Derby Ch. 01


"It's strange being on your own," Derby thought. "I could hardly wait to get away from home, away from my asshole parents, my stupid cunt sisters, and my fat shithead brother. Now I'm here. Now what?"

Derby was surrounded by a mess of boxes and suitcases in the stark dorm room. Anxious to see what the next four years would bring, he had managed to get his family to bring him to campus as soon as the dorms opened up. He had had several motivations. First, he wanted dibs on what he would decide was the better side of the room. He had exchanged correspondence with his new roommate and had already decided that the kid was a dweeb. Derby had been somewhat bullied by his siblings at home, but being the baby of the family, he had been both pampered and dominated by his parents. He wanted to be something he had never been before, now that he was away at college: free. More than that: independent. Maybe even more than that, since he knew he was going to have to deal with people in close quarters the entire time he was here. In fact, he knew the role he wanted to adopt: dominant.

Yes, that would be nice. Getting to campus early might give him an advantage, he thought. He could choose his space, mark his territory, so to speak. It was a small victory, granted. Having pegged his new roommate, accurately he hoped, as being even more sheltered and socially awkward than he was himself, Derby celebrated his moral victory in a battle of dominance won without more than a pre-emptive strike. If the roommate, Martin, turned out to be OK, he would let Martin be his pal. If, as Derby suspected, Martin turned out to be an asshole, Derby would make the choice in his own time whether he would ignore him, dominate and use him, or drive him away.

Another motivation for getting to campus early was to explore the physical plant. Derby liked being familiar with his surroundings. Obviously, the returning upperclassmen would already know the best places for everything. When they got there, they would take over their old haunts. They would occupy what they thought were the best tables in the dining hall. They would use the best shower heads in the gang washroom in the dorm. They would know which lounge sofas were the best for watching TV, which were best for watching girls, maybe even which ones gave the most privacy if the opportunity arose to get some random chick to give them head. Derby understood the concept of pecking order. Having been the youngest of four kids, but the first to actually move out of the house, he knew more than he wanted to about pecking order, thank you very much. At least, being one of the first freshmen on campus, he could hope to establish himself at the top of the bottom of the pecking order. He knew he wouldn't be able to unseat the upperclassmen at first. He wasn't that naive. But, when the good stuff was taken away, he hoped to be the freshman who could claim the best of the rest.

The last reason to get to campus before the rest of his incoming classmates was simple. He wanted to scope out the chicks. If he worked it right, he would start filling his little black book and, if the fates smiled on him, his bed, with the pick of the litter. Derby was, after all, a good-looking boy. He knew it. He wasn't overly vain about his looks, but good genes were a family heritage that he embraced. Derby was one of those guys who, at the age of nineteen, looked like a model from GQ. He was long, lean, mature-looking for his age. He had naturally good hair with enough body to be interesting, but enough manners to be easy to tame. People sometimes thought he highlighted it, which he would never have done, but there were several interesting shades of brown and gold scattered amongst his locks, and, depending on the light, red highlights. Even though Derby didn't spend much time in the sun, his skin had an attractive, slightly tan tone to it, just dark enough to make his ice-blue eyes riveting. He had been blessed with a strong chin (Dad's Dad), high cheekbones, (Mom's Mom), a straight, bold, but handsomely proportioned nose (Dad), full, almost pouty lips, (dear old smokin' hot but impossibly stupid Mom), and naturally perfect and blindingly white teeth (which seemed to be shared by every family member he had ever met).

Derby's physique was good enough to be attractive, without being the kind that tempted him to go for the posing trunks and baby oil. He didn't even really work at it that much; he was just blessed. After all, how bad can you look when you're 6'2" tall, 205 lbs., with less than 4% body fat? He wasn't really all that muscled, although he certainly had nice definition. In fact, the largest and best developed muscle he had was never seen in public. He had measured it once, though, just for fun. He never spoke of it, but he knew that 8 inches with a diameter of nearly 2 inches was enough to put him in the higher percentile rankings.

Derby planned to exercise this muscle a lot. It was time to examine the freshman girls.

After dressing in a well-fitting tank top and cargo shorts, Derby strolled over to the student union. There were a few girls there, but none that he decided to put on his short list of girls he wanted to fuck. It wasn't that he didn't see any pretty girls. Some of them had very attractive faces, some had delicious-looking asses, some were dressed to display their full, firm, perky boobs, some had great legs, but none of the really hot ones had the characteristic Derby was looking for: an air of vulnerability.

That was a problem, because Derby now subscribed to the doctrine of the three F's – Find them, Fuck them, and Forget them. Derby wanted girls he could sweep off their feet, pound silly, and dump. The last thing he needed was a girl who had enough self-esteem to stand up for herself or to offer him a challenge when he decided to seduce them. Derby wasn't a rapist, and had no plans to become one, but he wanted girls who were insecure enough and naive enough to allow him to sweet-talk them into bed quickly and who also were too insecure to attempt to hold onto him when he wanted to move on.

Maybe he would do better hanging out watching the incoming freshman girls arriving at their dorms. He would have to deal with their parents, but making a good impression on adults was something he could easily do. He knew that the kind of girl he was looking for might gravitate toward him if she thought his parents liked him, and he might actually learn something about these girls if he could see how they interacted with their folks, especially their fathers. If they were meek and subservient, they may be easy pickings. Surely there would be a few good-looking ones who still had the innocence, submissiveness, and insecurity required for his purposes.

It took him only about two hours to get four girls' names, phone numbers, and dorm addresses. All four were eighteen years old, cute, with nice figures. All four were very shy. All four seemed insecure and a little overwhelmed by the prospect of being on their own, away from Mommy and Daddy for the first time. All four seemed to have been completely dominated by their parents. And all four had already begun to succumb to his charm, because Derby could work fast when he needed to. Perfect.

These girls lived on different dorm floors, so they were unlikely to befriend each other too quickly. That was important, because he didn't want them to compare notes before he got as many of them in his bed as possible. Like a predatory carnivore, Derby understood the importance of separating a weak specimen from the herd to make the pursuit and possession of his prey as easy and quick as possible.

Christy was fair-skinned, with slightly wavy blond hair that almost reached her shoulder blades, about 5'4" and roughly 105 lbs. Even though she was pretty slender, Derby guessed she had B-cup breasts, and he had seen how nicely shaped her legs were, even though they were covered in tight, ass-hugging jeans. She had large blue eyes, a cute nose, and full, but not over-sized lips. She was quiet and reticent, but she favored Derby with several quiet smiles. He could tell she liked what she saw when she looked at him. It might be pretty easy to get in her pants

Melissa was a redhead, maybe 5'9" and, Derby guessed, about 140 lbs. She had full, high breasts, legs that just didn't quit, a nice ass, and a surprisingly small waist. This hourglass figure was topped by a head of long, thick, wavy, fiery hair. She had shockingly green eyes and a pretty but shy face. She had a slightly haunted look, which, to Derby, screamed insecurity. She looked like very easy pickings.

Josie was Hispanic, with lush, almost black hair. Her 5'6" frame sported big boobs, a bit of a bubble-butt, but no extra fat. Her black eyes could have burned a hole through a guy, but she kept them down-cast, looking scared of her own shadow. Her father seemed pretty tyrannical, and her mother, a very pretty woman in her own right, seemed as intimidated by him as Josie was. It should be easy to manipulate this girl.

Anna was a tiny Asian doll, Japanese, if Derby guessed right. She was extremely petite, and Derby had had to ask her twice to be sure she was eighteen. She looked much younger, considering she was only about 5' tall, with tiny breasts, an extremely small waist, and very trim hips and ass. Derby thought it might be fun to fuck a chick who was legal, but looked way underage. She was quiet, reserved, shy, and old-school Asian subservient, which Derby thought would make her easy to use for his needs.

Since he had worked quickly, he hadn't learned much about any of these girls. It didn't really matter that much to him. After all, he wasn't looking for relationships; he was looking for sex partners. They would be disposable.

Derby hadn't always thought this way. He had had the usual succession of girlfriends throughout middle school and high school. Some of the relationships had been fairly casual, and some had been more serious. Several had involved sex. The last relationship was the one that changed him.

He and his girlfriend, Megan, had been together throughout senior year in high school, although they had been friends for years before that. Their relationship had become physical after only a few dates. The sex was wonderful. Megan was an enthusiastic, inventive, and appreciative partner. She loved both tender and athletic, almost rough, sex. She enjoyed both giving and receiving oral pleasure, she was multi-orgasmic, and she taught him new positions. She liked to find new places to have sex, and she was beautiful, smart, and funny. She was everything he wanted. The only problem was that she was not faithful.

Derby's parents had thrown a graduation party for him and his crowd at the house. There had been about two dozen kids there. Because his folks allowed alcohol, everyone was required to spend the night. Derby's family had a huge recreation room in the basement, which was where the party was held. At 2am, his folks closed the "bar," removed all the alcohol (what little was left), cleared up the left-over food, and helped the kids push all the furniture against the walls so they would have room to crash on the carpeted floor, sleeping off the effects of the party.

For some reason, Derby woke up after everyone had been asleep for a while. He realized that Megan was no longer sleeping next to him. Concerned that she may have been ill, he started looking for her. He found her in the second-floor guest room, in bed, naked, with his equally naked best friend, Joe. The two used condoms on the floor made it pretty difficult for them to deny what had been happening.

Nobody took Derby's suicide attempt seriously, not even his parents. When they spoke of it, which was seldom, they referred to it as his "accident." Nobody except Megan and Joe knew what had thrown him into a tail-spin, and they didn't seem to care. His family tried to gloss it over and to make his upset go away by pampering him, which he resented. He was in a very dark place for a while. He got a shitty job working in a warehouse, refusing to go to the college that had accepted him, withdrawing from everyone while he brooded. Those black days lasted for almost a year. He spoke to no one he didn't absolutely have to, working quietly on his grief and pain.

He was better now, he believed. He knew he needed to go to college, to move on with his life. He decided to re-join the world, but on his terms. He made up his mind that it would be wise for him to trust no one, to avoid being hurt. He also decided that, since Megan would not pay him back for his suffering, other women would have to do that. Derby taught himself how to fake "good" to get his family off his back, and he was going to use those same skills to get his satisfaction from women. If there was a tinge of revenge involved, so be it.

Walking across campus after lunch, Derby saw that many of the minivans and SUV's, the vehicles of choice for parents bringing their kids to college, had departed. It was getting closer to the time when he could start his pursuit of what for him was going to pass as happiness.

The first girl he decided to bed was Christy. The fact that she reminded him, physically, of Megan helped him to make his choice, and her apparent attraction to him sealed the deal. He went to her room and knocked on her door.

Christy opened the door. She had showered and changed since he last saw her, and she looked really good standing there in cut-off jean shorts and a t-shirt, even though her hair was still damp. Her pretty feet were bare, she wore no make-up, and, it appeared, no bra. "Hi," she said, smiling up at him. "Thanks for helping us carry my stuff up here earlier. Do you want to come in?"

"Thanks, Christy, that would be great," Derby said, walking by her into the room. "How's the unpacking going?"

"Don't ask," Christy laughed. "I still have some boxes to go, but at least I found my shampoo and some clothes. I'm not sure I feel like doing much more today. Do you have your room set up?"

"Enough for now," Derby said. "Enough that I thought I'd like to take another look around campus to get myself better oriented. Have you had the chance to run around yet?"

"No," Christy answered. "I don't really have any idea where anything is."

"I walked around some of it earlier. How about if we explore together?" Derby said.

"Sure, I'd like that, if you're willing to wait until I dry my hair."

Derby smiled at her. "Can you put me to work with something while you do that? I see your PC sitting there, but nothing's hooked up. Want me to set it up for you?"

"Do you know how to do that? That'd be great. My Dad was going to do it before he left, but I guess he forgot. I'm pretty technologically challenged," Christy said, giving him a shy grin.

"No problem. I'll have you connected and running in no time. You just go and make yourself even prettier than you are already, if that's possible," Derby said, using his most charming smile. He noted with satisfaction that Christy had smiled at his compliment. He also thought he could see a slight hardening of her nipples under her t-shirt. Good sign. This one might be easy.

Christy left for the bathroom with her dryer and supplies, leaving Derby alone in her room. He quickly set up her PC. While waiting for it to boot up and connect to the internet, he decided to snoop. He quickly found her lingerie drawer and confirmed his earlier assessment: 34B. He also learned that she had a nice collection of translucent boy-short panties, bikinis, and thongs. He wondered what she was wearing right now.

Finding her laundry bag, he fished out the single pair of soiled panties, which she had undoubtedly worn earlier today while moving in. They were slightly damp with sweat and girl odor, and they smelled heavenly when he buried his face in them. Although he was pressing his luck in terms of time, he still rummaged around in the rest of her things until he found her pack of birth control pills. Good. That took care of one problem. It would make it easier to get her to let him cum in her. It wasn't that he cared about knocking her up, but pregnancy would certainly complicate things when he dumped her.

By the time Christy got back to her room, Derby was innocently sitting in front of her PC, playing solitaire. He had worked fast, making sure that everything he had touched looked un-disturbed.

"Are you ready to see the sights?" Derby said brightly, his best fake charming smile painted on his face.

"Will you be my tour guide?" Christy asked, returning the smile with a genuine, but slightly shy one of her own. She dumped her dryer and cosmetics on her dresser and slipped on a pair of sandals.

"I would be honored, dear lady," Derby said, bowing slightly, then offering her his arm as though escorting her into a formal gathering.

Christy giggled and took his arm. He thrilled at her touch. He wondered how much bullshit he would have to go through to get her to touch him the way he wanted her to. He wasn't prepared to waste too much time and effort on getting in her pants, and he hoped he wouldn't have to. She was cute, although not quite hot, in his opinion. She was also insecure, he believed. He had caught her looking at him this afternoon and in her room in a way he thought may mean she was lonely and scared enough to possibly hook up with him. After all, he was a good-looking guy. She ought to be willing to put out in order to land a handsome boyfriend early in the semester.

Together, they walked out of the dorm, Derby having guided them to a door he guessed would be less likely to be used by the other girls on his list. It was a large campus and a large dorm, but he knew he should use caution when possible.

As they walked, they talked about themselves. Derby knew that elaborate lies could be a trap that he could get caught in, so he kept most of the information he gave her truthful. He even told her the whole truth about his senior year with his ex-girlfriend Megan, including the event that caused their break-up. He figured that getting a girl's sympathy was a good way to get her to open up to him – with both her heart and her legs. He conveniently forgot to tell her about the depth of his depression after losing Megan, or the way it had hardened his own heart.

Christy was soon telling Derby more about herself than she had planned to. He was so easy to talk to, and his sexy eyes seemed to fix on hers whenever she spoke. He seemed very interested in everything she had to say. Although at first he had seemed a little intimidating, especially with the way he stared at her, she decided that her initial unrest had been caused by her own insecurities, rather than by anything "dark" or "off" about him.

She even told him all about her senior year boyfriend, who had gone to a college two thousand miles away. He had agreed with her that a long distance romance was impractical, and they had broken up amicably. Without actually saying it, she realized that she had clearly implied that, first, she was not a virgin, and second, she was available. "Wow," Christy thought. "I didn't mean to do that. I'm embarrassed that I've let him know that stuff considering we just met. Oh, well, he's being so completely honest with me. Besides, he's really cute."

They found themselves off-campus at a little cafe. Derby held a chair for her at a little table outside, then went in and got ice cream and sodas for them. When he came back, he sat close to her.

Derby was carefully calculating his moves. He wanted to tear her clothes off, feast on those nipples that were tantalizing him under that t-shirt, and then fuck her throat. He wanted to lick her pussy to savor more of that taste and smell he had enjoyed earlier with her soiled panties, and then cram his cock in her and make her scream with pleasure. If there was some pain, if he was too big for her, so be it. A girl had hurt him terribly. Another girl was going to have to start to pay him back.

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