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Desperate White Wives


Dawn could barely comb her long blonde hair as she stood naked in front of the full length mirror. Her hands had been shaking ever since she woke up early that morning to say goodbye to her husband Richard.

Her husband would be traveling out of town on business the next three weeks which would give her plenty of time to replace the money she had lost from their bank account.

She had gone to Las Vegas with her friend Lucy last month and lost more than five thousand dollars at the tables. Richard would kill her if he knew that she used the money they had been saving for a new house.

Her good friend Lucy hadn't done much better and lost more than three thousand dollars. She knew that Lucy's husband would be more understanding than Richard but neither wife was willing to take that chance.

Lucy got this crazy idea about making a little "fast money." Lucy knew somebody down at one of the night clubs in Miami that offered them a job.

Dawn turned herself around in front of the mirror and checked out the back of her thighs than faced the mirror and rubbed the palm of her hand in her neatly trimmed blonde muff.

She decided to wear a matching black bra and panties and topped those of with a pair of black shorts and a black top with a plunging neckline. Dawn wanted to appear sexy but not trashy.

She slipped on a black pair of heels and began applying her makeup. Lucy hadn't told her very much about the work but said they would be entertaining very high end clienteles. Dawn didn't mind accompanying people while they were in town but worried about being seen in public by her friends or family.

Lucy told her to dress sexy and attractive and just act natural and not to be too nervous. Easily said than done.

Dawn was still very attractive at thirty-two and worked as a model when she got out of high school for a few years. She was 5'7" with a slim waist, nice hips that flared out and a 36C bust size. She was a natural blonde just like Lucy who was about the same size as her only three years younger.

Dawn got married to Richard right out of high school, he worked selling software to large firms and traveled a lot. Lucy's husband also traveled much of the time so the two wives spent much of their time together.

Lucy was similar in size and appearance and was a natural blonde and kept it down to her waist just the way she wore it in high school.

They wives would drive together for their interview with their new boss and although they weren't officially hired, Lucy assured Dawn that this guy needed women just like them to work. The guy they were going to meet was named Shawn and he preferred to work with married women.

Dawn was trembling and could hardly find her house keys as she fumbled in her purse until she finally found them at the bottom. Lucy lived next door which was convenient for Dawn as she closed and locked the door and walked over to Lucy's.

They were supposed to be picked up by a limo any moment and as she walked near the front door of Lucy's house, a large black limo pulled into the driveway behind her. Lucy had just finished locking her front door and turned and smiled at Dawn as they walked together toward the limo.

Dawn was surprised to see that Lucy had chosen similar clothing to wear except her top was green.

The driver was a young blonde woman about Lucy's age and appeared to be married as well because Dawn noticed a large diamond ring on her left hand. The drive to downtown Miami was relatively quit. Dawn was too nervous to ask a bunch of questions, and they thought the limo driver was listening to their conversation so they remained quit during the ride there.

It took about an hour to reach their destination as the limo pulled into a parking garage of a tall high rise building. They were escorted to the elevator which took them to the eleventh floor of the building which happened to be the pent house suite.

When they reached the pent house, another woman greeted them and told them that Shawn would see them in a few minutes. They filled out a bunch of forms which looked like application's for employment except went into much for intimate detail about their personal lives.

Lucy was called to see Shawn first leaving Dawn sitting nervously in the reception area. It wasn't until more than an hour before Dawn was called to see Shawn. Dawn saw Lucy briefly walking down a hallway and going into another room with the limo driver.

Dawn wanted to speak to her before she saw Shawn wondering what he was going to say but she didn't get the chance.

Dawn walked into a large room that resembled a bedroom rather than an office. She saw a blonde haired man sitting on the other side of the bed smiling at her as she walked into the room.

The man stood extending his hand to Dawn saying, "It's a pleasure to meet you."

Dawn nervously took his hand and Shawn motioned for her to sit on the edge of the bed. The bed was high so Dawn had to sit with her heels dangling over the side. Shawn scooted his chair forward until he was only inches away from Dawns legs. He was holding a clipboard and began looking over the documents she filled out while she waited to see him.

Shawn kept looking at Dawn's legs and extended his hand out and rubbed the palm of his hand along her skin causing Dawn to become nervous.

Shawn wrote something down on his pad of paper and looked at Dawn and said, "How long have you been married?"

Dawn nervously replied, "We got married about three years after I graduated high school so it will be going on nine years now."

Shawn wrote in his pad again and without looking up at her asked, "You never had any flings or affairs or been intimate with any other man in all those years?"

Dawn acted very surprised at his questions and quickly replied, "No . . . I . . . Never cheated on my husband."

Shawn kept writing in his pad than asked, "You're a natural blonde and have you ever had a breast augmentation?"

Dawn swallowed hard hesitantly replying, "Yes. I'm a natural blonde and my breasts are natural."

Shawn looked at her breast area as soon as she completed her sentence than said, "Can you pull your top off for me and let me have a look for myself?"

Dawn looked at Shawn in disbelief saying, "Shawn. I'm a married woman and I don't think I should be showing you my body like this."

Shawn slapped his pen down on the pad looking at Dawn as he said, "Dawn. You applied to work for me as a special escort. Your going to be accompanying very special clients for me that only expect the best and I need to be able to tell my clients everything I know about you before I send you out with them. Now. Please take off your top and let me have a look at them."

Dawn nervously asked, "Did Lucy have to remove her top for you during the interview?"

Shawn shook his head saying, "If it will make you feel any better. Yes. Lucy allowed me to see her breasts."

Dawn felt slightly better knowing that he had asked Lucy to d the same thing and hesitantly began lifting her top over her head. Her long blonde hair got tangled in the material as it totally slipped off her shoulders.

Dawn almost went into shock when Shawn reached out and gave them a gentle squeeze through her thin black bra but realized that he must be checking to see if they were natural as she had told him.

Shawn went back writing in his pad again than without looking up said, "Dawn. Lay back on the bed for me and pull off your shorts for me."

Dawn didn't respond fast enough as Shawn looked up at her saying, "Yes, your friend Lucy took her shorts off for me as well so please remove them for me."

Dawn knew he was getting frustrated with her as she laid back on the bed and lifted her legs and unbuckled the shorts and slipped them off over her heels and tossed them with the top. She laid their looking at him write in the pad as if he were inspecting a car or something.

Shawn asked his next questions, "Can you tell me if you shave between your legs or do you just trim the hair around your mound?"

Dawn closed her eyes and answered his question, "I only trim my hair."

"You're not on the pill?"


"Never had any children or breast feed?"


"Do you consider yourself knowledgeable when it comes to having sex and do you enjoy sex?"

Dawn hesitantly and slowly replied to those questions saying, "Yes. I consider myself a good sexual partner with my husband and I enjoy having sex with him."

"Do you swallow?"

"I beg your pardon."

"Do you swallow his cum?"

Dawn sat on the bed as stiff as a mannequin because she was unsure on how to answer Shaw's question. Shawn looked up from his clip board and asked Dawn again, "Do you swallow?"

Dawn's voice could barely be heard as she faintly responded, "No."

Shawn stopped to look at her for a moment, tapping his pen on the pad. Sawn looked very embarrassed as he kept starring at her.

Shawn leaned forward as he slapped the pen down on the pad of paper saying, "Dawn. Our clients expect only the best when they come to me. I'm going to be sending you over to the next room where the nurse will take a few tests."

He took a deep breath as he glanced at his pad again, "I'm going to be sending you out tomorrow tonight with one of our special clients. He is a regular customer of mine and I'll let him know that you're new. You'll be paid one thousand dollars a night."

Dawn wanted to ask him a few questions about being an escort but he quickly got up from his chair saying, "You can put your clothes back on and go out the door and down the hallway to the first door on the left."

Dawn tried to get his attention but Shawn disappeared out the door before she had a chance to ask him anything.

She quickly got dressed and walked to the room that Shawn had mentioned where a woman was waiting for her. She had Dawn strip naked and took a couple blood samples and checked out her pubic area as well as her teeth.

The woman asked Dawn a few questions concerning her health and mentioned that their doctor would be prescribing a prescription of birth control pills for her that afternoon and told Dawn she wanted her to start taking them immediately.

Dawn asked, "Where is Lucy?"

The woman responded, "She is getting fitted on the first floor for her wardrobe where we will be sending you in a few minutes."

The woman finished her questions and her exam and told Dawn that she could get dressed and gave her directions to go down to the first floor and join Lucy so she too could be fitted for new clothing.

When Dawn got down to the first floor, there was a boutique tucked away in the corner of the building that sold just about everything for women, accessory's, shoes, dresses and intimate attire.

She saw Lucy in one of the fitting rooms working with a sales person but she was quickly taken to another room where a sales person helped her. They selected several pairs of high heels, dresses and a selection of intimate wear as well.

The dresses either were tight, very short or designed to show as much cleavage as possible. The articles were loaded into the limo and the two wives were taken back home.

They were told that an instructor would visit them that evening and would give them the training they would need to begin working the next evening.

The wives were afraid of the limo driver listening into their conversation again so they didn't discuss anything until they got back home. They unloaded their clothing and decided to meet at Dawn's house to discuss what had gone on during their interview.

Dawn couldn't wait until Lucy got there and when she did Dawn began nervously shouting, "Lucy. What are we going to do? I think this guy expects us to do more with these guys than just go out on a date."

Lucy was pacing the floor not saying a word until she finally opened her purse and took out a huge wad of cash. Lucy gave Dawn half the stack of money which was marked five thousand dollars.

Lucy finally replied to Dawn saying, "I told Shawn about the predicament we got ourselves into and he agreed to give us an advance on our pay, provided we start work for him tomorrow night."

Dawn fumbled with the cash with mixed thoughts knowing very well that she now owed this guy a lot of money.

Dawn couldn't help thinking about those questions again that Shawn had asked her during the interview as she said. "Lucy. Are we supposed to work as a whore for this guy? What if Richard ever finds out about this? I can't do this. We're going to have to give the money back and find another way."

Lucy tried to reassure Dawn saying, "All we have to do is go on a few dates with a couple guys we don't even know. Chances are these guys are only going to want us to attend a party or something with them. Why don't we just give it a try and see how it goes and if something turns up that we don't agree on that we can quit?"

Dawn walked nervously in circles than blurted out, "What about the dam birth control pills they want us to start taking? You know they are going to expect us to screw these guys. What kind of party's do you think these guys are going to want to take us to?"

Lucy's face showed as much reluctance as Dawn's but she tried to reason with her friend and said, "Dawn. Just take the pills as a precaution and as soon as we get the money paid back than we'll call Shawn and let him know that we have to quit. It's only five nights and all we have to do is play along."

Dawn was very curious to what Lucy meant and asked, "Tell me what you have in mind for us to do on these dates?"

Lucy replied, "We'll just have to play along and go out with the men and try to keep our distance. I think you're experienced enough to keep a guy from taking advantage of you, aren't you?"

Dawn stood thinking about Lucy's idea saying, "It might not be that bad if we can tolerate this for five nights. You have to promise me that you'll call Shawn as soon as we get this money paid back to him. I don't want to do this any longer than we have to."

Lucy assured Dawn that they would quit as soon as the money was paid back to Shawn. That evening, they were expecting someone to come out and give them a little training and maybe they would tell them how to handle someone that was demanding sex from them and give them advice on how to handle that sort of situation.

The wives were waiting for their trainer to arrive that evening, Richard had called and Dawn assured him that everything was fine. Lucy had spoken to her husband as well and he had told her he would be gone three more days than expected which would give Lucy all the time she would need to pay back the money.

Someone was knocking on the door and when Dawn went to the door to answer it, she was surprised to see a tall slim black woman standing in the doorway.

The woman that Shawn had sent over for training them seemed to have grown up in a ruff neighborhood because of the way she spoke. She introduced herself as Sue.

She walked around the room starring at the two white wives than tossed her purse down on the sofa and said, "OK. I want both of you white bitches to strip down naked so I can have a look at you and see what I have to work with here."

Lucy was about to reply about how rude she was being to them until Sue firmly said. "Strip."

Lucy and Dawn just starred at each other as they began taking their clothes off and stood naked except for their panties as Cookie snapped at them again saying, "Dam. I mean every fucking thing."

They slipped off the panties and stood there with angry expressions on their faces as Cookie sarcastically said. "The hair has to go! I want both of you to shave off those little blonde muffs before you show up to work tomorrow."

They couldn't get a word in as Sue added, "I want them white pussies shaved and I want them to be as smooth as silk. You married white bitches are all alike, trim the little muffin so your hubby will think I'm adorable."

She laughed as if she were making fun of them and continued saying, "Your two are gonna be working girls now! You aren't gonna be playing house and baking cookies and washing clothes. Your going to learn how to please a man and I don't mean any old man."

Dawn and Lucy began getting nervous and upset and were beginning to become afraid of this woman.

Sue walked in front of them starring at their tits than gave them a signal to turn around and watched them as they circled in front of her. She made another remark only this time gave them a compliment, "You both are fine looking white woman, nice tits, and all the other features our customers are looking for in a white woman."

Sue laughed as she said, "Get those pussies shaved and I think we'll be all right."

Lucy hesitantly asked. "What sort of men will we be going out with on our dates?"

Sue gave out a loud laugh as if she were making fun of Lucy again saying, "Honey. Don't you worry about a thing? These men are very discriminating customers and we don't want to hear any complaints from our customers about one of our girls."

Sue's voice got more demanding, "Have you taken your birth control pills tonight yet?"

Both women were shaking their heads that they hadn't taken them when Sue snapped back saying, "Go and take the dam pills now, what do you think we gave them for you anyway?"

Dawn and Lucy were intimidated into going out into the kitchen and taking the pills as Sue ordered. When they returned to the living room, they found Sue sitting on the sofa completely naked waiting for them.

The wives stood starring at her for a few seconds but Sue was very demanding of them saying, "Come here and sit down next to me and let me see what we have to work with."

The wives reluctantly sat down on each side of Sue and waited while she looked back and forth between the two wives than said, "I think we'll start with you."

Sue was focusing in on Dawn as she got down on her knees and gently spread her legs apart and began licking Dawn's thighs.

Sue stopped long enough to look over at Lucy and said, "Get down on the floor behind me and start licking my ass and pussy while I take care of Dawn."

Lucy and Dawn's eyes met as Lucy got down on the floor and starred at Sue's black ass sticking out. She had never done anything with another woman and she was reluctant to start now until Sue yelled out at her saying. "Come on. Let me see what you can do to get me excited."

Sue had Dawn's legs further spread and was licking her way around her pussy and pulled the blonde wife further down on the sofa so she could have better access to her pussy slit.

Lucy was rubbing Sue's ass now determined to take her time, she wasn't into eating another woman's pussy and hoped that maybe she could get out of it somehow.

Sue was working her tongue into Dawn's pussy slit as she turned her hips making it more accessible for Lucy to get down between her legs. Lucy figured that she'd better do what was asked of her before this woman got violent or something and gently kissed Sue's ass cheeks.

Dawn's legs were laying on Sue's shoulders now as Sue furiously worked on her pussy. Dawn's eyes were closed and her head was leaning back into the cushion of the sofa and looked as if she was ready to cum.

Lucy began licking Sue's pussy and tried not to think about what she was doing. This was the first time she actually smelled another woman's gentiles and tried to focus on other thoughts as she finally dipped her tongue between Sue's pussy folds.

Dawn was responding to Sue's tongue and held the palms of her hands on Sue's shoulders as she began pushing her pelvis up to meet Sue's tongue in her pussy. Sue reached around and gently stroked Lucy's hair and pulled her face deeper into her crotch.

Sue seemed to be very pleased that Dawn was responding to her tongue and was about to have an orgasm. Sue was squeezing Dawn's tits as she worked her tongue on her clitoris. Dawn's body was shaking and her breathing began to labor as she finally came.

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