Philip Johnson


An advisory to Literotica readers. This is a very long story involving photography for the first few chapters, and yes I do know that concept has been beat to death. I do hope that i've managed to give that idea a fresh treatment, and you'll stay with the story to see where things go. Good reading,


Owen was forty one, but felt ten years older. It was because of that fact that for almost a year he had been working on the plan for changes in his life in the backroom of his mind. He grew up in a very comfortable home, and had received a very nice inheritance from his grandfather. The bottom line was, Owen didn't have to worry about finances. He was certainly ambitious enough, but something was missing. He wasn't enjoying life very much as he just plodded along, smiling when it was appropriate, playing golf with the right people, and keeping his boss happy. Or maybe, just maybe, none of that was the real Owen. Perhaps his whole upright and predictable life had been an act, while the real him sat just off stage waiting patiently for the right time to dash onto that stage and present his real self to the world.

On his first day of self imposed unemployment he started by shaving off his mustache and decided to let his hear grow longer. He was going to reinvent himself from hair to the loose fitting deck shoes on his feet.

Chapter One

The day finally came when Owen announced to his best friend Perry that he had submitted his resignation to his boss a month ago, and then proceeded to share what he wanted to do for the next few months. Perry was stunned and disbelieving saying "That's just crazy and adolescent. That isn't you. You're about business and board meetings. And that big damn house you just bought. What the hell for?"

"You're just now asking me that? Entertaining, enjoying, or whatever I feel like. It's all about following a new path in my life. About fun, excitement and adventure."

"Owen, the word adventure has connotations of jumping off of cliffs, or kayaking around the world, not...not what you're planning. What you have in mind comes closer to sleazy than adventuresome. You suffer from mid life crisis."

"To me, what I have planned will be adventure, and I can't wait to get started. I know what I want to do isn't what successful forty one year old men get involved in, but just maybe that's part of why I'm doing it. Besides, I won't spend all of my time with that craziness"

"Well if you've resigned your job and bought that damn house, I'd say you have a great start on your...hell, I don't even know what to call it. do know that what you have planned has been done dozens if not hundreds of times before. It's easy to find on the internet in fact."

"I know, but what I'm doing is for me and nobody else. I'm doing it because I want to do it, and not for profit. I won't be posting anything to share with the world. I'll know that what I see and experience will be real and not created by a staff of goons looking to make a buck."

Perry shook his head, smiled and then said, "Oh, and by the way, you will keep me up to date with your sleazy adventures Right?" and they both laughed.

"Of course I will. Now I just have to find a way to explain this to dear sister Kate."

"By the way Owen, I assume that this is just between you and me, and not for Kathy's ears."

"That's up to you. I'm not even sure how you'd tell her, but I suspect that she won't think much of me if you do. But if you do tell her, she has to understand that she can't repeat any of it to anybody no matter how trustworthy."

Perry smiled and said, "I'd love to see her reaction if I told her, but maybe I'll just keep this to myself for now."

His conversation with Perry bounced around in his mind until late in the day when he met Kate at Houlihan's for dinner. "Dinner in the middle of the week Owen?" she had asked him, and he just said, 'Yes, I just want to talk to you about something."

"Is this going to be a bad thing that we talk about?"

"Certainly not bad as far as I'm concerned," he'd told her. "You look great by the way."

"Thanks, I just took Cliff to the airport. He's off to Saudi Arabia or someplace over there, but first he's going to San Jose, California for a few days of so called meetings. You and I both know those meetings will happen either on the golf course or in a bar someplace."

"Or a topless nightclub."

"Right, or there, and if he brings home any souvenirs it better be something like a negligee and not something that requires antibiotics or even worse."

"You're being rather open minded Sis."

"To you I am, but I'd give him hell just to make sure he doesn't take me for granted. So do you have your photographer lined up?"

"No, got anybody you can suggest or recommend?"

"Brother, my friends and acquaintances aren't the ones to consider for, your endeavor." She hesitated for only a moment before she said,

"Wait a minute. An acquaintance...I mean her son might...he's a photographer, and I guess a decent one, and you don't need anybody with world class skills."

"Her son? How old is he?"

"Twenty two or something like that."

"What makes you think he'd be interested?"

"I don't know if he would be, but he's worth a try. He's young and hungry for work, and maybe you could convince him this would be a good chance for him to learn while earning."

"To learn? I thought he was a photographer."

"Poor choice of words. To hone his skills I should have said. Oh, I know, you have that huge and impressive house. Why don't you do weddings there and you know, what with the reception, the drinking and getting wild. Just maybe you'll experience some of those things you mentioned."

"Weddings? That doesn't sound...wait, maybe you have something there. What the hell, I'll give that some thought, but I'm not interested in doing any run of the mill wedding celebrations. Oh, and have that kid call me."

"He's in his twenties Owen, so he isn't a kid anymore."

"I stand corrected."

"I'm still sitting here in stunned surprise. You're smart...well educated anyway, the smart part is questionable. You have enough money to do whatever you want, and you choose to..."

"Nobody will know any details about me."

"Want to bet on how long you'll be able to keep those secrets?"

"A long time, and by then I'll have tired of the game and will go back to work someplace."

"I just hope it all works out as you have envisioned. My only advice is, when you talk to others, try not to use big words. You'll be dealing with every day people with little and perhaps no college education."

"Good point."

"But whatever you do, don't talk down to them. Just keep things simple and straight forward."

"I know, why don't you go along on my maiden voyage into my new life. You'd be a big help."

She laughed and said, "I don't see that happening. My God, that would be so awkward."

"I'll bet your feminine presence would do a lot to relax people."

"I'm sure. Good luck to you brother."

"Thanks, and thank you for not tearing into me about how stupid and irrational I'm being."

"See, you brought it up yourself, so there's no point in my railing on about what you're already aware of. Like you being irrational."

Chapter Two

"Mr. Destin, this is Scott Aden. Your Sister said you were interested in some photography work."

"Oh right. Call me Owen, and yes, but did you get any of the details from Kate?"

"No, she got a funny look on her face and said it would be best if you filled me in. She mentioned something about a special and very unique opportunity though."

"So that's how she phrased it. So...well we need to get together and talk about my project and money."

"I could come to you if that would work."

"That would be far better than trying to have a long conversation in a noisy restaurant."

"Kate can tell me how to get there, so..."

"Is my sister there now?"

"That's right, she and my mother and they're smiling. So say...say an hour?"

"Perfect Scott, and I look forward to meeting you."

"Oh, and were you thinking stills, videos or both?"

"Both actually."

"Great, see you in an hour."

He put the phone down and smiled as Scott's words ran through his head again. "She and my mother," and he shook his head. What was this Scott going to be like?

When Owen opened his door an hour later, a lanky blond haired guy stood there smiling back at him. Loose fitting pull over shirt and cargo shorts and scuffed athletic shoes. "You must be Scott," Owen said as he opened the door wider.

"Yeah, hi. You have a nice place," he said casually as he stepped inside.

"Thanks. Get you something to drink?"

"No thanks, I'm good."

"Then let's go in here," and Owen led them to the den, and then subtly pointed at an oversized chair while he dropped onto the sofa. "So tell me a little about yourself."

"I still have some credits to get before I graduate, I've been into photography since I was about ten or eleven, and yes I've done a fair amount of professional work. Portraits more than anything else, but an increasing amount of casual sittings. People in gardens and so forth. I like that more than perching them on chairs or stools and coaxing something like a smile from them. Natural is always better."

"Interesting. How are you at candid work?"

"Depends, could you be more specific?"

"More specific? Okay Scott you got it. Now don't even bother to tell me I'm nuts because I already know that. Let's start with much time do you have?"

"Whatever you need."

"I'm getting ready to move, so let's drive over there, because just maybe, at some point in the future, we could be getting some shots there. We can talk on the way."


Owen waited until they were well on their way and then said, "First of all, you have to keep what we talk about and we do a total secret. Now and forever. If you share what we do with anybody else, I'll sue your ass from here to hell and gone."

"Damn, okay."

"How well could you keep your mind on your cameras if a woman was stripping right in front of you?"

His face split with a smile as he stared at Owen for a second, unsure how to respond. But then his youthful self confidence took over and he said, "I can handle that."

"No questions to ask?"

"Oh hell, I have a ton of them."

It was Owen's turn to smile and then he said, "I'm sure you've seen or heard about this because it's nothing new at all but...I want to photograph women that I've convinced to strip for money. Maybe just a top, or top and bra or whatever. Of course I'll take it as far as she can be convinced to go, assuming she looks half way decent."

"You're shittin' me right?"

"Oh no, I assure you I am not shitting you."

"So you'll just walk up to some babe and say, strip and I'll give you fifty bucks."

"Well something like that, but I hope I can manage to be just a little smoother than that."

"And all I have to do is take her picture?"

"Right, and video when possible."

"What if she calls the cops?"

"We've broken no laws so that's not a worry. If she strips and gets caught, then she's the one breaking the law. There's nothing to say we can't photograph her. Well if I pay her, they might have us for something there, but I'm not worried."


"Well you would, or might be seen as an accomplice, but maybe not."


"I'll pay you a hundred for a day, and we'd never go more than a few hours a day at the most."

"Cool, how often?"

"Hard to say. That will depend on your schedule and mine, the weather and other factors. Of course a naked woman walking in the rain and carrying a colorful umbrella could be very hot."

"Oh shit, I guess," and his smile threatened to take over his face. "So you sell the photos or set up a website and..."

"Nope, this is all for me only. I will not sell or distribute the images. I assume you use digital only right?"

"Well hell yeah."

"Then at the end of each shoot, I'll take the memory card from your cameras and give you clean ones. I can't take a chance of any photos leaving my control."

"Well damn, that's a downer."

"Interested in the job Scott?"

"Fuck...I mean hell yeah I'm interested, when do we start?"

"I'll call you after I've moved, and also after I've scouted out some places to try our luck. In the meantime, if you can find some interesting locations. By all means we'll try them too."

"Awesome, and I think I know just what you're looking for."

They drove for a few more miles as they discussed little details and ideas, but when Scott saw Owen's new house he said, "Holy shit man, is this yours?"

"It is. Far from new as you can see, but still pretty damn impressive."

"Hell yeah it is, how big is this place?"

"Five bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms, four car garage...pretty damn big. Picked it up for half what it's worth."

"Damn, I hope so. It's a Goddamn hotel."

"Hardly. Not much over five thousand square feet. Now another question. You've done weddings right?"

"Oh hell yeah. Oh, you're going to rent the place out for weddings."

"Not exactly, but you're close. I'm still working on those details though."

"What about my mom?"

Owen almost flinched when he heard the mom reference again. Damn was he really getting that old? "What about her?"

"I mean she'll be so full of questions, but...all I can say is, it's a secret?"

"How would you tell her that you'll be photographing women stripping in public for money?"

"I don't know, but..."

"How do you think she would receive that information?"

"Damn. Well I guess okay. I mean it's not much different than any other photographer doing nude shots."

"Well either way, keep it to yourself."

"But what about Kate?"

"She knows but is sworn to secrecy."

"She won't even tell my mom?"

"I told her not to, so that's the reason she didn't share any information with you."

"Oh, I just figured she was embarrassed."

"I doubt that."

Chapter Three

The old front doorbell chimed and Owen glanced at Scott and went to the door. "Hi, I'm June. I live next door," and she pointed to Owen's left. "I won't keep you, but I've been waiting for the chance to introduce myself ever since the sold sign went up."

"Hi June, I'm Owen Destin, nice to meet you. Sorry I don't have anything in the way of beverage to offer you," and he stepped back and gestured for her to enter.

"That's fine, and like I said, I won't stay. I don't want you to think you'll have a bothersome and nosy neighbor. She glanced around and then said, "I've been in this house a number of times, but I'm always struck by the size and grandeur."

"It's huge, and far more than I need of course, but..."

"But sometimes we just have to indulge ourselves, I understand."

He smiled and said, "That's it, I'm totally indulging myself."

She saw Scott across the room and Owen said, "I'm so sorry, this is Scott, my photographer. We were just discussing some work he'll be doing."

"Then for sure I'll not stay. Nice to meet you Scott, and Owen, I do hope we get a chance to get acquainted over coffee soon."

"I'll come to your door as soon as I'm moved in, June."

She smiled at that and told him, "I'm looking forward to that. Bye Scott," and with fluttering fingers she waved at him and Owen walked her to the door.

When he came back Scott said, "She could be your first nude boss."

Owen almost laughed before he said, "Did you see the house she lives in?"


"It's impressive too, so I doubt me offering her even a few hundred bucks to strip would impress her. But I do have to admit that for an older woman she's pretty damn nice."

"If she has that kind of money, I'm sure she takes very good care of herself."

"I'm sure she does her share of pampering herself."

As they left the house a few minutes later, Owen called Kate and said, "Got a minute?"

"I do have, how did the interview go?"

"It's still going, but I wanted to see if you'd join me for dinner."

"Again, and in the same week? Brother, you're full of surprises. Sure, how about the Outback at half past six?"

"Good. Oh and you're buying right."

"Of course not silly."

He smiled and said, "See you there at half past six," and he closed his phone as they went back to Owen's. As they got out of the car, he told Scott, "Okay, you're hired, but like I said, it will be awhile before you hear from me, but if I have my way it won't be all that long."

"Cool, just call and I'll come running."

As soon as Scott was gone and he was inside, he called Kate again. "Hey, I have a concern."

"Of course you're nuts, so don't stress over it."

"Gee thanks. What about Scott's mother?"

"I don't think she'd strip for you brother."

"Where the hell did that come from?"

"Just letting you know."

"I'm concerned that despite what I told Scott, he'll end up telling her everything, and I really don't want what we're doing to get out."

"Like I said before, I don't know how long you think you'll be able to keep that secret. You've told Perry right?"

"Yes, but he knows how to keep quiet."

"And Kathy? Does his wife know how to hold a secret?"

"Well...well she damn well better."

"See what I mean?"

"You scare me. So back to Scott's mother, how do you see her?"

"Why don't I just invite her to join us for dinner. Then you can decide for yourself, but I say just tell her and be done with it."

"Damn. Okay would you ask her?"

"Okay. Want me to be the one to tell her your lurid secret too?"

"No thank you, I can handle that part."

"By the way, her name is Nila."

"Interesting name."

"You'll like her."

"I'm sure I will. Later," and he closed his phone and dropped it into his pocket.

Owen dropped onto the sofa and leaned back with eyes closed. He replayed meeting Scott, and thought about June his new neighbor, and that stopped him. What about June, he wondered. What if she ever learned about his secret? He didn't know her, so he couldn't begin to answer that question. She seemed very outgoing and was quick to understand self indulgence, and she certainly didn't seem the least bit stuffy or haughty. But June was one of those details that he would want to keep in mind in the coming weeks.

Owen was at the restaurant just ahead of Kate and Nila, so he had a moment to study her as he watched them walk toward him. It didn't seem possible that Scott could come from her womb. He was blond and she was brunette. He was tall and almost skinny where she was...and he stopped himself, because for just an instant he imagined her stripping for him as he imagined what she might look like under her loose fitting slacks and almost baggy top. She couldn't hide her dark eyes though, and that's what he stared into as they were introduced. Now he was less interested in what was hiding under her slacks or blouse.

As soon as they were settled into their booth, Nila said, "My God Owen, I don't know what you and Scott are into, but he came home with dancing eyes and boundless excitement and energy."

"Good, that means I'll have an eager photographer."

"To say the least. Within minutes he said he had research to do and ran up to his bedroom." Then looking at the waiter without pausing she said, "I'll have a cosmo." Kate ordered the same and Owen went with a Sam Adams. He had to keep his alcohol consumption down, because the last thing he wanted to do was get a loose tongue and say something inappropriate.

Then Nila used her eyes to full advantage as she almost leaned across the table and said, "Kate told me just a little, but I just couldn't get her to tell me the whole story, so I guess your secret is safe."

Owen smiled and silently sighed in relief, but he already knew that before dinner was over he'd tell Nila at least the basics. There was no way he would ever be able to explain why he was doing it though. In fact, as he sat there trying to decide how he would explain everything to Nila, for the first time he questioned his actions. What really was driving him to bribe women to strip and...and more? That stopped him for an instant. For the first time he was adding the word more. To have women strip and more for him. What more? What would he want them to do for him and the camera? That change in his thinking rattled him a little.

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