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Dessert First


Nica felt the Dupioni Silk brush against her skin as her latest "friend" unzipped the back. Nica wasn't in the mood for pleasantries or tenderness that he was trying to give her. She wasn't interested in soft, romantic love making or genteel sentiments. At this moment she just needed a good fuck. She restrained her primal desire to tear his clothes off and jump is muscular body. She wasn't an animal, though she couldn't deny her hunger for too long lest she hurt her frequent and assorted lovers.

As her dress fell from her shoulders, she turned around and looked at him. Nica's body was completely nude. Tonight wasn't about drinking, dancing, or romance, it was strictly about sex; as such, wearing undergarments, no matter how skimpy was just more material in the way. Her eyes feasted on his broad shoulders just fitting into the black silk shirt he wore. She saw his skin and sensed the blood raging in him, the excitement in his eyes, and the prominent bulge in his trousers. Nica wasted no time as she unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his tanned and toned muscled chest. She tugged his shirt up to release it from his trousers and began to work on his belt. As she pulled the belt loose, she pressed her hungry mouth against his in a forceful and palpable passionate kiss. As his belt came loose, she unfastened his pants and pulled them down along with his boxers to his ankles.

Nica stood and gave him a shove backwards with a slight smirk on her face as she climbed onto the bed and straddled him. He opened his mouth to say something but she silenced him with her finger, shushing his attempt to protest, while using her other hand to guide the head of his pulsing cock into her shaved lips. A sigh escaped her lips as she sank down on him, burying his length within her wet sex and savoring the hardness that filled her. She raised her hands to grip the colonial styled headboard and began to grind herself against him, lifting off of his cock until only the head was inside her and falling back onto his length.

Nica wasn't a large woman. Her fit frame stood at five feet, ten inches with dark brown hair that dropped below her shoulders. She didn't have prominent muscles but her stomach was flat, with no excess fat. Nica's face was similar to her grandmother's, high cheek bones, slightly pouting lips, and dark brown eyes gave her an almost model quality. Her nose was narrow but not overly pointed giving her a determined and intense expression. Nica's breasts weren't perfect, she'd admit, but they were damned close, at 32Ds with nickel size areoles, she'd never had any complaints.

As she held him down, she relished the empty void of desire filled with his masculine flesh. The feel of his cock in her body was taming the beast for the moment, but even she wasn't foolish enough to believe it would stave it's madness for more than one more day. The desire to be fucked was only slightly greater than her desire to feed and she knew that it she still needed to be aware lest she release the monster tonight.

Nica thrust her hips down upon his cock, over and over. Her body's enhanced senses could even feel the delicious pulse of his young heart as it pumped blood into his rigid member. She released one of his hands and moans at his fingers began to tweak her erect nipple. He moaned as she squeezed his cock with her inner muscles, adding to the friction of their mutual grind. He began to moan more and more as she rode him. She breathed in his scent. A faint smile played at her lips as the familiar masculine aroma that announced his impending orgasm. She braced herself pinning his arms for leverage as she increased her pace, undulating her hips.

His body tensed and he groaned with effort, his whole body contracting. The feeling so overwhelmed his mind that he failed to notice that Nica was no longer on top of him. She was crouched between his legs, mouth locked over the rigid sensitive head of his cock. His hips bucked and his torso pulled off the bed slightly as he began to cum.

Nica used her hand to stroke his cock as hot cum began to pulse up its length. She shuddered as the first blast hit her tongue. As the first surge of fluid entered her mouth, Nica moved her tongue, flat against the slit and forcing his cum to soak her taste buds. Nica savored the texture of him and absorbed the taste as pulse after pulse of his pearly fluid emptied into her mouth. Nica milked the last of his cum into her mouth and swallowed. She could feel it slide down her throat and within moments felt the beast inside her calm slightly.

Nica glanced up at the stranger, whose balls she'd just sucked dry, and found him asleep. Not exactly the stud she'd hoped for, but he'd served his purpose. She reached between her legs and let her fingers glide gently over her moist lips. She pushed her hand firmly into her clit and groaned. As the immediate need eased a bit, she stood and walked out of the room. Walking to the living space of her loft apartment, she smiled as she passed the full length mirror. Her slender nude form glistened slightly in the dim lighting.

Nica walked to the large bookcase on the far wall and pressed a series of knobs that had appeared to be decorative. A soft thunk sounded as the bookcase drew backwards, revealing a small staircase. She descended the staircase with grace and heard the bookcase close with a click. The staircase descended four levels, twisting around architectural differences, to a large stone room beneath the apartment complex.

Nica's eyes sharpened and she made out the details of the room. A case on the far wall housed wardrobe. Off to the right stood a makeup stand with a large mirror beside which stood multiple wigs and facial prosthetics. To the left sported a wall rack of weapons, mostly blunt metal items used to prolong suffering of her victim until she could extract the information she needed.

A steel table in the center of the room was bare save for a manila envelope. She opened the envelope and retrieved its contents. The picture of a short balding man was clipped to a group of papers listing the information about him.

Jesse Wright, age 37, sentenced to 20 years in state prison. Charges: molestation of an 8 year-old girl and suspected involvement in the disappearance and possible murder of two others, though no conclusive evidence had been found. Released three days ago on parole for good behavior.

Nica walked to the far wall and examined her choices. Blood would definitely be part of tonight's work. A dark red leather jumpsuit with matching boots would hide the blood from any unexpected eyes. It was form fitting, and perhaps some men might even consider it arousing. Perhaps even a sniveling pedophile like Jesse Wright might enjoy the sight. But by morning, the world would be rid of one less scumbag.

Nica suited herself and fastened the boots. On the left wall, a satchel hung. She lifted it and opening the flap to review the contents. She didn't really need the tools of course, but sometimes it was worth hearing them scream. She intended to make him Jesse Wright scream tonight.

As she turned to leave, she could still taste the faint flavor of cum on her tongue bringing a faint smile. Life is short; eat dessert first.


Jesse Wright rubbed his sweaty palms together as he sat across the street from Mr. Z's toy store. He'd kept his distance, knowing that being anywhere near a business that catered to children could easily get him thrown back in his cell. He would bide time until he was able to disappear, and he already had a few "companions" in mind when he did. Each young enough to enjoy for a few years.

For more than ten years, he'd had to talk to those damn shrinks, carefully, keeping track of his lies. He'd almost slipped several times. His parole officer had suggested him getting a job at a nursing home. Jesse had applied to three nursing homes, finding that the one he'd finally gotten a job at was 3 blocks from this store, and on his way home. He'd neglected to mention that fact to his parole officer, knowing that it would be seen as a violation.

Jesse's hands slipped into his trousers.

"Excuse me, sir?"

He nearly leapt out of his skin trying to pull his hand from his pants. He turned back toward the voice. A woman, not unpleasant to the eye stood in a tight fitting red leather jumpsuit. Her hair was tied back and her face looked. Pleasant enough, but she might have seen him.

"What do you want?" He said, trying not to sound too defensive. Sweat was forming on his forehead. Shit! He mentally kicked himself for not paying enough attention. Calm down. Don't give her any reason to remember you.

What Jesse didn't know is that she had been watching him for almost an hour, since he'd left the nursing home. She appeared to be in her late twenties. The tight leather was not lost on him, and he couldn't quite place why she would wear such a thing. As he was about to speak he felt her hand touch his and looked into her eyes about to protest.

Nica reached out and touched the scumbag's hand, boring into him with her eyes. She focused her being. In a quiet tone she spoke to him. "You do not see a grown woman. You see the object of your fantasy." She'd seen it too many times to count. His Eyes dilated and his breathing slowed. He was under her control. She could bend his mind to her will. "My name is Alison. I'm a little lost. Can you help me find my parents?" She released his hand, waiting.

Jesse shook his head. He was certain he'd just seen a woman in a red leather jumpsuit in front of him. But she was gone, and a young girl stood before him looking lost. He looked around. No other people were anywhere in sight. He looked back at the girl noticing that she had the most perfect looking body. Just the right height, age, shape, and she was wearing a white dress with lilies on it.

This wasn't part of his plan, he knew he shouldn't risk it, but she was everything he wanted. She was perfect.

Nica saw his hesitation. Known he was fighting a battle against his fear of discovery and desire for this image. She took his hand. "Please help me. I'm scared and just need someone to help me. Please mister, I'll do anything to find my family."

Jesse couldn't believe his luck. She was lost. She was scared. She was trusting. She wanted his help. And she'd said she would do anything. He felt his heart beating faster. A faint thought in the back of his mind said it was too good to be true. But he couldn't just let this pass by. It was perfect.

Nica knew his type well. Despite the danger of being caught and the implausibility of this seemingly perfect scenario, he would take the bait. He was already hooked. He was now hers. He was now as good as dead.

Jesse felt the familiar stirring in his groin. He'd help her alright. He'd give her a new family and a new home. He'd show her what the world was about, and how wonderful it could feel. Jesse Wright extended his hand. "Why of course I'll help you. How about we head to my place and you can call you parents from my phone. Does that sound okay?"

Alison nodded. And took his hand as they started to walk.

"You can call me Uncle Jesse." He held her hand, and discretely adjusted himself to avoid showing his excitement. "I'm sure we'll get you home safely. I promise, I'll take good care of you."

Nica walked next to the scumbag, holding hand as she watched him in silent disgust. She needn't say anything. She'd placed the idea in his mind, drawn from his twisted fantasy, and now his mind would build the rest. As they walked, she made a mental note of any cameras that might be able to see them. Jesse had been smart in a few ways, she noted. There were no cameras in direct view of his route.

Feelings of disgust mixed with her primal hunger battled to just dispose of him. But she needed information, and she wanted him to suffer. He would be dead soon, she only needed to make sure his screams would go unnoticed. Wryly, Nica thought how much easier it was with rapists. Most required little to no persuasion to get her alone and out of earshot. Not to mention, she didn't mind the rough sex involved. Sometimes, rarely, she could actually get off before the jerks came. Filth like Jesse Wright was of little value to her sexually, but nutritionally, he'd suffice.

He led her a few blocks until they came what looked like an abandoned storefront sporting an dingy looking apartment above. The navigated amongst random trash piles until they came to a metal door on the side of the building. Nica watched as he withdrew a set of keys from his pocket and placed the key in the lock. Jesse looked at her and smiled what she assumed was supposed to be a reassuring gesture, but looked almost conniving.

"Don't you worry, I'll take good care of you. We'll go upstairs and you can have some cookies and hot chocolate, how does that sound?"

Nica nodded in response, giving him direct control of the scenario. It wouldn't do to have him drawing attention with his screams. He gestured for her to move through the open doorway and she obediently climbed the stairs in front of him, hearing the unmistakable sound of multiple deadbolts locking in place. The stairwell was dimly lit by a single fluorescent bulb that flickered and a faint odor of mildew permeated the stuffy passage. At the top was a single door, which was left slightly open.

Wright moved past her to open the door, his hand lingering across her chest just briefly. Nica resisted the repulsive shudder and followed him into his small apartment. Dirty and plain, it was what she expected for a convict on parole. She examined it closely determine if they were alone. The last thing she wanted was witnesses or for that matter additional casualties.

"Come this sweetheart, there is a phone in the back room here." He led her onward to a bedroom. As he opened the door, he began to pull off items of clothing such as his shoes, socks, jacket and gloves.

"Why don't you sit right down on the bed." Wright motioned to a small twin size bed with a faded pink bedspread.

Nica sat, watching him. Wright closed the door and locked it.

"How you like to help Uncle Jesse with something, huh?" He began to finish undressing. In the moment between Jesse Wright unbuttoning his top button and even before he had reached for the second, he was shoved violently around and shoved onto the bed, flat on his back. Nica's left hand curled around his throat while her right hand tore at the rest of his clothing. In seconds, he was naked underneath her. She straddled him and looked into his eyes.

"This is no longer your fantasy you pathetic wart on the asshole of society. This is your nightmare!" She snarled as he began to scream, the vision of her red eyes becoming clear to him. Nica's voice began to change from a high pitch to a more throaty sound. Her smooth and beautiful face hardened with dark lines and pale skin.

"You will remain perfectly still, no matter what happens. Do you understand?"

He nodded, still whimpering. Nica traced her hand down his chest in a seductive manner. Her features still looked like living death as she made her way down to his groin. Her hand gripped his flaccid member and she began to massage him. His whimpering became silent and his breathing grew heavy as Nica's hand stroked him up and down.

Nica's horrific eyes looked up at him. "That's it 'Uncle' Jesse. I want to feel your big penis get hard." The seductive manner belied the terrifying tone of her voice. She continued to pump him up and down until she could feel his pulse beating in his cock. His squat little body was sweating as she brought him closer to his orgasm. She began to fondle his sac, gently drawing her fingers along his balls and tracing his inner thighs. She could feel his tension rising, building ever closer. He grunted with effort, precum oozing out the slit of his cock.

"Now you will give me your cum, give it to me, I want it, I need to have it."

His hips bucked up once, his body tensing. Nica continued to stroke him. Another spasm rocked his hips as he nearly came from her movements. Nica's breath slowed and she closed her eyes, enhancing her other senses. His breath, his pulse, his tension, his need; it all registered in her mind. The intense scent of his climax flared in her nostrils. It was time for the main course.

Nica moved her right hand down to the base of his cock and squeezed, inducing his orgasm. The knot behind his cock started to pulse. Nica's eyes shot open and the iris of her eyes red surrounded by an empty black. Her mouth part revealing razor sharp canines, a low hiss escaping. With a snarl she wrenched her left hand behind her. Jesse Wright screamed as his cock was ripped from his body. Nica placed her mouth at the stub of his cock as blood and cum began to flow from his body.

Nica began to feed on him, drawing his life blood along with the milky cum from his body. Jesse Wright shrieked in agony and horror as she began to bleed him dry, using the adrenaline already flowing in his veins to sustain the transfer. Through all of his screams he still couldn't move, couldn't break the compulsion to obey. His screams silenced as he passed out from the loss of blood. Nica continued to feed until the flow all but stopped.

Nica rose from his cold corpse and looked down. "Well 'Uncle Jesse,' you did taste better than I thought you would." Her face had regained its beauty and her eyes were a dark azure blue. She looked around the room with a raised eyebrow. The place was in total disrepair. Perhaps a fire might start.

Nica left the apartment, and returned with gasoline. Drenching the body, she lit a match and tossed it, blowing a kiss as she did. Before the match lit, she'd wiped down the room and was on her way down the stairs leaving Jesse Wright and his apartment in flames.


Nica Roads thanked the gate guard as she pulled passed the entrance of California FBI headquarters in Sacramento, and pulled into her usual parking space near the back of the lot. Glancing at the time, Nica cursed. She was running late. Gathering her bag, coat and coffee, she ran for the side entrance, hoping not to get singled out by her boss again.

Aaron Burnes always seemed to know when she was late and made a point to announce her arrival to the entire office, much to her dismay. He was a straight laced by the book agent and always did his best to make sure all of his agents were too. He wasn't that old, mid thirties, strong features and incredibly intense eyes, a feature that Nica tried not to dwell on. He made her feel like a schoolgirl when he smiled.

As she ducked past her boss's office, she breathed a sigh of relief. Setting her coffee on the desk she stopped short at the note on her computer.

My office asap! ~ Burnes.

"Shit." She dropped her coat and bag and walked across the hall. Nica tentatively knocked at Agent Burnes' door and he waved her in.

"Sir you wanted to see me?"

Burnes motioned to a wireless headset and indicated that she should sit down. "Tell him I don't give a damn what he thinks, this is an FBI case and he and his deputies are to stay out of your way." He waited for a few moments and placed a hand to his temples. "Fine, if you need their assistance, get it, otherwise I don't want any more hands in this." He leaned back in this chair. Yeah. Call me when it's done."

Aaron hit the release button on his phone and tossed the headset on his desk. "So...I get this call from the San Francisco forensics lab regarding an arson victim they found over the weekend." He looked at her directly.

"Why would a local Frisco office hand off an arson case to the bureau?"

"Because of the name of the vic: Jesse Wright, recently paroled for good behavior was found as the only casualty in a abandoned restaurant that burned to the ground Saturday night."

Nica nodded slowly. "You think it's related to the three cases I'm working on?"

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