tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDerek & Amy: Time Alone

Derek & Amy: Time Alone


Walking into the hotel room I feel my nerves going crazy. It's been a while since I had Derek to myself, so I'm looking forward to tonight. Looking at the clock I should have about half an hour before he gets here. Dropping the bag with my clothes in the bedroom I take the bag of clothes I had for him in the bathroom with me. I pull the dress out of the bag and hang it on the back of the door. It's a simple black dress, mesh and lace combining to hide all the most interesting places. I leave the bag with the rest of the items for him on the counter and step under the warm water. I take as quick a shower as I can, making sure there's no errant hair on my body.

I step out of the shower and towel myself off just in time to hear a knock on the door. Wrapping a robe around myself I go to answer it. I let Derek in and as I close the door behind him he turns me and pins me against it. I didn't catch what shirt he was wearing today, but I'm fairly certain it was one of his band shirts. I can feel his jeans rubbing against me as he shoves his knee between my legs, pinning me even more.

We always greet each other with a kiss, but this is more carnal than usual. I'm supposed to be in control tonight and already he's got the upper hand on me, having pinned my arms against the door, keeping me unable to touch him. After a moment he steps back and lets me go. I'm ready to throw him on the bed and have my way with him, but that would ruin the suspense of tonight. I love drawing our passion out, it makes for such an exciting night.

I'm still leaning against the door, panting heavily when he turns away from me and walks into the bathroom, closing the door behind him and starting up the water. While he's in the shower I hurry to get myself ready for him. With the way Derek's acting tonight I'm suddenly glad that I've got multiple outfits to choose from. Passing over the red velvet I was going to wear I settle on a dress made of red lace. It leaves nothing to the imagination but is far more submissive than the velvet. Judging by his greeting, my lover has a need to be in control tonight and I'm more than happy to oblige. I pull on a strappy pair of stilettos over the black stockings and shimmy into the matching red bra and panty set before sliding the dress over my head.

The water's turned off and I can hear him moving around in the bathroom getting dressed so I hurriedly empty out the contents of the smallest bag I brought onto the nightstand. There's a riding crop, a soft leather flogger, ropes, furry handcuffs, feathers and a blindfold. Pouring us both drinks I place both on the small table under the window and reach for my brush.

I have just enough time to braid my hair and sink to my knees next to the small chair before my lover opens the bathroom door and comes striding out looking gorgeous as ever. She drops her bags next to mine and I concentrate on the floor in front of me, placing my hands on my knees and only seeing the tips of her boots as they approach me. As Mistress Derek stops in front of me I lean down and kiss both her boots, bidding her a good evening.

Derek settles into the chair beside me and crosses her legs. I can feel her hand stroking my hair and hear her take a long drink from the glass I had left for her. Judging by her body language my Mistress has had a bad day so I patiently wait, leaning my head against her knee in an offer of comfort. After a few moments she sets her drink aside and rises, walking before me to the bed.

I take the time to get a good look at her. She's not wearing the dress I'd had hanging in the bathroom, but rather a tight fitting thing that I think is made out of latex. She's put on some black opera gloves and those high heeled boots look new. I haven't seen these ones before. The boots go up to her calves and the stockings she has under them continue up her legs. Beneath the edge of her skirt I can see a little bit of red ribbon poking out, most likely from her garters.

When I reach the end of the bed she reaches down and takes my hand to help me stand. Derek leans down and captures my mouth in the sweetest of kisses before slowly peeling the red dress up my body and over my head. With a gesture he has me climb into the middle of the bed and lay on my back.

After propping a pillow under my head my Mistress leans down and gives me another one of those gentle, teasing kisses as she clasps my hands above my head to the headboard. Next she slides her hands slowly down my legs and secures an ankle to each of the lower posts. I'm spread wide open for my Mistress to use me as she sees fit. When I'm like this I can't think of Derek as anything other than my Mistress, although in reality our relationship is one of equals.

Derek goes over to my bag for a moment and pulls out my iPod and headphones. As she plugs the headphones in and gently places them in my ears she selects a track and I can now hear only the music, not the movement around me. The song she's chosen is "Dirty Little Secret." It's a favorite of both of ours, as it reminds us of, well, us. As I see my Mistress lean over and grab the blindfold off the table I take a deep, steadying breath. She's deprived me of sound before, or sight, but never both at once.

After securing the blindfold over my eyes, Derek leans down and kisses me again. This one isn't sweet and loving like the other ones she's given me, but one that demands obedience and claims me for her own. After a moment her mouth leaves mine and I shiver in anticipation. The music stops and then starts again, causing me to realize that the track is on repeat. This is probably for the best given that I soon will be paying more attention to what I feel than what I hear.

After a moment I can feel the soft tickle of the feather. Derek starts at the soles of my feet and I swear when he unshackles me I'm going to kick her for it. I hate it when things touch the bottoms of my feet and she knows it. As the feather works it's way up my body slowly I forget about my feet and concentrate on the feel. It's amazing how soft and sensual it is. I try to guess where the feather will go next but he's twisting and teasing, jumping from spot to spot and making my skin sing.

My mind is completely on the feather that's currently tickling the side of my knee when I let out a small yelp of surprise. She just took the riding crop to my nipple! This feels good as she alternates between the teasing stroke of the feather and the stinging lash of the crop. I never know what to expect next and I just let myself go. I'm nothing but a bundle of nerves and feelings at this point. I'm probably moaning loud enough to be heard three floors down but I don't care, I just want Mistress to keep going. Keeping the feather running over my skin I feel her lean over and draw my nipple into her mouth, nibbling and teasing at it. As she sits back up I feel a sharp pain over my nipple for a second. I think it's a nipple clamp but I'm not sure. After a moment she leans over and gives the same treatment to the other side.

At some point she switches out the riding crop and the feather for the flogger. She drags it teasingly over my skin before stopping and smacking me somewhere, bringing all the feeling to the front. Then suddenly she stops and her mouth is on me again. She starts at my ear, not kissing my mouth where I so desperately want her. As she trails the most gentle of kisses down over my neck, my breasts, my stomach I try to lift my body in offering to her, but I can't. I'm getting frustrated by how much control she has, but at the same time I don't think she's ever made my body sing like this before.

When she reaches my panties she doesn't even take them off. She blows a single hot breath over the soaked patch covering my pussy and I explode into the most amazing orgasm I have ever had. I'm seeing stars and I'm pretty sure I black out for a moment. When I come to mistress is curled up next to me, rubbing my wrists to restore feeling into them. When I can move them comfortably she moves down and does the same for my ankle, teasing the side of my foot with her tongue before working her way back up my body. Now that all my limbs are removed she takes off the nipple clamps as well. I gasp and arch my back as the blood comes flooding into the area again. Mistress licks and nibbles me until I'm ready to go again.

Once she's sure I've got feeling and mobility again Mistress helps me stand next to the bed so she can remove my bra and panties. Moving to the stuffed chair in the corner. As she sits down I go to kneel in front of her but she stops me. I want to taste her so bad right now but Mistress has other plans. She drags up the skirt of her dress and lifts herself so I can remove her silk panties. I always marvel at how delicious she looks like this. Once the panties have been completely removed she grabs both my hands and drags me into her lap, sliding down just a little and positioning me over her hard cock.

I can't take it any more, I slide down on her cock, stopping once it's fully inside me to let us both adjust. I haven't ridden her like this since that night she first took my husband as her slut. Slowly I start rocking, and then moving up and down. My hands find their way to her shoulders, balancing myself as I lean back just a little to get a better angle. One of her hands is on my hips, guiding me and the other slips down to flick at my clit, causing me to move faster and harder. As she leans down and takes my nipple in her mouth I cum again and again. I never stop moving though. After about four orgasms I feel her hips buck beneath me, lifting us both off the chair. Throwing my head back I join her as we both roll into the most mind-blowing orgasms I can remember.

As we come down I don't let her slip out of me, but I do lean down and help her take off her dress and bra. The bra is one I love, black lace holding onto the most gorgeous breast forms. Reaching behind me I grab both our drinks and cuddle down onto her lap, enjoying this closeness we don't get often anymore. I can still feel her stockings and garters under my ass, but neither of us wants to move to remove them.

"I hope you feel better my mistress," I whisper in her ear.

"I do, my sweet girl," she replies. "We have some things we should talk about though. We chat late into the night, occasionally stopping as I feel her getting hard in me again. I can't help it, every time her cock fills me I ride it hard and fast until we both cum, each time taking longer and longer. We talk about everything and anything, and when the sun comes up it finds us still in the chair talking, wrapped up in each other's loving arms.

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