nurse nipples.

Staci is slender to begin with, and her pregnancy is all belly. She really is quite hot...I don't just say that cause I am her husband...with her full lips and dark eyes...and now with that breathy voice of hers she is darn near irresistable.

So last Friday when I had dropped her off with a fresh load of my spunk all over her she had not bothered to clean herself. She just didn't care anymore, and she actually wanted to savor the taste and smell of my sticky load.

As well as being a spa, the facility also had professional nurses and interns who served the patients, and would administer medical treatment if necessary, and if worse they were adjacent to the area's largest hospital.

Staci' s nurse was Amy. 26 years of age, 5' 1'' tall with strawberry blonde shoulder length curls that framed her beautiful pale pink lips, and sparkling green eyes. Amy was raised in Christian home, and upon receiving her nursing degree had married her highschool sweetheart. Yes, Amy was a virgin on her wedding night, and had just celebrated her fifth year of marriage. This is not to say she was a prude by any means...she and her husband enjoyed each other often.

Amy had also recently lost 56 pounds!! All her life Amy had struggled with her weight. This would probably have something to do with her massive breast's. They were fantastically large. Her cup size being a full DD...like ripe honeydew melons capped with pale pink nipples, but oh the weight struggles that she had faced as a result.

Until recently that is, when she found out her mother had type II diabetes. Amy realised she was probably heading down that same road as her mom as they were blessed of the same oustanding attributes. Months of hard work had payed off, though, as the pounds melted away.

As a result...Amy has one knockout body. And for the first time in her life, she felt sexy, and she had every right to.

Losing all that weight had left her work uniforms in a crises, and she was meaning to update them soon, if she could just get over the embarrassing size of her chest. They are just huge titties...so the top of her uniform still fit snug, but the bottom was billowing out.

Amy certainly had not escaped the eyes of Victor, the young intern recently hired by the Spa. Victor was tall and dark, of Italian origin, and in the 3 month's he had been with the spa had developed quite the reputation among the ladies. Not a bad reputation by any means...just the opposite...Victor was a stud.

More than once Amy had overheard the stories of Victor's long strokes that went on and on, and his attentiveness to a woman's needs. No one of the staff had a bad thing to say about Victor.

Amy took all this in stride, occasionally feeling flushed at the words the nurse's used to describe him, and his talents, but she would take her feelings home and take out her agressions on her husband.

Victor was forever the gentleman though, and was always respectful of Amy, even if he knew he could make her moan, and groan with delight...

Amy was also in the sights of Doctor Shelton. A greasy, balding, 50 something guy with a pot belly, and coke bottle glasses. He was a short, ugly little man, but he was nice enough...he never made direct advances, but his eyes were forever straying to Amy's chest no matter how short or long the conversation.

So in waddles Staci, looking quite disheveled, and she is immediately met by Amy who had just started her shift, with a wheelchair.

Wheeling Staci down the hall Amy could not help but to breathe in the scent of her...it is unusual to say the least...earthy and funky and she cannot help but try to inhale more as she attempts to decipher the smell.

"69...how sweet" my wife sighs as they enter the room.

Still concentrating on the smell Amy pays no attention to Staci's comment. Finally though the young nurse's curiosity wins out.

"You smell really good" Amy states while breathing in, "What are you wearing...if you don't mind me asking?"

"It's my husbands dick" Staci smiles breathily, "He just blew his hot load all over me."

Amy's face turned bright pink as the blood rushed to her cheeks.

"I am sssoooo sorry" she stutters out looking at the floor.

"Oh no, I'm sorry" Staci replied breathily once again, "I forget that most people don't act this way...a couple of weeks ago I would never have believed it myself."

Amy lifted her eyes to Staci, and they shared a look...Staci's of dreamy desire, and Amy's of inquisitiveness.

Sensing this my wife proceeded to launch into the sordid details of the prior couple of weeks, and our steady descent into fucking and sucking each other's brains out, and as she did Staci slowly maneuvered them to a point where Amy was resting herself on the windowsill to the back of the room.

Amy's mind was awash in the filthy words streaming from my wife as she shared our lewd acts. Words such as cock, and pussy, and blowjob, and...oh my goodness he licked her ass!!! From there it got ever more filthy until her head was spinning in a dirty slimy jism filled pool as Staci's husband fucked her ass, and she cleaned his slimy dick, and they shared his hot creamy load...

As Staci talked in her breathless way Amy could not help herself but to react. She could feel her face burning, but now it wasn't with embarassment, she was rapidly being turned on by my wifes warm, smelly breath, and trashy words.

"Did you ever kiss a woman?" Staci breathed.

"Uhm, no" she replied, as she wondered why they were standing so closely together in this large room. Staci's belly is now resting lightly against her...but it feels nice, and her breath is so warm, and her voice is like a soft melody...so breathless and...oh man what is happening here?

"Me either" Staci coo's, breathing in ever closer...slowly closer.

Staci leans over and places her lips on Amy's...pressing gently.

Amy opens her eyes, after realising they were closed!! Then she realises that she is trapped against the window, and Staci feels good pressed against her, but...wait a minute here!!!

Wanting to immediately push away, Amy then realises that Staci is VERY PREGNANT, and as she raises her hands in defense, they simply rest on the oversexed woman's enlarged belly, and...her belly feels so good...I love the life it contains, and her warm breath, mmm...hey stop this her young mind screams!!!

"Mmmmm, you have such soft lips" breathes my wife.

"Please don't" is Amy's reply as she tries to shrink back...to no avail.

"I am happily married" is her desparate plea.

As my wife breathes in Amy's sweet breath as she replies "I wish your husband was here, then we could both suck his dick, and share his hot load", as her lips slide over Amy's once more, and she started to rain soft kisses all around her mouth and chin, and nose, and cheeks.

As Staci softly kissed her Amy could not deny it felt great, and soon she just whimpered "Please...don't...please...stop", but there was no conviction, and Staci cut her off in the midst of her third "Please" with her tongue thrust into the young ladies mouth.

As she filled Amy's mouth, Staci reached for her zipper and without hesitation scooped out an enormous breast with both hands kneading it roughly, and quickly fell on it with her lips giving her tiny hickies on the massive fleshy orb.

Amy just moaned, and when Staci came up for air, it was Amy who pulled her head in for an extended make-out session.

Meanwhile my wife had reached down and was rubbing herself until her hand was soaked in her juice.

Breaking free of Amy's lips...the both of them audibly breathing into each other's face...their eyes locked in a passionate embrace.

Staci raises her hand up in between their faces, and Amy closes her eyes as the heady aroma of my wife's arousal fills her senses. Then Staci wipes her hand deliberatly around the young ladies face, causing her to moan as her tongue flicks out to taste my wife's juice.

"Oh my goodnessss you are hot" my wife hisses as she grabs a fistful of Amy's hair and kisses her for some minutes.

On and on they french, as my wife removes the rest of Amy's uniform from her shoulders, allowing it to puddle at her feet.

Staci breaks free, and turns and sits in the wheelchair, placing her feet in the stirrups to relax as Amy stands in her bra and panties...panting for lack of a better term.

"I have to go...I can't...I have to get back to work" Amy sputters as her mind tries to cling to the last vestige of goodness. What is happening? Why can I not control myself? What is wrong with me? Her mind is tripping along at light speed as she fights to regain her sense of control.

"You are absolutely beautiful" my wife breathes out softly.

Amy suddenly realises her state of undress, and the blood pours into her face as she fixes her gaze on the floor, however, she makes no attempt to cover herself.

"Thank you Staci, but I am so sorry for this, I have to go" Amy finally speaks, her voice trembling, but she is still unable to move it seems.

"Baby it's okay" my wife speaks breathily, "I know what's happening to you right now...your a bundle of emotions because you know this is wrong in your mind, but it just feels soooo good, and your body is simply reacting as it should."

"Take a deep breath baby...and smell my cunt...mmmm yes, it's all over your face" Staci moaned out hungrily, and Amy reacted as if slapped, flinching noticably at the lewd words my wife used, but she also did as Staci had commanded, and her chest started to rise and fall as she breathed in the scent of her slimed up face.

"It smells so good, doesn't it?" Staci continued as she kept Amy against the ropes.

Mmmnm, yes baby...you want more don't you" my wife purred out.

Staci slowly lifted her sundress, exposing her wet gash.

"Here it is Amy...this is what you want", and as my wife whispered Amy opened her eyes to see Staci with her legs and big belly fully exposed, but all Amy could focus on was the glistening lips of her cunt.

As if in a dream Amy slowly lowered herself to her knees and rested her head against my wife's perfectly round belly just breathing in the awesome scent of her aroused bush.

"Kiss it" my wife hissed, and Amy did just that...repeatedly as she just kissed her pussy lips while continuing to breath her in.

Amy at once just gave it over and started a fantastic french with Staci's pussy lips...on and on she licked and sucked and kissed, and for nearly ten minutes her lips never departed from my wife's sweet pussy, her breath coming loudly from her nostrils as Staci repeatedly juiced and juiced and juiced in repeated orgasms.

Finally Staci grabbed a fistful of her hair once more, and pulled her up to taste her mouth, and Amy's mouth never broke stride...immediately engaging my wife in a deep french.

"Touch yourself" my wife spoke with a lustful smile on her face, and Amy complied...exploding in orgasm as soon as contact was made, she shook over and over as she moaned with an open mouth.

Staci leaned forward and captured her tongue, sucking it gently as she pinched and pulled on Amy's massive tit flesh.

"Ohhhmnnnmm...ahhhhnmnmm" Amy moaned again and again as she shuddered with abandon...

Both women were suddenly startled with the sound of the spa PA system, and not surprisingly they were calling for Amy.

Amy's eyes grew wide, and she pulled back in shock of hearing her name...then she cupped my wife's face with both hands and kissed her soundly before jumping up, leaving Staci's face smeared with her juices.

Fumbling about with her uniform Amy staggered towards the door, but before she could completely zipper up, the door opened and in walked Dr. Shelton.

"Amy...I was just looking..." Dr. Shelton was at a loss for words as he stared at the incredible sight of Amy's cleavage.

For her part, Amy's face turned bright red as she was unable to look at the good Dr., excusing herself to go to the ladies room.

Recapturing his professionalism the Dr. called after Amy to meet him at the nurses station when she was done, which produced a high sign from her as he took the opportunity to check out her toned calf muscles.

Turning his attention back to the room the Dr. was once again at a loss for words.

Staci was still reclined in the custom wheelchair,facing sideways to the Dr.

It was obvious she had her dress pulled up over her massive belly. With her head still swimming in passion Staci smiled and smoothed out her dress as Dr. Shelton made a clumsy introduction.

"Hello...I'm Dr. Shelton, but you can just call me Doc, or Andy if you like" as he spoke, there was no doubt that the smell of excited vagina's was filling the room...12 years of smelling women's private's, and the good Dr. was nothing short of an expert in this area. He had obviously almost interrupted something that must have been a sight to see.

Having a better look at Staci, the Dr. could not help but catch his breath...man she is hot!!!

Dr. Shelton was quite sure that if he had pulled out his cock at that moment, this woman would gladly service it...a thought that was almost inconceivable to him.

Andy Shelton had long ago accepted that he was plain ugly. Barely 5' 6'', and balding with a pock-marked face, and his thick spectacles left him out in the cold as far as women were concerned. He had long since resorted to professionals when it came to his personal pleasure. He did, however, never stop fantasizing about how well he could satisfy any woman if they could get past his looks.

What Andy lacked in looks was completely made up for with his penis. In a cruel twist of fate, Andy was hung like a horse. 10 inches, and thick as a beer bottle, with a magnificent mushroom head...Andy had a beautiful package. Coupled with a tongue that moved with a snake's speed and Andy was a pleasing machine. Alas though, as stated already, he reserved his passions for making prostitutes scream with joy.

But Staci showed no displeasure when she looked at Andy...quite to the contrary, she appeared ready and willing for anything, causing a definate stirring in the good Dr's groin. Fortunately he was wearing his hospital greens under his lab coat to conceal his growing monster.

Shaking her hand he replied "I will see you later and we can review your chart...uhm, are you comfortable?" What a stupid question he thought...look at her!!!

"Mmm, I hope so" Staci spoke in her breathy way, "It's a pleasure to meet you Andy, and yes thank you for asking...I am quite comfortable", purring like a cat now.

"But...one can never be too comfortable, can they?" she quipped with a smile, and the Dr. just wanted to kiss her right then...she was just so sweetly hot, and please come and do-me like...

Taking one last deep sniff of the incredible scent in the room Dr. Shelton took his leave. Approaching the nurse's station he was met with Amy just returning from the ladies room, and he immediately enlisted her help with a patient who needed to be taken over to the main hospital which stood adjacent to the spa.

Amy, who still could not look at him in the eye, agreed and off they went.

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