tagIncest/TabooDepressed Sister in Law

Depressed Sister in Law


“Fuck Me, You Fucking Bastard, FUCK ME!!!!”

Brandi, my sister in law was screaming as my sweat dripped into her face. My cock was pounding her Slick pussy as hard as I could. I just smiled an evil smile and pinched her heaving tits.

It all started earlier this afternoon, I had stopped by her house to find out why she has been so distant from her family lately.

“It’s none of yours or anyone else’s business!” she said rudely.

“I’m sorry, I know you only want to help, but since my divorce, I just don’t feel any man wants me! I’ve put on so much weight, I just don’t want to go on and I just didn’t want everyone to worry about me!”

As she cried I put my arm around her.

“That is nonsense! Any man would want you. You are smart, work hard, make a good living, and your also great mother. What more could a man want in a woman? We all put on some pounds as we grow older who cares? And some men, me, included have a thing for a nice big ass!”

Brandi continued to sob, her shoulders shaking. She looked up at me, her hazel eyes red and puffy, as I wiped away her tears.

“Do you really think I’m not ugly?”

I kissed her cheek and told her,

“If I wasn’t married to your little sister I would be begging to take you out daily!”

“Really? Your not just saying that?”

“No. I mean it Brandi.”

She then hugged me tightly pressing her breasts into my chest and looked into my eyes then kissed me with her full lips slipping her tongue inside my mouth working it like a snake!

I had been kissed before but never with such passion, and desire. Her full lips so soft and warm, and her taste was sweet as honey as our tongues fought against each one another.

“Would you make love to me?”

I was in shock, I had wanted to fuck this little lady since I first saw her when I was dating her little sister many years before. And now I had the chance. I just took her by the hand as we got up from her couch and entered her bedroom closing the door, and she started to remove her clothes.

I stared at her heart shaped ass as she bent over, my cock instantly getting hard. I leaned over and kissed her ass cheeks, telling her how beautiful they were. She turned and kissed me again then started to undress me slowly, very seductively. Kissing me everywhere my clothes came off. As she removed my underwear she got on her knees and began to suck my hard cock, her full lips wrapped around it tightly, her tongue working magic I’ve never known.

I grabbed her hair and sighed, while she continued sucking my cock, moving her head deeper and deeper on it. I fucked her mouth without any thought of her sister, and then told her to get on the bed, and we got in the 69 position and I kissed her pussy running my tongue up the slit of her neatly trimmed pussy with the flat of my tongue.

Her moans were making me hotter than I had been in years. I fucked her face while eating her pussy, spreading her lips with my fingers sticking my tongue as far into her as possible. She started bouncing against my face, cumming when I moved to her ass and licked her puckered asshole deeply. I wanted to cum in her mouth so she could taste my Cum, but I had a greater desire to fuck her first.

“Get on your hands and knees so I can see your nice ass as I fuck you.”

I then ran my cock along her thick pussy lips, getting my cock wet from her juices that were now dripping down her cunt. As I slid my hard cock inside her as she got the sexual pleasures she had not had in months. She was shaking saying I was the first man to do this in over 2 years. Brandi was so wet I slid inside with no problem and she had the hottest pussy I had ever stuck my cock in. I then began to fuck her in earnest.

Slamming myself against her ass making her ass ripple as our hips made contact. I reached under her and pinched her clit, making her cry out as she came again. I held her hips, fucking her as hard as I could and as deep as my cock would go, while she squirmed against me. I reached under her and pinched her nipples roughly, as she screamed out

“Fuck Me! Fuck Me, like the slut I am, You Fucking Bastard!”

I rammed my cock in her without mercy, my sweat mixing with hers on her back as my stomach slid against her lower back. I threw her over on her back and jammed my cock in her again, lifting her legs over my shoulders, watching her tits bounce as I slammed my cock in her over and over again.

“You want to get fucked bitch? Move your sexy fat ass, squeeze my cock with your hot cunt you nasty fucking whore!”

The words seemed to make her crazy with lust, and she went into a fucking frenzy pulling my ass into her deeper. Her orgasms seemed to never stop, one after the other. As I felt myself starting to cum I told her I was almost there.

“Fuck my mouth, feed me your hot cum, I need it so badly!”

I jumped up and she grabbed my cock, stuck it in her hot mouth and sucked it like there was no tomorrow! As my cock began to spurt my spunk in her mouth I knew she was cumming again as she began to moan with her mouth full of cock and cum. Her talented mouth milking every drop from me!

As we rested,

“I have never cum like that before, at least not so many times at once. My first husband only did it for his pleasure, and he never ate my pussy I would get off while taking a bath by playing with myself!”

I let her know as long as I was around when wouldn’t have to resort to those means anymore. She then moved down and began to kiss my balls, then swallowed my cock whole as it hardened. Her hand was between her legs rubbing her clit I saw her mirror and moved around so I could watch her easier. She stuck her finger inside her wet pussy then another and was finger fucking herself wildly as her mouth bounced on my cock. Her short brown hair was all sweaty. And stuck to her forehead and face.

Her eyes glazed over staring into mine lustily as she sucked my cock. As I felt the cum rumbling up in my balls, I told her I was fixing to start cumming and she attacked my cock, sucking it down her throat, while tickling my balls and rubbing my asshole with her finger. I shot a massive load in her mouth as she gulped it down hungrily!

After I had cum I pulled her up to my face, kissing her. Tasting my salty cum on her tongue, each of us happy this had happened. She asked if I was sorry we had done this. I told her “Yes, I am.” She had a hurt look in her eyes.

I just smiled and said, “I’m sorry we didn’t do this sooner!”

Authors Note:

This story is Pure Fantasy, it never happened it was only written for You, the Reader and my own enjoyment only! I do NOT believe in, or participate in Incest, Violence towards Women OR the Sexual Abuse of a Child of any age, consenting or not! If you enjoyed this story, please drop me an email with any suggestions or fantasies you would like to read about. Yes, I am a warped individual, but at least I still have my sense of humor! ;-) Thanks, mustanger7up

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