tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDerek & Amy: A Little Gift

Derek & Amy: A Little Gift


I walk into the hotel room with Katy on my heels and set my bags on the bed. I hand her one of the bags with directions to go shower and get dressed. She's not to do her hair yet, but she can do her makeup.

While she's doing that I take the time to get dressed myself. I started with the corset. This one was a deep red with black dragons embroidered across it in Chinese style. Next I slid into a pair of satin panties the same red as the corset. I made sure the suspenders for my garters slide under the panties. For tonight I chose to go with fishnet stockings tonight instead of the traditional ones we normally preferred. Most nights I'd stick with flats or at most 2 inch heels, but tonight I tugged on a pair of thigh high black boots with four inch stilettos and zippers on the outside. Over it all I slip on a long black skirt with a slit up to my hip on the side. I take a moment to do my makeup when I hear the shower shut off. My usual natural tones are replaced tonight by bolder colors. I chose a bright red lipstick and a slightly paler shade of eyeshadow. A quick swipe of mascara finishes off my face and I quickly twist my hair into a sloppy bun that I secure with a pair of chopsticks.

When Katy walks out of the bathroom I know she'll be perfect. Just then there's a knock on the door and I direct her to go stand in the corner next to the bed, out of sight of the door.

Opening the door I greet my lover with a quick and passionate kiss. He kicks the door closed and goes to pull me closer but I push him away gently. After one more kiss I direct him to the bathroom where his clothes have been left and tell him to shower and change.

Walking back to the main room I signal for Katy to present herself to me quietly. Her black corset is a little loose so I tighten it up for her. She's done perfectly with her garters and stockings but I take a moment to slide the suspenders under her blue silk panties before having her put on the blue kimono I had out on the bed. Hers is short, barely covering her large ass. The top is cut to expose her ample breasts and the corset helps to define the curves of her waist and hips. I direct her to kneel next to the chair I was sitting in and twist her hair into a similar bun to my own, fastening it with a few small combs. Lastly I take a short chain leash and attach it to the small black collar she's wearing. From the collar there hangs a heart shaped tag that reads "For Derek".

As I hear the water shut off from Derek's shower I settle myself back into the chair and cross my legs at the knees. Next to me on the table I have his favorite drink laid out. In my right hand, the same side the girl sits on, I hold the handle of her leash. In my other hand I've got a glass of vodka that I use to settle my nerves. I don't know how he'll take this as I never ran it by him. I hope he likes my present.

After a few moments Derek comes walking out of the bathroom and for a second I can't breathe. I'm madly in love with this man and every time I see him dressed up just for me I fall a little bit further. Tonight I have him in a deep purple silk blouse. It's got short sleeves and ruffles everywhere. I'll never admit it to her, but it's her arms I love the most, they're so strong. She's also wearing a short grey pencil skirt, I can just see the tops of her stockings sticking out below the hem. How she walks in those six inch stilettos is beyond me, but she's so graceful that it looks natural. I can see that she took a moment to tie her hair back in a bun and put on some makeup. It's more subtle than my own or Katy's but on her it looks perfect.

Setting my own drink aside I pick up hers and stand. Walking towards her I tug on the leash that's still in my hand, causing Katy to crawl beside me. "I got you something, lover." After another quick kiss I hand her both the drink and the girl and return to my seat and my drink.

Taking her leash she lifted Katy up, taking a second to read her tag. Derek turned the girl slowly as her smile grew. After she'd turned a few times Derek leaned down and captured the girl's mouth with her own, the kiss becoming more passionate as the seconds dragged on. Taking another sip of my drink I could see tongues tangling between the two and hear moans slipping out of the smaller girl. Derek reached out with the hand that held the leash and started running her hands over the girl from breasts to ass and back again, squeezing here and there. Grabbing the girls hair Derek leaned the girl's head back and started attacking her throat with her talented mouth and tongue. I knew just the agony the girl was in as I'd been there many times before. Quietly I shifted to uncross and recross my legs, letting the slit at the side fall open a little. My panties were soaked and it was taking all of my willpower not to start moaning along with Katy.

Sitting on the edge of the bed Derek directed Katy to her knees. Katy didn't need much direction from there. She leaned down and kissed her new Mistress' shoes and then slowly started trailing kisses up the inside of her legs, alternating between the two. When she reached the hem of her skirt Katy slowly slid it up as far as she could with her teeth before returning to her work. Kissing up the inside of Derek's thigh Katy reached out and freed Derek's hard cock from the silk panties she was wearing. I watch as Katy's tongue slides up the hard length in front of her before engulfing it in her mouth. Watching her head bob up and down on Derek's cock I can't help but moan a little, squirming in my seat. The love of my life looks over at me and blows me a kiss before grabbing the back of Katy's head and taking over the speed.

As I watch Derek cum in Katy's mouth, and the girl swallow every drop I can't help but moan. After a few more seconds Derek pulls Katy off and directs her to me, still on her knees. Sitting back on the bed she watches as the girl tends to me in much the same way as she had Derek. As she kisses her way up my legs I let them slide apart. Her hands reach up under my skirt, sliding their way into the waistband of my panties and sliding them down my legs as I lift up enough for her to do so. Her fingers found their way inside me, sliding in and out and making me pant. Behind her on the bed I could see Derek getting hard again, watching my face as the pleasure I was feeling played itself out. As her fingers moved inside me her tongue flicked out over my clit and I knew I wouldn't last long. In mere seconds I was moaning out my orgasm, grasping the back of her head to me.

Reaching down I picked up the girl and led her to the bed, laying her down beside my lover. Laying on the other side of her we both started running our hands gently over the girl. I pinned Katy's hands above her head with one arm and explored her body with my other hand. Reaching into the bag I had left beside the bed I pulled out one of my favorite toys. It was a silk fan with thick wood arms. On the ends were the softest feathers I was able to find. Opening it I slid the silk over her body slowly from throat to knee and then flipped it to trail the feathers back up the other direction. Underneath us she was squirming and whimpering, begging for release. Letting go of her arms we sat her up and quickly removed her kimono, corset and panties. Derek leaned down and started licking her way along the girl's slit as I played with her now free breasts. As I bit down on her nipple Derek did the same to her clit, causing the girl to scream out her orgasm.

Scooting Katy up on the bed I switched places with Derek, my ass in the air as I went to work on the girls pussy that was laid out in front of me. I could feel Derek slide her hard cock into me from behind, pumping away as she reached around to run a finger over my clit. I moaned my own orgasm into the wet cunt in front of me, causing her to cum. That seemed to cause a chain reaction as I started to cum again, only to feel Derek explode inside me. We all three collapsed on the bed, Derek and I on either side of Katy. I leaned over and captured Derek's lips with my own, saying everything either of us needed to with that action. Thank you. I love you. You are amazing.

Snuggling down with our heads on each of Katy's shoulders and our arms and legs entwined all three of us fell asleep.

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