tagErotic CouplingsDerailed Ch. 03

Derailed Ch. 03

byUncle South Loop©

I floated home, riding atop an emotional high like none I’d never known. The exhilaration lingered on as I readied for another day of work and left for the office. Only by immersing myself into to drafting Amelia’s investment plan.

I faxed her plan over at 9:30, anticipating she’d make few if any changes, and then turned immediately to making a list of her initial portfolio buys. Just before noon, Amelia faxed back the signed plan without changes with a handwritten note on the cover sheet, “Garrett, I’ve signed the plan as is. The way you conducted yourself last night convinced me that you’re a person I can trust. I’m excited about our future relationship, Amelia.’

In my first quick read, I thought I detected a cleverly disguised double meaning in the words of her note – the second pertaining to what we’d shared. It was possible that wishful thinking was making me read something that really wasn’t there. I was still bothered by how Amelia had made no promise of future meetings.

Needing to hurry and place buy orders before the market closed, I put thoughts of Amelia and her note aside. Aided by the list, I got them all in. I worked late to get caught up on my other client’s accounts before leaving for the weekend.

I couldn’t help breaking my normal “recharge the batteries” weekend routine. I called Amelia twice both on Saturday and Sunday, but only reached her answering machine and did not hear back. Afraid of missing her return call, I didn’t go out the entire weekend.

I went to the office even earlier than normal on Monday and buried myself in work. At ten, Mrs. Smyth called. After exchanging our usual greetings, she asked, “Garrett, have you heard from Amelia Thorne?”

“Yes I did. We’ve met twice and she’s placed her account with me. Thanks again. As always, I really appreciate your referrals.”

“That’s great, Garrett. You’ve always done well for my friends and I. But, what I’d really like to know is what did you think of her?”

“She’s exactly what you told me, well off financially and a very beautiful woman.”

“That she is. Did she do or say anything inappropriate to you?”

“No, it was all strictly business between us.” If I were Pinocchio, my nose would have shot out.

“Good, Garrett. But, please be very careful with her. If the rumors are true, I fear she might seduce and hurt you.”

I faked a laugh in replying, “No need to worry. Our relationship is strictly a business one.” Thankfully, my nose remained the same length.

“For your sake, I hope it stays that way. Well, enough of my nosey prying. I’m looking forward to seeing you Wednesday night at the charity dinner.”

“Me too, Mrs. Smyth. I’ll see you then.” Hanging up I breathed a sigh of relief. I’d completely forgotten about Wednesday night and had managed cover my lapse. The dinner was a yearly event for Mrs. Smyth’s favorite charity. Aware of ‘who buttered my bread’, it’d been a month since I’d returned the invitation with a check for my dinner. I’d added an additional $5,000 donation check. I knew Mrs. Smyth, as a trustee, would get a list of contributions received.

The dinner was held at Chesterfield Country Club, in a room large enough to accommodate the 500 plus attendees. I found Mrs. Smyth immediately upon arrival and sat at table with her and her friends who were all my clients. I spotted Amelia, at a table about 100 feet away, just as dinner’s first course was served.

Amelia’s eyes met mine on my third furtive glance over and her face brightened. Coyly avoiding being noticed, she pursed her lips to throw me a kiss across the room. My will power was severely tested for the rest of the meal. Needing to keep up with our table conversation, I struggled to keep my mind and eyes off Amelia. On the few glances I did manage, our eyes met.

Dinner finally ended and was followed by several lengthy closing speeches. With the freedom to survey the crowd and Amelia without being detected, I didn’t hear what was said. She was obviously the most beautiful woman in the room and images of her naked body filled my thoughts.

The evening dragged to conclusion. Mrs. Smyth went off to perform her social duties as trustee. I stayed until the last of my clients left. Amelia saw when I was finally alone, smiled and jerked her head towards the exit doors. So as not to be noticed, I waited until she left the room before following.

In the hall outside, Amelia stood down at one end. She waved for me to come and disappeared into a doorway, holding the door open until I caught up. She let the door close as soon as I passed through. Alone in a stairway, we embraced and kissed passionately. In breaking she said, “Garrett, I’m so glad to see you here. Unfortunately, I’ve got to be somewhere else tonight but I’ve time for us to be alone together. Come with me.”

She led me down the stairs, through another door marked ‘Men’s Locker Room’. Once inside, Amelia wrapped her arms around me and kissed me hungrily. With her body hard against mine, I hardened in arousal.

Breaking off, she panted, “Seeing you tonight, all I could think about was how your cock felt in me and what I could do to get you alone.”

Before I could reply, Amelia was on her knees, pulling my pants and briefs down to my ankles. Her one hand grasped my stiffened shaft near the base and the other fondled my balls. Her tongue flicked out and licked my domed head before she looked up, “At last, I can finally touch and taste your wonderful cock.”

Keeping her eyes fixed up on mine, she opened her mouth and took me in. As if famished, she hungrily devoured my shaft with her warm lips, wet mouth and lashing tongue. Coupled with her manipulating hands, I grew full hard in seconds. She pulled her head off to declare, “I NEED your cock in me now! Lie down on the bench so I can fuck you.”

I quickly obeyed, shuffling over and reclining on the narrow bench before the lockers. Amelia rose, pulling up her dress to reveal she’d not worn panties and straddled over me. She guided my stiff cock’s head into her slick opening, braced both her hands on my chest and slowly lowered her body down.

The sensation of her warm, wet pussy enveloping the stretched skin of my cock was pure ecstasy. Her bare ass cheeks settled on the tops of my thighs at full impalement and she flexed her inner muscles to squeeze my cock. Straightening up from the waist, she rotated her hips to bend and press my bloated shaft against the velvety walls of her pussy.

“Garrett, I’ve missed your wonderful cock. It feels even better in me than I remember,” Amelia whispered hoarsely. After five or six hip rotations, she flopped down throwing her hands and forearms onto my chest and kissed me hard on the lips. Our tongues dueled. Our breaths rushed out of our noses over the other’s cheek. Slowly she started lifting up until I was nearly out and then inching down in measured strokes, maximizing the pleasure of our fucking.

Unable to draw in enough air, she broke our kiss in drawing up and panted, “Oh yes…it so good …to fuck you…AGAIN! I’ve got to cum…cum with me, Garrett!!”

Amelia’s hips shifted into high gear, fervently springing up and then plunging down in a feverish rhythm. Her scream echoed of the walls when her first release hit and she froze holding my full length inside. Her second jolt brought me with her. My cock erupted, spurting cum deep into her. Our mingled juice surged over my shaft and oozed out onto my balls.

She collapsed down onto me fully, her lips plucking my neck and ear. Our pulsing quakes of release passing through both our bodies. Her tremors slowly abating as I emptied into her.

Amelia rose up and off me while I was still semi-hard explaining, “Garrett lover, it’s been wonderful being with you again. I wish I could stay longer, but I must run.”

She walked over to a sink on the far wall to clean up, adjust her clothing and comb her hair in the mirror. I followed and was only half done when she finished. She leaned in to give me a quick kiss saying, “Good night and thank you.”

She turned and started for door. I called out after her, “Amelia, when will I see you again?”

“I’ll call you, Garrett.”


Driving home, disjointed thoughts whirled through my mind. Amelia on her knees sucking my cock…had anyone seen us sneak out…’Men’s Locker Room”…what Mrs. Smyth and my other clients said…dump Conglomerate stock tomorrow…consequences of violating my personal/client rule…telling Jeff about Amelia or NOT…when next with Amelia…divorced and nearly ten years older…had Mrs. Smyth seen us leave…where were Amelia and I going …she’s going to call.

The churning paused. Saying she’d call wasn’t much, but considering evasive she’d been our first night and tonight happening by chance, I deemed it progress. Obviously, she enjoyed having sex with me. She’d been the aggressor and I’d been most willingly seduced both times. With a woman like Amelia, I’d no resistance.

My confusion was rooted in uncertainty. I’d learned, early in my adult life, that setting goals and working towards them made my life easier. The goals gave me direction. They simplified all my decisions and provided a purpose for every thing I did. Until I met Amelia, my life was one continuous mapped out track towards reaching my self-set goals.

When would she call? If she did, was it wise for me to continue seeing her? If I did, could I avoid developing an emotional attachment to her? Did I make a huge mistake in ignoring Mrs. Smyth’s warning?

I arrived at my apartment with no answers, exhausted both physically and mentally. I shed my clothes, left them strewn on the floor and plopped into bed. I was asleep before my head touched my pillow.

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