tagSci-Fi & FantasyDescent Ch. 06: Two for One

Descent Ch. 06: Two for One


"Sometimes I have a hard time believing how big your boobs are," Amelia said, holding up one of Emma's many dresses to herself, seeing how it absolutely wouldn't fit her due to Emma's more substantial assets.

"Well, it's only been a few weeks for me," Emma said, sitting on the bed. "Sometimes I feel the same."

"Really?" she said. "It's part of the dolling?"

"Duh! Of course it is!" Emma giggled, looked down into her cleavage. "Tits like this can't exist naturally, you know that, right?"

Amelia put the dress away, picked up another one, holding it up and looking at herself in Emma's bedroom mirror. "Yeah, but I remember you looking just like that the day we first met - before you ever spent any time with Damien. It's messing with my head!"

Emma smiled. "I get it all the time. It's so uncanny looking at old pictures of me and seeing this new me in them. I hadn't been dolled yet when the pictures were taken, and even so, there it is, my dolled face looking back at me! Even my parents don't get it. I've been video calling them several times, and they haven't noticed anything, or at least not mentioned it."

"You going to tell them?"

"I don't know... maybe. Maybe eventually. I mean, they already see me as property, take it for natural that I'm owned by some man they've never met. I don't want to make it weird. Everyone knows remaking can't happen if the stock rejects it, so if I stress the fact that I am the way I am because of Making, everyone will think that I wanted to be made into property. It's embarrassing!"

Amelia tilted her head to the side, looked at Emma for a moment. "How come Damien managed to take you, after all that time being unclaimed property? You escape being claimed well into your late teens, and then suddenly Damien catches you?"

Emma smiled, shaking her head. Amelia still didn't understand. "I know this is a mind fuck," she said. "But I wasn't property before he changed things. I don't know how he did it, but suddenly everyone is seeing me as a thing, something that can be owned. People keep asking me if I'm for sale, if they can buy me, how much I cost. I even see myself that way!" Emma threw her hands up.

"After he twisted me, and I realized that I was sort of like... a lost object, it felt like... I can't describe it. It was like I had... stolen myself, but that's not it either. It was as if I was trapped in the lost-and-found, just waiting for my owner to come pick me up. Just like you're saying now, it made zero sense that no one had taken me already. Then Damien cupped my face, told me I was his - and then I was. I wasn't a lost toy anymore. He owned me. I had no say about it. I can't even imagine a world where I would have any say about it, even though I know at some level that that is how it was for the Emma that existed before me. It makes me dizzy trying to figure it out."

"Yeah, me too... Making is weird..." she said with a giggle, shrugging. "You have a lot of dresses!" she suddenly said, holding up another one.

Emma chuckled. It was as if the magic made people's thoughts just slide past the inconsistencies of the world that resulted from the making. Distracting them from thinking too hard about it. Everyone eventually just took whatever was at face value, as if it wasn't strange at all. Even she did, most of the time, if she didn't try hard to focus on it. She grinned, let her mind slip away from it.

"Mhmm," she said, "you should see the costume room at Damien's place!" She looked down, biting her lip, looking guilty. "Damien said I could take whatever I want from there, so I kinda went wild. I've been raiding it for things that fit me, and now I don't have room for everything in the closet."

Amelia had found one of Emma's harem outfits, was holding it up, looking at Emma with raised eyebrows. "I'm sure Damien would enjoy seeing you in this!" she said with a laugh.

"He does have a thing for slave silks," Emma agreed. "I was in something like that when he claimed me!"

"I can just imagine," Amelia said, blushing. "The fabric is so transparent!"

Damien had woken her up while she was napping in that alcove in her slave outfit, holding the end of her leash. He told her later he'd been watching her while she slept, pondering if he should move her to his bed or just give her a facial where she was, when he'd heard her whimper "Yes, Master," in her sleep, over and over. He'd figured, correctly, that it was an excellent time to rouse her, that he could remake her while her mind was still under the influence of that submissive dream. Damien had pushed her sleeping form to her knees, filled her drowsy mind to overflowing with his desired change even as she was still just starting to wake up.

Even in her sluggish state, Emma had managed to fight it off for a moment, her body thrashing in her sleepy struggles. Damien had pushed it. "Yield," he'd said, holding her head still while pressing a palm to her forehead, pressing his desires to her mind. "Yield for your Master!"

Obediently, she'd yielded. It was the last choice she ever got to make.

She was remade into property before she fully woke up, on her knees and begging before she'd even blinked the drowsiness out of her eyes.

Those slave silks hadn't survived the experience. He had torn them off her and taken her roughly in the little alcove, abusing her new slave-born obedience to the max, thoroughly enjoying his new acquisition without worrying about her needs at all. Emma's thighs quivered at the memory, her bee-stung lips parting in a soft little gasp. She'd been so absolutely helpless with him and he'd taken so much pleasure in demonstrating that fact to her over and over - and he had skillfully forced her to enjoy every moment of it. Submission was the base of her being now. Anything else she was, was built on top of that. But there was little else. She was, after all, designed as property - from the ground up.

Things had gotten much more manageable after she was enslaved, though, just as Damien had promised. After he had used up that other Emma as raw material to create the slave that she now was, for some reason Damien had apparently decided to respect the previous Emma's now irrelevant wishes to let her finish her degree. Emma wasn't that person any longer, didn't have an opinion about it anymore. She'd go with whatever Damien wanted. But he had told her she wasn't allowed to have sex without his explicit permission, should focus on school. Suddenly she'd found an enormous pool of concentration in herself, her studying almost frenzied at times. And no guy had been able to pick her up since. She was obsessively obedient to Damien's instructions.

She was also constantly unmanageably horny since she couldn't have sex.

Emma looked at Amelia holding the slave silks up in front of her. Amelia had no idea about what it meant to actually be a slave, she thought to herself. She was unable to decide if Amelia was missing out or not. What Emma had let happen to herself was as hot as it was complicated.

"The loose silks tend to fit all body shapes," Emma said, smiling at her friend's fascination with the silks. "Want to try it out?"

Amelia paused for a moment, bit her lip. Then she put the silk on the bed, started to shrug out of her clothes.

"Unders too!" Emma giggled. "Those things hide nothing, you can't have anything else on!"

Amelia bit her lip, then nodded, coyly undressed in front of Emma.

Emma threw her the silks. "I can't have a nude redhead in my bedroom," she teased. "What would my parents say?"

Amelia giggled, futzing with the chains and silks, trying to get everything to hang properly.

"You look amazing," Emma said. She dug in her closet for another harem dress. After it was on, she matched Amelia nicely.

They stood next to each other in front of the full-length mirror, trying out the look. Just two harem girls, dressing up for their master. A blonde, and a redhead, to offer him variation. They made a nice set.

"It missing something," Emma said, a mischievous tone to her voice. She pulled out a black trunk from the back of her closet, opened it. "Here," she said, holding up a pair of elegant, jewelry handcuffs to Amelia.


"These outfits are called slave silks for a reason!"

"Hmm, OK," Amelia said, holding out her hands in front of her.

"Oh, if you want them in front, you should use this too." Emma put an elegant belly chain around Amelia's waist, then put the cuffs on her, clicking the cuffs' chain to the carabiner hook at the front of the belt.

Amelia had a deep blush on her face as she looked at herself in the mirror, lifting her hands to pull at the chains, finding the limits the gear allowed her.

Emma giggled. "The look fits you!" she said, putting a handcuff around her own wrist, letting the other half of it dangle from her left arm. "Sometimes you can just wear it like this, like an invitation!" she said.

"Now you tell me!" Amelia said with a mock-pout, pulling at the chains holding her hands down, pretending to try to get out of them.

Emma laughed. Then she stood next to Amelia, looking at the two of them in the mirror. "Hm, still needs something..."

Emma dug into the trunk, picking up two red ball gags. As she moved towards Amelia with one, Amelia pulled back. Emma giggled. She showed on herself first, putting the band of the gag around her neck, like a necklace. The red ball looked very suggestive resting in her cleavage. "See? It's like a tease!"

Amelia nodded, let Emma put the other gag around her neck.

They inspected themselves in the mirror again. Emma thought they were looking more like slave girls now.

"OK, the gags really adds to the look," Amelia conceded. "As long as it's not in my mouth! Why is there a ring in the ball, anyway?"

"It's just a D-ring, for a leash or something like that! Maybe your master wants you to hold your hands up - then he can just connect your handcuffs' chain to the ring! Stuff like that!"

Amelia looked down at the gag, a dubious expression on her face.

Emma giggled at the face Amelia was making. She pointed to the mirror. "We look awesome! We would fit in the best harems in the world," she said.

Amelia shook her head at the blonde's antics, broke out into a big smile. "Not quite the career I have in mind for myself," she said with a chuckle.

"We should take a selfie!" Emma suggested.

"Oh, no! Not gonna happen!" Amelia said. She backed away from the mirror, sitting down in the one chair in Emma's bedroom.

"Pfft! A shy slave girl! How absurd!" Emma teased. Then the doorbell rang. Emma looked towards the hallway. "Hm? Hold on!" she said to Amelia, then bounced out into the hallway, towards the door.

Unthinking, she opened the door, half-naked in her see-through slave girl outfit, ball gag like a necklace around her neck and cuffs dangling from her wrist. There was some middle-aged man outside.

"You're mine for the next hour," he said, holding up his phone to her.

Emma saw her profile page on the screen, a confirmation box on the page showing that he'd bought an hour of her time.

"Uhm... Just a moment," she said. She picked her own phone up from the charger on the table in the hallway and looked at her profile there, logged in as herself. A new escort section was there - pricing, listing all the things she would do, everything. She would apparently do a lot of things.

The booking was also there. She gulped.

Apparently, Damien wanted her to have a job on the side while she studied. Emma found new settings, where she could edit a schedule to make herself available. Better look at that later. She put her phone back in the charger, steeled herself.

"OK," she said.

Her client grinned, picked up the ball gag around the neck, and pushed it into her mouth. "I see you're already dressed for the occasion," he said. He spun her around and clicked the second cuff around her unbound wrist, handcuffing her arms behind her back. He pushed Emma into her bedroom.

Amelia gasped as Emma returned gagged and bound, an unknown man herding her in front of himself. Amelia was sitting there, ball gag around her neck, hands cuffed in front of her and chained to her waist, and suddenly there was a strange man with them. She shied back in the chair.

"I didn't know there was another slut in here. I've paid your little friend here for an hour of her time," he said. "Are you part of the deal too?"

Amelia gasped, shaking her head. "No...?" she whispered. She looked at Emma, trying to figure out what was going on.

Emma's face burned. She looked down, couldn't meet Amelia's eyes in her humiliation. She hadn't known about this part of Damien's set-up for her before now. She mewled in shame. Why did it have to happen when Amelia was here?

The middle-aged man was still addressing the redhead. "Since you're here, why don't you stay and watch?" he said. It was more of a command than a question.

The redhead in the slave girl regalia gasped at his suggestion, didn't dare to move. Her eyes were wide - she was clearly both aroused and scared, at the same time.

Emma thought she looked very sexy with her hands cuffed right next to her crotch, squirming in the chair.

"I... You want me to stay?" Amelia asked, looking at Emma.

The client just grunted, taking the redhead's question as a confirmation that she would stay. Before Emma could indicate anything to Amelia, he grabbed Emma's neck and bent her forward towards the bed. He clicked the ball gag's ring to a carabiner hook installed in the corner of the frame of Emma's bed.

Emma could only stand there, ass up, her arms cuffed behind her back, her mouth connected to the corner of her bed. She tried to not squirm, but whimpered a little past the muffling ball gag. She could feel his hands as they teased over the skin of her buttocks, under the silk of her harem bottom, his hands grabbing her cheeks and squeezing, checking her firmness.

"Mmm, you were so expensive, Emma. The bidding war when your first slot opened up was fierce," he said as he pulled at the chains of her harem outfit. Getting the top and bottom off her, he threw the garment into the pile of other costumes Emma and Amelia had discarded earlier. With Emma now naked, he squeezed her ass cheeks again, then let go and slapped her on the ass, hard.

Emma mewled and jumped at the sudden sting, her head held still by the ring attached to the ball in her mouth.

"But I'm getting the feeling that you are going to be worth the cost!" the client said.

He pushed into Emma from behind.

Amelia looked at it happening, right in front of her, looked at Emma's pink face as she was claimed. Amelia's face was burning too. "Oh god, she's taking it," Amelia whispered. "He just had to pay, and now she's letting him use her any way she wants..."

The man didn't give Emma time to get used to the feeling. He set a hard pace from the start, fucking into her deep, pushing all his body's weight into her.

Amelia's hand was moving down between her legs, the chain connecting her cuffs to the chain around her waist designed to be just long enough to allow it. "He's giving it to her so hard... She's taking it like a whore..." Amelia whispered, as she teased herself under the harem silks, watching wide-eyed at her friend whoring herself out to a stranger. "Yeah, fuck her," she whispered. "Use her like the whore she is!"

"What's that?" the client said, turning his head to Amelia. Still pounding into Emma, the slapping sounds of his body repeatedly hitting Emma's buttocks made it hard for him to hear Amelia's whispers.

Amelia jumped, sitting up in her chair, only now realizing she'd been saying it out loud. "I... I..." she stammered. "Fuck Emma like the whore she is!" she suddenly dared, speaking louder.

"Damn right I will," he said, chuckling, then turned back to Emma, focusing on drawing his pleasure from her. "Keep going!" he told Amelia.

"You... She... She's just a whore!" Amelia said. "Just look at her... Look at her little body. She's a perfect little tramp, just made for serving men for money!"

Emma whimpered in protest, but the guy was clearly enjoying it. He slapped Emma on the ass. "Shut up, whore! Your friend is right." He pushed forwards again, ground his weight into Emma, forcing her to bend her neck as the ball gag tied to the bed held Emma's head back even as the man using her forced her body forwards. "Just look at that ass," he said. "If that doesn't belong to a hooker, I don't know what!"

"She's just made to take it from behind..." Amelia kept going, her nimble fingers teasing into her slit, spreading her own, slick excitement over her lips. "She'll take it any way you want to have her. You can inseminate her, fuck her in the ass, in the mouth, between her tits, shoot your seed inside her, all over her..."

The client chuckled, pulled out of Emma, turned to Amelia, his cock in front of him like a flagpole, glistening with Emma's lubrication. "You have a dirty mouth, redhead," he said with another chuckle.

"Ah... Amelia," she said in response to him calling her redhead. She looked up at him, then looked down at his cock. It was pointed right at her, like a gun ready to go off.

"A good mouth," he said, stepping forwards, closing the distance between them. He pushed his cock to her face, his tip sliding along her cheek, but as he tried again, he managed to plop it into her mouth.

"I-mphh!" Amelia said. She realized that the unexpected taste she felt on his cock was the taste of her blonde friend's pussy. The pink flush on her face grew deeper. She suckled at it, glancing sideways towards Emma, where she stood bound to the bed. Emma's behind was towards her, and Amelia could see her glistening wet sex, at the same time as she was tasting it on some stranger's cock. She mewled in excited embarrassment, focusing on the taste of her friend.

"A good mouth indeed," he said, "accepting cock without question." He pulled out, slapped his cock against Amelia's cheek. "But you talk too much," he said, lifting up the ball gag hanging around Amelia's neck, and pushing it into her mouth.

Amelia made a little protesting sound, but she couldn't stop him with her hands cuffed to her front, so the gag went in. The band was tight around her head before she knew it. Dazed, she let herself be pulled up to her feet.

He pushed her easily to the bed, folded her forwards at the hips and connected the ring in her ball gag to the same carabiner hook Emma was hooked too. Now both of them were bent over, next to each other, cheek to cheek. Amelia looked sideways at Emma. Emma looked back. Their eyes were wide as saucers as they exchanged glances. With both of them now restrained, there was no way out of this. They stood there waiting, like two mares bound next to each other in front of a carriage.

Then Amelia grunted, as the guy behind her pushed his cock into her pussy. He hilted himself within her with a single stroke. She whimpered helplessly, as he immediately started fucking her just as hard as he'd taken her blonde friend moments before.

Pushing in, he smirked at Amelia's muffled noises. "There, that's the sounds a pretty mouth like yours should be doing," he said, grinding into her, completely hilted. "A redhead whore is no different from a blonde whore, in any way that really counts." He slapped Amelia's ass, drawing an identical sound from her as he'd gotten from Emma earlier. "See?"

Emma watched sideways at Emma. Amelia's face was a deep red, saliva running from her gagged mouth and dangling from her cheek, as she took the pounding. Emma could see the redhead tensing up, noticed the little signs that her friend was getting closer to her orgasm. Amelia closed her eyes, her face scrunching up. Emma couldn't help but be a bit envious. Amelia was almost there.

The man knew it too. He pulled out of Amelia, slapping her ass as he did so. "Not yet, slut," he said, leaving Amelia hanging. Moving to Emma, he unhooked her gag from the bed corner and pushed her down on her back on the bed, her legs spread. He unhooked Amelia, released her cuffs' chain from the belt, and pushed her down on all fours above Emma with Amelia's hips between Emma's legs. He pushed Amelia's face to Emma's and clicked the rings of their ball gags together. With Amelia above Emma, they were positioned face to face, tits to tits, belly to belly, clit to clit.

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