tagRomanceDessert In Our Room

Dessert In Our Room


Hand in hand we make our way from the restaurant to the cab. No words are spoken – we just smile at each other as the memory of the evening remains fresh in our minds. You look wonderful in your Ronni Nichole dress and I am dying to get out of my suit jacket!

The tropical sky is dark with bulging rainclouds and the humidity is heavy in the air - a perfect night for two lovers celebrating an incredible first date to return indoors. My arm is around you and your shoulder is buried into my chest. Together, we enjoy the sights and sounds of this tropical isle as it prepares for an evening shower.

At our destination, a key turns a lock and a door opens wide. The cool air inside is a sharp contrast to the warmth we've experienced and we both quickly retreat inside.

Three steps away from the heat and the door closes.

The moment is right for an embrace and a kiss – but there is a bag in my hand. A bag with goodies designed to make the evening's first kiss more memorable. But passion overpowers me and I take my free arm and scoop it around your waist. You respond by turning toward me with a smile and an arm over my neck.

"Thank you" I say. And I bend over to kiss you.

"You're welcome", you reply. And you kiss me again.

This simple act has me reveling in your scent, feel and warmth. Your easy caresses and gentle touches electrify my entire body. But we both come crashing back to realty when I smack your bottom with my bag! Yes, I forgot that I was holding the goodies and I whacked your booty with it as I tried to put my other arm around you!

Laughing, we pull apart and promise to meet soon once all the preparations have been made.

A gold box is untied.

A golden bottle is popped.

Candles are positioned.

A fire is lit.

Room is made and a thick yet soft blanket is placed on the floor.

Shoes are lost and small trays are gathered.

You and I make ourselves comfortable.

I pour each of us a glass of bubbly and we take a minute to enjoy. The blanket looks inviting and I recline on my side. You find yourself scooting a bit nearer and as you do so you offer to select a piece of candy for me.

Without looking, you pluck a gem from the box and place it on my tongue. I don't take it all in at once. Rather, I nibble off a bite. A small string of liquid yum finds its way to my chin and you quickly collect it with your finger and offer it to me. I can't help but to look into your eyes as my tongue engulfs your fingertip. I circle you twice before asking you to feed me another.

Several pieces later, our glasses are empty and the fire is working its magic. I rise to refill our glasses and as I search for the bottle, I notice that the fire and candles are putting on a flickering light show across the entire ceiling.

When I return, I find that you are sitting at your side facing the fire. I quietly come up from behind and offer you your glass. There's a piece of chocolate in your hand and when you offer it you me I suggest that I feed it to you. With a grin, you instruct me to place it in my palm. As I do so, you cup my hand in yours and lower yourself to remove the candy with your lips. In one very long and very erotic motion, you consume the caramel and stoke my fingers with your tongue.

We are at an angle, but I rise to my knees and after setting my glass down I have no other choice but to kiss.

I move down and you move forward. Our lips meet and our arms reach for an embrace.

I kiss you, lingering and slow, with my tongue dancing gently in your mouth. You let out a sigh, and I caress your neck and ears with my fingers. I touch your hair and trace the lines of your face.

Our embrace was meant for lingering, soft kisses, and you returned my touch wherever you could reach. My skin erupts in millions of goose bumps as your hands find my waist, shoulders and sides. Desiring more, I find your hair irresistible and catch myself running my hand from the nape of your neck to that little spot just behind your ear – collecting soft tuffs between my fingers as I move.

But there is something else that requires my attention...

With your locks between my fingers, I gently pull your lips away from mine, turning your head to the side as I do so. You lips are immensely kissable but I have a weak spot for something else that you posses...

The candlelight accents your profile as I maneuver to brush the outer reaches of your ear with my nose. Not intent on pausing, my lips find that most sensitive spot where your hair ends and the skin of your neck begins. With mouth open, I brush your skin with the tip of my tongue then collapse on the spot with a wet kiss. I pause as take in the clean yet earthy taste of your skin and the intoxicating scent of your perfume. You know I love your neck... and you know I love to kiss it... and you know I love to kiss it while inhaling a dream full of Addict coming off your warming skin...

My tongue flicks and my lips kiss - over and over as I travel further down...

The collar of your dress top and the underlying bra strap are obstacles but they do not slow me... I clutch both in my hand and softly pull them a few inches further down the natural curve of your shoulder. With room for at least three more kisses, I enjoy you a bit more before moving on.

I run my fingernails along the tendons below your ears and you moan softly at the feel of it. You offer me more of your shoulder and I eagerly kiss it as well. I hear you moan louder and feel your back arch toward me

I am becoming excited. My hand finds itself running along your waist - making a path toward your breast...

Our open mouths are locked in a very wet kiss and I can sense that your breathing is becoming shallower and more rapid the further my hand runs along your side.

My heart is pounding now. My response mirrors yours – quicker – shorter breaths– gaining speed. We are reveling in the excitement that comes with renewed sexual adventure.

Moving forward, my hand feels the rise of your ribs.

We sense each other's change and in the recesses of our minds we are reminded that what we are beginning to experience is passion, the real passion that is born out of affection, desire, trust, and yes, lust.

Your heart is racing so fast you need more air. You pull away from my lips and as you do so, you flick your hair back and stare at me with eyes wide open.

You take in a huge breath through your mouth, your lips wet, your cheeks flushed. As you inhale, your chest heaves displaying your breast before me.

It's a sight to behold and I must act upon it.

I raise my hand and place my full palm on the underside of your right breast. I feel the underwire beneath the texture of your dress and as I gently wrap my fingers around the bulge of your flesh I am careful not to come too close to your nipple.

As I do so, I stare into your eyes – perhaps I am looking for a reaction. What I see is you slowing closing your eyes and releasing a very sweet moan. I take this moment to squeeze you slightly, my fingertips coming close but still not touching your most sensitive area.

You pull me forward with the arm you have wrapped around my neck and you rise to kiss me. You kiss me hard because this is a love kiss, a kiss made with pressed lips, swirling tongues, and an unspoken message to do more with the one you have chosen to share your life with.

As our mouths move in unison I release my grip on your breast. You utter a moan of dissatisfaction, you enjoy my touch and you desire more.

But we release our kiss. You lean back and support yourself with one arm. I watch as I see you run several fingertips over your lips. They are wet, wet with the remains of a heavy kiss and you tease me as you trace the moisture in circles around your mouth. I find myself in awe as I continue to watch as you place two fingers in your mouth and begin to suck.

I lean into you and take hold of your arm. Pulling your fingers from your mouth, I position my hand underneath your palm.

"Take hold of the top of my hand", I say to you.

Without a word you place your palm on top of my hand and slip your fingers between mine.

Hands now as one, I place my index finger on your chin and slowly trace a line down the curve of your jaw and along the drop of your neck. My journey continues as I reach the collar of your top. You're breathing hard again as I spread my fingers and place my entire palm over the center of your breast.

I feel your firmness again... and notice that something underneath is responding to my touch. I flex my fingers in a motion that brings all five fingertips to meet around your very erect nipple. Your fingers, still intertwined with mine, join the fray and collapse on your swelling point as well.

Two soft squeezes later, you can't take the intensity any more.

With a motion designed to waste no time, you pull my hand off your left nipple and press it against your more sensitive breast.

"You know I like it when you play with me here..." you whisper.

"With pleasure..." I reply.

Seconds of touching later I find that I want more.

"Stand with me..." I ask.

Again, without a word you look at me with a smile. I rise first and with our hand still joined, I pull you up off the floor.

"Turn around for me..." I say.

"But of course..." you reply.

And as our hands separate, you, in a motion to be remembered for ages, turn and ever so gently bend just a bit so as to brush your bottom against my growing member.

Your touch comes as a surprise and I take in a rush of air. Happy with my response, you offer a little "hmmmmm" as a sign of approval.

With your back toward me, I know exactly what I want to do next.

I place my right arm around your waist and I reach for your shoulder with my left. You respond by cradling my right arm with both of yours and slowly settling yourself into me.

What I sense first is the sound of your black and white dress fabric glancing across the rise in front of my suit trousers. It's a quiet, almost rush like sound, but it complements the rhythm of our breaths.

Our bodies meld together – as close as can be – separated only by sheer fabrics and tight garments.

Your shoulders and back rest firmly into my chest as my erection, now more pronounced than ever, finds a home in the cleft of your bottom. To welcome the move, you lift your rear to greet my sex - and I respond by pulling you into me – flexing my hips as I squeeze you tighter.

Your heels, your drop dead gorgeous black pumps, elevate you so your bottom perfectly fits into the small of my crotch. You want to excite me further so you tease me by moving your hips in tiny circles. This attention unlocks yet another urge on my part...

My hand, grasping your shoulder, now moves to find the guardian of your dress... your zipper. With a stroke of luck, I find the little black soldier and carefully lower it just a few inches. I am enjoying the thrill of our foreplay and want to extend the pleasure as long as possible.

With the collar of your sexy evening dress relaxed, I glide my hand along the exposed skin of your upper back. In one fluid motion, I run my palm up your neck and along the curve of your scalp. Once again, I delight in feeling the texture of your mane as it collects between my fingers.

You bend your head to the side as I watch your locks fall from their temporary perch. Hand now unoccupied, I move to expose more of your body by nudging your loosened dress top a bit down your left arm. I follow by cupping my index finger over the strap of your black bra. It's not a lose fit - from my vantage point I can see your breasts and know from experience that they are ample, immensely touchable, and very responsive. Not to be distracted by the view, I pull your strap to the side.

I open my mouth and place it over the ball of your shoulder and gently take a bite of you. A little nibble, nothing more, followed by a lick and a suck. I want to feel the texture of your skin in my mouth and taste the hint of salt that accompanies your body in the evening.

Up until this point I am managing a bit of self control. But when you take my right hand, the hand I have around your waist, and guide it toward your tummy things begin to happen instinctively.

My attention is no longer on your shoulder – rather, I am now absorbed by the feel of your dress fabric beneath my outstretched palm. As you move my hand I cannot discern any panty line at all... you are willing me to please you.

Things are happening without any premeditation... My left arm, once on your shoulder now finds its way between your arm and your dress. Within seconds, I am touching your breast again – cupping it from the bottom and lifting it as I draw you between my fingers and thumb.

Bellow, my path beyond your waist has not been slowed. I send a shudder through your body as I pick up speed. My intent becomes clear and you hold your breath in anticipation.

But my hand leaves you...

You twitch your head in wonderment. Questions want to be asked but words are not uttered. A million thoughts are going through your mind – wanting to know why I stopped...

In seconds you will have your answer.

My hand is looking for something and soon it is rewarded.

I clutch the hem of your dress. I gather it up and dive underneath.

Wanting to touch more of you, I find the flank of your lower thigh and slowly – ever so slowly – run my entire hand, fingers spread, up the smooth muscles of your leg and angle my approach inward toward the line of your black panties. My thumb feels the texture of the thin lace first and I take a minute to let each of my fingers explore the border which is rich with design. I follow the path of the lace up toward your hip then back down again. I flatten my hand against the main fabric of your sexy garment and you respond with an involuntary flex of your tummy.

You're smashing your bottom against me now and I know that my teasing is becoming more of a torture...

In one orchestrated move, I clutch your breast – and collect your nipple with my left hand and dive firmly between your legs with my right.

Your nipple is rock hard.

Your panties are steamy wet.

I hold all of you in my right hand. I feel your moistness and the heat. I hear you moan loudly. I feel my erection press even harder into you.

The ring finger of my right hand senses that it is positioned perfectly between your lips. Even with panty fabric between us I can make out the familiar lines of your sex and feel the tiny rise of your clitoris. My touch has initiated automatic responses from you. Your hips are now making small gyrations and your legs widen. Your knees bend and I find that your hand is now resting on my arm – as if to make sure my hand doesn't leave until the mission is accomplished.

I begin to move my finger in the valley between your lips – pausing with each stroke to make a circle around, and over, your clitoris. Slowly at first, then gaining speed, I notice that your hips are moving in tune with my motions.

I slide my erection between your cheeks, I continue to stroke you, as I play with your nipple.

I begin to whisper sexy things into your ear...

"Do you feel me?"

"You're making me very hard"

"I want to please you..."

"I want to please you with my hands..."

"I want to please you with my mouth..."

"I want to please you with my cock..."

"I want to hear you cum..."

At the utterance of my last sentence, I increase my rhythm and feel you release even more wetness. Each breath of yours contains a moan. We are grinding, pulsing, moving – only as lovers do when release is imminent...

You are now grabbing my hand and moving it faster. You are close, very close and I sense you are beyond the point of no return.

In a flick on an instant, I take one long stroke between your legs and move to the top of your panty line. With my entire hand soaked with your charm, I plunge it beneath your panties, along the tuff of your mound and between your lips once again.

I return to stroking you but now my middle fingers are finding no obstacles to the entrance of paradise. My strokes begin above your clitoris and end with me inside you. Up and down I go... over and over... still whispering, squeezing, and pushing...

With a violent shake, you crush my hand against yourself and let out a scream. You are cumming, you are cumming hard. You bend forward and your knees buckle. I am holding you by your chest and am practically supporting you with my fingers still inside of you.

Your breath is chaotic and your left arm is searching for me. You are in the midst of a powerful orgasm... your body cannot be distracted. I stop my movement and I release my hold on your nipple. You lose control...You twitch and flex. You release...

Your climax is beginning to subside now... but when you twitch once again and I brush against your clitoris you respond with another violent reflex... your orgasm had made you too sensitive to be touched... at least for the next few seconds...

You need to rest since you are momentarily drained. I lower you back onto the blanket and we sit facing each other. I kiss your forehead and then your nose. You are still breathing hard... and we smile at each other.

No words are spoken. Now is the time to quench our thirsts and regain a bit of strength. Your recovery is almost complete after a half a glass of bubbly and a twinkle in your eye tells me that my turn is next...

You rise, leaving me on the floor. I watch as your arms disappear behind your back...

I hear the balance of your zipper being lowered...

I see a black and white dress fall to the floor...

The light of the fire makes your now exposed skin glow a hungry orange. You step out of the newly created mound of evening attire and make one lazy complete turn... showing me how you have fashioned yourself with lingerie meant for me to see.

Perhaps on purpose, I notice you run a finger over the collection of wetness between your legs... the remains of your first encounter with my hand.

My eyes are everywhere on you..., your breasts, your legs, your hands, your mouth, your eyes I'm taking in every bit of you.

Your body appears fluid as you complete your turn. Your head follows your body but only just. You dip your head and peer at me from behind the hair I have lusted after for years.

You raise your moist finger to your mouth. I see you trace yourself over your lips before saying, "Trey, would you unzip your pants for me..."

"Yes I will", I reply.

I adjust myself so I can tackle this chore with both hands. As I reach for my guardian, I notice that my pre cum has made a large circle on the left side of my lap.

You notice it too and say, "Awww, was that meant for me?"

"There is more for you", I answer.

I pull my zipper down.

I release myself. I'm hard and I am wet. The touch of my hand is welcome relief but I desire the attention of another...

You notice my dilemma. Little do I know of the plans you have in store for me next...

"Come closer", I say.

You take two steps toward me. I can smell you now and you are running your hands over your belly and along the lines of your hips. Your knee is slightly bent and you are opening yourself to me.

"Come even closer", I whisper.

Again, you respond with another step.

I sit up and take hold of your sides. You are to my right but I reign your body to my left. You have to step over my extended legs and you do so very slowly.

You think I want you on top of me... I do... but not yet.

You begin to lower yourself but I stop you with my arms. My hands are still on your sides and I push your torso higher until my face is even with your panties. Inches away from you, I reach for and clutch your panty lace with my teeth. The touch of my skin against yours causes you to quiver... but soon you are distracted by the feel of my hands migrating around your hips and onto your ass.

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