tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDerek Discovers Exhibitionists Ch. 02

Derek Discovers Exhibitionists Ch. 02


4. The Bedroom

The new couple, Derek and Abby, were both tired at the end of the party where they had met, stripped one another and made love while others watched. For both of them it was like a dream, doing things they had only fantasized about in the past. It had happened so fast that both of them were a bit disoriented - Derek had met the girl of his dreams, and hoped he could hold onto her. Abby had met the boy of her dreams, and hoped he could continue to handle her needs and compulsions. He was living up to her expectations so far. Both of them had found something rare - a partner who reveled in exhibitionism and sex with an audience.

Leaving the party, Abby's sister Melissa dropped them off at Derek's. All was quiet when they arrived at the small house that he shared with two other students at the local university. Each one had his own room.

"Abby, sleep with me in my bed tonight."

"Gee, Derek, I don't know if I should. After all, we just met today."

"Come, my wonderful wanton willing wench!"

"You must have spent some effort on that alliteration."

"Yeah, I did, but you are."

"Wanton? Willing? I don't know, Derek, I hardly know you, it's a sin, you might touch my lady-parts..."

"But I already know you - in the biblical sense."

Laughter all around. Derek pulled up Abby's little dress; she had already lost the open-tit bra and improvised rope panties that Melissa had retrieved after the party.

"You look fantastic naked."

"You should know, you've hardly seen me dressed. I look great in regular clothes, though. Maybe I'll put some on for you sometime. But hey, how come you're single and you have such a big bed?"

"I found it cheap at a garage sale last fall. I guess I'm the eternal optimist."

Exhausted from the late hour and from the party, both partners fell into Derek's big bed, savored again that head-to-toe contact, and were asleep in minutes. In the half-delirium of sleep they held each other, savoring the easy contact as though they had been lovers for years. When both partners want it badly enough the start of a relationship can be explosive.

The next morning, a Sunday, Abby woke up having to pee; she roused a groggy Derek and asked where the bathroom was. He mumbled something about turning right and on the right side. She said, "but I'm naked!"

Beginning to wake up, Derek replied, "I know. I'm used to it."

He pointed to a towel crumpled at the foot of his bed; Abby wrapped it around her hips and objected, not very convincingly, that she was still half-naked. "If I go out like this, someone might see my tits!"

"You might even think I wouldn't mind my housemates seeing them."

"Oh, you're naughty!"

Abby slapped Derek's arm, planted a kiss on his chest and ventured into the hall. She was gone a long time. Half-asleep again in the early morning half-light, Derek thought he heard whispers outside his door. After a long delay Abby reappeared bringing a surprise with her.

"I found Allison in the hallway. You didn't tell me there was another woman in the house."

Allison was John's girlfriend, one of the housemates. "I talked her into coming in here so she could watch us fuck. I told her that we prefer to do it with an audience. Is that ok?"

"Wow, that's wonderful. Hey Allison, are you sure you're ok with this?"

"Well, Derek," Allison replied hesitantly, "I don't know. I've never had an offer like this before. I'm not sure how to take it. Your girlfriend is really direct. John and I finally went all the way last night, it was the most awesome experience of my life. He's still out cold - you know he's not a morning person. Then I came across this half-naked beauty in the hallway. She introduced herself and made this astounding proposition. I just had to see if it was real."

Derek replied calmly, as though this happened every day, "It turns out we're both exhibitionists. I think Abby's an exhibitionist nymphomaniac. Why don't you pull my desk chair up by the bed and watch the show."

Allison hesitated, then settled her slim frame on the chair, crossing her long legs in her bathrobe (actually John's bathrobe) and letting her straight blond hair fall free in front of her. The bathrobe fell open on one side, revealing a long white thigh and the curve of a slim hip. But Allison was so enthralled and nervous that she didn't notice, or at least didn't acknowledge her exposure. Abby threw back the covers to find that Derek, lying on his back, already had a full erection, a combination of his normal morning woodie and the setup that his girlfriend of twelve hours had arranged. He also found it exciting that Allison saw him that way. Abby slid in beside her new boyfriend and grasped his cock in one hand.

"Allison, do you like Derek's cock? I love it when it's nice and stiff."

Allison put both hands to her face and stared. "This is so amazing, you're actually touching him while I watch?"

"I'm going to do a lot more than that."

With that Abby lowered her lips to the tip of Derek's straining cock and kissed it. She took more and more into her mouth until she had to let go to slide almost the whole thing in and out. When Derek started straining and moaning, she pulled out and waved his glistening, twitching penis in Allison's general direction.

"Wow, I've never seen anyone do that. It's nasty, but it's so hot. He must love that."

"Well, Derek, tell her."

"You're right, it's awesome, she's awesome, she's a great cocksucker. And I like to see her tits swing while she does it."

A playful slap. "You're talking dirty and ogling my tits, you pervert? Just for that I'm going to shut you up!"

Sliding up along Derek's body and thrusting a tit into his waiting mouth, she twisted to expose the tit on Allison's side. Abby brought Derek's hand up to her straining nipple, then returned her hand to his still-twitching cock.

"Do you like that, Allison, do you like watching him play with my tits? Were you shocked that I shoved my tit into his mouth? It feels great. Maybe you should show us your own tits, just to keep things even."

"Oh, I couldn't do that." But Allison grasped her breast through the terrycloth of her robe.

"Sorry - don't do anything you're not comfortable with."

"Do you really like playing with his, um, cock? I mean, does it turn you on to see it, to feel it?

"Well, cocks in general aren't that thrilling for me, but it gives me pleasure to give him pleasure. When his cock strains, he groans, I know he's feeling something awesome. I like that I can please him."

"Hm, I know what you mean, actually. I'd totally do anything for John now, well almost."

"I like to feel his cock in my hands, in my mouth. I like the soft feel of his ball sack. But get ready, now Derek is going to fuck me, and you're going to see everything."

Derek abruptly flipped his lithe girlfriend onto her back and nearly entered her when she pulled back. "No, not that way. I still have to teach you how to do an open fuck, a position where our audience can see the penetration. There are only a few positions that work."

"Ok, my lovely slut, show me."

"Here, lie on your side, I'll lie on my side facing her. You come in from behind and put your cock at my pussy. Play with my tits."

"That's so damn erotic, you guys. I can't believe I'm actually going to see it."

"Well, you are, if my man's willing. Ok, Derek, slide it in, show her how it's done."

Abby lifted her upper leg, Derek slid, and Allison watched his cock snake through Abby's puffy lips and up into her cunt. Derek grimaced and pushed hard; Abby grimaced and pushed back, forcing him further in. Allison leaned forward, watching the two feel those ultimate feelings, losing themselves in a rush of lust. Allison's robe fell open, revealing two small breasts with rock-hard nipples.

Derek looked up in time to see Ali's exposure. "Nice tits, Ali. It's so great to see one girl's tits while I'm fucking another one."

Ali reacted in shock, blushing as she quickly closed her robe, but in some secret way she didn't mind that they had seen her. Derek worked in and out, in and out, building. Abby flushed and pushed back, reveling in carnal feelings expressed openly.

"Can you see his cock, Ali? How it's all stiff and glistening? It feels wonderful."

Derek couldn't hold back any longer. He groaned and pumped, wave after wave of overwhelming pleasure, the best drug in the world. Staying inside Abby's pulsing pussy he pinched and stroked her clit until she stiffened and came, oblivious to everything except her own pleasure. He felt her convulsions on his half-flaccid cock. Finally the euphoria subsided; the lovers returned gradually to the real world.

"Wow! That was amazing, guys. I almost felt it along with you. Abby, I could see your pussy clenching, I saw your whole body shake and vibrate when you came. Now you've got me so hot, I'm going to go back and give John the ride of his life."

Abby lazily murmured, "Glad you approve. Maybe you can watch us again next weekend."

Allison left, clutching her robe in front. A few minutes later, the new couple heard noises from down the hall that meant only one thing. Each lover smiled at the other, pleased at what they had started. Abby pulled one of Derek's t-shirts over her lithe body, Derek put on some pants, and it was back to the real world.

As the new couple were preparing a big breakfast, both being ravenous, a somewhat dazed-looking John appeared, followed by a sparkling Ali. The four of them sat around the kitchen table as if nothing unusual had happened, enjoying pancakes and coffee, exchanging subtle looks.

After breakfast Derek asked his new lover what she meant about next weekend. He liked the sound of that.

"I have some ideas, Derek. There's a special party next weekend off-campus, you could come up and go to it with me."

"Sounds interesting - but what do you mean by special?"

"Lets just say that you'll get to meet a lot of topless women, and maybe you'll even get lucky with a few. But I'll warn you, I might get lucky too. You'll find out the details when we're there."

"You really are the girl of my dreams. I've fantasized about parties like that for years. And I don't mind you getting lucky, really I don't, as long as I'm there. I get a kind of vicarious rush when you're experiencing sexual pleasure. But there's also some unfinished business I have with Carol. We were having fantastic oral sex, her husband and one of their neighbors were watching. We had to interrupt it for the party where I met you. I'd like to consummate that. It would be outdoors in their garden, maybe we can get the neighbor to watch again too. And you of course."

"Sounds fantastic. You really are the boy of my dreams. I'll get naked and tantalize you and Carol's husband what's-his-name while you're doing it, though. I think he likes my tits. Um, Derek, one more thing. You have roommates, right? As a housewarming gift, I'd like to get them all together and have a real gangbang. I'd be the bangee. Do you think they would go for that, are they open-minded?"

"For that, they'd be open-fly'd. I'm sure they would love it. I'll set it up. But I think John's occupied, so it will be just one guy - and me."

"Don't worry - I'll open his fly myself."

One more surprise - Abby lifted up her thin t-shirt, showing everything, and asked if his roommates would like the look of her body.

"Abby, I love your tits and your ass, your pussy, and everything else, but somebody might come down to the kitchen any minute."

"Oh, you're right, this is dangerous. They might die of hotness."

More laughter, and the plan was settled.

5. The Week

That week both Derek and Abby studied a lot to free up time for the next weekend of what Abby called 'glorious debauchery'. They did Skype a few times, to get the video. Once Abby did it topless from her dorm room. Derek loved it. Then he noticed another presence in her room.

"Oh, that's Mark from down the hall. He likes to look at my awesome boobs, and I like to show him. Nothing serious, though."

"That is so hot. Ask him to come around and stand behind you. Hi, Mark, I'm Derek, Abby's new boyfriend. Put your hands on her shoulders."

Doing as Derek suggested, Mark remarked, "Hi. Abby's told me about you." But be warned, "You're one of a succession of her boyfriends. They get jealous of her habits, if you know what I mean."

"I know, but I'm not like those other guys. I love it. I like watching as much as fucking, almost. Now slide those hands down to my girlfriend's awesome boobs, and lift them up so I can see them. Good. Now squeeze, feel how soft and smooth and cool they are. Do it harder, they won't break. Now tweak her nipples."

"Wow, I've never even touched her before, and now her boyfriend is asking me to fondle her tits? Awesome."

Abby shivered, watching her new boyfriend direct Mark's tit-squeezing. After a few minutes he withdrew and Abby told Derek how erotic that was.

"That's nothing compared to what we're doing this weekend, nympho-girl. I'll borrow John's car to pick you up on Friday and meet my housemate, and get to know him - in the biblical sense. He's looking forward to it, but he can't quite believe it yet. Then Saturday we'll visit Carol and Ben. I talked to Ben, he invited us over for lunch and sex. Then I can take you back over the hill to your party. I can't wait, my whole life is new and exciting with you, so many experiences yet to..."

"Slow down, we'll get to everything eventually. I'm so happy that you tolerate my wanton predilections."

"More than tolerate. Maybe the best way to avoid sexual boredom is preventive medicine."

6. The Housewarming

As Derek was driving his promiscuous girlfriend back to his house on Friday afternoon, he told her "I've decided you're a nymphomaniac exhibitionist slut. Nymphomaniac because you like to get a lot of sex, exhibitionist because you like other people to watch you do it, and slut because you're not too particular about how many partners you have or who they are. You know nothing about my housemate, but he'll have his dick inside that puffy pussy of yours in a few hours. God, I'm stiff just thinking about it."

"Wait. I'm particular, at least a little bit. I know you wouldn't room with complete dorks. They can't be totally stupid if they got into graduate school. And I love it when you talk dirty like that, you can do that in front of your housemates too. And Derek, I've been thinking. I want to make a promise to you. I promise from now on I'll only fuck while you're watching."

"Wow, an Abby-level commitment to faithfulness. Ok, I'll commit to the same, then, like going steady with outside benefits. Now hike up that sexy little joke of a skirt. I think for you the best hemline is just below the navel. And I'm sorry I insulted you - you're really a nymphomaniac exhibitionist semi-slut."

Abby laughed and did as he wanted. Of course she was without panties, anticipating the exhibition and debauchery to come. For the rest of the drive Derek had one hand on the wheel and the other cupping her pussy, sliding a finger along her inner lips. As they reached his house she explained that she wasn't wearing much so that it would be easier for him to strip her in front of his housemates. Her short, tight skirt didn't have to ride up much to reveal everything, and her sheer tube top without a bra left her abdomen bare and showed just a hint of nipples. Her light jacket preserved a remnant of modesty.

"After dinner you can strip me and fondle me. Then you and your housemate can take sexual liberties with me."

Just the thought of it sent shivers down Derek's spine.

At the house Derek introduced his girlfriend to Dick. John was there too, with Allison. She had talked him into attending, letting him know how much she liked watching, as she had discovered the previous weekend. But they wouldn't participate in the evening's orgy. Over dinner Derek described Abby's academic field and how smart she was, but said nothing about sexuality. Dick knew about that already, from Derek's briefing. John and Allison had cooked up a delicious dinner, tasty but not too filling. Over an apple pie dessert Derek began describing his girlfriend in a more salacious way.

"This girl has a lovely figure, you can already see that, but she has beautiful boobs too. She showed them to me a few minutes after we met, last weekend. And she has big puffy pussy lips, very erotic. She likes to expose herself, and she's a great fucker." Abby began squirming in her seat. "Let's move to the living room so I can strip her naked for you and show you her awesome body."

Three guys and two girls got settled in the living room as Derek slipped Abby's jacket off. Then he started to slowly pull up her top. She protested unconvincingly, "Derek, if you keep going they'll see my tits. They're so sensitive."

Derek continued without answering. Abby hid her face in her hands, but everyone knew it was an act. As he slipped off her top, Derek commented, "I think everyone wants to see those boobs of yours. When you're here you have no right to modesty."

Bravely, Abby stood facing her audience. "Here, Abby," Derek commanded, "Lean over Dick's chair so he can fondle you."

Abby shivered as she padded over to him, folding her hands behind her back and dutifully leaning over. She glanced at the others. Her nipples were already stiff with her arousal.

"Wow!" Dick couldn't believe what was happening. He just stared slack-jawed for what seemed like a long time before he dared to lift his hands to sample Abby's willing body. He stroked her sides and her belly, but didn't dare touch her breasts. Derek took charge again, stepping behind his girlfriend and fondling her tits in front of Dick's face. She turned and kissed him on the neck, a sexual flush beginning to show on her torso.. Finally Dick reached up and cupped both breasts in his big hands.

"This is fuckin' great! You got super boobs, girl."

Abby replied, "We don't use that f-word here unless we mean it. It has a meaning, you know."

Derek responded, "Abby dear, I think it's time we showed Dick here what you mean. Take off that little skirt and show everybody where he'll fuck you."

"I'll be naked, you'll all see my pussy. And I'm already soaked."

Derek knew she was only saying that to tease everybody. She slipped off her little skirt and sat on the only remaining chair, a big armchair, demurely crossing her legs. A moment later she casually hooked one leg over an arm of the chair, then the other. On display, her spread legs forced her pussy open. She idly stroked it up and down with a finger while discussing the finer points of sexuality.

"You know, the bonobos are probably the apes closest to humans. They use sex in front of the whole troop in every combination - it helps to tie the troop together. Humans just made one small change. Most people prefer sex in private, so it helps to tie the couple together. It makes the family the basic unit, not the troop. I guess Derek and I are throwbacks to the old way."

"Ok, philosopher-wench", Derek added, "Now it's time for some serious foreplay. Dick, come on over and kiss my girl on the nether lips. I kissed her there before I ever kissed her upper lips."

Derek helpfully grabbed his girl's outer lips and pulled them apart, revealing her red gash and all the sensitive fleshy bits. Totally exposed, she shivered. Dick knelt in front of her, stared for a moment, and licked and sucked. He found her clit and sucked it up in between his teeth. Abby gasped and pulled his head further in. Derek could feel Dick's cheeks pushing against his knuckles. After a few minutes, when it looked as if Abby couldn't stand much more, Derek gently pushed his housemate back and invited him to use his hands. Hesitantly he stroked her inner lips with a finger, then slowly slid it inside. Derek didn't have to stretch her anymore - her lips and hood now retracted by themselves, exposing her clit. Dick gently flicked it with his tongue, looking hesitantly up at her. She gasped, breathing hard, her erect nipples pulsing, stretching her legs as far apart as they would go.

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