This is the first story I ever wrote. Please, great feedback would much appreciated. Chapter 2 is coming, just need some time to keep up with my classes.


It was summer break. I just finished my sophomore year at Brandeis University in Massachusetts. It was in a very rural area, heavy thick woods and many homes were surrounded by the forests. Coming from brooklyn, it was hard to get accustomed to this lifestyle, but I stuck it out. It paid off for me, the school had a very good dual-degree program. For myself, majoring in Psychology & Bioinformatics was no easy feat, but I had an apt for the brain and thinking critically was my thing, among other things.

I guess you could say I was a well rounded guy, I played soccer (my favorite hobby besides sparring), played basketball and my father put me into MMA and other martial arts. I was in very good shape. I was mixed ethnically speaking, brazilian, columbian, and armenian was where my family was from. I'm 6'2". Another thing that girls were attracted to were my eyes. I had 2 completely different eye colors, called complete heterochromia. My left eye was a solid bright jade green and my right eye was a bright blue. Its a genetic mutation and very rare for someone to get completely 2 different colors. I also had a couple of tattoos. My right bicep had a ring of words in armenian circling it. I had an intricate tattoo that encircled my left elbow and around to halfway up my bicep and a little bit to my forearm of tribal tattoos with a green and blue tropical hibiscus flower in the inner part of my elbow. I have a small tattoo of rock cracks on my upper right corner of my back. (I was drunk when I decided to get it) and an egyptian ankh tattoo on my center back, it was quite large. My tattoo was a mixture of tribal and egyptian hieroglyphics that covers the side of my seratus and went up my left pec and ended right near my neck. I had jet black hair that was fairly short, but not too short, a girl could still grasp it in her hand. I had the tip of my tongue pierced, a lip ring on the right side, and my dick pierced. That one hurt the most, and it was difficult to pee for the first few weeks. But it was worth it.

My mother passed away when I was young, so it was just me & my father most of the time besides my grandparents. I went away to college to get away from the dangers of brooklyn and to explore a different part of the country.

I had decided to stay on campus, even though there was at least a handful of people here as well, to conduct research for my advisors and hopefully get some work published. It was dusk and I decided to go to the soccer field and practice some tricks so I wouldn't die of boredom. I put on my low top nikes, some black windbreaker pants and and a shirt whose sleeves I cut and cut a bit down the sides to make it into a loose tank top. I threw on a thin hoody and grabbed my soccerball and headed out to the field.

Walking there was a bit far because the fields were in a secluded area, especially the soccer field. It was the farthest and basically surrounded by trees except for a single path to the bleachers and the rest of the field. While walking I felt a sharp cold breeze hit my back. I swore I heard someone breathe near me. I turned around and nothing. The gloomy street lights illuminated most of the campus at night. This one single light that illuminated the path more upwards to the field was broken, and it was very dark. I took my phone out and used it a light so I could see.

Walking more I heard footsteps behind me and turned around again. But nothing. I knew I wasnt going crazy and started to hear ruffling in the trees. I got goosebumps, but kept walking. Whatever, I know how to defend myself if someone wants to fuck with me. I could easily break bones and am very strong. I was lean and cut, but not a muscle head. In other words, My biceps were not bigger than my head and my endurance was high.

I finally reached the bleachers and took off my hoody and placed it on the bleachers. I put phone on top and I kicked the soccerball towards the goal and made it. Despite me being far from it. I should have joined the soccer team, but I had enough on my plate with classes and research alone. I jumped over the fence with ease and ran to the ball.


I licked my lips when I saw him take off his hoody. I could tell he was built, but seeing it was even more made me thirsty. I usually would not come near a school because missing students tend to draw more attention, but I'll make an exception. I decided to just watch him, with one jump I was at the top of a tree, although I was many yards away, I saw him as if he was right next to me. These all seeing eyes I gained since my transformation served me well. I saw him do very impressive acrobatic tricks with the soccer ball, he had such precision when he kicked and hit a single narrow pole to make the ball bounce back towards him where he would catch it with his chest, or head, and feet. The ball never stayed in one place, and it never hit the ground. He was good, very good. I actually enjoyed watching him. But what appeased me more was the increase of his beating heart. It sounded so strong and the aroma he release was intoxicating. Such an earthy scent, delicious and very manly. So much testosterone, mmm, he possibly could have made a fitting king to rule Ancient egypt with me...perhaps.

Thats when the hunger pans hit me, a strong locking of my stomach made a rather uncomfortable pain hit me hard. I hadn't fed in a week...and he looked very good, very healthy. I swiftly jumped to another tree and got a better look at him from the front. A few things caught my eye, 1 thing was his large bulge that swung back and forth in his pants when he jumped, ran, and kicked the ball. It made me a bit horny...actually a lot. He was very attractive, the tattoos that adorned his strong arms were also attractive. It was like fate was dangling my drug in front of me, tempting me, but I had been around for very long time. I could be in a room filled with blood and still hold my composure. Much discipline helped me survive for 4,700 years. And I still look like my 22 year old self. I will never forget my transformation, or my maker, although she was a bitch.

The hunger pans hit me again, this time a bit too unbearable, I shouldn't have gone without feeding for this long. But he would be worth the wait. I saw one of his eyes reflect the light and saw it to be bright blue. Beautiful. I thought to myself, its been so long since I drank a blue eyes male.

"Mmmm," I let out...blood smells so pure. The brighter the eye color, the sweeter the blood. The purest are the ones with bright blue, bright green, hazel, and honey brown. I jumped down from the tree, despite the height, I was silent. No sound. Not a single disruption in the quiet summer night was made by any of my movements. Even other vampyres could not feel me near. I was possibly the oldest vampyre in the world now, good. With age comes more speed and strength.

I stared at him, and smelled the air, no one but him was here. Even the animals ran away, they know a predator is here, and she is very hungry. He balanced the soccer ball on his head and started breathing a bit faster, he was flipping and running a lot. He is only human. I saw his pulsing artery on his neck, near the tip of another tattoo that looked egyptian, it intrigued me, and I took a step closer. I couldn't stop looking at it, it was beating so good. The sweet intoxicating blood running through it made my mouth dry and my inner beast became restless. I felt my fangs begin to elongate a bit, but I retracted them. I observed for a perfect moment where I could slide in and have my way with him. I planned to get more than just a drink...I only ever had sex with my maker, she took my virginity, and after that I vowed to never touch another sexually, man or woman. But he just called to both my thirst and my pussy. I really wanted him.

He threw the ball up in the air and fell back towards the low cut fake grass. I saw his chest heave up and down as he looked up at the starry sky with his arms spread out. Now was my chance...


I threw myself on the cool grass to catch my breath and stare at the night sky before I head back to my dorm room. Then in such a fast, less than a second motion, before I could finish blinking, I was pinned down by arms and straddled by some woman.

"What the fuck? Who were you? Get off" I said, I lifted my body up and began to push her arms up, she lifted her head and threw her hair back, she was beautiful. She seemed surprised and she pressed down harder to pin me back on the ground. I continued pushing against her thats when her eyes locked with mine. Such beautiful amber-red eyes and I felt hooks pierce my mind. Like a fog began to cloud my rationale. But I persisted in pushing to get her off me, christ she was fucking strong.

"Get the fuck off!" I yelled and tried to push harder, but my eyes couldn't look away and she was able to pin me back to the ground. I tried to kick up my legs but no use, she had me pinned.

"Who the fuck are you. What do you want?" I said, very angrily.

She only stared at me, at my eyes. "What are you?" was what she said. Her voice was so smooth and like the voice of a muse. It was relaxing and somehow it calmed me down.

She lowered her face closer to mine and repeated, this time more demanding "What are you?" she said.

"What the fuck are you?" I said in a mean tone. I started looking at her face, long wavy black/brown hair in a messy style. She had such nice olive tone skin, and beautiful full lips. Nice cheeks and from what I was able to look at her, a gorgeous amazing tight little body. All she wore was a loose sporty white tank top, with a black bra that held great cleavage. I should be angry and confused that this girl, no more than 120 pounds was pinning me down. She wore lose cargo pants and high top nikes. She looked very urbanized, never seen her before around the school.

"Get off me dammit" I said starting to move again and I heard her hiss and growl slightly, I stopped and stared at her. She looked...predator-like. Like I was a piece of meat. The way she looked at me gave me a chill down my spine. Her grip around my forearm tightened and her nails dug into my skin. She lowered her head and whispered in my ear:

"Please stop moving...and getting so aggressively angry. You're making very thirsty and horny..." she said in such a promiscuous and threatening whisper. She licked my ear and "mmm'd" in my ear. I felt a lively jolt go down my stomach and it sparked my dick to wake up. I felt a shiver go down my body.

"I really want to bite you right smell so good. But I want to do more...I can smell your scent...I can smell you getting hard..." she said. She moved very slowly from my ear, her lips grazing my skin...moving closer to my neck. She peppered me with soft kisses, her grip on my arms lessening as she got closer to my pulse. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what she is, she hinted at me that she wanted to bite me. Her strength and speed is other worldly...she is a vampyre, I got scared and tensed up, but I didnt dare move.

I felt her cold tongue slip from between her lips and started to trail from my jawline down my artery. I could feel my pulse quicken and push against her tongue as it trailed down. She paused...I got nervous, and scared. I didnt know what she would do.

Then I felt her wet tongue press down against my neck and her lips immediately followed. She sucked hard on my neck and her hands crept under the sides of my tank top and she dragged her nails across my sides and rested on my waist right on top of my obliques. She didnt bite down, she started sucking like she was giving me a hickey.

The sensations I felt were intense.

"Ahhhhh, fuck!" I moaned out and she gripped my stomach. I grabbed her by her waist and held her steady. I dont know what came over me, I know what she is, I know what she wants to do, what she is capable of doing. But I cant help but want her, and the feeling she made my body go through were heavenly.


His pulse beated between my lips, and the urge to bite down and drain him dry was almost too much to bear. His hard body and abs just made me wetter, and I felt his large member against my pussy through our pants...I really wanted him. I must have him. He will be mine, and mine only. I reluctantly let go of his neck and my mouth which trembled on the want to bite him, but I controlled myself. I only hope the hunger pans would not strike yet...quickly I sat up right, my legs around his waist, his hands on mine. He looked scared, but strong. I looked around, and decided to take him back to a place by a river deep in the woods, where no one would be around.

"Come with me" I said, "Please," I grabbed his hand and got up.

"Where?" he said, mmm his voice is so sexy. "Just come with me, away from here. I want you, but not here." I looked into his eyes...I had heard legends of people like him. 2 different eye colors, speed and strength to match that of a vampyre, yet human I had only ever had come across one other like him...a girl. She was the reason besides my maker, that I developed a taste for woman, but I was young, and could not stop when I drank her. Now fate hands me a male, a strong one...mmm, this one will be mine.

"Are you going to kill me?" he said, he stayed on the ground, he balled his fists, if he was going to die, he was going to die fighting. A true warrior by nature, it turned me on even more.

"If I wanted to, I would have done so already, so come with me" I started walking away. I heard him get up, I heard his heart beat increase as he took a step forward. I turned around and in the blink of an eye was right in front of him.

"Please, try to calm down...your heart beat is getting faster, and more tempting." I said, I licked my lips and grabbed his hand and guided him towards the woods...


I was probably walking to my death, but it felt okay. She was beautiful, she must've been 5'8" beautifully shaped body, her ass was so perfectly round. Her hips wide, I was mesmerized by her beauty. She would turn her head and smile at me, an innocent smile, a loving smile...but I knew what she was. Even her scent allured me, she stopped and her hair waved in front of me, and her smell was like freshly cut grass and lavender. Like a beautiful dangerous flower.

Her grip around my hand never lessened. We walked deep into the woods, it seemed like we walked for a while, thats when I noticed I left my phone and hoody back at the field. Fuck, if I die, there is no one for me to call for help or anything.

"Are you scared?" she asked me...she stopped and turned around. Stared at me.

"Yes, I am...only because I dont know what you want from me. Im not dead yet, u didnt bite me...why?" I asked her, desperate for some answers...

"I want you alive, there is something about you that I cant let go..." She smiled at me, she walked closer to me and kissed me on my neck. "Come" She said and she continued walking.

I followed her for what seemed like a few more minutes and I heard a river, great. She was going to drain me dry and then dump my body in the river I thought. We walked for another minute or so and she stopped. She let go of my hand and walked near a a large rock, sort of flat. She turned around and quickly glided to me and grabbed my hand and took me to the rock, she sat me on it.

She leaned into my ear and asked me, "Do you want me?"

"I dont even know your name.." I said,

"Do you want me?" she said in a more aggressive tone.

"Yes, I really do." I said.

"It is Aelana, and yours?"

"I'm Christian" I said and she started to kiss me. Her lips sucked on my lower lip and then her tongue made way into my mouth. She wrapped her arms around my neck and sat on me, straddled me and lowered me back onto the table rock. I couldn't help but kiss her back passionately. Her tongue started playing with my tongue ring, she seemed very intrigued by it.

Her hands grabbed my shirt and ripped it apart like soft paper. She sat up straight and stared at my body, she licked her lips while tracing her finger down my chest, and between my abs...she slid her hand up from my abs to my pulse...she pressed her finger hard against it and she closed her eyes and licked her lips in the most seductive way, she got up with such amazing speed and in less than a second Aelana was in her beautiful black thong. She was on top of me she undid my pants with such amazing speed, and before I knew it, I was just in my gray nautica briefs.

She put hand back to my pulse closed her eyes...slowly she traced her finger down my neck, down over my heart, down my abs, past my belly button, to the base of my dick inside my briefs... "Shhh please do not moan, I may lose are so big" she grasped my manhood. She sounded desperate, then she grabbed my right arm and placed it between her legs, her soft wet warm pussy felt so tight...

"Are you a virgin?" I asked,

"To a male, yes. You're the first male that has ever touched me in this manner" she said... I'm guessing a woman was her first, but I was her first male. I want to be her only male. I rubbed my fingers between her clit and she grabbed my dick tighter. With one quick swipe, she ripped my underwear and let my enlarged cock spring free.

"mmmm" she moaned. She was breathing heavier. She reached in closer to me and licked my lips and she threw herself back. She lined My throbbing 11 incher up with her pussy. She moved closer and I felt her pussy quiver around my tip...

"fuck, Aelana, stop teasing me" I said, I grabbed her waist and rolled her over, I was on top.

"I want to be on top, I want to bury myself deep inside you Aelana," I said to her, I stared at her and then I started to kiss her cheek, and when to suck and nibble on her neck. Biting it softly. She clenched my back and dug her nails into my skin.

She started to moan and rub her hands all over my back and shoulders.

"Christian, stop teasing me, please. Enter me" she said, it turned me on how a powerful dominant creature could beg me to please her. I supported her with my left arm while supporting myself with my other arm on the rock. I cradled her in my arm, so delicate and beautiful, I would make sure she would enjoy every second of this. I rubbed my large dick head between her pussy lips, only teasing her (and myself) for what was about to come.

"Mmm" she said, her moans and whisper cries for me to enter her kept turning me on. She wrapped her left arm around my neck and grabbed me by my hair, and her right arm wrapped around my back, nails digging into the skin. She wrapped her legs around my waist started to kiss me.

I couldn't wait, I had to penetrate her, I just had too. I pushed my dick head against her core and felt her tight pussy lips begin to engulf my dick head. Like a tight wet rubberband began to wrap around me. She remained still, and then she let out a cross between a moan and wale that was so sexy, I continued to go in, and found it a bit difficult to get inside her because she was so tight. So I forced it in.

Her back arched as I drilled into her, an inch every second.....her pussy was was heaven! "fuuuuuuccckkk" I said, completely out of my breath. I want to fill her with my seed. At that moment, I needed to cum deep inside her, but forced myself not to. I was about half way in, and her nails were causing welts of blood to bleed from my back. I stopped moving to let her adjust to my girth, she gripped my hair very tightly and I started licking where her pulse would be.

"CHRIIIIIIIS!!!!!" She screamed out of breath, "Please, more, I want more!!" she said. Her hand traveled to my ass and tried to push me deeper inside. Who was I to deny her? I bit her neck and pushed even deeper inside, I kept stretching her, I looked down and saw that was actually bleeding a bit from the stretching I was doing to her, I may not have been the one to break her hymen, but she lost her true virginity to me regardless.

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