tagErotic CouplingsDesert Camp Ch. 01

Desert Camp Ch. 01


In my opinion, too many people live their whole lives without ever getting out of the concrete jungle of the big city and seeing the beauty that nature has put before us. While closing a good deal may be beautiful to them, watching the sun set over a mountain range, or see the blooms of cactus in the moonlight are what I call beautiful. Doing freelance photography as a side job often has its rewards, and this trip easily fell into that category. I mean really, getting paid to drive around the wilderness areas of the southwest and photograph nature is almost like steeling. If it weren't for the cost of fuel, I'd do it without a paycheck, and to be honest, had many times. I guess some of the work I posted to various sources may have struck a note with my current employer. Whatever the reason, I wasn't going to turn down a hundred dollars a day plus expenses to go do what I do on vacation for free.

I had been at it for almost a week, driving around looking for those perfect shots, like the sun streaking through the clouds and making colorful pools in the painted desert. I'd just cruise around looking for that perfect shot, and when I got tired, I'd pull out the map and find the nearest state campground. The cost is always low and I rarely find them full. In fact, I often found I was one of the very few there, which was fine with me, since they were usually close to those shots I was looking for anyway.

It was late afternoon when I pulled into a small camping area that overlooked a large expanse of desert. My plan was to go out into the desert after dark and do some shots of the sidewinders making their tracks. But first I had to make camp and get some dinner. One other vehicle was in the small camping area, so I picked a spot a bit away from them. No point in crowding them if there was all this space.

It only took me a few minutes to get my camp set up, having had lots of practice and my gear well organized. The camping area was listed as primitive, which was accurate. It had one pit toilet, and no showers or running water. It was good that it did have one toilet, since the vegetation was so sparse that I would have had a hard time finding a tree to go behind. Don't get me wrong, there were trees, sort of. Thin spindly little things with tiny leaves that looked like they struggled to survive, and afforded very little shade.

I set out my rain tarp as a leanto, not because I was expecting rain, but because it was the only way to get any real shade. I set out my recliner style camp chair and lay back for a nice afternoon siesta. It was hot, maybe one ten or so, but as they say, it's a dry heat. To that I mean that it will evaporate off your body almost as fast as you sweat. To that end I learned long ago that the less you wear the better off you are, as long as you're out of the sun. I pulled off my shirt and tossed it over that arm of my chair, and lay back wearing nothing but a pair of ventilated athletic shorts and flip-flops. I was almost asleep when I heard a noise. I pried my eyes open and looked across at the other camp site.

She was standing in front of the second pup tent, reaching for the sky, stretching, wearing very baggy gray shorts and sweaty gray cut off t-shirt. What she had on, as much of it as there was, didn't hide the fact that she was not slim, but I also wouldn't call her fat. I would have to call her a plus size, maybe a size fourteen or so. What really caught my attention was the amount of bulge in the front of her t-shirt. Her breasts were easily the size of a pair of large grapefruit, and the way they jiggled as she stretched attested to the lack of any form of support.

I tried not to look like I was awake, especially when I noticed she was looking in my direction. I could see her put her hands on her hips and swing her torso two and fro before rocking her shoulders to get the kinks out, the movements exaggerated to improved her ability to look discretely my direction. I'm not sure that she realized that her exaggerated movements also hiked the sweat soaked t-shirt up her tits until the creamy white bottoms were showing, standing out against her tanned stomach, even at this distance.

Overall she looked quite attractive. Well rounded, a nice curve to her hips and butt, well muscled legs and arms, all nicely tanned. Her face was framed with long blond brown hair that was tosseled like she just woke form a long sleep, which I guessed she had.

I'm not bad looking, spending a lot of time outside. I try to keep in shape, but my forty plus years are starting to catch up to me and I'm not as spry as I used to be, but I can hold my own, able to hike easily twenty miles in a day, with a pack of gear. Hazards of the hobby I guess.

I lay back and watched through slitted eyes, watching her move around camp, trying to look like she wasn't watching me. She dug in the back of the van they had and soon came out with a black bag and plopped it down on the roof of the van before going back to digging. I watched her work for some minutes, digging in the van and then walking over to a couple of the scraggly trees with an arm full of stuff. She bent over, giving me a great view of her butt as she worked to tie a tarp to one tree. She pulled out the tarp around another tree and then worked on the other end, putting up a v shaped wall between the open desert and their tents. I wasn't sure what she was up to until she hauled the black bag over to the V and disappeared behind it. In a few moments I understood exactly what she was doing, as the black bag was hoisted into one of the trees.

In a few moments I saw her shirt, shorts and a pair of pink panties, flip over the top of the tarp and land in the dust. I suspected she was completely naked behind the tarp, taking a shower with the couple gallons in the bag, and was very tempted to move so I could peak around the side. I decided it would be better if I didn't, and stayed laying back, hoping for a look. To my surprise I soon saw her come around the partition, wrapped in an almost too small towel, headed toward her tent. As she walked I could see a good part of her tits, the top of the towel barely covering her nipples, and nearly all of her ass. I probably could have seen her pussy as well if she hadn't been pulling the front corner down to cover herself. She knelt down crawled into her small tent, giving me just the briefest glimpse of her full ass and a flash of meaty pussy lips.

She crawled out a minute later wearing a pair of baggy blue shorts that looked like sweatshirt material, and a powder blue t- shirt. She looked around camp, and then over toward me to see if I was still there or still asleep.

"Hey, How you doing?" she called when she realized I was no longer asleep and looking in her direction.

"Pretty good. You?" I called back from my chair.

"I didn't know you were awake." She said as she started walking over towards me.

"Just a short nap."

"Ah. You here for the night, or longer?"

"Oh, just till tomorrow probably. I want to get out in the desert tonight and photograph some wildlife." I answered as she stopped a few feet from me, her tits wiggling enticingly under the t-shirt. From where I was sitting I could almost look up the leg of the very short baggy shorts, and it took several seconds before I pulled my eyes from the few whisps of blond hair and took a better look at her. I guessed that she was probably in her mid thirties, and I had to admit, despite her being a bit larger than most men were normally attracted to, she was very good looking. What really caught my attention were her blue/green eyes that seemed to twinkle with whatever thoughts were running through her mind, and incidentally making my dick almost immediately start to harden. I crossed my legs to try to hide my obviously growing bulge, which caused her eyes to move from whatever part of me she had been surveying to my lap. I could see her nipples harden as she stared at my lap, her eyes twinkling even more as a smile spread across her face, obviously pleased at the reaction she had caused.

"So? A professional photographer?" She said, finally dragging her eyes from my lap to my now red face.

"Semi pro. I get paid but I still do it for fun."

"Cool. Isnt it hard to find models out here?" she asked with a grin.

"Yeah a bit, normally I do nature though. How bout you? Here for a while?" I asked, changing the subject to something more comfortable.

"Don't know. My sister and her boyfriend decided it would be fun to camp in the middle of nowhere, what that means is that they spend most of their time in their tent playing tonsil hockey and I sit around and get to enjoy a good book."

"Oh, I'm sorry, that sounds kind of boring."

"I like the solitude, but not this much. You're the first person I've seen in three days."

"I'm sorry. Where's your sister now?"

"Oh, last time I saw them they headed down towards that dry wash. Knowing them they found a shady spot and are banging away." She said, looking

"I take it you don't approve?"

"Oh, I don't not approve, but it isn't much fun to be stuck out here alone while they're going at it like bunny rabbits."

"I suppose I can see that."

"So you're going out tonight?"

"That's my plan. I want to try to get some night shots. With the full moon it should be pretty good."

"Do you mind if I tag along? Or would that mess up your work?"

"No, you can come if you want." I answered with a shrug.

"Cool! Thanks! Just come by and get me whenever you're ready."

"Probably closer to midnight. I want the moon high in the sky."

"Well, just come knock." She said with a grin.

"I will. Is that your sister?" I asked, pointing to the couple that was walking toward camp.

"Yep, that's her. I guess I better go." She said turning to head back to her campsite.

"Hey, what's your name?" I called as she started off.

"Teresa!" she said over her shoulder, leaving me to sit and watch her cute butt wiggle as she walked off.

I sat for some time watching her move around camp, squatting down to work on the camp stove sitting on the ground, and occasionally looking over to see what I was doing. I sat there with a huge hardon, thinking about the few hairs I had seen, and picturing her taking a shower behind that tarp again. Finally I could sit no longer and had to get up and start some food for myself.

It only took me a little while to get my pre-packaged food cooked on the small single burner stove. I was set up to be able to go deep into the wilderness and still survive, which meant light weight everything, since my pack started out with nearly twenty pounds of photo gear. I sat back in my chair and watched Teresa move around the camp, wondering just how good those tits looked, or better, tasted. I doubted I would get the chance to find out though.

The evening came on quickly, the sun sinking behind the sandy horizon, painting the sky burnt orange before allowing the purples and blacks of the night sky to finally push it away.

I lay back and stared at the stars, at least as well as I could, given the extremely bright moon. I looked down and could see that it was casting a shadow already, and it was still a good two hours from being high enough to do me any good. I looked over at Teresa's camp, and saw her sister and boyfriend slip into their tent, the shadows on the wall making it obvious that he was wasting no time getting her naked. She seemed a bit younger than her sister, and quite a bit thinner, but her breasts were definitely in the same size, and the profile shining on the tent wall quickly had my dick hard again as it started my mind wondering about Teresa. In my mind's eye I could picture myself pulling her shorts down to reveal her curly blond hair and pussy lips, followed by pulling her shirt up and off, leaving her completely naked in the cooling night air.

The thoughts had my motor running and I had unconsciously slid my hand into my shorts and was stroking my hard dick when Teresa broke my fantasy and shocked me back to reality.

"Hey. How's it going?" she asked as I jerked my hand out of my shorts guiltily. I thought I could see a smile on her face, but the shadows kept me from being sure. At least the darkness didn't let her see how red I suddenly was.

"Um...Fine." I stammered out, trying to get my thought s back together.

"Yeah, does that to me too." She said looking over her shoulder at her sisters tent, the shadow now showing her boyfriend pushing his dick in and out of her from behind while her tits swung back and forth below her.

"Sorry. Guess I was lost in thought." I answered, shaking my head to get my mind out of the gutter.

"So when would you like to go out?"

"Well, I suppose we can start any time. Do you have boots or anything? We're going to be in snake territory. Maybe long pants would be a good idea too. I still need to get mine on."

"Oh, I have long pants and some hiking boots." She answered.

"Ok. Why don't we get dressed and meet back in a few minutes?"

"Sure!" she said brightly, turning and practically running back to the tent. I got up and walked over to my truck, pulling the back open and digging out my duffel. I pulled out long pants and heavy socks, which I always wear with my boots. I tossed my shirt on the back and got ready to strip off my shorts, not worrying about being seen, since I knew where both ladies were at the moment.

In her haste to get changed, Teresa dropped the flashlight in her tent, the soft glow shining a profile of her body on the tent wall as she stripped her shorts off, her legs sticking nearly to the roof of the tent as she kicked them to pull on her pants. My dick was almost instantly hard as I stood naked in the moonlight, thinking once again about sinking into her pussy. I tried to dress and watch her tent at the same time, not wanting to get caught naked out here by her, and not wanting to miss any of the show I was getting.

Finally I tucked my hard dick into my pants and zipped carefully up, having forgotten underwear in my distraction. "No time to go back and put it on." I thought to myself as I saw Teresa come out of her tent and scurry back over to my site.

"All ready!" she said cheerfully, a big smile on her face, the moonlight shining off her short blond hair, practically making it glow like a halo.

"Ready in a second." I answered, pulling on one boot and lacing it up.

"You're a slowpoke!" she laughed playfully.

"Nope. Just distracted by the nice shadow show." I answered with a crooked grin.

"I didn't... I mean..."

"Uh huh. You did." I said as I tied my boot and got ready to pull my other boot from the truck.

"Oh, how embarrassing!" Teresa said, coving her face with her hands.

"It's ok. I enjoyed it."

"Oh my." She said as I pulled on my other boot, the moonlight now illuminating the front of my pants and my rock hard dick stuffed in them at an angle.

"Sorry." I said sheepishly. "I told you it was a good show."

"I guess." She said with a girlish giggle.

I finished tying my boot and then pulled on my shirt and pack, ready to head out into the desert. We crossed through a small wash and then up into the warm sands, walking carefully around any small clumps of brush until we found what I was looking for. I quickly dropped my pack and pulled out my still and video gear before slinging my pack back up again.

Using the zoom of my video lens I tracked the squiggles in the sand toward a small clump of bushes. It didn't take long to find my target, a large rattler sniffing around the bushes looking for dinner. I motioned to be silent and we moved around slowly, working our way to a better vantage point. I pulled out the camera and set it up, zooming in on the snake as it found a small kangaroo mouse, the mouse jumping and hopping to distract it from the babies that were sure to be close by.

"Wow" Teresa whispered as we watched the action on the small LCD monitor. The mouse seemed to know exactly how far to stay out of the way until it had the snake headed out of the bushes, only then scampering across the sand away from us, taking the snake along with it.

"That was neat!" She whispered quietly. "Do you see a lot of that kind of thing?"

"Yeah, sometimes the predator gets its prey, and sometimes it doesn't."

"So what else do you film?"

"Lots of stills, sometimes time laps shots of things blooming. If I get the chance even animals mating. Circle of life stuff, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah, I think I know what you mean." She said quietly while I folded the tripod.

I looked over at her, the moonlight shining on her face, her eyes glittering enticingly. I really couldn't help myself, and leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips. I wasn't sure what kind of response I was going to get, but I was very pleased that it wasn't a slap in the face.

"What was that for?" she asked.

"Just because you are very beautiful." I whispered.

"Not really, I'm much too plump to be beautiful."

"Why is it that women who aren't skinny automatically assume that men don't find them attractive?"

"I guess that's what we're taught early on. The skinny little cheerleaders are what the men want."

"Hmmmm. Poor assumption." I said standing up and holding a hand out for her. I looked around for a minute and then headed out a bit farther, still holding her hand in one of mine and the video camera in the other. We topped a small dune and dropped down into a small bowl between the peaks of three dunes. "This'll due!" I said, taking my pack off. I pulled the tripod out of its pocket on the side and went about setting up my camera again.

"So what are we filming this time?" She whispered, looking around for what wildlife might be around.

"Wild animals mating." I whispered back as I turned the camera toward the bottom of the bowl and set it to run. I picked up my pack with one hand and took hers in the other and walked down into the bottom of the bowl. I pulled out a large cloth roll and quickly spread it on the ground with my pack on one side. I took her hand and pulled her into the middle of the thin blanket and put an arm around her, pulling her gently against me.

"Is this wild animals mating?" she asked in a whisper.

"It is if you want." I whispered back, leaning my lips to hers and gently kissing her soft mouth. I let my hands roam around her body, stroking her through her shirt as she returned the attentions to me. I broke the kiss and slowly knelt down in front of her, gently lifting her t-shirt a few inches to kiss her tanned belly. Inch by inch I worked her shirt up, kissing each inch of newly exposed belly until her creamy white breasts came into view. She reached down and took the bottom of her shirt from me and pulled it up and off, tossing it onto my pack. I looked hungrily at her large breasts, each easily the size of a grapefruit. Her nipples were already rock hard, and stood out from her large pink areola almost as big as my finger, and as long as it was wide. I hefted each of her creamy breasts, gently blowing my hot breath across each nipple before taking them in my fingers, gently rolling and twisting them.

"Beautiful!" I said quietly, admiring the beauty I held in my hands. I gave each breast another gently squeeze before lowering my mouth over one of her hard nipples and sucking it into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue and ran it around the areola teasingly.

"Oh yes." She whispered as I worked one nipple with my mouth and the other with my fingers, switching sides periodically by kissing and teasing my way from one to the other.

I had knelt in front of her and kissed her breasts for several long minutes before I moved one hand to the front of her pants and unsnapped them, working the zipper down slowly. I had to let go of her tits for a few moments, while I worked the denim over her hips and full round rear, pulling her pants and pink panties down to her knees in one slow smooth motion.

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