tagLoving WivesDepravity Loves Company Ch. 02

Depravity Loves Company Ch. 02


This is part II of Pete's wife Staci, and her adventure at the pampering pregnant lady spa. Our story continues after a very relaxing weekend. Amy is threatening to take over this story...please forgive me...she is just such an incredible character...


Amy couldn't wait to get back to work on Monday. She could not recall ever having been so excited to start a work week.

She struggled immensely over her actions after leaving work, and felt sick with guilt going home to face her husband, but after getting some rest she felt better than she had ever felt in her entire life.

Rolling over she slid her hand around her husbands morning boner as she nuzzled his neck.

Her husband groaned himself awake, and then gasped as Amy slid down his warm body with her massive melons, and then started to rub his dick in the valley of her cleavage. His dick was not large enough to allow her mouth to taste him as she worked, so she alternately sucked him, and it didn't take long for him to gasp as he grabbed the sheets with his fist's, and blew a load all over her breast's.

"Oh honey...I am so sorry...I couldn't stop...Oh babe I'm sorry" he sputtered in apology as this was the first time he had ever come "on her" instead of "in her" so to speak.

"Honey it's ok" Amy replied as she stood up to run into the bathroom, "Let me just clean this up real quick."

Amy was holding her breasts in each hand so as not to let any of her husband's load drip down to the carpet.

Once in the bathroom though, Amy shuddered as she leaned against the wall and started to suck, and slurp his slimy load from her heaving tit's...soooo good she thought as she ravished herself.

Returning to the bedroom her husband was still sputtering apologies, but Amy just slid on top of him, cutting him off with a kiss as she rubbed herself against his softened dick.

In desparation she climbed onto his face, leaving him no choice but to eat.

Amy rode, and rode upon his face, slowly grinding her soaked pussy through two shuddering climaxes before turning herself to engage his re-hardened cock.

Amy was just hitting her stride it seemed as she mounted her husband, but he just couldn't last, and once more blasted off deep in her wanton snatch.

Breathlessly Amy kissed him, and excused herself to the bathroom once more.

In the privacy of the bathroom, Amy immediately dug her hands relentlessly into her gushing pussy to taste her husband's slimy release again, and again, while she rubbed her clitoris into a frenzy.

Things had changed for Amy...big time.

The rest of Saturday found her at the mall where she updated her wardrobe. No longer was she ashamed or embarrassed of her incredible body. Quite to the contrary her body was to become her most valuable asset, and she was in the process of understanding that basically no man in his own power could resist her.

Back at work, Amy first stopped to see Staci...she just couldn't wait to taste her again!!!

After a kiss hello that lasted forever, Amy ate her through a gushing climax. This happened before Amy had actually signed in for her shift, so because of this she was 10 minute's late!!

Amy had worn a large black sweater to work, but seeing Victor at the nurse's station she decided to show off a bit.

With her back to him she took off the sweater, which revealed how the lycra-spandex material of the new uniform hugged her narrow hips. She had also purchased a pair of platform sneakers with a 3 inch heel that raised her butt into a perfect heart shape...nice.

Pausing for the desired effect as she crossed her legs together, which only served to accentuate the whole picture, she then turned so that her fantastically large breast's could be seen from the view Victor had.

"Ohhoho...Amy, you look incredible" Victor whispered...not even bothering to try and downplay the fabulous display before him.

"You like?" she asked blushing.

"Oh yeah...I like" he smiled, as he adjusted his growing cock.

Amy approached and sat down next to him, and Victor immediatly scooted his chair closer as he made yet another cinematic episode out of reaching across Amy for something he did not need.

But Amy knew what he needed, and slid her hand into his lap to find his now very erect cock.

Victor audibly exhaled, and both of them searched the area quickly before they leaned in for a very brief, but incredibly hot french...they had to be careful as shift's were changing, not to mention that this was peak visitation hours for those who required visitation.

Not only did the spa serve the needs of pregnant women, it also served those pregnant women who were at high risk, which required them to spend most of the time restricted to a bed.

Breathlessly leaving Victor, Amy's next visit was to one such lady as this...Sarah had been confined to this bed since her 16th week of pregnancy, now approaching her 36th week. It had been a long, and difficult time for her and her husband.

Her husband Mark, was wonderful through it all, spending just about every evening with her that he could.

As Amy walked into the room she happened to glance at Mark, and was struck by how quickly his eyes fastened to her tit's. He didn't try to hide it either, but then again, how could he? Amy had not fully adjusted to the incredible power of seduction that she now was capable of.

My gosh...she thought...he is openly gawking at me...he doesn't even care...I mean, he hasn't even looked at my face!

Mark was seated in the corner of the room under the television, which gave him a view of the door, and now gave him a fabulous seat with which to view Amy's new uniform. Sarah was lying on her side to try to remain comfortable, and the staff had provided her with a small television set on her night table. She could also look out the window from time to time if she wanted.

Amy stood at the rear of the bed and chatted with her patient, casually glancing at her husband from time to time.

Amy was amazed at how brazenly, and openly he was fixed on her body, and it was getting her hot. Her actions immediately betrayed her as she placed her hands on the bed frame, and cocked her hip, which produced an audible exhale from the helpless man, and Amy could see him adjust his dick with her peripheral vision. A week ago Amy would have thought nothing of this, but now she had become a predator, much in the same way that Victor had known she was ready, Amy could instantly realise Mark's state of arousal.

Amy is the one who should have been ashamed...Mark had been faithful to his wife, and hadn't had sex for months, only to now fall victim to her newfound depravity.

Making her way to the back side of Sarah, Amy adjusted the pillows supporting her. This also allowed Amy to view Mark's face openly.

The man sat in his chair, and could not pull his eyes from Amy's heaving chest...just so heavy looking...the way they jiggled with her movements...

Amy finally dropped down quickly so he was staring at her face. His eyes opened wide in shock, and her eyes narrowed with amusement. She could see the color rising in his cheeks...he was busted. He threw a frightened glance at his wife, ready it seemed to make his apologies, but finding her still fixed on the television, he refocused on Amy's now warmly smiling face.

Amy, and Mark now had a secret. A look of gratitude came over the man, realising Amy's good sportsmanship of his wayward eyes, and it should have ended right then with a mutual understanding between two married person's and the limitations set forth by the vows they are supposed to adhere to.

A week ago this would have been the case, but things had changed...

Amy held his glance for a moment longer before slowly straightening herself...

Mark tried as best he could to keep his focus where it should have been...but there was just no use...as Amy stood erect before him he was powerless to keep his eyes from her straining bosom.

"I know what will make you more comfortable" Amy spoke directly to Mark, and with that she turned to fetch another pillow from the corner of the room.

As Amy retrieved the pillow she unzipped her uniform to a point just above her navel, and as she placed the pillow between the suffering woman's legs, her beautiful tits were openly in view, the cleavage just incredibly displayed.

"There, that's better, isn't it?" Amy coo'd as once again she delivered her statement looking directly at Mark.

He nodded his head yes as his eyes now narrowed in lust...one secret leads to another.

"Why don't you try and get some rest, and we'll see you in a bit, okay Sarah?" Amy quipped as she started for the door.

When Amy reached the door she turned. Sarah was facing away from her, but even if she was sitting up, she would not have been able to see the door because of the bathroom which was located in the entrance of the rooms.

Amy had the complete and devoted attention of Mark as she slowly opened, and then closed the door, clicking it shut.

Yet another secret was shared as they held each other's eye's from across the room. Amy's cleavage still so beautifully on display as she slowly and silently walked into the bathroom at the front of the room.

"Honey...uhm, I have to go to the bathroom...you okay for a minute or two?" he asked as he stood hunched to hide his erection.

"I'm fine..." Sarah smiled lazily.

He entered the bathroom and shut the door. Amy sat motionless on the potty.

Nobody smiled, and nobody spoke as Mark took out his throbbing cock, the head steadily bobbing up and down with his pulse.

Amy closed her eyes and softly fell forward onto his thick dick, immediately establishing a slow, and steady up and back.

Mark stood still, and watched her suck him, almost not believeing his eyes. Sarah would never have done this...which is not to say that this had ever served as a problem...she had always been willing to serve him, but it was always out of that sense of duty, and not because she wanted to.

Sarah had never instigated such an act as was being performed now, and when she did give him head, it was always in the darkened confines of their bedroom.

But now here he stood in this public restroom, with his wife only feet from him, albeit separated by a wall, but still...

Oh my gosh, here I am, and...oh man her mouth is soooo very needful...she is really enjoying this!

As Mark's head swam with emotion, he leaned down to kiss Amy, who immediately snaked her tongue into his mouth, sharing a deep french.

Mark had always loved to taste his dick in Sarah's mouth, but she usually would wipe her lips with the back of her hand before allowing him to kiss her. Mark would try to protest, but she would not relent to his desire, thinking it gross to share her slimed up lips with her lover.

On and on their tongue's dueled before they split apart, Amy's head slowly falling onto his hard cock once more.

He was completely burning up with desire now as Amy continued her slow, needful servicing of his cock.

Amy hadn't even touched Mark, but it wouldn't be necessary...her mouth was sufficient.

Once more Mark was in unbelief at what was about to take place...

He never, ever, ever placed his load in Sarah's mouth...he hadn't bothered to ask, and she had never offered either, and now as Mark passed the point of no return, he didn't even bother to warn Amy.

Moaning softly through clenched teeth Mark started cumming, and cumming, and cumming. Mark's load lasted nearly a minute, having gone so long without, and now being serviced so incredibly...he had not even thrust his cock once!

Amy was moaning softly through her nose as she drank, and swirled, and swallowed each burst of seed from Mark's endless climax.

Some minutes later, Amy stood and fed Mark her tongue once more.

"Thank you...oh thank you...mmm oh thank you" he whispered over and over as he sucked her slimy tongue again and again.

"Maybe I'll see you later" Amy whispered with one last kiss as she zipped up, and quietly slid out.

Popping into the nurse's bathroom, Amy checked her make-up, and suddenly Victor appeared behind her.

Amy instinctively opened up to him, and bent over the sink as he goes right for her bush...eating for several sloppy seconds before standing, and plunging his 9 inch tool to the hilt.

Lifting her leg sideways he began thrusting hard and steady, his balls repeatedly slapping her clitoris, and in no time she is shuddering uncontrollably.

Victor jackhammers with great intent for several more moments before moving into a stall where he sits on the potty. Amy follows like a trained puppy, and in moments is riding his dick up and down as he feeds on her big titties.

"Let me fuck your tits" he moans, and she sinks to her knees, and wraps him up in one motion.

The two of them are like a well oiled machine with one purpose. In moments Victor is hissing out that he's ready as he grabs Amy's auburn locks and holds her head, pumping a healthy load into her throat.

The whole episode didn't take more than 5 minutes. It wasn't even dinner time yet!!

After dinner Mark was restless. Actually Mark wanted to see Amy again...actually Mark NEEDED to see Amy again, and who could blame him.

"Sarah...I'm gonna go sit in the tub for a bit, okay?" he gently spoke to his wife, and she just nodded. Kissing her on the cheek, Mark felt rotten...knowing full well why he was going to the tub.

After wandering the hallways for some time, and not finding Amy, Mark decided that maybe a tub would do some good anyway.

After about 5 minutes in the tub...who should walk in, but...you guessed it, my wife Staci.

Watching her enter the room, Mark saw just another pregnant lady come to soak, but once again, Staci's thong would change everything in a hurry.

Fixing his eyes on her toned ass cheeks, Mark cannot help but be impressed, especially knowing that she is carrying such a load in front.

When she turned to face him though, Mark was once again, for the second time that day, caught staring...he just could not help himself having gone so long without.

Standing to help Staci into the tub, Mark didn't even think to hide the beginnings of his erection, but at this point it wouldn't have mattered because Staci, like Victor and Amy, had become a predator.

With introductions out of the way it wasn't long before Mark was telling Staci of his wife's condition.

Staci listened, but instead of feeling sympathy for his wife, her depraved mind felt sympathy for him, and felt excited over how much he must be in need of sex!!

"Mark...you poor thing...you must be so lonely" Staci spoke in her breathy way causing his eyes to focus in on her as she pouted her full lips.

"Well it will all be over soon" Mark quipped with a smile, but...oh man her mouth is sexy, and his cock start's to pulse.

With a predatory gleam in her eye Staci ignored his comment adding "I know I sure do miss my husband's big dick...mmm his hot cum, and it's only been a couple of days...so you must be going out of your mind" with her lips still pouting.

"I'll bet you miss your wife's mouth...don't you?" her breath is whispering out of her now, and Mark is done; put a fork in him, and take him off the grill.

"Does your wife like to drink down your hot load Mark?" she whispers.

"Come here Mark" is her soft command.

He never had a chance. The power of my wife's depravity was simply to much, and he nervously slid over to where my wife was sitting.

Staci turned so her face is just inches from his as she issues her next command.

"I need a kiss" she whispers into his nostrils, and as he moans in reply their lips meet in a deliciously nasty french.

Taking a firm grip of his dick...my wife breaks the kiss, breathing her hot breath still into his nose.

"Mnmm, what a nice, big, cock...come to my room please...I need to taste you" she whispers as they join lips again.

Mark is reduced to a series of moans as he chases after my wife's tongue...kissing had always been his favorite pleasure, and Staci's mouth was just so eager...willing...Mark was spoiled instantly.

Back in the room where his wife lay, Mark once again told his wife a lie...it was getting easier all the time...kissing her once more on the cheek, he bid her good night.

Room 69, room 69, room 69, over and over it played in Mark's head as he made his way through the corridor. It was the last thing Staci had breathed into his nose...oh man I love her breath in my nose Mark thought as his cock was already growing in anticipation. Knock, knock he tapped, his heart in his throat, his pulse in his temples as he heard her voice.

Entering the room Mark found Staci in the custom wheelchair.

Still not completely sure of himself, Mark stupidly asked Staci what she was doing.

"I'm waiting for you silly" she laughed breathily, "Come here" was the same simple command she had issued earlier.

Mark kneeled where her head was reclined and moved his lips to hers, and that is where they stayed for the longest time...swapping spit and mewling. Mark could not get enough...cupping her face in his hands, and just eating her lips and chin, and nose, and neck...

"Mnmmmmm, gimme your dick lover...give it to me now...fuck my lips baby" my wife spit at him.

Mark's cock was already in his hand, and with surprising speed Staci found it buried to the hilt, as he stood and drove into her.

"Unghh...your kidding me" Mark grunted out as he was definately NOT thinking his cock was going to do a disappearing act, but then again this whole day had been a dream come true so far. It did not take him long to adjust, though, and before long he was making long strokes while he cupped the back of my wife's head.

"Oh Staci...I'm gonna fill your throat" he moaned, and for the second time that day he emptied his sack into a greedy face.

Staci drank him in, and held her throat closed for the duration of his orgasm.

Rolling onto her back she held her mouth open wide for Mark to see.

Mark gazed into her mouth with awe, with her eyes she beckoned him as he felt her tugging his arm downward, and slowly he once more kneeled next to her.

Mark's mouth was now hovering directly over Staci's mouthful of his frothy jism.

As if in a dream, he felt her hand curl around his head lovingly running her hands through his hair and then begin to slowly pull him to her lips.

Mark opened his mouth as wide as her's, and as he felt her lips contact with his he gently thrust his tongue downward into his own slimy mixture of sperm.

Mark's mouth exploded with sensation as the slimy goo coated his insides...his breath started to come out in blast's as he grew so excited from the sheer disgusting pleasure he was receiving, while Staci continued to run her figers through his hair, and the spit filled mixture of jism ran out out of her mouth and down her neck.

Mark just couldn't help the moans, and every time he did the jism flowed out of Staci's mouth, but soon he was slurping and sucking on her neck, cleaning her everywhere his tongue could reach.

Moment after moment was spent cleaning, and recleaning, and swapping, and swapping, and swapping, spit and jism, and jism and spit.

Mark was on auto-pilot now as he made his way down my wife's oversized belly, worshipping her all the while.

Staci's pussy was overflowing by the time he got to it, and he busily munched her through a good many climaxes before she wrestled his tongue away.

"Lover let's trade places" my out of breath wife spoke as she tried to sit.

Mark helped her up, and took her seat in the chair, after getting a pillow for her knees.

"You are so sweet and considerate" my wife smiled.

"I just want to take you home with me" she breathed and then sucked his balls into her mouth.

"Pull your knees to your chest lover" is her next order as she licks her way along his cock.

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