tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDesperately Seeking Britney Ch. 02

Desperately Seeking Britney Ch. 02


In the final installment of the Britney series Deb, her biggest fan, finally fulfills her fantasy when she becomes a fuck toy for Britney and her friends. It stands alone, but reading the first three parts (Piece of Me, Toxic, Desperately Seeking Britney) may be helpful.


"Get up and get dressed baby. Hector's waiting."

From a deep sleep Deb hears the voice. She is confused and has no idea where she is. When she opens her eyes she sees Manny standing by the side of the bed holding her bikini and wrap. It all slowly comes back. Deb was just gang-banged by twenty strangers in a strip joint. She can still feel it in her pussy and ass. Even her jaw is a little sore.

"Put these on," Manny orders.

Deb sits up on the side of the bed and stuffs her oversized tits into the top. She stands and pulls the bottoms up her legs slipping them over her pussy and ass. Deb slides the white wrap through her arms and ties it at the waist. Her feet slip into the flip flops under the bed. She turns and faces Manny. She can't believe that she is still horny.

"Do you want to have a little fun first?" Deb asks with a wicked look in her eyes. "It won't take long."

Without waiting for an answer Deb drops to her knees and unzips Manny's fly. She reaches into the opening and pulls out his sizeable member. Her tongue shoots out and swirls around the knob. Deb sucks it into her mouth. She can feel his cock expanding as she continues to tease him with her tongue. When he is fully erect she drools spit down his shaft and pumps him with her hand. Deb looks up at him like a hungry whore.

"I just love sucking cock. Do you want to fuck my mouth? Do you want to shove your cock down my throat? I want you to. I want you to make me gag and choke and drool spit all over my tits. Then you can cum all over me."

Manny knows he should bring her directly to Hector but he can't help himself. He grabs her by the hair and slams his cock between her lips. He drives it into the back of her throat. He pulls out and slams into her again until his entire cock disappears and her lips are pressed against his wiry pubes. He feels her tongue snake out and lick his balls. She looks up at him to let him know how much she loves what she is doing.

Manny grabs her head and fucks her face like a madman. He can feel his cock slamming into her throat and his balls bouncing off her chin. Rivers of spit are pouring from her lips and drooling down her neck. Deb is making loud choking and gagging sounds each time he slams his hard meat into her mouth.

"Ssshhuuupp... sssspppp... gggaaa..."

Manny pulls his cock from her lips and grabs her hair forcing Deb to look up at him. She is breathing hard and, from the wild look in her eyes, appears to be on the verge of an orgasm. Her pussy is leaking like a faucet and her nipples feel like they are going to burst.

'More," she demands while ripping off her bikini top.

He slams his cock back down her throat and fucks her face even harder. Tears are streaming down her cheeks. Spit drools in strands onto her naked tits. Deb slips a hand into her bikini bottoms and rubs her clit. Seconds later her body jerks. Juices gush from her pussy.

Deb climbs onto the bed and tilts her head back over the side of the mattress. Manny rams his cock down her throat until his balls are pressed against her nose. He slams in and out of her mouth like a maniac driving it deep into her throat on each thrust. Spit is now running into her nose and drooling down her face. Her hair is becoming matted with saliva.

Manny reaches down and tweaks her nipples while his cock continues to hammer her mouth. Deb shoves a hand into her bikini bottoms and digs three fingers into her fuck hole. They make loud squishing sounds as she pumps them in and out of her cunt. Her body explodes in a series of orgasms that have her head spinning out of control. She feels Manny's cock swell. He pulls out.

"Oh fuck... AAARRRGGGHHHH..."

Hot cum explodes from his tip like a fire hose drenching her lily white titties and dark brown nipples with gobs of man-seed. Manny aims his cock at Deb's hungry face and unleashes a second blast. A torrent of cum explodes onto her lips and chin before traveling down her face and into her hair.

Deb can't believe how much cum is shooting from his cock. He continues to pump spurt after spurt all over her face and tits. She finally takes him into her mouth and squeezes the last few drops out of his throbbing member. Manny is still hard despite the huge release. Deb keeps sucking his cock until he is groaning and ready for more.

"Fuck me," she demands.

Deb quickly climbs onto her hands and knees, pulls her bikini bottoms down her thighs and tilts her ass in the air. Manny guides his vein-streaked cock to the opens folds of her glistening cunt. His knob splits her open and spears into her hot chamber. Deb gasps when she feels his monster punch deep inside her belly. Cum is dripping from her tits as they sway back and forth on her chest each time he slams his cock into her pussy.

"Fuck me harder. Shove your big cock up my cunt. That's it... oh god... yes... fuck me."

Manny slides his thumb across her asshole and presses it against her bud. Deb feels her sphincter open and his thumb push into the opening. She gasps. More filth from spews her mouth. Reaching between her legs Deb touches her clit. Seconds later her body jerks and twists from another orgasm that rips through her pussy.

"In the ass. Fuck me in the ass," she begs.

Manny presses the huge mushroom-shaped tip of his cock against Deb's tight asshole until it punches into her body. His cock continues deeper and deeper. Manny grabs her hips and repeatedly slams his hard meat into her tight passage. Deb shoves two fingers up her gooey cunt and pumps them in and out of her dripping chamber.

"Oh fuck... oh god... uuunnnggghhh... harder. Shove your big cock up my ass... nnnnggghhhhh... make me cum baby... oh fuck... yes..."

The orgasm hits like a thunderbolt. Her body jerks and thrashes against his thrusting cock. Her big tits sway from her chest like water balloons. A scream pierces the air followed by another. Juices gush from her cunt and drip from her hand. Despite having just cum Manny feels his cock swell inside her tight orifice. He thrusts hard and grunts. Hot seed spews into her bowels sending Deb into another series of screaming orgasms.

"We gotta go," Manny says finally pulling his dripping cock from her asshole. "The boss is going to be pissed. He doesn't like to be kept waiting."

Deb wipes the cum from her face, pulls her bikini and wrap back in place and follows Manny up to suite 1105. Hector is signing papers that one of his goons keeps handing to him. Deb stands nervously in front of his desk waiting for him to acknowledge her presence. He finally looks over to Manny. His eyes are cold and serious.

"Why did you bring this whore into my office? I run a respectable operation."

"Sorry boss," Manny replies. "I was under the impression you wanted to see her. My bad. I'll get her out of here."

Hector's eyes turn to Deb who is standing there confused.

"You're the cunt that wants to see Britney. Is that right?"

She nods her head.

"Turn around and look up at that TV monitor," Hector orders.

After a moment the screen fills with a video of Deb getting fucked by the 20 guys in Hector's club. It is clear from the video that she loves every second of the gang-bang. She can't get enough. Deb feels a tingling in her pussy as she remembers the experience.

"Do you think I'm going to expose Britney to that whore? You're nothing but a cum-eating slut. Now get out of here. I don't want to see your face again."

"But I thought that's what you wanted," Deb blurts out as tears stream down her cheeks.

"Don't talk to me slut. Manny, get her out of here."

Manny grabs her by the arm and takes her into the hall. Once they are alone he gently grabs her shoulders and looks down at her.

"Look, Hector can be an asshole. I'm sorry. You've been a good sport so I'm going to go out on a limb for you, but Hector can never find out. Meet me outside the big cabana in an hour. Britney's sponsors are throwing a pool party. Rumor has it that she's going to make an appearance but it's not certain. I think I can get you in."

"Oh thank you, thank you," Deb says throwing her arms around his neck. "You don't know how much this means to me. If there is anything I can do for you... anything at all..."

"We'll discuss that later," Manny replies. "I gotta get back before Hector gets suspicious. I'll see you in an hour."

Deb can hardly contain the excitement bubbling inside her. She has an hour to kill and decides to use it preparing for the possibility that she'll actually get to meet Britney. After buying a few items at the hotel drug store she goes into the ladies locker room. She showers and carefully shaves her pussy rubbing cream all over it, then rubs a sweet smelling lotion over her body. Finally she applies some make-up and brushes her hair.

"Hey sexy," Deb whispers moving her face closer to the mirror. "If I were Britney I would want to fuck you. Now go out there and give it your best shot baby."

Deb moves her hands to her tits and squeezes them with her fingers. Her lips press against the mirror and kiss the girl looking back at her. The tips of their tongues touch. Deb feels her nipples swell and a trickle of cunt juice leak into her bikini bottoms. She steps back from the mirror and adjusts her top until her tits are practically popping out from it. She leaves the locker room and heads for her date with destiny.

"Follow me and stay close," Manny tells her. "You're coming in as my girlfriend. Make it look like we're a couple, and don't say a word to anyone."

Deb grabs Manny's arm. Butterflies flutter in her stomach when they pass the security guard. He waves them through. Deb notices him staring down at her tits. She puffs them out and puts a little extra sway in her ass as she walks away. She feels super sexy and wants everyone to know.

"Okay, we're in. Doesn't look like Britney's here yet. Just mingle with the crowd and pretend that you belong. I gotta get back upstairs."

"I'm going to make this up to you later, Manny... I promise."

"I'm know you will, baby. Now go have some fun."

Deb walks around and notices how the guys are staring at her tits. She loves the attention. It makes her pussy tingle. Suddenly there is a commotion near the corner where she is standing. Her jaw drops when she sees Britney emerge through a door leading into the cabana. Deb tries to catch her breath as she stares at her idol.

Britney is wearing a tiny white bikini. Her big tits bulge up from the top like they are about to pop out. The outlines of her dark nipples are barely visible against the thin material, and the hard tips are poking through like little pegs. Britney seems oblivious to the effect she is having and goes about her business greeting friends and associates like everything is perfectly normal.

Britney continues to move closer to where Deb is standing. Deb's eyes trace down Britney's body and across her muscular stomach to the tight bottoms cut down in a "V" just above her pubic mound. Her pussy puffs out against the thin material which is molded tightly to her swollen "cameltoe".

Deb's legs are shaking. Her head is spinning. Things are happening to her body that she can't control. Her nipples feel like they are going to explode. Her pussy is throbbing. Her heart is pounding. She looks up and locks eyes with Britney who is standing right in front of her. Then it happens.

Deb feels her pussy clench. She squeezes her legs together to try and gain some semblance of control but it doesn't work. A short gasp escapes from her throat and then another. She bites her lip and bends slightly at the waist exposing even more of her tits. Her legs begin to shake. Pussy juice gushes into her bikini bottoms. Her body jerks as another gush of cunt juice squirts from her pussy.

Britney continues to stare at Deb until the orgasm passes. Her eyes scan the length of Deb's body and then back up to her face. She finally turns and heads for another group to greet them. As she leaves Deb can see the bottoms of her exposed ass cheeks jiggle around the white material stretched tightly across her crack.

For the next half hour Deb tries to get close to Britney again but it is impossible. She is disappointed when Britney leaves through a door in the far corner. She can't believe she actually had an orgasm without even touching her pussy. Deb is still tingling all over and trying to decide what to do next when two strong hands grab her arms.

"You're coming with us miss."

Deb feels a sense of panic. Two extremely large and muscular men guide her to an exit door. They pull her into an elevator and up to the top floor. They open a door and guide her into a small dressing room. On a hanger in the closet is a short white silk robe.

"Take everything off and put that on," one of the men orders.


"Just do it," he tells her in a voice that makes her quiver.

The two men stand and watch Deb slowly remove her top. Her huge globes bounce free. She turns to them and smiles cupping her tits with her hands to entice them but it doesn't work.

"The bottoms too," he commands.

Deb complies until she is standing in front of them completely naked. He bald pussy puffs out from between her thighs like a ripe peach. She reaches down and parts the folds with her fingers hoping this will break the ice.

"Now the robe," he says impatiently.

Deb is scared. She doesn't know what is happening. She pulls on the silk robe. It barely covers her ass and is a little tight in the chest accentuating the size of her huge tits. She follows the men down a hall to another room. They knock on the door. When it opens Deb receives the shock of her life.

"You're a naughty girl," whispers a soft feminine voice. "But you like being a naughty girl, don't you? That's why I asked them to bring you here."

Deb is staring into the eyes of her idol. She can't believe this is real. Britney is staring back at her and wearing an identical white silk robe which exposes a generous proportion of her perfectly proportioned tits. The sensations welling up in her body are incredible from being so close to the woman she has masturbated to so many times.

"I knew I liked you the moment you had an orgasm at my reception," Britney says smiling at Deb.

Britney excuses the two goons that escorted her upstairs. She guides Deb through the entranceway and into a huge and lavish suite. Deb immediately recognizes Jason, Britney's fiancée, sitting on the couch.

"Hi honey," Britney says in a soft voice. "I've bought you a present. I think you're going to like her."

"Thank you baby," Jason replies as he pushes down his shorts and kicks them from his feet. "Is it okay if she sucks my cock?"

"Of course sweetie," Britney says with a loving smile on her face. "She'll do anything you ask her to do."

Britney takes Deb by the arm and guides her towards the couch. She is still speechless from the shock of seeing Britney. She can't believe this is happening to her. It's like a dream. Deb looks down and sees Jason's limp cock lying on his thigh.

"What are you waiting for?" Britney orders more than asks. "My baby said he wanted you to suck his cock."

Deb drops to her knees and slides her hands up Jason's thighs. She wedges her body between his legs. Deb tilts her head forward and flicks her tongue across Jason's limp member. She feels it twitch and begin to grow. Without using her hands she teases his cock with her lips and tongue until she can slide her mouth down his shaft.

Britney sits on the couch next to Jason and snuggles against him. He puts his arm around her shoulder and pulls her close. They kiss. Deb bobs her head up and down Jason's cock until all eight inches are fully erect. She lifts her lips from his knob and drools spit all over it, then plunges her mouth down his length and takes him deep into her throat.

"Oooohhhhh fuuuck," Jason moans throwing his head back.

"I told you that you were going to like her, honey," Britney whispers while pushing her tongue into his ear. "She's licking your balls with your cock all the way down her throat. What a whore."

Being called a whore by Britney gets Deb even more excited. Cunt juice gathers in her pussy. She lifts her lips from Jason's cock and drools more spit down his shaft. Her tongue teases the knob making him squirm. Deb plunges her mouth back down his length pressing her lips against his saliva soaked pubes. Jason twists and turns in agony.

"Ooooohhhh... oh god... aaahhhh..."

"Do you want me to make him cum?" Deb asks as she pulls her drooling lips from his throbbing flesh.

"No... not yet. I want to suck it first."

With that Britney slides her head down his body until the knob of his cock pushes between her lips. She uses her tongue to torture him even further, then slams her mouth down his length taking him deep into her throat. Deb watches intently from only inches away. She still has a hard time believing she is here. Everything is so surreal.

Britney finally pulls her lips from Jason's hard meat and looks at Deb with hungry eyes. Spit is running down her chin. She flicks her tongue around his knob like it is an ice cream cone keeping her eyes focused on Deb.

"Don't you just love sucking cock?" Britney asks Deb. "I do. It makes my pussy all wet and gooey to feel his hard flesh slide between my lips and into my throat."

Britney slams her mouth back down Jason's length pressing her lips to his drenched pubes. She slides a hand between her legs and rubs her dripping pussy. Her fingertip flies across the swollen clit like a hummingbird flapping its wings. The pounding in Deb's head is intense as she watches her idol sucking cock and fingering her pussy.

"Mmmmmmm... mmmppphhhhh...gggghhhhhh..."

Britney is squirming on the couch with Jason's cock still deep in her throat. Her body begins to shake when she cums. Juices explode from her cunt and coat her thighs. As the orgasm finally subsides Britney slides her drooling lips from Jason's cock. She kisses her way up his body to his neck and ear.

"Would you like to cum in the whore's mouth baby?" Britney asks in a whisper.

"Oh fuck yes... but she better hurry."

Deb quickly moves her mouth over Jason's knob and wraps her lips around the flange. Deb finds the spot on the underside of his cock and rubs her tongue rapidly across the sensitive nerve endings. She wraps her hand around his shaft and pumps him firmly twisting and turning his hard meat in her fingers. Jason's moans become more desperate. He puts his hands on the back of Deb's head and digs his fingers into her scalp.

"Oh fuck... oh god... AAAARRRRGGHHHH..."

His body lifts off the couch. Deb clamps her lips tightly around his shaft. Cum explodes from his cock like a rocket. It shoots into her mouth so hard it feels like he is peeing. A second blast of cum fills her mouth. Her hand squeezes his cock and pumps more cream out from his spewing shaft. Deb has a hard time keeping all of it in her mouth and feels some leak out the corners.

"Don't swallow," Britney orders Deb. "I want to see what you have in your mouth."

Deb slips her lips off Jason and quickly clamps them shut to keep the huge load sloshing around in her mouth from leaking out. She looks at Britney whose face is only a few inches from hers. Deb tilts her head back and parts her lips. There is so much cum that some of it trickles down her chin.

"Honey, look what you did in her mouth," Britney says pushing the side of Deb's face so she is facing Jason. "You really drained your balls. That is so much stuff."

Jason grunts his agreement. Britney leans forward and licks the small trickle running down Deb's chin. Their lips meet in a kiss. Britney dips her tongue into the creamy mixture in Deb's mouth. She rolls onto her back pulling Deb with her. Jason's cum slowly drools into Britney's mouth until it is full. Britney rolls over in Jason's lap and slides her mouth over his cock. Cum oozes down his shaft and trickles over his balls and asshole.

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