tagSci-Fi & FantasyDestiny Cannot Be Denied Ch. 01

Destiny Cannot Be Denied Ch. 01


Chapter 01

Metamorphosis: Preparing the girl

All Characters are over 18 years of age. Suggestions? Leave me a message. Thanks to those who help me with my story.



Van cried out sharply. She doubled over in pain clutching her stomach.

"Vanessa, what's the matter?" her mother Dorothy asked.

"Ohhh fuck," Van exclaimed.

These loud outbursts caused other patrons to look her way.

"Vanessa, please! Watch your language," Dorothy pleaded.

Dot sheepishly looked around the room. She was embarrassed by her daughter's cursing and the unwanted attention it was drawing.

"Of all times and places," Dorothy murmured under her breathe.

Mother and daughter were having high tea in the posh Marble Tea Room at a luxurious five star resort. This event was part of a family re-union being held in honor of Great Aunt Natasha, the rich matriarch of the family.

Dorothy wondered what could be causing her daughter to act so out of character. Searching for an explanation she asked,

"Vanessa, is . . . is it your time of the month?"

"Son of a Bitch! " Van cursed again as another wave of pain hit her. Vanessa felt lousy and she lashed out at her mother.

"I've been having my period since I was thirteen. It has never hurt like this." With added emphasis Vanessa said, "And NO MOTHER, it is not my time of the month."

While this exchange was taking place, Natasha moved to her grandniece's side. With surprising ease for an elderly woman, she stood Van up. Natasha put an arm around the slim girl's waist and said,

"Dorothy, let's take Vanessa upstairs to my room."

Once inside the suite, Natasha took control.

"Dorothy, be a dear and turn down the bed."

Natasha quickly got the young woman out of her dress. Dot was surprised to see that her daughter was left only wearing a tiny zebra-striped thong and black thigh high stockings. Dot found herself staring at Vanessa's plump heart-shaped ass. Dorothy blurted out,

"For goodness sakes Vanessa a skimpy thong? We were attending a lady's tea not some nightclub. And where is your bra?"

A nauseous Van responded weakly to her mother,

"I couldn't wear one today. It hurt."

Natasha turned Vanessa around and marched her to the bed.

"Oh my," Dorothy exclaimed upon seeing the huge angry red nipples protruding from Vanessa's modest breasts. The hard pointy nips were as thick as Dot's thumb and easily a half inch long. This was quite a change from the small pink, girlish nipples Vanessa usually sported.

Vanessa gently cupped her left breast and said, "My nipples are so sore and swollen."

"There, there, "Natasha said. "You just lie down and rest."

Vanessa climbed into the bed.

Dorothy was worried. She gave the elderly matron a questioning look before saying, "Natasha, maybe I need to call our doctor."

Natasha responded. "I know you are worried. I have seen this condition before. She will be okay after a little rest."

Natasha grasped one of Vanessa's engorged nipples. She squeezed and twisted the puckered red flesh. Vanessa responded with a coo of approval,

"Ah God. Yeah. That helps."

Natasha continued to pull and pinch the angry protrusions of her grandniece. Dorothy sat on the edge of the bed. She was uncomfortable watching her daughter's nipples being abused.

Natasha attempted to re-assure Dot. She said, "This is an uncommon condition, but I have seen it before. You remember how your breasts felt when you were overdue to breastfeed your child?"

Dorothy nodded and unconsciously cupped her right breast. She squeezed her nipple recalling that uncomfortable full feeling.

"Well, that's how Vanessa feels . . . only a little more intense. We can make her more comfortable if we stimulate her nipples."

Natasha winced and withdrew her hands. She rubbed her gnarled hands together and said, "Dorothy, don't ever get old. My arthritis is acting up. I need you to take over."

"What? Touch her . . ." Dot was horrified at the prospect of touching her daughter in such an intimate area.

"No Dorothy," Natasha chastised her, "You are not going to touch Vanessa. You are going to help her. Help her by pulling and pinching her nipples . . . do it hard."

Vanessa started to whine,

"Ahhh, they're hurting again. Please help me!"

Natasha nudged Dot's hands towards her daughter. Dorothy's fingers brushed the big red nipples. She pulled back because in her mind touching her daughter's breasts was akin to molesting her. A second reason she recoiled was because they were so . . . icky.

The hard, thick nipples felt more like rubber than human flesh. However, when Vanessa begged again, Dorothy overcame her reluctance and grasped the huge, swollen teats. She pulled. She pinched. Dorothy fought back the urge to vomit.

Dorothy continued the rough treatment of her daughter's bosom until Van fell asleep 30 minutes later. Although not a big drinker, Dot took and quickly drained the scotch Natasha handed her.

Vanessa woke up an hour or so later. When she stirred her mother went to her side and said,

"How are you sweetie?"

Van yawned and said "Better."

"How long have you . . . had this problem?" Dorothy asked. She was embarrassed. She could not bring herself to say gigantic blood red nipples so instead she just swung her eyes down to Vanessa's chest.

Vanessa answered. "It started two days ago on my twenty-first birthday. I woke and found that my nipples had changed. They went from little pink erasers to these thick red gumdrops."

Van shrugged her shoulders and continued, "I thought it was just another stage. You know like when hair showed up on my vag. It didn't hurt until this morning. Then the girls didn't want to be trapped in a bra. The tips were too sensitive. I felt ok until the tea was served. Then it was like I had been punched in the stomach and my nipples ached terribly."

Van slid the sheet down to look at her nipples. She gently squeezed the hardened tips. "They ache a little now. The sore, really painful feeling went away when you two pinched them."

Vanessa sat up and swung feet to the floor. She scratched her pussy and rubbed her clit unselfconsciously. "I have a tingly feeling down here."

Her mother wanted to swat Vanessa's hand. All Dot could think was "Great, masturbate right in front of Aunt Natasha."

As if on cue, Natasha walked up beside Vanessa. She seemed unconcerned about the girl's actions and said, "My great aunt said that this condition is part of the family's heritage."

Van announced, "I've got to pee."

As she strode off to the bathroom, the older women watched her thong covered ass sway.

Natasha said, "Oh to be young and beautiful again."

Dorothy responded proudly, "She is beautiful."

When Vanessa returned, Natasha said, "Here, have some tea."

Vanessa took one sip and made a face. It was bitter.

"I know dear," Natasha said, "This is an herbal tea made from plants from our ancestral homeland near the Balkan Mountains. It doesn't taste great, but it will help with your condition."

Eager for relief, Vanessa quickly downed the unpleasant liquid.

Van then perched herself on the edge of the bed and she again rubbed her clit. Dorothy tried to appear nonchalant as she reached over and pushed Van's fingers away from her vagina. Vanessa groaned due to the loss of the comforting contact and flopped back onto the bed.

Natasha smiled. She understood the young woman's anguish. Dot grinned sheepishly as Van's fingers found their way between her legs.

"Dorothy," Natasha said. "I think you and Vanessa should stay here in my suite. The two of us can take care of her until this passes."

Dorothy nodded. She was glad to have Natasha's help. Dorothy was overwhelmed by this situation. She was concerned about her daughter's health. She also was afraid that she would have to brutalize Vanessa's boobs again.

You see, Dorothy was a shy, modest woman. She had never touched a woman like that before. She was not what you would call sexual adventuresome. She had never performed oral sex or allowed her husband to pleasure her orally in the 25 years of their marriage.

Natasha gave Dot a re-assuring hug and said, "Vanessa will be ok. You and I will get her through this."

Dorothy called her husband and explained that Van was ill and that the two of them would stay with Aunt Natasha for the night. Once her husband heard it was a "woman thing" he did not press for more information.

The three women had a quiet evening. After their dinner they all put on long cotton nightgowns that Natasha provided. Vanessa and Natasha fell asleep watching "Sleepless in Seattle" in Natasha's bed. Dorothy slipped away and slept in a separate bedroom.

Natasha was awakening around 3 AM by Vanessa. Van, although still asleep, cried out and thrash about violently in the bed.

Natasha said, "There, there dear. I know. It's tough."

The painful aching feelings had returned. Natasha helped Vanessa out of her nightgown. Vanessa's nipples were bright red, rock hard and throbbing. Natasha comforted her grandniece. One hand pulled and twisted Van's nipples while the old woman's other hand massaged her grandniece's clitoris. When Natasha's gnarled hands had difficulty gripping the aching teats, she would suck and bite the rubbery protrusions.

Dot was awaken by the commotion and sought out the source of the noise. She peered into the room and saw Natasha ministering to Vanessa.

"Oh my!" Dot gasped.

Dorothy sat cross legged on the floor and watched. As put off as Dot was by what she saw, she had to admit that it seemed to help. Vanessa calmed down.

As the pain went away, Vanessa's frantic movements ceased. She began to dream. In her dream she was in a field picking flowers. Cattle grazed quietly and water gurgled as it tumbled along in a quick moving stream. A man, a handsome powerfully build man, approached her. They talked. She giggled a lot. This man had a strong aura. He was very charismatic. Soon she found herself in his embrace. She kissed him with more passion than she knew she possessed.

Vanessa was now drunk with lust. She dropped to her knees and pulled up his tunic to view the hardness that had been pressing against her belly. It was beautiful cock. The vein that snaked its way across the broad penis resembled a lightning bolt. Van grabbed the dick and brought it to her mouth. She struggled to wrap her lips around his turgid member.

The man laughed. He was happy with her enthusiastic cock sucking skills. He began undressing her. Vanessa was actually sad that she had to momentarily release his beautiful prick so the two of them could undress completely.

When they were both naked, she pulled him to her. She was desperate to have him inside her. He complied. The meaty dick slid deep into her dripping pussy. They both gasped with pleasure and soon were rutting like animals in heat. For Vanessa, the world faded away and she was conscious only of her intoxicating lover and the wonderful feeling that filled her from head to toe.

Something startled the cattle. They begin to moo loudly and to run across the pasture. This caused her lover to stop mid-stroke. Vanessa, sweaty and unsatisfied, unsuccessfully tried to persuade him to continue.

Her lover pulled out of her and made as if to leave. Vanessa begged him to continue. Her mouth found his prick. She tasted her earthy acrid self. Her lover remained distracted. He looked about. Vanessa's oral efforts could not erase his sense of unease. Desperate for their coupling to continue, Vanessa got on her hands and knees. She beseeched him to mount her and she shook her plump, heart-shaped ass provocatively.

Her lover was hesitating because he had had other dalliances and much to his wife's displeasure, he had fathered children. His wife had a terrible temper and a sharp tongue. If he impregnated another woman his wife would surely do everything in her power to make his life miserable. Yet he found Vanessa irresistible and he moved towards her.

Vanessa braced herself for pleasure and for the fulfillment of her desires as he came towards her. Her lover's lust drove him to continue their love making. However, he did show one measure of restraint. As he mounted Vanessa from behind, instead of returning to her loving cunt, he guided his cock into her virgin anus. After a slow start, he fucked her heartily, robustly and due to his hole selection without worry that he would father a child.

Vanessa screamed from the pain and then screamed from the pleasure. Her lover pounded her tight asshole with deep powerful thrusts. A throaty growl announced his ejaculation. Copious amounts of his seed spewed into Vanessa's infertile chamber. She collapsed in a heap on the soft grass in her own orgasmic bliss. Her lover kissed her once more on the lips and left.

Vanessa squirmed and shuddered in her bed as she experienced an orgasm.

Aunt Natasha was not a part of her dream, but it was as if she knew the story or could see inside Van's head. Natasha played the part of the dreamy lover. Her Great Aunt's fingers moved in and out of Vanessa's love box when Van and the powerful man made love. Natasha shoved two pussy soaked fingers hard into her niece's ass when Vanessa's dream lover anally penetrated her. In her dream and in reality Vanessa screamed from pain and pleasure. Exhausted and satisfied, Vanessa curled up on her side well fucked and sated.

Dorothy was astonished by what she saw. She was also ashamed to discover that she was sitting in a puddle. Her love juices had gushed out of her as she watched the intense scene. During the event, her hand had found its way to her pussy. She fingered herself to as satisfying an orgasm as the one her daughter had experienced.

Natasha licked her fingers tasting the pungent earthiness of her grandniece's tight snatch and the sweetness of her anus. She walked over to Dot and said,

"I see you enjoyed the episode. Do you want a taste?"

Dot shook her head. Dorothy sat frozen on the floor ashamed because Natasha had caught her . . . wet handed. She stared as Natasha licked the gooey fingers. Natasha chuckled, looked Dorothy in the eye and said cryptically,

"Phase one completed. Beginning phase two. Watch and learn."

Natasha threw off her night clothes. Naked, she climbed into bed with the young girl.

Natasha lay behind her grandniece and spooned her. Soon she slid down the young woman's body. Her tongue gently rimmed Vanessa's asshole. Vanessa enjoyed the sensation.

Vanessa remained asleep. She experienced another vivid dream. In this one, she had returned home after her tryst. Her mother got the story out of her and after an angry haranguing sent her to her room. A little while later, her mother was in bed with her. They were both naked. First her mother held her and spooned her. Then she slid down to kiss and lick Vanessa's butthole. Vanessa's mother coaxed the fluid, the cum that her powerful lover had deposited in her bowels, out of Vanessa's ass. Vanessa found this experience warm, sensual and erotic.

In her dream, her mother then rolled Vanessa over onto her back. She showed Vanessa a mouthful of viscous, gooey white material. Her mother began to eat Van's pussy. She used her tongue to shove the life producing ejaculate into Vanessa's vagina. Vanessa orgasmed from the oral attention that her mother gave her in the dream. In this world, Natasha's tongue brought her great niece to ecstasy.

Aunt Natasha licked her grandniece's fluid off her lips; she turned to a mortified Dorothy and said,

"That is the part you must play in this re-enactment."

Natasha then spooned Vanessa and the two slept soundly.

Dorothy said, "My part? Re-enactment?"

Bewildered Dot sat there a few more minutes and then stumbled back to her bed.

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