tagRomanceDesiree's Star Ch. 09

Desiree's Star Ch. 09


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Desiree had been keeping busy. Gabriel called four or five times, but she never answered. She deleted his messages before hearing them, and considered this a step in the right direction. She'd even started talking to Jessica again although neither mentioned the night in Desiree's room.

The end of the month had snuck up on Desiree but she was happy to finally have something to do. The company her brother worked for was hosting an AIDS awareness charity dinner and it was tonight. She told her brother she'd go with him since his ex-broke up with him and he didn't have a date. The tickets were too expensive for him to ask a woman he'd just met, so he had asked his sister.

Desiree spent an entire week looking for the perfect dress and shoes. She wasn't one to dress up often, but when she did, she wanted to look amazing. Tonight she planned on wearing a black slinky form fitting dress. She just hoped it wasn't too revealing. Desiree held the dress up in front of her and watched herself in the mirror. The neckline dipped in a low V that would display a teasing amount of cleavage. The back of the dress dipped dangerously low down the small of her back showing off her smooth tanned skin. She placed the dress back on her bed and sat down. She glanced at the clock noting she only had about 45 more minutes to get ready before her brother was coming to pick her up.

She grabbed a bottle of lotion and began to massage it into her smooth shapely legs. She rubbed lotion into her arms and stood slipping into her black stiletto heels. She walked toward her mirror and surveyed how the heels made her calf muscles flex. Desiree drank in her appearance as she stood in her matching black thong and bra and thought for the first time, she looked sexy. She grabbed her earrings from her dresser and slipped them on.

She began to finger the soft curls she'd put in her long brown hair and she flopped back down on the bed. She was ready to go now but was waiting until the last possible to put on her dress because she didn't want it to get anymore wrinkled than it had to.

Finally Desiree heard her brother's car pull into the driveway and she jumped up to finish getting ready. She really hoped he would like the dress and shoes that he paid for.


Scott got to his parent's a little earlier than he was expecting to, so when he walked in the front door and caught sight of his little sister coming down the stairs, his jaw nearly hit the floor. He hadn't enough time to mentally prepare himself for the sight that was before him.

His sister was timidly standing at the top of the stairs watching his expressions. When she took another step towards the stairs, and a long shapely leg peaked out from the thigh high slit in her dress, Scott felt a familiar stirring in his groin, and forced himself to sing the Star Spangled Banner in his head.

"Do I look ok?" Desiree asked as she spun in a circle. Scott thought she looked more than okay. The dress was like a second skin, hugging her in all the right places.

"You look amazing, Dessie" he said as he shook his head. He never thought a woman could look so good with her clothes on.

"Are you sure?" she asked glancing down at her chest. "I'm not too...exposed?" Because of the back of the dress, Desiree couldn't wear a bra and she felt self conscious about her breasts being able to sway any which way they wanted.

Scott had noticed she wasn't wearing a bra and was trying with all his might to look her in the face as he shook his head.

She beamed and told him that he looked very handsome. He was wearing a rented tux because he was sure he couldn't afford one after the money Desiree had spent on the dress and shoes. And now seeing her in the outfit he paid for, he would have gladly gone in a potato sack to see his little sister look this good.

"Are you ready?" he asked still trying to focus on her face.

"Yep." Desiree grabbed her beaded bag off the table and led the way out of the house.

The entire car ride, Scott tried to focus on the road and not the sinful amount of skin his sister was showing. On any other woman, it may have seemed trashy, but it was the fact that Desiree wasn't purposely trying to show of her curves, the dress was doing it for her, and she looked fantastic.

They drove in a comfortable silence for most of the ride until Scott decided it was time to tell Desiree there was a chance Gabriel could be there. He wanted to make sure he was far enough away from the house so that she wouldn't curse him and tell him to drive her home.

"Umm, there's a chance that --" he began.

"I know," Desiree said in a quiet voice cutting him off. "He might be there." Scott cringed. She wasn't even calling him by name anymore.

"How did you know?"

"Where ever one of you is, the other isn't far behind."

"And there is also a chance -- "

"That he's gonna be there with his hunnie, right?" she said with distain.

"You know about her?"

Desiree was a little taken aback by her brother's tone. It seemed like he was relieved to hear that she'd heard about his hunnie -- like that should explain something.

"Yea I know about her."

Her brother took an audible breath. "Well I'm glad you two finally talked. Gabe won't say anything to me about what's going on between you two, and I'm kinda glad."

"We didn't talk," she said as the images of Gabriel kissing her in the hallway of her brother's apartment complex came flooding back. There was definitely no talking involved. "I overheard him on the phone with her." Desiree folded her arms.

Her brother smiled and Desiree couldn't help but think that was something she wasn't getting.

"Why didn't you tell me about her?"

"It wasn't my business. Whatever is going on between you and Gabe is between you and Gabe. I'm not gonna be the middleman between you two. If I start now, it'll never stop."

Desiree turned to look out the window. She was kinda pissed that her brother wouldn't tell her his best friend was juggling more than one woman.

The sky was dark when they arrived at the hotel where the charity dinner was being held. Scott ushered his sister in the door and was happy to note that she was probably the most beautiful woman there. He smiled and told her she looked gorgeous. He was happy she smiled back.

They spent the first hour or so milling about the crowd saying hi and making small talk. Nearly every man there wanted to know whom the beautiful woman attached to his arm was. When he replied it was his sister, many seemed shocked until he explained his breakup situation. Then the men felt better about letting their eyes linger on Desiree's body. Desiree was pleased with the attention, but her emotions were hollow when she realized that none of their gazes made her feel the way Gabriel's had.

Scott was convinced his sister was having a good time until he felt her grip his arm. The tips of her fingers dug through the layers of his clothing and he could feel them pinching his skin. He looked at her face and followed her gaze to where Gabriel was standing. On his arm was a beautiful tall blond woman with bright blue eyes. Scott wrapped an arm around his little sister and told her to relax.


Gabriel had spotted Desiree the second he stepped into the dining hall. For a moment, he was stopped in his tracks as he watched her mill about with her brother. He had been watching her now for almost an hour when she finally spotted him. His heart leapt then sank when from across the room he could feel her gaze turn cold.

Despite the coldness in her eyes, she looked stunning, and if it hadn't been directed at him, he would have said she looked perfect. He almost couldn't believe that she looked as amazing with her clothes on as she did with them off. He also noticed that all the other men at the dinner seemed to find her just as desirable as he did, and it made his blood boil. He didn't want any of those other men drinking in her curves and the softness of her hair and skin. Suddenly he felt the undeniable urge to get closer to her.

Gabriel hadn't spoken to her since that night at her brother's apartment when she stormed off before they got a chance to talk to each other. That was his intention when he went after her that night, but just like always, she caused him to loose control. Instead of talking, he'd pinned her up against a wall and practically mauled her. He tried calling her, knowing that sending a text message wasn't an option, but she never answered the phone. Gabriel hoped she wasn't too disgusted with him to stop talking to him forever, there were still a few things they needed to get straight.

He watched her now and was mesmerized by how her clothes seemed to slide over her body. He watched as she smiled and laughed at the jokes different men were telling her, and how their dates looked on jealously. Desiree had an intoxicating effect on everyone around her, and she didn't even know it.

He was trying to determine how to approach her so as not to cause a scene when he saw her move toward one of the patio doors that lined the dining hall. Gabriel politely excused himself from his date and followed Desiree's steps as quietly as he could. The last thing he wanted her to do was see him and scream.

When she slipped out the doors, he was certain she knew he was following her. He waited for a moment trying to compose his thoughts before he walked outside. The last thing he wanted to do was end up mauling her like he had the last time he planned on just talking to her.


Desiree had slipped outside and waited for Gabriel to follow. She had seen when he excused himself from his beautiful date and followed her. She stood at the edge of the patio watching as the stars blinked in the sky as if trying to send her a message. The stars were like diamonds that had been tossed into the sky.

Desiree closed her eyes as she waited for Gabriel to come, and she couldn't help but picture how beautiful his date was. She was thin, blonde and perfect with big boobs. In some ways she resembled Amanda, a girl that Gabriel was seeing a while ago, and that only served to remind Desiree that she wasn't Gabriel's type.

After what felt like an eternity, she heard the doors to the patio open. Light spilled out into the darkness and a shadow stepped into the night. Desiree didn't bother to turn around, she knew who it was.

Gabriel stepped up behind her not exactly sure how to begin. As if sensing he was about to say something, Desiree said don't.

"Don't what?" he asking confused.

"Don't lie to me, don't tell me a half truth. You said a lot of things to me that you obviously didn't mean, and I don't want to hear it anymore."

Despite himself, his eyes moved down the curve of her bareback and rested on the swell of her ass. His eyes traveled up her shoulders and he smiled as he noticed that even in stiletto heels, she barely reached his nose.

"Desiree," he finally said, "I meant everything I said to you."

"Meant it enough to fuck me, right?"

Gabriel took a step closer resisting the urge to touch her. "No. I meant what I said. And I also meant what I said when I told you I was busy."

Desiree huffed and began to walk away.

"Don't walk away from me," he said angrily as he moved up behind her.

"Or what?" she said spinning around. The venom in her eyes was palpable. His gaze softened when he realized she wasn't mad so much as hurt. Seeing the change in his expression, Desiree thought she was winning their little argument. "So, who's the blond bombshell?" Desiree stood hand on hip trying not to look like she was drinking in his features.

He had on a tuxedo that had to have been specially made for him, because it hung from his body perfectly. His hair was still a mess, but this time it made him look dangerous instead of his usual boyish cute. There was nothing cute about Gabriel tonight. He stood at his full height, still towering over Desiree even in her heels.

The corners of his mouth turned upwards. "Jealous?" Despite himself, he couldn't resist taunting her.

"You are never gonna change, Gabe."

"Baby, you'd be surprised," he said looking down into her face. He took a step closer trying to lessen the gap between them. He took it as a good sign when she didn't move away.

A strong gust of wind swirled around them picking Desiree's hair off her shoulders and twirling it around her face. She didn't bother to move it. He watched as the front of her dress began to tent as her nipples hardened.

"I'm not your baby."

"I want you to be." Desiree definitely wasn't expecting that.

"I'm not impressed."

Gabriel smiled. She was doing a very good job of acting like she didn't want him. If he hadn't known any better, he may have almost believed her charade.

"You look amazing, Desiree." She said nothing. "I mean it. Every man in here had his eyes glued to your body, including me." Gabriel took another step closer to and she could feel his heat warming her body. It was like she was standing next to a fire. "I'd be lying if I told you it's taking everything in me right now to not rip off that dress and fuck you silly on this patio for everyone to see."

Gabriel took another step closer to Desiree and she could feel the dampness between her legs begin to soak through her thong. She prayed a strong gust of wind didn't come along and reveal how aroused she was.

"You are never gonna fuck me again." The statement surprised Desiree as much as it did Gabriel.

"And why is that?" he asked as he ran a fingertip down the side of her arm. He felt like his flesh was on fire.

"Because blondie is in there waiting for you." Gabriel tipped his head back and let out a hearty laugh. Desiree tried to side step him, but he pulled her into his arms.

"Dessie, we really do need to talk, and some of it has to do with blondie in there."

"Let me go."

Gabriel tightened his grip around her waist, and he was pretty sure she could feel his growing erection. It seemed like every time he was around her, his cock was very happy to see her.

"Let me go," she said again. The last thing she wanted to do was talk about the beautiful blond he had hanging from his arm. Gabriel smiled at her like a hungry wolf smiling at the innocent sheep he was about to eat.

"What's so funny?" Desiree questioned. Gabriel watched as the color of her eyes darkened.

"You're so beautiful when you're mad," he said teasingly.

"I'm not mad, Gabe," she said with an icy smile.

"Kiss me and prove it."

Gabriel lowered his face to his to hers and stopped inches from her face. They stood toe to toe with her breasts rubbing his chest and their warm breath tickling each other's faces. Gabriel watched her eyes as he moved his face closer to hers. He was surprised when Desiree moved her lips away. Gabriel raised a questioning eyebrow.

"Its not your lips I wanna kiss, Tiger." Gabriel's chest heaved as his mind tried to wrap around what she'd just said. He'd never felt Desiree's hot wet mouth on his cock, and his erection was twitching with anticipation.

Desiree watched the shock register on Gabriel's face when she reached for his belt buckle. Looking him in the eye the entire time, she slowly lowered his zipper, the sound slicing through the night. She could see the lust register in his gaze as she snaked a hand inside his pants. Desiree gasped when her hand finally made contact with his pulsing flesh. She rubbed the length of Gabriel's cock inside his pants trying to memorize its feel in the darkness.

She watched as his eyes fluttered closed and his head tipped back. His hands rested on Desiree's shoulders as his fingertips wrapped in her hair. She pulled Gabriel's steel rod out of his pants and introduced it to the night. She was watching his face when she pressed the pad of her thumb on the slit at the top of his cock's angry purple head. He let out a groan as she started to move her thumb in small circles spreading the precum that was leaking from cock.

She smiled wickedly in the dark and she wrapped her small hand around his pulsing shaft. She moved her hand slowly up and down relishing in the feel of his burning skin in her hand.

"Do you like it baby?" she said in a soft cooing voice.

"Oh yea," he grunted as his hips began to move faster in her hand.

"Not so fast, Tiger. I wanna make this last."

Gabriel couldn't believe his luck. I guess she's not mad anymore, he thought to himself.

With her other hand, Desiree cupped and massaged one of his balls drawing another moan from Gabriel's throat. She never thought that being the sexual aggressor could be so empowering. It felt amazing to know she possessed the power to make him come if she wanted to. She wondered if this was how Gabriel felt every time he had her pinned against a wall and made her juices flow.

Gently she traced the veins up his shaft as she began to pump him harder and harder. She bent down and blew a cool breath on the head of his cock. She felt his knees weaken. She kept teasing him with her moist breath until she could feel his orgasm approaching.

"Are you close baby?"

"Yea. Yea. Kiss it for me Desiree. Go ahead lick it. Oh baby, I want you to suck my cock." His breath was coming in shallow gasps now.

"Are you sure baby? You want me to suck your cock?"

"Oh God yes. Suck it Dessie. Do it."

Desiree moved closer to the head of his cock, enthralled at the way it seemed to be pulsing and twitching on its own. "Like this?" she said as she snaked her tongue out of her mouth and tasted the angry swollen head.

Gabriel's knees buckled. Desiree had pushed him all the way to the edge. She could feel it now. Desiree knew that if she put her mouth on his cock again, it would explode in her face.

"Are you gonna cum baby?" she said as she continued to pump his cock in her fist.

"I'm almost there. Oh shit, I'm almost there."


Gabriel's eyes flew open when he felt Desiree's hand leave his burning member. He watched as she started walking away. "Where the fuck are you going!" he shouted after her, his cock swinging lewdly in the night.

"Oh, I figured it's about time to get back. We've been gone long enough and I bet you wanna get back to your blond bombshell." Desiree smiled her shit-eating grin at the look of bewilderment Gabe had on his face.

Desiree opened the patio doors and light flooded the half naked man standing on the patio with his hard cock pointing after her. Desiree smiled even wider. That'll teach him.

Score: Desiree 1, Gabriel 0.

It felt nice to win for a change.


Scott saw his sister when she entered the dining hall from the patio. What he wasn't expecting was the grin she was sporting. He guessed she and Gabe had finally worked things out. He smiled at her as she took her seat next to him.

"Everything ok?" he asked happily when she finally settled down.


Scott was glad that everything was finally good between them. He was sick of being stuck in the middle. The smile faded when Scott saw Gabe enter the dining hall with a murderous look on his face. He walked hunch-backed to his table and sat down, his cheeks crimson.

Scott looked open mouthed at his sister, but she shrugged and smiled innocently. "What did you do to him?"

"Not as much as he would have liked," she said with a grin. Scott stared disbelievingly at his sister.

"Impossible." He said with a shake of his head.

Desiree didn't attempt to make eye contact with Gabriel the rest of the evening so she wasn't sure exactly how pissed he was. But she didn't care. She was gonna remember the look on his face for the rest of her life.

The dinner was finally over and Desiree was exhausted and her feet hurt. She stood outside with her shoes in hand waiting for the valet to bring her brother's car around. Scott had disappeared a few minutes ago claiming he had to go to the bathroom, but she feared it was because of less noble intentions. Any minute now she expected Gabriel to show up and harass her for leaving him like that.

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