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Jason looked up from the electron microscope image he had been studying for the past 30 minutes. There was no doubt in his mind that he had done it! The gene complex (known as a GC) was exactly what he had designed and he was confident it would work. Although he was only 30 he had been on this project at the university for 6 years; it seemed a lifetime!

The scientific significance of his work was staggering. He had designed and created, in the lab, a human GC, which, if he were correct, could increase the size of parts of the human body.

In his experiments with rodents, he had increased tail size by 40% in rats, increased the size of hamster's feet by 10% to 50% and lengthened the ears of rabbits 30%. None of the animals had suffered any discernible side effects and he had had good control of the amount of growth. His rodent reports were in the final typing phase and would be submitted for peer review at another university soon. Then, if his results were confirmed ( and they would be ), he could publish and become a leader in the genetic field. The human GC he had designed had every chance of working safely, but Jason knew the road to approval to conduct experiments on humans was a long and difficult one. He wanted to start now!

His thoughts were interrupted by his lab assistant bursting into the room. Jason had hired Helen as a part-time lab assistant about a month ago. She was a graduate student in microbiology and had shown herself to be extremely competent and a delight to be around. She always burst into a room as the sun bursts from behind a cloud. She was always "up" and excited about life in general. When her great personality was added to her almost cover girl looks she was irresistible! Jason, as a new PhD, had tried to be very professional in their relationship, but he wasn't doing that well. They had very soon reached the point of warm friendship; but no more than that yet.

"A dime for your thoughts, a penny's not enough for the thoughts of a PhD," she quipped with a warm smile.

Jason said, in a voice he hoped was very scientific, "I believe I have created a GC similar to the rodent GC's which will work on humans. "

She looked at him with admiration and said simply " WOW."

It was the nicest compliment he had ever received.

She said "WOW." again and gave him a long, tight hug. "Tell me all about it. What can it do? How did you do it? What do you do next?" she poured out rapidly.

"Slow down!" he said as he took both of her hands in his. "If you are free in an hour or so, let's go to dinner and talk about it." Jason was a little surprised at himself; he had thought about asking Helen out, but had been afraid she would say no or think him unprofessional.

"I'd love to!" she replied. The success of his day was beginning to catch up to him and he felt almost drunk!

"May I pick you up at seven?" he asked. " Great! I am really looking forward to it. " she said as she slipped out the door.

Jason took her to one of his favorite restaurants where they ordered a liter of red wine, salad and fettuccine with red clam sauce. As they ate, Jason told Helen the details of his work. Although the scientific details should have been beyond her expertise, she seemed to follow him with no problems. She even asked several very astute questions.

When Jason finished she asked, "When do you apply for permission to do human experiments and what experiments do you plan to do?" Jason looked directly into her eyes for several seconds as if to make some final judgment about her and then with a very serious face, said " I want to tell you what I plan to do and why I want to do things this way; can I trust you with some very personal information?" He held up his hand to stop her reply and added, " If you feel you can't participate in my experiment after I explain what I intend, I want you to swear you will never talk about this with anyone, OK?"

" OK, OK I swear, I swear!" she said impatiently. Jason took a deep breath and started, " I don't plan to get permission for human experiments, I plan to do an experiment on myself. Although I can do this alone, I need your help as a witness to the data and procedures. If the experiment works I intend to publish the results even though I will most likely be fired for going ahead without permission. " He had said all of this in one breath as if to get it all out before he changed his mind. Jason took a deep breath and leaned back in his chair. Helen was quiet for what seemed to be a long time before she said, " You know I like you very much and I can see this is very important to you, so, I want to say yes; but, you haven't told me everything. For example: what part of your beautiful bod do you wish to modify and what is the "very personal" part of this plan?"

" Are your little toes to short?" Jason looked down at the table and said in a whisper, "I want to enlarge my penis." Helen exploded in laughter and when she could talk again she said " I'm sorry, but I can't believe you are one of those men who think they have to be hung like a horse to be a good lover." If you can be serious for a moment, I will tell you why this is so important to me and maybe you will understand why I must do this." Jason continued, " When I was 16 I had a crush an a 15 year old freshman. She was a doll and I wanted her BAD! One day I had the guts to ask her out and, much to my surprise, she said yes. I drove then and had access to a car, so I took her to a movie and then, at her suggestion, we drove to a secluded spot and parked. I had no sexual experience but Charlene had! She was all over me and I didn't know just what to do. She took her blouse and bra off and told me to kiss her tits, which I did! Then she slipped her jeans off and told me to get undressed. I was ready! As soon as my clothes were off she grabbed my dick, then she started to laugh. She said it must be the smallest dick in school and she wasn't going to waste a fuck on that!

She couldn't stop laughing. I was crushed! I got dressed as fast as I could and started back to town. All the way there she told me about the guys with big dicks she had fucked. She told the stories in great detail while she played with her tits. She actually took a dildo from her purse and fucked herself as we drove through town! Years later I learned that she had done the same thing with other guys but for me the damage was done; I was terrified of trying sex; in fact I have never had sex. I am probably the king of masturbation!" Jason looked at Helen to see if, perhaps, he had offended her with his tale but he saw only a look of sympathy. " Jason, I am so sorry that happened to you, it must have been terrible for you at that age. " she said in a soft voice, " but you must know now that you are normal, don't you?" Jason sighed, " Unfortunately, I am not normal. I may be the world's leading expert on penis size! The average dick is 6.1 inches long, with an elliptical cross section of circumference 5.2 inches, major axis 1.5 inches and minor axis of1 inch. Mine is 4.9 inches, with circumference 4.2 inches, major axis 1.2 inches and minor axis 0.8 inches. Mine is a 12th percentile dick! To add to my sex problems - I may be the worlds horniest man; I usually jack off at least twice a day." Helen looked at him tenderly and said, " I want to help, tell me what to do." Jason was delighted with her answer. " Tomorrow, "he said "you can witness my measurements to make the lab notebook official. I want to start with testicale weight, ejaculate amount, and of course, the basic physical measurements. I also think we should video tape the whole process for added credibility."

" OK, " she replied " Tomorrow when I come to work we will get started. " She was trying to sound professional, but it was obvious that her feelings had been touched. They said very little on the way home and parted with a friendly embraces.

The next afternoon Helen came to work looking unbelievably sexy in a long plain white lab coat. Although she seemed a little nervous, she was still her irrepressible self as she gathered a measuring tape, scales and a graduated beaker. " OK pal, drop those pants and let me at my work!" she said, as she adjusted the video camera and turned it on. Jason was very nervous! All of his fears came back ten fold as he faced the prospect of Helen seeing and handling his dick, but he did as she asked and removed his pants and shorts. He was not at all sure he could get an erection under these circumstances. Helen came to him saying, " I thought there may be this problem so I brought some lotion I think you will like. " Her manner was calm and friendly as she applied the warm slippery lotion to his nuts and dick and gently massaged them. " Maybe this will help. " she said as she kissed him passionately and brought his hand to her tits. It did! He was soon as hard as steel and she took the necessary measurements. " The testicale weight is difficult to get accurately " she said, " but I'll do it the same way after the experiment and we should get a good comparison."

" Now how should we get this thing to cum? Shall I or will you?" she asked in her typical light hearted way. "You can do it, I'll hold the beaker." he said as he took the beaker from her hand. She had a wonderful touch and in less then a minute he had deposited 8 ml of ejaculate in the beaker.

" Good boy." she said as she gave him a light kiss and sent him to clean up and get dressed. When he returned she had entered the data in the lab book, turned off the video, put away the equipment and was ready to leave. "Thanks, I know I couldn't do this with any one but you." Jason said.

The next two weeks Jason spent preparing the serum. He really needed very little help but Helen was there every day to take notes and witness the procedures. It was the first of September when Helen gave him the injection. By Jason's calculations it would be the 18th of September when growth should be complete and final measurements taken. By coincidence, this was Helen's birthday.

Part of the serum had been a hormone suppressant to prevent erections so Jason had no idea if he was getting any growth in his dick, but he did notice that his nuts where definitely larger. On the morning of the 18th Jason was at the lab early and Helen arrived soon after he did. They were both eager to see what the new measurements would be. Helen wore the same long lab coat she had been wearing and looked great, as she always did. She assembled the equipment, turned the camera on and said "OK stud let's see what you have for my birthday present!" She first weighed his nuts and reported " 60% increase, great." Jason wasn't fully erect yet, but he had a long way to go if there was going to be significant improvement. Helen stroked his dick for a few moments and it stood stiffly erect. Neither she nor Jason spoke as she made the measurements and reported for the video camera " Penis length - no change, circumference - no change, major axis - no change, minor axis - no change." Jason was crushed. He had been so sure. Helen continued as if she hadn't noticed any problem.

"Let's get the ejaculate measurement now. How about this way?" she said as she went to her knees and took his dick in her mouth. " God that is wonderful!" Jason moaned as Helen sucked strongly. After about 20 seconds Jason shouted " Stop! Something is happening, quick, get a measurement!" Helen had jumped up in surprise when he had shouted and now grabbed the tape measure and began measuring. " Length - 5.75 inches, great! Circumference-4.9 inches, great! Major axis - 1.4 inches, wonderful! Minor axis -0.94 inches, great, over a 15% increase!" They were both elated. " Let's get that cum measurement " she said as she dropped back to her knees and resumed sucking. In a minute or two Jason said, trying to control his voice," I believe its increasing some more, just keep doing what you are doing." Helen paused briefly to say, " It is big!" Jason looked down to see a dick that looked huge. Helen's mouth looked full. "Stop and measure, I believe it has stabilized." Helen measured as before and reported, " Length - 8 inches, God! Circumference - 6.9 inches, major axis - 2.0 inches, minor axis - 1.3 inches. Its beautiful!" They both admired it for a moment, then Helen opened her lab coat - she wore nothing underneath! She came close to him and removed his shirt. Now they were both naked. Jason had never seen a body more perfect! I need to fuck that new thing of yours." she said in a husky voice," Its my birthday present, you can't refuse." She gripped his huge dick in her hand and put its head against her cunt.

" On the floor." he whispered. She lay on her back with her legs spread wide as Jason went to his knees. Again she took him in hand and put the swollen red head against her cunt. " Now " she cried as he thrust in to her. "Oh God fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" she screamed as he thrust strongly in and out. Jason had never felt so good! He was a man! He was stretching a cunt to its limits. Helen was cumming uncontrollably! She moaned again and again, " wonderful, wonderful. " Jason felt a huge pressure and then almost a recoil as he shot his load of cum into her cunt! They lay quietly for awhile, not moving. Finally Jason withdrew as he began to get soft.

Helen had tears in her eyes as she said "If I fuck every man on earth during the rest of my life, there will never be another fuck like this one. It was out of this world!" As they dressed Jason became the scientist again, "We need to get what data we have recorded and we need to figure out what happened; also, we didn't get an ejaculate measurement. " Helen replied, "I can take the video home and recap the times and numbers for the notebook. I can tell you as a woman, not a scientist, that my cunt was over flowing with cum -I loved it!" They held each other for a long time and then, for reasons they couldn't have explained, left the lab and went their separate ways.

The next morning Helen called just as Jason walked into the lab. " Do you trust me?" she asked after they had exchanged pleasantries. " I would hope so! I am trusting you with my very soul in this experiment. " he answered." Well, " she said, "last night when I ran the video I was engrossed in up- dating the notebook and didn't notice that my room mate was watching from her bedroom door; in fact I didn't even know she was home. Anyway, she saw almost all of the "good" part and really wants to meet you. OK, what she really said was that she wants to fuck that beautiful dick! I do think we can use her to complete the experiment; for example - how do we know it wasn't my magic mouth that caused the great increase? I know you will like her and you don't have to tell her very much; she just wants to fuck you! I already told her it would be OK. OK?" Jason was reluctant, but it was great to feel that a woman lusted for his body! Also he could not say no to Helen, he owed her too much.

"OK, I'll trust your judgment on this." As an after thought he said, " If I fuck her won't you be jealous?" she answered, " Maybe a little, but I have never watched people fuck before (except us on the video!) and I need to, at least once, just for science, of course!" Before they hung up, Jason explained his thoughts on why his dick needed to be sucked before it reached its full size. Helen was delighted with the idea that the amount of sucking determined the size. " I can use Jolene, that's my room-mates name, to confirm that this afternoon." she said.

That afternoon Helen brought Jolene to the lab. She was a cool, elegant lady; strikingly beautiful with a slim, but sexy, body. " I guess Helen told you I was interested in your, ah, work. " she said with a smile. " Yes" Jason answered, "has she told you much about it?"

"Not really, but what I saw on the video captured my interest." Jolene replied. "Well, Helen, you have some thoughts on what we should do this afternoon, so let's hear where we go from here. " Jason said with more calmness than he felt. Helen assumed her "take charge "attitude and dictated. "Jason, you blow up the air bed I brought while I set up the video. Jolene, you can take your clothes off, since we know where this is going to end. I will want you to suck Jason until I say stop, then I will take measurements, then you suck, I measure etc. until I have what I need.

Also, I need a more accurate measure of cum than "a cunt full" so when I finish the measurements, Jason, you will have to fuck her ( poor boy! ) until you are ready to cum, at which time you tell me, pull out and I will catch your cum in the beaker. I know I sound more like the director of a fuck film than a lab assistant, but this will get the data we need. I hope it won't be too painful for you poor children!" When Jason finished the air bed he too removed his clothes and turned to admire Jolene's body. It was as nice as Helen's but more slender and her cunt was shaved smooth. Helen was ready with her equipment and asked " Any questions? OK, Jolene, suck away!"

Every thing proceeded smoothly with Helen making regular measurements until Jason had reached his full size. It appeared that Jason's theory was correct; he could be sucked to any size from 4.9 inches to the full 8 inches. When Helen said she was finished with measurements Jolene said "Can you take a still picture with this gorgeous prick by my face? LaVina won't believe this!"

" Who is LaVina?" Jason asked. " Oh just a friend - its a along story." Jolene replied holding his dick against her face for the picture. Helen snapped the polaroid and said " OK people, time to fuck!" Jolene lay on the air bed with her legs parted as Jason brought his engorged dick to her naked cunt. As he entered her Jolene gasped with pleasure. "I have found the perfect prick!" she sighed as she wrapped her legs around him and forced him in to the hilt. Jolene started cumming within seconds and continued until Jason called "NOW " Helen reached to grab his slippery dick and position the beaker - just in time - in three giant ejaculations he poured 15ml of cum into the beaker.

Helen guided his dick back into Jolene's waiting cunt and slapping his ass said, "fuck away, cowboy!" In less than a minute Jason went limp and rolled over beside Jolene; exhausted but feeling great! After a life with no sex, he had fucked two of the most wonderful women in the world in two days.

They cleaned up, put things away, and made the entries in the lab book. Jason suggested they get a couple of bottles of champagne and go to Helen's and Jolene's apartment, which they did.

At the apartment, Helen changed to a tee shirt and shorts ( no bra). Jolene put on a light cotton robe with nothing under it. As they relaxed with their champagne Jolene asked " What is the next step in your experiment, Jason?" Jason thought for a moment and answered, "I had thought of publishing the results but I have changed my mind. I believe I can get a patent on this. If I can get a patent, I would like to open a chain of clinics to deal with male sex problems. That should fill a need and be a great money makers." Helen, always the wit, asked, " What will you call your clinics? Suck-a-Size? Pick-a-Prick?" Jolene threw in "How about DesignaDick?"

"Hey, I'm serious " Jason countered, "and I like DesignaDick as a name."

"So do I." Helen said. Jolene said, " Now I'm serious; if you do this I want to work for you. I want to fuck the new 'designer dicks' you create. Just think -I can fuck all the big dicks I want, get paid for it and not be called a whore! Heaven can't be that good!" Jason was getting horny again. He got up and walking behind Helen's chair he slipped his hands under her shirt and held her firm full tits. " I believe it is my turn to fuck while you watch." said Helen as she got up from her chair and headed for the bedroom. By the time Jolene joined them Helen was sucking Jason to size. Jolene dropped her robe and offered her tits to Jason to be kissed and fondled.

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