Descendant of Baccus Pt. 01


Chapter 2: Let The Boy Become A Man

The party was going at full tilt. The music’s baseline was plowing through the air and everyone was being affected. Those that weren’t dancing were tapping, bopping or swing to the beat. The drinks were flowing and the food seemed to be a real hit as well. What I liked best was the tables were abandoned. I always know a party is cooking when no one is sitting and that was the case now.

Mom and Jake were dancing very close and looking very hot. I instinctively knew I shouldn’t be noticing how sexy she looked but my hormones were in overdrive and her sweet ass was too enticing for me to ignore. It was then that the younger of my too sisters grabbed me from behind and dragged me onto the dance floor.

Carrie was a year younger than me and had every ounce of Mom’s outstanding looks. She was blond and wore her hair long and normally loose. Her green eyes were clear as crystal and always sparkled. She had full red lips set perfectly below her button nose. She stood about 5’ 4” and couldn’t have been much more than 100 pounds. She had full breasts that were just a bit smaller than Moms and her waist, hips and ass were perfectly proportioned.

Today, she was wearing a bikini that left very little to the imagination. It matched the color of her eyes perfectly and was made up of four small triangles, two to cover the center of each breast, one to cover her pussy and another that covered just a small portion of each ass cheek. Each nipple was perfectly defined as was her labia. She looked delicious and I was a starving man.

My thoughts raced through a series of images; me sucking on Carrie’s breasts, me with my tongue buried in her sweet young pussy, me with the cock sliding in and out of her tight cunt and finally Carrie reaching orgasm and squirting her juices all over both of us. I don’t know where that last image came from but it sure looked hot.

It was then that I noticed Carrie seemed to be embarrassed. She was beet red and couldn’t seem to meet my eyes. Had I verbalized what I was imagining or was it something else that was affecting her?

“Are you Ok? You’re beginning to look like someone caught you with your pants down.”

She stretched a bit and whispered in my ear, “I’m fine and I just can’t tell you how happy I am to have you here with us and all in one piece again.” Her hot breath in my ear as she said this set off more than a few sparks in my loins.

We danced for a while and I was hoping the change of focus would help keep my overactive imagination and my semi-erect cock in check but that wasn’t going to happen. Carrie moved like a sexual goddess. I don’t know how to describe how she moved other than to say her body was beckoning me and I was quickly loosing any hope of self-control. It was time to find an opportunity to grab Savannah.

I excused myself, telling Carrie I really needed to get around and mingle with my guests and she understood. I hated to pull away but what can a guy do when his little head is so demanding.

The party crowd seemed to have thickened and it took some time winding my way through. After all, these were my guests and I needed to at least say hello and chat a bit. It was getting more than a bit tiring, as the conversations all seemed to follow the same formula.

“Great to see you back on your feet.”

“Great news on the colleges.”

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

I was about ready to scream when I finally spotted Savannah talking to Mr. Jacobs, the other teacher who had been tutoring me during my recovery. With my target in sight and locked in I headed to my next and most important tutoring session and I almost got there when my other sister grabbed my arm.

Annie must have provided the blueprint for Carrie. In fact, they were often confused as twins. The only difference was Breast size – Annie was slightly more endowed, and eye color – Annie’s eyes were a slightly dark shade of green.

“Hey Bro, where have you been hiding?” She was every bit as bubbly as Mom and Carrie and every bit as sexy too.

“I’ve been here all along. I was just trying to be sure I at least met all my guests.” I didn’t want to reveal my real focus.

“Yea sure, you were looking to meet everyone and you were ignoring me.” She punctuated the line with a love tap to the arm.

“I would never ignore you, avoid you maybe, but never ignore my big sister.” I love a bit of sarcasm and Annie and I rarely missed the chance to trade barbs. It was great fun.

“Let’s dance.” It wasn’t really a request as she grabbed my hand and dragged me toward the dance floor and away from my true target.

My mind started playing another erotic scene and this one was no less intense than the one with Carrie. It was slightly different is a couple of ways. First, I took Annie in the ass. This was not something I had consciously given much thought to in the past but it certainly looked like fun. Second, Annie didn’t squirt when she came but she was much louder than Carrie had been. Regardless of the differences, it was all fantasy and it was all very intense. And, again, it seemed to affect the subject. Annie uttered the slightest moan and pulled me in closer so I could fell her breasts pressed against my chest. She rested her head on my shoulder and turned her head in toward my ear so her warm breath was feeding my sexual desires. Her nipples became erect and she began grinding her pelvic bone into my leg. My cock was flying at full staff and there was absolutely no way Annie hadn’t noticed; yet she continued her assault. My lack of inhibition almost drove me to take her right then and there. Fuck the fact that she was my sister and we were is the middle of a crown. I needed to get laid and even a blind monk couldn’t help noticed that she wanted the same. My hands started to move down to her fine ass when Savannah suddenly came into view.

“Sorry sis but I need to talk to Savannah.” I pushed away and didn’t wait long enough for her to protest the sudden loss.

I moved quickly behind Savannah, grabbed her hand and started to lead her toward the house but she held firm and turned me toward her. She mouthed her intent.

“House to obvious” was the message and with that thought conveyed she turned and lead me to the back of the guesthouse and in through the rear entrance. Before I knew it we were in the larger of two bedrooms and the door was closed and locked.

“Jeez Kenny, I thought you were going to be discreet” she scolded mildly.

“Sorry but I’m about to explode. I need you now. I just can’t wait anymore.” I was almost whimpering.

“I can see.” She was looking directly at the bulge in my pants.

“I guess easing into this isn’t going to work.” In what seemed to be one flowing move she had my pants opened and pulled down to my knees. Like a dancer, she turned, bent over the dressing table, lifted her dress above her ass, shucked her panties off and spread her legs. My prize was dripping with desire as she looked over her shoulder and said, “Fuck me now”.

I couldn’t wait. I ducked walked up behind her, took my cock in my hand to get it aligned and plunged in. Her oomph came simultaneously with the sound of my balls slapping against her clit and I was off to the races. There was no holding back. Her cunt was tighter and hotter than I had ever imagined a cunt would be. Her juices were smooth as silk and her pussy muscles immediately began massaging the full length of my dick. I grabbed her hips and began pounding her.

I didn’t last very long; maybe about five minutes but the truth of it is I lost all sense of time and space. All of my senses were focused on the head my cock and her pussy. I have no idea if she came; I don’t know if she uttered any sounds or words; I didn’t know how deeply I had dug my finger into her hips until I saw the marks I left after the fact.

I was like a freight train, running at full speed. Stopping was not going to be an option before I’d reached my destination and when it came it was a crash of incompressible force. I was bombarded by a searing white light and a pounding in my ears and chest as I shot missile after missile of hot sperm deep into her womb. It seemed to last forever until I finally fell away, leaving a string of cum to maintain the connection between my cock and her molten pussy.

I forgot my pants were still binding my legs and fell flat on my ass. Had I had any control of my senses I would have laughed at what must have been a hilarious scene. Instead I just lay there trying to recover as Savannah dropped to her knees and took my still twitching cock into her mouth. That was just what I needed as the sensation of her warm tongue bathing my still rigid member helped bring me back to focus.

As the tongue bath continued it was clear my cock was not yet satisfied and it demonstrated its dissatisfaction by remaining a turgid and pulsing one-eyed beast. It was going to take a good deal more than a quick tempestuous fuck to calm this beast. I needed to be insider Savannah once again but I had no confidence that I would be able to show any more self-control than the first time. It seemed a much better plan to let her ride me so she could control the pace and extend our mutual pleasure so I drew her up, reached behind to cup her lovely ass and guided her down on my pole.

“You set the pace this time” I said as I eased deep inside her dripping pussy.

Her eyes seductively closed as my cock pressed against her cervix and as she settled down she looked at me with a slight smile; almost an evil little grin, and began slowly riding my pole. The slow rise and fall allowed me to feel every millimeter of her pussy walls as they slid along the length of my cock and I was mesmerized. When I pounded her the first time all my senses were focused on the head of my dick. Now I was being enveloped and my senses were nearing overload. It was almost too intense to continue but far too intense to stop.

For the next ten minutes her pace steadily quickened until she was riding me with almost as much abandon as our first round and then she suddenly stiffen and screamed. My cock was fully buried in her cunt and she was feverously grinding her clit through the mat of my pubic hair as she came in waves of passion. I became aware of her pussy juices running down around my balls and along the crack of my ass as she continued to rotate her hips, driving herself to ever-higher level of ecstasy until she simply collapsed on top of me panting and dripping with sweat.

I let her rest as my mind began to pay with various scenes. I still had a nut waiting to bust and the scenarios I was imagining were all intended to achieve that nut. I was on top of her. I was behind her in a spoon position. I was on top of her and her legs were thrown over my shoulders. She was on all fours and I was buried in her ass. That was the one. That scene caught like a hiccup in my conscious mind and as it did I sensed Savannah stirring.

She lifted her head off my chest, looked straight into my eyes and said; “ I can feel you inside me. You’re still hard. Didn’t you cum?”

“No, not yet. I wanted to let you enjoy that round but when you’re ready….”

“Give me a minute more. That was almost too intense. I don’t think I ever had an orgasm as strong as the one I just had. My whole body is vibrating.” She rested her head on my chest once again.

I let her recover as I lovingly stroked her back and playfully kneaded her firm ass. As I did the images of fucking her sweet ass became clearer and more enticing until I was just about to ask her to allow me access. It was then that she rose up again.

“You need to cum and I think my pussy is a bit to sore to take much more of you. Maybe you should try my ass this time. Would you like that?”

Would I like that? What kind of fucking question was that? What the hell was going on? I thought about fucking her ass and here she was offering it up to me. Was she reading my mind or was I planting ideas in hers? I was actually getting a little unsettled by the idea but then my cock was still standing at attention and the subtle itch in my balls told me these answers would also have to wait.

“I would love to fuck your ass. In fact I’ve been laying here fantasizing about how it would feel to do just that.” There was no sense in holding back.

“Well then…” and she rose slowly from my dick, letting it slide from her slick pussy with just the slightest pop, as it broke free of her grip.

She rose from the floor and took my hand to guide me along. We finally made it the bed where she took a position on her knees while her head and shoulders rested on the bed. She reached back and spread her ass open, displaying her shy little rosebud of an asshole. She looked back over her shoulder and said, “Please take it slow. If you push in to hard or to fast it’ll hurt and we won’t be able to enjoy this. You can use my pussy juice to make it easier and if you use your fingers first it’ll help loosen me up.”

Always the attentive student, I followed her advice, dipped a finger into her sodden pussy and began to work small circles around her rosebud. It took a few more dips before I began to ease the first finger into that extraordinarily tight hole and even then, I inserted just the tip. I played and dipped several more times before easing my finger in to the first knuckle and one or two times after that before I had the first finger fully inserted. Her rectal muscles were gripping at my digit, alternately trying to expel and suck the invader in as I slowly pumped her ass. Once I had a steady rhythm working I began to introduce a second and then a third finger waiting for her to protest my assault. Instead, she looked back and said, “I think I’m ready.”

As I removed my finger her asshole remained open and inviting so I took position and slowly guided my cock into her welcoming ass.

Again, I worked slowly and gently, easing inch after inch into her until I was finally buried to the hilt. I held there so she could get used to the intrusion and so I could get the fullest sense of her inner walls as they took shape around every bump along the length of my rod. It was hot. It was smooth. It was intense. It was compelling.

I eased out until just the head was held by her sphincter and then pushed in again with a slow but steady press forward. Each time became easier and before long I was moving with intensity. Savannah was moaning and grunting with each push and pull and by the time I was pumping with force she was pushing back to meet each thrust.

I was right on the edge but didn’t want to give up the ghost just yet so I began varying the length and force of each thrust in the hope that it would prolong the inevitable. Savannah seemed to have other ideas though. She reached back between her legs and began massaging my balls with one had and with the other she began rubbing her inflamed clit.

“God Kenny, this feels so good. I can’t believe how good. I want to feel you cum deep inside my ass. I want you to be the first to fill my bowels with your seed. Don’t hold back. I’m almost there. Cum with me.”

Did I just hear what I thought I heard? Was I fucking a virgin ass? It was too much and just as I felt my cum bubbling up from my balls Savannah went rigid once more and came. That was all I needed and with the next thrust into that smoking hot ass I exploded and pumped and exploded until my cum was squirting out around the sides of my cock and dribbling down between the lips of her cunt and I was still cumming. She was still cumming. We were both shouting in ecstasy and neither of us had a single thought of what anyone else might hear or think.

It took awhile but we eventually collapsed a fell fast asleep.

When I awoke I noticed my cock was no longer buried in that wonderful ass and Savannah was purring like a sweet little kitten. I looked at the clock near the bed and realized we had been at it for over three hours, including sleep time. I really have no idea how long we slept but however long, I also realized it was quite. The music had stopped and party had quieted or had broken up. Whatever the case, I had been away too long.

I woke Savannah up, “hey sweetie, we need to get ourselves put back together. I think the party has broken up.”

She was startled by the news, :Oh god, your Mom and everyone else is going to know exactly what we’ve been up to. Shit”

With that exclamation point she jumped out of bed and literally ran to the bathroom. A second later I heard the shower running. And there I was, a fresh ex-virgin wondering if I really had created a serious problem. I figured the best thing to do was moved just as quickly and made the quick decision that two could shower faster than one. I jumped up and followed her in.

She was startled as I opened the shower door and entered behind her.

“Jeez Kenny, your Mom is going to freak. We need to move it.” She was genuinely worried.

“Don’t sweat it. We can shower faster if we do it together and I’ll deal with Mom. It’ll be fine. I promise.” I meant it too. I was finally a man and I was confident I would be able to smooth things with Mom.

We did exactly as I suggested and within five minutes we were dressed and heading out but just before we got to the door I grabbed her and kissed her deeply.

“Savannah, Thank you. That was more intense than I could have imagined and because of you, this is a day I will never forget. I will cherish every detail. Thank You!”

“I’m glad you’re happy and I’ll hold this memory just as tightly. It really was great and for your first time, you were absolutely amazing. If you’re Mom doesn’t ban me from seeing you I’d love to do it all over again.” A small tear caught at the corner of her eye and we kissed one last time before heading back to reality.

Chapter 3: Reality Bites (NOT)

The party had broken up. The only ones left beside the hired help who were cleaning things up were Mom, Jake and my sisters who were all sitting by the pool talking quietly.

Mom saw us coming first and just smiled as we made our way around the pool to where they had gathered. I know I told Savannah I would deal with Mom but I had thought there would be at least a bit of an argument. From the look on her face it looked like I had definitely miscalculated.

I was about to apologize for disappearing when Mom jumped in.

“Did you guys have fun? Hell. That’s a stupid question. Of course you did. You missed a great party.” She was her usual bubbly self.

I looked to Savannah and she seemed mortified. Everyone obviously knew what we had been up to and that was her worst fear right from the start.

“Sorry Elaine, we just lost track of the time. I’m really sorry.” Here bottom lip began to quiver and a new set of tears began to ease down her lovely face.

Mom rose and immediately took Savannah in her arms. “It’s ok. I’m glad you guys had a good time. After all, this was Kenny’s coming out party and I’m guessing he came out with a bang.”

Savannah turned a deep red. I don’t think she could have been more embarrassed and I don’t think I could have been more confused.

Mom maintained control of the situation.

“Jake, why don’t you drive Savannah home. The four of us need to have a family conversation. I’ll call you tomorrow.” Then she turned to Savannah.

“Thank you for everything, and I mean everything. You’ve been great and I’m not the least bit angry. Go home and rest and we’ll talk tomorrow.” She took Savannah in her arms, gave her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek to drive the point home and then shooed both of them off.

As they rounded the bend for the backyard gate Mom turned to me. “Are you tired?”

“Yeah, a bit.” I was actually feeling pretty good but a bit of rest would do no harm.

“Ok then. Go get a bit of sleep and I’ll wake you for dinner.” We’ve got a lot to talk about.”

I slept like a baby for the next few hours and awoke to Carrie’s gentle shaking. “Wake up sleepy head. Dinners ready.” She had changed from her bathing suit into a pair of loose fitting shorts and a tank top that looked every bit as good as the bathing suit had and before I was fully awake those scenes of her and me in carnal bliss began to cycle through my oversexed brain. It was the same flashes of fucking and cumming I had before, right down to her squirting her orgasm but they seemed more intense this time. I quickly figured it was the result of my new found sexual enlightenment and I also noticed Carrie was experiencing the same bout of embarrassment or excitement as she had earlier. I also began to detect her musky scent. It was the same scent Savannah had been exuding during our adventure in the pool house and now that I knew a bit more about things, I realized Carrie was getting sexually excited. What an epiphany. I needed to talk to Mom and I hoped I would get answers to all the questions I had been putting off.

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