tagMind ControlDescent into Darkness Ch. 03

Descent into Darkness Ch. 03


How do I do it? Many people have asked me this and I never let them into the secret but I am now willing to tell. How do I influence people in a way that makes them my slave? How did I build an empire of crime and power? How did I go from being an average poor black boy growing up in a slum like area to being one of the most powerful crime bosses in the country? How did I land up in jail?

The real question is not how but why? Why did I do all these things and why did I fail? I suppose to answer these questions I need to go back to my childhood.

As a boy I was pretty average, for a black boy, physically, I mean. I had no particular talents, no good looks, nothing. I did have one thing though and I still can't explain it. From early childhood, I could influence people. My voice had a strange quality about it. I could get things from my parents while my brothers were not given anything. My mum went out of her way to get me anything I asked her for. I just assumed it was because she loved me more but I later found it wasn't so.

In school, other kids and the teachers would do anything for me – all I had to do was ask. Over the years I honed my skills and became an expert at manipulating people. I realised early on that I could only get people to do things for me if deep down they wanted to do it.

When I was thirteen, a travelling stage hypnotist came to our town and I got mum to get me to see him. Using all my skills, I managed to get back stage and talk to him. I asked him about my unique abilities and if he knew about them and how I could improve on them. He explained that, hypnosis and mind control were two different things. In hypnosis you could only get the subject to do what they wanted to do deep down. Mind control on the other hand was to get a person to do something they really did not want to do.

He told me that I had a natural hypnotic personality and that I should nurture it. He recommended some books and promised to meet me each time he went through our town. I went home and read the books and tried to practise. I guess I got somewhat better but nothing special.

Then, one evening there was a knock at the door and mum opened it to find a couple of well suited gents who said they were from a government agency (sorry, I can't say which) and they wanted to speak to me, about my ability to manipulate people into obeying me.

The offer they made me was incredible. They would take me to a government house where I would be assessed. If they were interested in me, I would have the rest of my education taken care of by the government in return for assisting them with their research. I would have no contact with anyone from my previous life and could only contact my parents by phone for at least five years. I accepted and using every ounce of influence I could muster I convinced my parents to accept too.

The next day I was whisked away to a secret location where there was private tutoring, good food, and everything else a thirteen year old could want. I spent five years over there. For the first year or so they studied me and tried to work out what gave me my talents. After that, I managed to convince the researchers that I could be of more use if I helped them and I got into the studies.

I learnt more and more over those four to five years about mind control. I learnt about certain chemicals that could reduce resistance, about techniques of sleep deprivation, sensory overload and reprogramming of the human mind. Over the years, I experimented privately as well and developed a mixture of chemicals (some South American herbs and a few ordinary medicines) that would break down a human being's mind and convert them from being a thinking person to a mindless automaton, who it was then easy to brainwash.

All I missed there were girls and was I horny by the time I left. I had to sign release forms, confidentiality agreements and a host of other documents giving the government patent rights over everything I may have invented while in their secret house.

I could not go back. I was set up elsewhere in a University and given admission to the course I desired and told I should not have anything to do with my family. Remembering the poverty I had lived in, I was not unhappy about this and I agreed. I had a decent flat, some good spending money and was enrolled in University. I then decided it was time to get laid.

There was this girl in my course, Nicole (Nikki), on whom I laid the charm and took her out a few times. Finally one night, I took her home, slipped the mixture into her drink and managed to get her to tell me she was a virgin and convinced her that she wanted me to be the one to bust her cherry. I remember that night like it was yesterday.

I took her in my arms and our lips met. She kissed me back with the greatest of passion. Soon she had both her arms around me, and her nails were running over my back, lightly but firmly. She rubbed and caressed my back. Her arms moved down and touched my ass. She started to firmly knead my ass.

Carefully I began to move my hand down her back, slowly working forward, to feel her breasts in my hand. She moved to allow me to touch her tits but did not break the kiss. I slowly worked my way to the front and grabbed hold of one tit and gently massaged it, feeling every part of it and tweaking the nipple gently. Gradually I moved both my hands around her and gave both breasts my attention. I rubbed and squeezed and tweaked the nipples making them stand up.

It was only then that I broke the kiss. I turned her around and looked her in the eyes and gave her some bullshit about loving her. Then I began to pull off her top, very slowly. I saw my first ever set of perfectly formed breasts, and it was like nectar to a thirsty man. Off came her bra and her breasts stayed firmly in place, without it . I threw her top to the floor and looked into her eyes. I kissed her again and again, slowly moving her to the bed and getting her to lie down.

While we were kissing, she began taking my shirt off and I moved to allow her freedom to get me undressed.

Slowly I began to kiss her neck and then to her chest. I looked up and saw her face contorted with passion. Taking my cue, I moved onto her breasts, which were now heaving up and down fast. As my lips touched a nipple she let a small moan escape form deep within her. I licked around the nipple and areola and took it between my teeth, lightly biting it. She gasped and moaned, encouraging me to go on with my ministrations.

I looked at her, smile and moved across to the other nipple, repeating my actions and getting more moans of pleasure. . I worked down both her breasts like a starving man eats a burger. As I sucked and nibbled on her nipples she gave a long moan and started pushing the breasts to me. I continued pleasuring her breasts and then moved my hand down her body. I reached her skirt and pulled at it. She moved her bottom just enough so I could get it off.

I tugged the skirt down her smooth legs and kissed up her legs from the toes. I worked up to her sweet pussy very slowly and gently. I could smell the sweet smell of her pussy drawing me closer. Gently I parted her beautiful legs and set myself between them, looking up I could see her face contorted with pleasure. I was pulled to the paradise between her legs and I kissed her over the panties. There was already a small damp spot, the aroma was heavenly. I kissed Nikki's covered pussy and she muttered a slight moan. I kissed again and again, and kept getting moans each a little deeper than the previous one. I licked up the length of her covered pussy, and tasted the sweet flavour of the area.

I put my fingers into the band of her panties and slowly pulled them down while Nikki moved her hips and helped me get rid of that last obstacle. She just lay and there and looked at me as I saw my first ever pussy and by God that made me want to eat it. I knelt down with my head between her legs and started to lick on her clit- slow, languorous licks, round and round in a circle. I then stuck my tongue into her pussy and started to eat her. All this time, she kept moaning and groaning and it got harder, faster and louder. Finally, I heard her say, "Oh my God" over and over again. Her pussy suddenly was completely drenched and I realised that she had cum.

She lay watching as I stood up and unbuttoned my pants, while she was recovering from her orgasm. She smiled as my underwear came into view and could see the outline of my, by now very hard cock straining to get out and into her. I wasted no time in pulling down my underwear and letting it out. I heard a gasp coming from Nikki. She said, "Are you sure that thing can fit into me?"

I smiled and said, "Well, let's find out."

I then came closer to the bed and held one foot in each hand and parted her legs a lot more and she put a finger over her pussy. I thought she felt shy, but she stuck one finger in and began masturbating in front of me. My cock rose more than I believed possible. I started kissing my up from her knees, listening to the guttural moans coming out of her mouth. I worked my way higher and higher, getting more and more excited. That sweet pussy aroma just made we want to taste her twat once more.

I heard another moan and my cock jumped. I looked and saw the most pretty pussy. There was no hair, the skin was perfectly smooth and there were two little lips surrounding very tight and wet hole ready for my hard throbbing.

I moved faster up and over Nikki's thigh. I met no resistance when I moved her hand aside and tasted her pussy. I soon replaced it with my finger and then my tongue. I kept up with this and would give her my finger to suck on her own pussy juices on occasion. She would take the finger in her mouth and suck on it and then move it down to play with her nipple. They were both hard and erect like bullets and her breasts were so soft and beautiful.

I kissed all around the smooth skin not touching the lips, then I ran my tongue

up and down Nikki's pussy, feeling the clit at the top. My tongue stayed on that for a little longer and I then placed a kiss there, while she moaned louder.

Much as I loved the taste of pussy, fucking was what I was there for and that is what I was going to do. I looked up into her eyes and saw the welcoming, longing look. How could I refuse a woman who wanted to be fucked.

I now lay on top pressing my hard cock against her wet pussy. I wanted to push it in as deep as I possibly could. She saw this in my eyes and whispered "Wait, I have a better idea". She kissed me deeply and wrapped her arms around me.

For a while we lay like that, kissing, rubbing my cock on her cunt, moving back and forth. Suddenly, Nikki pushed me off and got up. She suddenly got aggressive and pushed me onto my back and got on top of me. I could now feel the touch of her twat right on my cock. It took all off my willpower not to push myself into her pussy. . She smiled a wicked smile at me and began to rotate her hips slowly. I could feel my cock becoming wet from her juices as she ground herself onto it.

She looked into my eyes, smiled and said, "I want you to be my first! Make love to me, fuck me, do anything you want to me!"

I needed no more encouragement. I put my hands around her and pulled her down onto me. Millimetre by excruciating millimetre I could feel my hard cock slip into her tight pussy. Then I felt the barrier to her virginity, the maidenhead. I realised she felt pain when it tried to push in and she stopped. I encouraged her and told her it would be okay but she stopped. At that point, I put my hands on her shoulders and pulled her down while thrusting up at the same time. The cherry popped, she screamed and I entered a pussy for the first time. I lay still for a while to let her get used to the sensation of a cock inside of her pussy.

She slowly lifted herself up and began to rotate her hips, slowly. I did the same to maximise our pleasure. I lifted my hips up and she moaned as I pushed in deeper. She began to lift herself off me as I almost completely slipped out when she slid back down.

We both moaned and made strange noises, while with every stroke of my hard cock we sped up. My hands were busy massaging Nikki's firm breasts, pinching each nipple, and rubbing the areolae.

The bed started to groan and creak under our weight. Sweat was pouring down my body making me feel really hot. The sweat pouring down her body made her glisten.

Nikki's already tight pussy began to contract with her coming orgasm. This made me push harder and higher with each thrust penetrating her deeper and deeper. I could feel the opening to her womb on the tip of my cock. She kept on moaning something that sounded like, "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.......", but her voice was strained as she approached orgasm

Suddenly Nikki began to tense up and her whole began to shake. She had a massive orgasm and her pussy went into spasms, trapping my cock. The feeling was so intense that I lost it and I felt my own orgasm appear. I gave a loud moan and pulled her down against me. I thrust my hard cock deep as it exploded shooting hot sticky cum deep into her pussy.

We lay together and kissed and cuddled for a while. Then my cock had become limp and I just pulled out. I still remember we fucked six times that night and by morning I was completely exhausted.

The next morning, I got to talking to her and she told me about her family. Her parents were Graham and Wendy. They had married young and were still in their early forties. From what she said I realised her mother was a real looker. Her sisters were twins, Charlotte and Louise (or Lottie and Lou), again both were extremely good looking. Both were older than her and had boyfriends. No matter how much I probed she could not or would not tell me what her father did for a job and I got the feeling that it was not entirely kosher. I then made the fateful decision which would set me on the path to crime. I decided to try out my mind control techniques on that family.

I convinced Nikki that she should go away with me for a weekend but not let her parents know about it as yet. I said I would get back to her with arrangements and we would go away. I went away and hired a small home for a weekend. Then I started taping my voice speaking all the words needed to convert Nikki into my slave. I created the films that were needed and even built the special chair needed so that she would not touch the floor.

When she finally got there, I blindfolded her to heighten the element of surprise. I got her to take of all her clothes and get in the suspended chair still blindfolded and gave her my mixture to drink in a little vodka. In a few moments she was very cooperative. I then took off the blindfold and said, "enjoy the show!"

For the next two days, she was bombarded with recordings of my voice telling her that she was worthless, my slave, a slut, a whore and she could only be happy by obeying my every command. I programmed her to believe that I was the ultimate stud, had the biggest cock in the world and that only I, or someone I made her to have sex with, could satisfy her. I also ran images of pornos showing all manner of sex acts and kept telling her she liked them. I got her to masturbate while watching these and listening to the recorded messages. Part of this technique involves having no sensory input at all, other than what she heard or saw on stage.

At the end of the weekend, she was my slave: completely under my control and willing to do anything for me. I told her that, she had to get her mother and two sisters to this place, one weekend at a time. I gave her my special mixture and told her to use it to convince them.

This worked like a charm and I had Wendy for the next weekend (Don't ask what she told her husband she was doing for that time) and then the twins one weekend after another. So, in about a month, I had three slaves, who were ready to serve me as I commanded. Part of the training for the twins involved making them drop their boyfriends but Wendy was told to continue to keep her husband sexually happy.

Finally, I got the chance I was waiting for. I got Nikki to organise a time for me with her mum and sisters and she was to make sure her father never came home. I went over and told them that they had to give themselves to me sexually in every possible way, and that they were to do whatever I wanted. Wendy took me by the hand to the master bedroom with her twins in tow.

Even though I had planned this, the thought of having to make love to three beautiful women made me anxious. Wendy looked at Nikki, and said, "You lead this, darling, so do your thing. Go ahead. Let's see what we have here." Wendy stood on one side watching. The twins moved to my sides and grabbed my arms as Nikki kneeled in front of me.

Her hand crept under my balls and lifted my cock up and she bent her head forward. Her mouth opened and she opened her lips and sucked me in. I watched the expression on Wendy's face. She looked down to where Nikki was sucking on my prick.

My cock began to grow big and hard, Nikki started stroking my balls and the underside of my cock. Her tongue teased around my shaft and she started moving her head up and down. She opened her mouth, relaxed her throat and had my entire cock in her mouth. I said things like, "Good, slave. Keep your master happy"

One of the twins said, "Oh-my-god mom. Look at that. It's huge. She can't even take it anymore."

I turned to the three of them and told them quite simply to take off their clothes while putting on a show for me.

I told Wendy went to go and get out her camera and to take pictures of her girls all nude for me. While Nikki was sucking on my cock and Wendy went off for the camera I got the twins closer and started playing with their tits. The tits were soft and heavenly but the nipples were hard and getting harder by the minute. Just watching their sister giving me a blowjob was getting the girls aroused. Soon the twins wanted to push Nikki away, but I told them to take turns. The twins had obviously been around the block a few times and were experts in the art of sucking cock.

One would touch the under side of the shaft while the other sucked on the tip. Then they would swap and while one would be sucking the other would play with her twin's pussy. By this time Wendy was back and I wanted photos of her for future plans (read blackmail, here), so I told the twins to do a sixty nine while I got their mother to suck cock and Nikki to take pictures.

If those girls were good at sucking cock, their mother was terrific. She was good looking for her early to late forties age and man, was a husband a lucky son of a bitch. She caressed and licked and sucked and did it again and again while the twins were getting comfortable with each other. It was a great sight. Mum getting filmed sucking cock, the twins doing a sixty nine and Nikki getting them on film too.

Wendy stopped for a moment and called all the girls and told them to watch how it was done and proceeded to do a fantastic job of it. It took a lot of effort not to come in her mouth. Oh yeah! She was good. I can't remember ever having my whole cock in a woman's mouth, before or after that, when I was this hard, but she deep throated me, never gagging but making some sort of gurgling sounds .

Nikki said, in a very hoarse voice, "Mum let him loose for a second, I want a shot of how big his dick is"

She let my cock loose and then click, click went the camera as Nikki took pictures. She said she wanted a picture of me cumming and while I would love to oblige her I was not ready. Instead I decided I needed something different. I asked the twins to stop their sixty nine and Nikki to take the place of one of them.

Lou came to me and I got her onto the bed. I laid her back and held her feet pulling her legs apart to get a clear view of that exquisite pussy. It was glorious behind the hairy bush she had. I told her to start fingering herself and to spread her pussy open for me. I asked her to tell me about her boyfriend and how he fucked her. She started to tell me about how pathetic he was (all due to my mind control, of course: part of the mind control is to make them think no one was better than me in anything at all). I said, "tell me, is his cock as big as mine?"

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