tagMind ControlDept of Social Services

Dept of Social Services


She was my 10:00 appointment, but when she got to my office, all she did was stand in the doorway as if uncertain to come in. I motioned for her to come on in, and she reluctantly came in and took a seat. Since she had called our office and requested to speak to someone, I waited for her to feel comfortable enough to start talking.

As she sipped on a glass of water, I gave her the once over. I knew already that her name was Ruth Ann Simpson. She looked to be in her late teens. She was a cute girl but it looked like after a lifetime of being put down and made fun of, she turned within herself and that beauty was never allowed to blossom.

She finally spoke....."Ms. Thompson my name is Ruth Ann Simpson. I am in High School but I probably look younger then I really am. I have been told this before. Anyway I am here today because I don't know who else to turn to and if you can't help me then I guess all hope is lost."

With that said she began to cry. I offered her some tissues and a fresh glass of water. When she calmed down, she continued........

"I am at a lost about what to do. I honestly feel that if you can't help me that I will become pregnant within the next several months against my will."

She now had my full attention! Was she being molested by a trusted family member? Was she being raped repeatedly? I wanted to know.

"Let me back up before I give you the wrong impression. My Father left before I was born. I live with my Mother and Grandmother. We led a simple but happy life, until.....until......"

Fresh tears began to groove lines down her sorrowful face. Could it be that the Mother's or Grandmother's boyfriend has been abusing her? This was beginning to shape up very ugly. While I waited for her to stop the tears, I checked and made sure that my friend on the Police Dept was still on my speed dial. She went on.........

"Well, my Mom got a boyfriend and he makes her very happy. He was super nice to everyone in the family including myself. But there was just something about him that I couldn't put my finger on. I didn't trust him! For one thing, my Mom seemed just a little too happy. Whenever James, thats his name, was around she was just smiling silly like some young kid or something. My Granny told me it was because he had a superior cock, whatever that is, and is putting it to Mama all the time?! I didn't know what the meant. I just thought she meant he had a big dick, you know? Excuse my language. Anyway, Granny has a dirty mind even though she is only 54 years old and doesn't look it. I bet she is getting her share of cock too. Sorry, I got off track there. Well like I said my Mother is so happy now and never spends any time with the rest of the family anymore."

Now I am lost! If the boyfriend isn't having sex with her, why is she telling me all this? I decided the best course of action was to just shut up and let her go on.

"One day I came home late after attending a ball game at school and the house was almost pitch black it was so dark. I feared the worse and rushed into the house only to have my Granny put her hand over my mouth and tell me to shut up. Then she made me follow her toward my Mom's bedroom. I heard the moans before reaching the door. The door was cracked open and we both looked inside.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing! My mom was on the floor naked begging James to please let her suck his..his...thing! She had this dazed look in her eyes like she had her eyes open but she couldn't see anything but him.

I started to get mad and scream at them when my granny hit me in my arms telling me to be quite and look at the size of that sucker, those were her words...look at the size of that sucker!!

Against my better judgment, I looked in the door again and saw it. From what I saw of it before it slipped down my Mother's throat seemed okay as far as cocks go, but I have seen bigger on the internet. Granny was staring at it like she hadn't seen a cock in years, and come to think of it maybe she hadn't.

I couldn't take my eyes off my Mom as she was sucking and licking like some slut or something. She would deep throat him and then lick and kiss his balls.

The she would lick the entire length of his shaft as she did things to herself that he told her to do. When I looked back and saw my Grandmother playing with her own tits...I had had enough!!

I walked out the front door and rang the doorbell yelling to my Mom that I can't find my key. All the lights snapped on and she yelled at me to wait just a moment. The scary part was when she finally opened the door for me everyone inside were acting as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Even my Grandmother acted like she didn't know what I was talking about when I pulled her aside and talked about what we both had seen. I didn't know what the hell was going on??"

She seemed to be on a roll, so I cancelled my remaining appointments for the rest of the day and let her continue.

" Several weeks later, my Mother informed me that she was pregnant! There was no doubt on who was the father. That by itself was a great shock to me but things got worse. About a month later....my Grandmother told the family that she also was pregnant. I don't think she even had a boyfriend. Now here it was both my Mother and Grandmother were going to have babies!! Do you want to know the weird part? I think that James is the Father of both! I don't know how the hell that is possible, but I just know it is. Like I also know that if you don't help me .... I will be carrying his baby next!"

She was too upset to go on, so I told her to just take a break and relax while I talk to a friend of mine. I stepped into another room and made my call. Almost half an hour later I came back, but not with the news I knew she wanted to hear. From her statement I concluded that neither the Mother or the Grandmother had been raped or molested and without their testimony no charges could be filed. I told her that I could pay the family a visit, but she insisted that by doing that I would only be making things worse! I gave her my business card and promised that I would stay in touch with her. She left with a disappointed look on her face.

When I got home that evening, my roommate Shelia knew right off that something was bothering me. When I didn't want to talk about it, she didn't push the issue. She knew me well. I skipped dinner and went right to the bedroom to rest. I was feeling so helpless because it didn't appear there was anything I could do to help that young girl. I began to cry!

Who was I to think that I could help anyone? I was fresh out of college and this was my first position. I didn't even know my sexually orientation. I had started sleeping with girls in college and enjoyed it a great deal. At the same time, sometimes I longed for the feeling of a large dick deep inside me. The feeling of him squirting that hot thick cum in me was indescribable! I was as messed up as Ruth Ann. I cried more!!

Shelia heard my sobs and came into the bedroom. Seeing me crying she laid down beside me and held me close without asking a single question. She is like that.

I couldn't stop crying so she undressed me and had me lie down under the blanket. Through tear filled eyes I saw that she also had gotten undress and slid into bed beside me. She knew that I was not the mood for sex but she was doing it to let me know she was there for me. She never tried anything sexual and just continued to hold me as I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up when I felt my nipple rub against hers. The sensation sent shock waves all the way down to my pussy!

I opened my eyes and saw that Shelia was sleep...but she wasn't going to be for long. I continued to rub my nipples over her ample breasts and she moaned every so slightly in her sleep. Sleep or not her nipples harden into balls of female flesh. Leaning over I licked my tongue all across first one nipple and then the other. My hand travelled down her body. The pussy hairs on her mound were moist with her wetness as I gently parted her pussy lips and massaged her clit. It became engorged and started to stick out from up under its protective hood. Have you ever observed a woman's clit harden as it extends beyond its hood? It's like watching the cock of an uncut man as it becomes erect. The cock head slowly sheds beyond the foreskin as it burst into full erection. Such is the case of a female when she becomes fully aroused.

I dipped my finger into the folds of her wetness to coat it with her juices and then I rub it over her harden clitoris. Her head began to sway back and forward as if she is experiencing the heat between her legs in her dreams. She doesn't wake up just yet, but nevertheless her body is in full response mode as she slowly grinds to my finger. Not wanting to wake her up until just the right moment, I continued to masturbate her using the same low amount of pressure. Just a soft but relentless massage of her pussy. It isn't long before I detect a soft moan under her breath. She is in rapid eye movement stage and it won't be much longer before she does wake up fully. I slip a finger inside her. Her cunt grips my finger holding it inside her. Shifting my hand around I slide another finger into her tight ass all the while continuing to flick her clit with my thumb. She is moaning more loudly now.

I chew on her nipples and her arms goes around me. The time is now right. I do the two following things at the same time. I press my mouth to her and my tongue finds its way into her mouth....and....I increase the pressure and tempo of her masturbation sending her over the edge of desire. Her unexpected orgasm hits her like a brick wall. Her eyes fly open but its too late as she is already caught up in the powerful grip of her climax. She screams out her orgasm into my open mouth as it clamps on hers. She bucks and bounces off the bed as her she throws her pussy to me and her pussy floods my hand. Her ass tightens and releases my finger as her pussy throbs in union. She holds me tight to her body as tears of joy streamed down her face.

Her body was trembling in my arms, and I gave no thought about her giving me any release. When she finally totally calmed down, I explained to her about Ruth Simpson. She listened until I was completely finished telling the story before she offered some advice I hadn't thought of. If Ruth Ann would agree to it I would take her to a professional friend of Shelia's and have her hypnotized. Then just maybe she can divulged anything her subconscious is aware of but she may not be. We could also find out something, if anything she may be holding back from us that we could use to help her. I contacted Ruth and she readily agreed.

We set the appointment up and because I was not allowed to be in attendance we recorded it. Here is the main parts of her transcript.......

"Ruth Ann you are not under my control and when I ask you any questions you will answer me truthfully. Do you understand?


Good.....Now Ruth Ann has James ever did anything to you sexually?


Tell me all about it in your own words....One day not too long after finding out that my Mom was pregnant. My Granny and I was snooping around her bedroom. I don't know what we were looking for exactly, we were just looking. We didn't find anything unusual with the exception of some butt plugs and a large dildo. Suddenly we heard the front door open and they were returning. My Granny threw me into their closet, and she ran out to meet them.

I held my breath as all three of them came into the room. I could see them through the slants in the door. They made small talk until James pulled out what looked to me like a penchant on this long chain. It was covered in jewels and as she spun it before them the light reflected on it in the most beautiful way. Then I realize that both my Mom and Granny were watching it closely with slack jaws and glazed over eyes. He talked to them in such a gentle voice that I even found myself listening and watching the amulet. But then he said something that sent chills down my spine....Talking to my Grandmother he asked her...did you bring the child to me?

Bring me to him? What the fuck? Has Granny been working for him the whole time? Was it planned for me to see my Mother under his control sucking his cock? I have been betrayed!

She raised her hand and pointed at the closet where I was hiding?!? James came to the closet and pulled me out. I beat on him with my fists but it did no good as he was too big and too strong. I screamed at him! Then he made my Mom and Granny hold me down as he faced me. I screamed that I wouldn't be put under no dam spell so he can kiss my ass. I closed my eyes as tight as I could. He just laughed and walked around behind me where I couldn't see what he was doing. I tried to reason to my family to let me go but they only held me tighter.

It was then that I felt a pin prick in my hip. When James came back into view he was holding a syringe. What did he do to me? I began to feel sort of woozy as if I had been drinking. He was talking but I am not sure who he was talking too or what he was saying. I brought my hand up to my head to wipe the sweat off my forehead. I didn't even realize that I was no longer being held down. My family were back at James's side at his feet. He stood up and got undressed. His...his dick was rock hard and sticking straight out pointing at me. As he walked toward me it would sway back and forth. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. It was like I just knew what he wanted me to do. I reached out and wrapped my hand around his dick. It looked so, I don't know, juicy. I wanted to taste it in my mouth.

I couldn't stop myself....I sucked his cock!"

With that said, she collapsed in tears. I thought I had enough for a case but my legal friends told me it wouldn't be enough for a full blown conviction. So if they wanted more...I would give them more!
I went to their home! Only Ruth was there so I went in and sat down with her to talk. She was nervous about me being there but I assured her that everything would be alright. We talked for hours. Then her family came home!!

The Mother looked to be about 40 years of age, but had let her looks go. The Grandmother did not look her age and seemed to be in very good shape. As for James...he looked younger then the Mother. I could see Ruth Ann being suspicious of him as he had very shifty eyes. I immediately didn't trust him either. When they found out where I worked at, they became very defensive.

The women kept my attention as James just walked away. I tried to assure them that I wasn't here to take Ruth Ann away.

Suddenly James screamed "Lair" as he put something over my face. Too late I realized that it was chloroform!

When I opened my eyes, I saw James holding a syringe...an empty syringe!

He told me that he only gave Ruth Ann a few cc's and he was sure that I knew how that turned out. However for me, he gave me a full dose! I just sat there with no effort to get away. Then he brought out this beautiful amulet. I watched it closely as he twirl it faster and faster. How beautiful!

I didn't hypnotize Ruth Ann as there was no need too. But your my dear, are going to be a tough cookie to crack. Now watch the amulet...watch it as you sink deeper and deeper into a trance.

He told me that he was going to ask me some questions and I was compelled to answer truthfully. That was no problem as I wanted to please him. I knew to tell the complete truth would please him. As the questions continued my eyes became very heavy and I couldn't keep them open.

When I opened my eyes again I was standing up facing the three other females in the house. They all had dazed, empty expressions on their faces. As James spoke we all hung on his every word, myself included. However only I seemed to have the ability to think for myself. He told everyone to take off their blouses and bras. I watched as Ruth Ann, her Mother and Grandmother all proceeded to remove their upper clothing. I screamed at James asking what the fuck did he think he was doing to them. He just smiled at me which gave me the creepiest feeling because he wasn't looking at my face but lower. It was then I felt the cool air from the air conditioner running over my breasts. I was shocked to look down and see that, just like the others, I too had removed my blouse and bra. My breasts were exposed for all to see, hard nipples and all. I tried to cover myself but my arms wouldn't move.

He laughed out loud as he saw me struggle to no avail. He informed me that just like the others I had no will of my own and would obey his every command. However it thought it would be funny to allow me to be able to think and speak clearly. He then told us to remove all of our clothing. I cussed and called him all kinds of names, but soon I was standing totally naked before him facing the other females.

The Mother whose name was Darlene, was obviously several months pregnant. Her breasts were swollen with mother's milk and she had the largest nipples I had ever seen in my life.

The Grandmother, Kay, may have been 54 years old, but she had the body of someone around the age of 40. She too was showing signs of being pregnant although not as far along as her daughter. Her stomach was swelling and her breasts were just beginning to be stretched as it filled with milk.

As much as I didn't want too, my eyes finally fell upon the naked form of Ruth Ann. I noticed two things about her right off and they were...her nipples were puffy and extended with arousal...and her pussy was completely shaved bald. I squeezed my eyes tight as my own body began to respond to the sights I was seeing. It was too late to stop my nipples from hardening, but I would be dam if I was going to let him see me or even know that I was wet between my legs!

James told everyone to fall to their knees and look up at him. I called him a "low life bastard", but I already had one knee on the floor. As I looked up at him, he came and stood in front of me with his back to everyone else. He spoke.......

"You may be wondering how is it that I can have such full control over you my dear Ms Thompson. While I did hypnotize you, that in itself would not have been enough because as you know you can't make someone do something that is against their nature. However it was the injection of a very special and very expensive serum that completely destroyed your resistance and made your will mine! Once you were with zero resistance, it was such a simple matter to put you under my spell. Rub your boobs, bitch!"

I began to massage my breasts and pull on my nipples...it felt so good.

"See how easy it is? My! My! My! According to the answers to the questions I asked you, you have lead a very interesting life. So you like both pussy and dick?!!"

My face redden with embarrassment. I wondered to myself just what all did I tell this man!

"Well I wonder what your precious Shelia would think of you if she ever heard about the things you are going to do tonight?"

Oh My God!

"But before we get this show on the road....watch this......"

I was compelled to watch as he walked over to the two pregnant women, and had them sit down in two overstuffed chairs. He left for a moment, but when he returned he was carrying two devices. When I realized what they were, I wanted to scream for Ruth Ann to run and get help, but I could only look and watch what he was doing. While Ruth was just looking blindly at me without any expression.

The devices in his hand were breast pumps. He connected them to both women and turned the power on low. Immediately I noticed the suction of their breasts going in and out of the suction cups. The women's eyes became half closed and I could only imagine that the sucking of their breasts felt good. Because I had to, I watched him attach bottles at the bottom of the tubes and little by little their Mother's Milk was slowly seeping into them. I had never seen anything like that before in my life and once again my body betrayed me and responded. The women began to sway back and forth with each powerful suction. Then he brought his attention back to me.

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