tagFetishDessert for Supper

Dessert for Supper


When I woke up this morning the last thing I imagined was that I would be having dessert for dinner. But then I am jumping ahead….

It’s always tough to wake up one morning to discover you are suddenly 35. Luckily a well kept 35. My body is still shapely, my 42D breasts still fighting off the effects of gravity and age. Auburn hair with sun licked blondish highlights that emphasized my reddish-brown eyes. They contained a look of unquenched desire only found in a woman in the peak of her sexual life.

After a morning of cyber sex writing and some liquid hot phone sex I found myself in a voracious mood. No amount of masturbatory orgasms were satisfying my over heated sex drive. Hubby was no help in moods like this and unfortunately for me he was off on a business trip for the night anyway.

Oh My God, what an afternoon I had once I finished chatting with a dear friend. The adventure that follows happened in a whirlwind of a few hours.

I jumped on a sex talk website around 12:30 P.M. to see if anyone was on and willing to heat up my afternoon. Jack was there. Jack is a golf pro from Pennsylvania. We’d shared some hot instant messaging sessions and I sent him a few of my best stories along with a non compromising picture. He wanted more. He wanted me. He wanted to meet me in person. A few days ago he convinced me that we should hook up and he would call so we could get to know each other and make plans to meet.

I decided to meet the Jack in a last second decision today.

Jack was to call today anyway to discuss a possible meeting. I was just hanging around writing and checking out my favorite sex website waiting to hear from another guy. Jack popped up and asked how I was doing he was pleasantly surprised to see me on at lunch since he was scheduled to call me at 4:30.

He asked if he could call now instead and I said sure. I figured we'd chat and I'd cum for him and make him nuts before he left for his summer vacation tomorrow. We talked for about 20 minutes. He hesitantly asked for a raincheck for the date we were planning due to a meeting he couldn't shake.

I joked, “Sure… you know should just come and fuck me now to make up for it.”

He asked, “Are you alone?” Jack said he was already in the car, “You are really convincing me to make a trip.”

“I am alone…come fuck me,” I assured him. I was in an insatiable mood and I can’t think straight when I'm this horny. I just need to feel the rush of orgasm after orgasm. “If you come we will play out your cream pie fantasy…”

I rattled off directions. He said, “I ‘m starting the car, I am coming to you, you've convinced me.”

Honestly, I love playing with whip cream so I figured it’s not much of a stretch. It was now 1:30 P.M. The drive would take about 3 hours for him to reach me in my little backwoods home in the sticks of upstate NY. We chatted while he drove sexual innuendos flying back and forth. He asked me to cum for him so he could hear what he was in for in person. I also knew that would kill time and make driving go by much faster for him.

Around the PA Jersey border he said he'd call when he got to NY thruway. I went out to get a few things: a drop cloth, heavy paper plates and two big tubs of Cool Whip, a small tub of vanilla Cool Whip and a luscious chocolate French Silk pie. I was home by 3:30.

We had hoped Jack would be here by 4:00 giving us a few hours before he had to drive back. He had called his wife and made an excuse. He would have to leave by 6:00 at the latest. When he was near he called to say traffic was bumper to bumper. He was so upset and thought he might have to skip and turn back.

Jack said, “talk to me baby convince me why I should come.”

I told him what I bought. When I reached the French Silk pie he said, “Ok, ok I'm coming. The thought of the silk pie has made me hard.”

I gave him my evil chuckle when he told me he was hard. My pussy throbbed knowing it would be soon.

He called again from a closer road and was pissed again - slow but moving traffic. It was now 4:30. I told him to call from exit 23 and I'd talk him in. Just before he reached the exit he got through but reception on the cell sucked he kept fading in and out, a hazard of the backwoods.

It was a harrowing thought for him to drive 4 hours so far and have to just go home. So close but now he was determined. He got through and I gave him the directions as quick as I could before he faded. I never got to how to find my street from the road the post office was on.

I paced. I prepped plates of cool whip. I thawed the silk pie to try and keep my mind off jumping in the car and flagging down every guy that drove near the house. I locked the dog up and waited. Finally the phone rang and I finished the direction before he faded once more. You cut the tension with a knife.

I met him at the door in my white silky thong and a button down tan Hawaiian shirt. He had asked me to role play. He wanted me to pretend I was babysitting and he was my boy friend and was coming to keep me company.

He had a beautiful dark blue suit with a red tie. Jack was very banker looking...older handsome gentleman. He was maybe late 40’s or early 50’s. I am a sucker for a man in a suit.

He walks in on the landing and I shut the door I hear his breath catch. He knew what I was wearing but I guess my breasts were bigger then he imagined. I kissed him hello and instantly he was at ease. He said, “The drive was definitely worth it…I am so glad I came already.” He caressed my ass as he spoke.

That made me blush and smile at the same time. “Oh baby…you haven’t cum yet, believe me…heheheh.” I had only seen a picture of him before and it was so much better to see him in person. I took his hand and led him up the stairs to the living room. He asked to use the bathroom. Quite understandable after such a long car ride. I showed him to the one in the master bedroom.

I waited for him I had the laptop on the ottoman and was checking the weather alert. I was trying to look as delectable as I could. I kept my back to the hall kneeling on the floor with my ass peaking out beneath my shirt as I looked at the screen.

Jack removed his suit jacket and stood behind me.

He leaning forward and caressed my head and massaged my shoulders while I moved and caressed up and down his legs. I leaned the back of my head to his crotch as he reached into my shirt and caressed and squeezed my 42D breasts gently.

Then he began to unbutton my shirt and I turned and stood before his tall frame. I tried to undo his tie, but the knot was so tight and crisp. Jack took care to undo it himself while I undid his belt. He began to unbutton his shirt while I worked to undo his trousers.

I was shaking, I was so damn horny now. I helped with his final button then finished with his pants. Then he began to work on my shirt. I dropped his pants and lifted and pulled at his tee shirt. I kissed his bare chest, sucked his nipples and ran my fingers thru his chest hair. His chest hair was a beautiful grey.

When I sucked his nipples it made him moan. He was having trouble with my last button so I finished undoing it. I slid the shirt off my shoulders and he looked at me hungrily.

He cupped my breasts and kissed each nipple sweetly before I squatted down before him and teased him thru his jockeys

He was anticipating the blow job coming. He already had a description of what I would do when he was driving up. He had so much precum on his penis and his underwear. I went down on Jack. I told him I planned this blow job to be at least one of his top three blow jobs of his life. I reached up and pulled his underwear down and saw his cock for the first time.

His penis was very nice and thick, between 5 and 6" long. He was cut. I could not wait. Mmmmmmmmm my mouth watered. I told him I would be nice and not tease him too long.

I began to tease him by gently licking and sucking on the head of his cock. At his length I could swallow him completely without problems.

I kissed and licked and sucked his head listening to his breathing. I kept looking up to see if he was watching, smiling up at him when I saw he was. I swallowed him deep and pressed his ass forward so he would thrust deeper. I tickled his balls. He asked me what I wanted.

I said, “Fuck me Jack…now.”

He smiled and said, “Ok.”

I lay back against the couch and waited for him. He romoved the last of his clothing which was piled around his ankles then he ran into the kitchen and grabbed two plates of Cool whip brought them back to the couch.

“Should we do this here?” he asked.

“Here? No… in the other room ok?”

He put the plates down beside me and said, “No… not yet.” He climbed on top of me teasing my clit with the tip of his cock. Jack was circling and stroking until I couldn’t help it I begged over and over for him to fuck me. I was so very wet…no, I was soaked.

He knelt down and put a dollop of cream on my clit and sucked it away with his lips before slipping his cock inside me to once more tease before taking my hands and leading me to the other couch. He stopped and grabbed one of the plates.

He sat and pulled me towards him. Climbing on the couch I squatted over his lap. My breasts were even with his face. He stroked and caressed them. Jack sucked the nipples pressing my breasts together so he could suck both at the same time. I was grinding my wet pussy on his lap. He had begun to soften so I slinked down and took him once more in my mouth.

Jack then confirmed that I was the best blowjob he'd ever had. Hearing that enflamed the excitement I was already feeling. I sucked him harder and deeper. He had brought one of the plates of cream over and had placed it on the floor He reached down and scooped a handful and rubbed it all over his cock and I greedily sucked all the sweet cream. I licked his balls then cleaned his fingers sucking each down. He told me I was so cute at his feet enjoying myself on his hard cock, loving him with my mouth.

I once more climbed up and sat on his lap kissing and teasing His mouth. My lips tasting like the lovely cream that I had sucked from his cock. I love it when the kisses become desperate and frenzied. Jack reached down rubbing his cock against my pussy, slipping inside but not thrusting. I tried hard as I might to move against him drive him deeper but he maintained control.

I wanted more. “Let’s go in the other room, baby” I implored.

“Okay” he smiled and rubbed my ass as I climbed off him. I grabbed the two plates in the living room and Jack grabbed another plate of cream and the big silk pie that waited on the kitchen table. Then we headed for the bedroom.

In the bedroom I had covered the bed with a drop cloth with a sheet on top of it and I climbed on the bed placing the pies to the side. I sat and watched as Jack walked in and looked at me and smiled. He put his pies beside mine and we met in the center of the bed kissing and touching.

As we kissed he reached for a handful of sweet cream and covered my nipples, sucking the sweet cream away. He scooped more and again suckled them gently. His hand dropped and he coated my clit.

Then he took the plate and said are you ready? I smiled and he hit me in the face with the plate! He squooshed it in good.

I laughed…hysterically and so did he. Jack said it was a good look for me. He kissed away what coated my face. Then hit me in the kisser again. Now I had a real case of the giggles. It felts so cool and slick and so nice as he rubbed it all over my chest and shoulders. He handed me the plate and I put it right in his face.

I immediately kissed and licked his face, god he tasted so good. He rubbed his cheeks on mine still covered and sexy. Breathlessly I told him,"Put your fingers inside me Jack”

He watched me as he finger fucked me with two fingers. My cries growing louder my wiggling and thrusting grabbing at his hand I became more frenzied. “Curl your fingers inside baby oh yes like that!!!”

My orgasm washed across me. I felt the muscles of my pussy push away and I began to squirt. The chill of the cream mixed with my hot wet juices as they squirted from my body all over Jack’s palm.

I laid back and lifted my legs so he could enter me. The cream had started to become sticky to the touch of the hand but together body against body it felt so silky and slick. He thrust and I met each of his with one of my own. “I don’t want to cum yet baby…I want you on top when I cum”

“Ok” I said with a smile.

Jack said, “You look so cute all covered with cream.

I only could laugh some more. We both laughed. This was so silly, so sexy and fun.

Jack lay down and I positioned myself above him. He continued rubbing the sweet cream across my breasts. I scooped up a handful and covered his chest, stomach and cock and began to lick in long slow lines. I took care to suck as much off his cock as possible before I mounted him.

What a delicious sensation my pussy with cream inside…our bodies slick and hot rocking and fucking hard and fast.

I rocked above him his cock deep inside. He told me to grab the big silk pie he was close to cumming. He grabbed my ass and thrust harder and faster He began to cry out as he peaked and wham hit him right in the face as he came.

It was too deliciously funny when I removed the tin. He was a mess but laughed and said “Oh that was better then I ever imagined!”

The chocolate cream had splattered all over. I began to eat the chocolate cream from his lips and licked his cheeks.

“You taste really good…did you know that?” I joked.

He chuckled and rubbed my body. “I have to go baby.” he said hugging me tight.

I said, “I know…you need to jump in the shower…wish we had more time…”

I continued to eat a bit here and there and began to scoop the remnants of the pie back into its tin. I didn’t want to stop but I know I had to. I was having way too much fun.

Slick and sticky at the same time I climbed off him my pussy filled with his cum I went in to start the shower. What a strange sensation to wash off the cream. It leaves a slick film that won’t come off until you use soap. Jack climbed in and I stood back behind the shower head and watched as he washed up. I helped find and wash away all the chocolate curls from the top of the silk pie. He had cream everywhere in his ears all over …but it was so much fun.

He washed up first and got out. I stayed in for a little while. Recalling all that had happened in such a short amount of time. I got out and toweled myself lightly still damp. I was naked draping the towel over me I went into the living room looking for my clothes.

Jack was already dressed. Looking crisp and professional…I wanted to fuck him again right there in his suit. He groaned with desire when he saw me walk out naked. I bent over sexily to pick up my shirt and give him a nice view of my ass. Slipping it on I grabbed his ass as he straightened his tie in the mirror. He asked if I had a comb and then followed me back into the bedroom. He rubbed my ass and cupped my breasts as I found him a comb.

Most presentable now I walked him to the door. I stood on the bottom step so I was at his level so I could kiss him once more before we opened the door. He wished me good luck and said he would love to do this again someday. The next time we needed to have more time. I smiled and said ok. I watched as he walked down to his car. He looked like and insurance agent leaving a client’s house.

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