tagGroup SexDesperate Housewives II Ch. 03

Desperate Housewives II Ch. 03


This story is in two parts. Beth starts it off followed by me. We hope you enjoy it.... Please let us know what you think.

Beth (horny housewife)


Well, the weekend arrived and there we were, eight horny housewives waiting for the super-stud teen Brad to arrive at Mary's House. We all had a bit to drink in anticipation of his arrival. Mary had brought over her sister Emma, an equally super-stacked blonde beauty who was slightly younger than her at 45 and looked just like her hot twin sister. Anna had invited her best friend from work, a recently-divorced Amazon of a woman. Her name was Pam and she stood 6ft 2, with absolutely mammoth titties that even dwarfed Mary's own. She had told her hubby to fuck off a few months ago because he could not satisfy her with his "small, noodle dick" as she put it. Jane, the first blonde beauty Brad had fucked the previous week came with her cousin Eve, an 18 y-old bombshell who bragged that she had fucked "every guy at highschool" and was now on her twentieth man at college in two months. Jane had told her she was going to get a very big surprise today.

Finally, my dear friend Trudy who had come to visit me from England was literally wetting herself at the idea of fucking your monster rod. I had been letting her on my "little" secret as soon as she arrived as she couldn't wait to fuck behind her man's back with a boy half her age and so much more virile and muscular than him.

Then Brad arrived, brimming with confidence. He had a nice tan that showed off his glistening muscular mass even more than usual. Brad told us he had been training at the gym eight hours a day for the last week and using exercises on his dick to make it massively hard and huge for us ladies. He added that he hadn't come since our last encounter so his balls were at their maximum heaviest and fullest.

All girls cooed with delight when he removed his T-shirt and flexed those huge slabs of muscles for us. We took turns fondling his massive biceps and impeccably cut chiselled pecs, a few of us commenting on how he seemed to have grown in muscles since last week. Eve, Jane's friend even said she had never seen such a muscular body on all the boys she had fucked by a long shot. She also shrieked when she noticed the massive bulge in Brad's shorts, probably wondering if he had stuffed a couple of baseballs and a cucumber in there or something.

"Now its your turn ladies," Brad said.

We all started undressing and Brad watched us intently, checking the goods that he was going to have fun with for the rest of the day. Of course, the amazing body of Pam caught his attention. She was as tall as Brad and the tallest of us all, but her tits were absolutely gigantic! Her small bikini top barely covered her nipples, which were clearly hard and pointing two inches outwards on her enormous orbs, a stupendous 40LL.

Brad's cock hardened instantly at the sight, and we could all see it throb and bulge obscenely in his tight shorts, threatening to rip them apart. As we started removing our tops and letting you appreciate the full measure of our heaving breasts that he was going to cover in huge loads of cum, we heard a ripping sound. Brad's cock proved too much for his old shorts and the buttons had been ripped away by the sheer strength of your expanding piece of superhuman meat! The one-eyed monster slapped against his chest, at a level just below his massive pecs.

Brad groaned as his super-dong drooled thick strands of pre-cum all over the place. Your shredded shorts fell to your feet and your giant, goose-egg sized-balls dropped in their hairless sack! We all stood speechless, admiring the biggest piece of man-meat any of us had ever seen.

"My God, Brad, your cock looks even bigger than last week! What have you done to it, it's GIGANTIC!", I exclaimed while I rubbed my pussy mound and drooling at the corner of my mouth.

A couple of the new ladies even fainted at the sight of his colossal pillar of lust and had to be held up until they regained their composure.

"Yeah, I feel super-hard today", Brad growled as he flexed his muscles for us and his immense cock continued drooling its massive load of pre-cum.

"Don't waste your load, big boy!". Pam, the Amazon woman said as she walked up to you and held your huge prong in both hands.

Even her large hands could not encompass its amazing girth. She licked the tip and soon her face was glistening in your pre-cum. She gurgled like a madwoman, lapping up your copious juices. Soon, Emma and Mary joined in and licked your enormous balls and the base of your forearm-sized shaft, kissing it hungrily and sucking at the expanding veins. The rest of us admired the sight of an eighteen-year old super-stud being serviced by three lust-crazed housewives.

Mary stood up and went into her house in a hurry. She was replaced by Eve, the high-school cock slut who worshipped Brad's massive dick like she had never seen one before. Well, probably not one that big, that's for sure.

Then Mary came back and she had a measuring tape in her hand. Pam lowered Brad's super-hard cock to the horizontal and Mary unrolled the tape along the top of its gigantic stalk.

"Fuck, it's fourteen inches long! And nine inches around!", she exclaimed.

Pam then lowered her lips to its cockhead and started blowing the top of Brad's cock while jacking the rest with her hands.

"Fuck my huge tits, big boy!", she said and Brad was only too willing to oblige.

She lay down and he positioned his granite-like monster rod above her navel. Then Brad lunged forward. Even I was wondering whether her massive tits would be a match for his cock but his tip did eventually reappear at the end of the tunnel and pummelled her chin.

"Shit, no cock has even been able to find its way through these!", Pam said in disbelief.

The next time, she lowered her head and took his cock head in her mouth on every upstroke of his cock. Soon, her tits were glistening in his pre-cum, Brad was pouring so much of the stuff out during this fabulous titfuck!

"I need to fuck your pussy NOW!", Brad commanded.

Pam immediately turned round and presented her upturned tight butt cheeks to Brad's rampant cock.

"That's better!", Brad growled as he penetrated her pussy, destroying her vagina on the way until he bumped up against her cervix with still two inches to go.

Shit, even her massive frame couldn't take all of Brad! On and on, Brad pummelled her insides, sweat pouring off his tight body, muscles rippling as he showed that giantess that she was no match for his gigantic cock. For twenty minutes, it went on and on, her orgasming juices squirting around his pile-driving monster dick until he could stand it no longer. With a mighty roar, Brad pulled his dong out and loudly jacked off his monster with Mary and Emma still licking his balls from underneath.

Then we saw his balls tighten up in their massive sack and a huge strand of thick-rich potent cum erupt from his cum-cannon, sailing over Pam's head and crushing down at my feet two yards away. Brad pulled his cock up for the next wads and they surged into the air several feet before coming down raining on Pam's back and long blond hair. She turned round and took the brunt of his fifth and sixth massive ropes on her face. Then he aimed four salvoes on each tits, totally covering her massive expanse of tit flesh in an inch-thick layer of cum. Both Mary and Emma demanded some of his sweet nectar so he covered both their huge tits too with unending streams of sperm. Finally, Brad could come no more and you just drooled cum over Pam' belly, flooding it with the aftermath of his first climax of the afternoon.

"Unfucking-believable!", exclaimed Eve.

"I've never seen a guy come that much before and I've fucked over one hundred guys so far," she added.

"Shit, he must have come more than all of them put together. What a super-stud! Thank you so much for inviting me Jane, I owe you big time. Is Mr.Stud ready for round two, cos my pussy needs a good pounding right now!" said Eve excitedly.

"Of course I'm still hard. What kind of super-stud do you think I am?" Brad replied as he lifted her little frame up easily in his massively strong arms, positioning his giant erect prick at her pussy lips.

"You want a good pounding? Well here it comes lady!" Brad teased and with that he dropped her weight on his cock, impaling her on his mind-boggling 14-incher.

Brad's cock was so hard that it didn't bend and her body had to readjust itself to the massive size of his cast-iron dong.

"Oh, yes, fuck me you stallion stud! Like I've never been fucked before by any man! Oh, YES, you're so much bigger and stronger than any of them. Your cock is so GIGANTIC! Fuck, you're splitting me in half!" panted Eve who was delirious, constantly screaming obscenities as Brad pummelled her insides mercilessly.

Brad was keeping quiet, concentrating on the task at hand, which was to fuck this big-titted beauty with all his might, with his cock as sole leverage for her entire weight. People would have said it was impossible but he was actually letting his cock totally control her body.

Brad was just bending his knees and lifting them up again to make her jump up and down on his massive cock. Now, over ten inches were stabbing her pussy and her juices were liberally flowing out and around his pistoning shaft, covering it in thick white juices. I couldn't resist tasting the stuff so I sat between his knees and licked his huge quivering balls and the base of his rampant shaft. Soon, Emma joined me, she probably wanted to be your next victim in this amazing fuck-fest. After twenty minutes, Brad's knees grew slightly tired so he let Eve down.

She had passed out several times during the mighty fuck and had a satisfied smile on her face saying "I've been to heaven and back".

Then Brad took hold of Emma's massive jiggling tits and slammed his mighty cock between them, splashing pre-cum all over her chin and shoulders and coating her nipples in its viscous fluid.

"Yeah, I need another good titfuck!", Brad snarled and continued using her breasts as a jacking device for his massive cock.

She understood his demands and helped him attain orgasm by wrapping her enormous jugs around his enlarging shaft and really rubbing as hard as possible against the super-taunt skin. Soon, Brad's cock was threatening to burst.... Pre-cum was leaking like a faucet from its gaping tip, sometimes, even bursting out like he was really cumming, but the liquid was clear, so it was only super-rich pre-sperm. Emma's tits were now coated in the stuff, it looked as though a whole football team had ejaculated all over her and it was just his pre-orgasmic splatters!

Suddenly, before Brad even had time to groan, a giant rope of white sperm erupted on an upstroke between Emma's massive titties. It splashed on her chin and ricocheted all over her shoulders, an unending stream of goo that lasted over five seconds!. More cum had been dumped on the poor woman in those few seconds that she had ever seen in a week's worth from her under-endowed hubby!

Then, another giant rope lurched forward, hitting her square in the face, covering her nose, mouth and cheeks in a thick layer of Brad's cream. Eve kneeled behind Emma's head and tried to catch the next shots in her mouth and although enough went in there to give her a mouthful, most of it splattered on her face and dribbled down over Emma's already covered features.

Brad unloaded blast after blast over Emma's giant tits and then aimed the remainder of that humongous load onto Eve's upturned bosom. Both women were drenched in the stuff. Brad even stuffed his still-erupting cum-cannon up Emma's twat and fired a few sperm missiles in there for good measure.

After this massive cum-fest, Brad's cock looked as hard as ever and hands were raised all around to taste the giant man-meat....

Brad takes the story up from here...

With Pam still recovery from her massive fucking and having her tits truly fucked for the first time and Eve now recovering from her pounding not to mention Emma who was still plastered in cum there remained only one out of the eight ladies present who had not had the pleasure of feeling my massive cock and that was Beth's friend from England the beautiful, the gorgeous, the sexy Trudy.

Somehow in the orgy of fucking Trudy had managed to stay in the background watching as the other ladies gave themselves completely to my cock. Trudy was a real english rose with beautiful white skin, stunning brunette hair, large but not overly big firm breasts with pink nipples which sat up proudly on her chest. She seemed shy almost afraid to get involved as opposed to the others who had wantonly cast aside any inhibitions and fears to give themselves completely over to my colossal pussy pounder. As I recovered from showering the others with my love juices I noticed Trudy sitting there naked biting her bottom lip stealing glances at my groin or rather my cock which was once again beginning to throb.

Beth was the first to speak.

"Hey Trudy, what's the matter? You don't seem keen to get involved," asked Beth.

"Oh Beth, I do I really do but I'm afraid that I won't be able to take that monster as Pam and Eve have done, his cock its ... its just well its just so huge what if I can't take it, what if hurts me," said Trudy quietly.

"Don't worry about that Trudy trust me we all thought before we took Brad on but let me tell you its worth taking the risk as there is nothing like the feeling of a 14 inch cock pounding your pussy going places you have only ever dreamed of, taking you to places you have never imagined, isn't that right girls?" replied Beth.

"Oh I do I really do want to but how do I start?" asked Trudy.

"Well just come over and touch it first of all, feel its size and power, run your hands along its length and imagine that shaft sliding into your pussy," suggested Eve.

With that Trudy slowly approached me as I lay on the couch with my cock standing rampantly straight in the air. Trudy hesitated and them with her right hand took hold of cock which with the cool touch of her hand twitched in excitement causing Trudy to let go afraid that it would explode. The others giggled as Trudy once again took hold of my shaft and this time held on as she slowly stroked its entire length.

"Shit, it feels so strong, so masculine, so powerful. Look I can't even close my hand around it. It's like holding an oversized salami only its bigger and harder," giggled Trudy who was becoming more confident by the minute.

I was loving this. With each stroke my cock grew harder, longer, bigger and when Trudy began rubbing the head at the top of each stroke precum oozed from it resulting in a thick layer of glistening fluid shining my cock.

"Look, she's polishing his cock like its a big piece of silver, look how its shines," remarked Anna.

After a few more minutes of wanking my shaft Trudy really began enjoying herself and I had reached around and was dipping my fingers into her tight little pussy which was now dripping with her love juices.

Suddenly without warning Trudy flung herself on top of me so that she was sitting on my face looking at my cock. She did this without missing a stroke.

"Way to go Trudy, that's the girl, take control of that big stud," yelled Pam.

I drove my tongue into her pussy probing her pussy as deep as I could. As I alternated between tongue fucking and sucking her clit Trudy was easing herself up and down on my face. She was now gripping my cock with both hands and every now and then she would lean forward and wrap her lips around my huge cock head and suck like there was no tomorrow.

This excited the other seven girls no end and they could no longer control themselves. What happened next was unbelievable.

Beth lay down between my thighs and started licking my balls, Mary knelt beside us and took Trudy's left tit in her mouth and Emma did the same on the other side. Meanwhile Jane and Eve took their positions behind Trudy and each started licking her butt cheeks running their tongues from her butt up her back to her neck where they alternatively kissed and sucked her neck.

That left only the hugely endowed Pam and Anna to find their positions. It was no surprise that Pam took up position with her 44LL tits at my hips. When Trudy was sitting up straight holding the heads of the two ladies sucking her tits Pam would replace Trudy's hands with her massive tits and wank my shaft with her huge fleshy orbs. When Trudy would take my cock in her hands Pam would put her mouth over the head of my cock as Trudy wanked my pulsating cock into her mouth.

Poor Anna, unfortunately there was no room left for her but she had another idea...

She disappeared for a minute and returned with a video camera in hand.

"Ladies there is no way we could no capture this on DVD!" said Anna no filming the orgy as seven desperate housewives attempted to satisfy their wanton desire for my colossal cock.

What a sight Anna must have been capturing. Trudy was delirious with pleasure with my tongue working her clit over, her tits being sucked and her butt, back and neck being sensually caressed by two hot ladies.

Before long Trudy started breathing even harder, her hips fucked my face with even more ferver and she gripped Mary's and Emma's heads pulling them closer to her big tits screaming at us to lick her harder and suck her harder.

As I lay there having my cock pounded into submission by Pam's massive rack I started thinking how totally crazy this situation was but no sooner had I started than I was snapped out it by a blood curdling scream from Trudy.

"Oh mother of god I can't take this any more..... Fuck I'm cumming, I'm fucking cumming everywhere!!" she screamed.

Boy she was not kidding as her pussy juices flowed freely over my face almost drowning me in the process. She was now grinding her pussy into my face and squeezing her nipples as she demanded the girls "suck her nipples right off". Next she pulled Pam away from tit fucking me and holding my cock at the base she started jerking my cock off at a furious pace. Fuck she was an out of control sex machine. This once pretty little shy english rose was now telling everyone what to including Anna with the camera.

"Get over here bitch and film this. I want you to record me blow this monster cock. I want you to capture every one of the huge loads of his hot cum which burst from his horsecock and plaster me, have you got that!" yelled Trudy.

"Sure, I promise I won't miss a single blast," replied Anna.

"Now come on you big stud give it to me, give all you've got you big stud. I hope you are going to disappoint me now are you. You're not one of those guys who has a big cannon but no ammunition to fire from it are you," Trudy teased.

"Oh girl are you in for a surprise," laughed Beth.

"Yeah this guy is going to drown you in his cum and shut that smart mouth of yours up with a load of cum so big you will wished that you hadn't teased him," added Mary.

"Well bring it on stud, bring it on because I hungry for your cum. Come on big boy now fucking give it to me!" demanded Trudy.

I must admit I was a bit shocked. I had never heard a girl talk so harshly at me, teasing me to give her all I had.

"OK then Trudy, you want it, I'll give it to you. Hey ladies how should we do this?" I asked the others.

"Let's all sit around her and jerk your humungous cock off as you drown her in your cum," suggested Eve.

"Yeah let us do it, please Brad please," added Pam.

"OK let's do it your way," I agreed as I got to my feet.

The other ladies positioned Trudy in front of me and then sat around me. Suddenly I have three hands wanking my 14 inch shaft which was now pointing ominously at Trudy's face like a weapon being prepared for firing. Eve was massaging my balls and Anna was capturing it all on DVD. Trudy suddenly released what was about to happen and a look of concern if not fear came over her. I had had enough.

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