tagInterracial LoveDestroy and Rebuild Pt. 02

Destroy and Rebuild Pt. 02

byThe Avenger©

Chapter 1: An angry black woman

When Jason, or Jay as most people called him, met Dianne, he was trying to get laid. He met her at an RnB club down town. The African American beauty caught his eye instantly. She had the right credentials. She had a pretty, heart shaped face, with dark, sultry eyes, a cute nose and thick full lips, framed by long, wavy hair. Her skin was smooth and brown like cocoa. She had a tall body, with a coke bottle shape. Her breasts were big and thick, her hips curvaceous and her ass was like WHOA! Thick, heart shaped, without a sag.

She was dressed in a hot skimpy outfit and was getting down for real, shaking her thick ass like a salt shaker. Jay joined her queue of admirers. She didn't go home with him that night, but he got her number and kept pursuing her until he got her high and drunk and got her panties. The sex was the bomb and the babe was cool, if a little tempestuous. Nights joined days and turned into weeks and they kept fucking and going places. And then they were dating.

Dianne was real cool and Jay had fun with her. She was dirty, dirty. They even used to pick up girls together, once in a while and take them home and fuck them. Dianne loved eating pussy as much as she loved getting hers plated by a girl. She liked to dominate other girls and make them get down and dirty.

Jay would have loved to see her dominate a white chick, but Dianne hated girls of a paler complexion. And she especially hated white girls. If he so much as talked to a white girl, she got pissed as hell.

Though he developed strong feelings for Dianne, she had a habit of getting worked up and starting shit, especially when she was drunk. Jay was growing real fond of her, but her tantrums pissed him off. She promised to change, again and again, and he threatened to dump her, again and again. Weeks turned into months and months turned into half a year.

Jay still used to have fun with David and Ramona once in a while, but he hadn't told Dianne about it. Of course not. Not with the way Dianne hated white women.

On a Sunday morning, Jay was reclining on his living room couch, in a sweater and jogging pants. He was nursing a serious hangover, asking himself repeatedly, "Why the fuck did I drink and smoke so much last night!"

Suddenly, Jay was ripped out of his suffering as all hell broke loose. The shrill door bell started ringing repeatedly, and somebody was shouting hysterically and banging on the door.

"Open this damn door Jay! I know you in there! Open this fucking damn door right now! Jay! Jason!" It was the hysterical voice of Dianne, his 19 year old girlfriend, screamed. No it sounded like she was kicking on the door with steel capped boots.

Jay switched off the TV and jumped up, wondering what the hell was going on. He yanked the door open and Dianne barged in, shoving him aside.

Her head covered in a Nigga hat and her body was hidden under layers of thick clothing. It was snowing outside. Her boots were covered in snow and sleet. All he could see was her heart shaped, cocoa brown face. It was usually very beautiful, however, it currently resembled the snarl of a pissed off, murderous beast.

Eyes blazing with fury, Dianne looked around the room, then she glared at him, her facial expression hurling anger, hatred and pure poison at him.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Jay asked his girlfriend.

"Where the fuck is she?" she growled.

"Where is who?" he was perplexed.

Dianne rushed off to his bedroom and kicked the door open. Jay followed her, and saw her yank the wardrobe open, with a fist raised, ready to do some smashing. Then she dropped to her knees and and looked under his bed. Jay rolled his eyes and walked back to the living room. Dropping onto a couch, he reached for the remote and turned the TV on, stroking his aching brow.

Dianne stomped in from the bedroom and glared down at her African boyfriend.

"Turn the fucking gottamm TV off!" Dianne screamed. She angrily snatched the remote from him and turned off the TV. "Who is the white bitch you fucked last night?"

"As far as I can recall, my hand was best friend last night," Jay retorted and laughed.

"Don't fuck with me Jay. My girls saw you creeping with some white bitch at the club last night," she snarled with emotion.

"Oh, her. She wasn't even white man, she comes from Persia!"

"Oh, so you creeping on me with some fucking chink ho!"

"Don't be ignorant. Persians ain't Asians man, they are more like what you guys call Camel Jocks. But they ain't really Camel Jocks neither," he chuckled.

"Oh, you clowning around huh!" Dianne cast him a murderous sneer as she pulled her hand out of her jacket and levelled a pistol at at his face. "Wanna clown my ass, huh? How about I down that ass!" She cocked back the hammer. Her hand was shaking.

Jay jerked his head back in shock.

"Are you out of your head?"

"Yeah! Maybe I am Nigga. And maybe I'm gonna make your brains hang out your head!"

"Alright. Calm down Dianne. Lemme clear this up." He reached for his phone.

"You trying to call the fucking cops on me Nigga! Huh!"

"Nope, I'm calling the Persian. Hold up!" He dialled and put on the speaker. They heard the phone ringing, then a female voice answered.

"Hi. That you Sanaz?"

"Hi Jay. What's up? You up early, huh?"

"Yeah. Say, did you and Mehmet get home well last night?"

"Yeah, except my ass was frozen. But then Mehmet rubbed it with oil for me and things got real hot around here..." she giggled dirtily.

"Word. Listen, I'll call you later about the paper, alright. I gotta bounce now. See ya." Jay hung up and turned to Dianne, who was lowering her gun and sort of blushing.

"So, what's up? I had a threesome on the back of a camel with some Persian couple or what the fuck now?"

"You're lucky Nigga. If you was creeping, I'd have ripped the roof off this motherfucker!" She uncocked the weapon and twirled it around her trigger finger, cowboy style.

"Dianne, you think you can come in my fucking flat and pull a gat me!" Jay was looking real pissed now.

"It ain't a real heater man. Its a toy. Chill out." She tossed it at him. It was a very well made plastic imitation. Jay gazed at it, shaking his head as Dianne pulled off her Nigga hat and shook her long, curly hair. She had a pretty face, dark, sultry eyes, a cute, snub nose and thick, pouting, African lips.

"I don't believe this shit!" he snapped the toy in two. "Dianne, are you fucking crazy!"

"Nigga, why you tripping man? You a man or a mouse? Come on," Dianne broke into a sweet, dimpled smile. She slid off her coat, leaving herself in a pull over and hipster jeans that were stuffed into her boots. Dianne was a tall woman with a voluptuous booty. "You ain't creeping, so we cool. A'ight? What you want for breakfast?"

"I want you to grab your shit and fuck off for good. I mean it this time."

"Stop trippin Jay." Smiling silly and keeping her eyes averted, she slumped onto the couch next to him. "I'll make it up to you baby boo! I swear! I mean, look on the positive side, I came through the rain and snow and freezing cold just coz I love you! But, from now on, I ain't pullin no more dumb shit. I swear! Put it on my mama."

"No. You always starting shit. You just gotta do it," he shook his head in exasperation. "Remember last month. I take you out to that Italian place and you embarrass me in front of everybody threatening to beat up that white girl from my class just coz she came over and said hi."

"She was interfering. I'm trying to get some romance going with my Nigga and she just jumping up in there with her monkey Caucasian ass or what the fuck? White bitch better back the fuck up or get smacked the fuck up. Straight up."

"So, you reckon all I am trying to do is cheat on you with some white girl, right?"

"I know Niggaz. All a white bitch needs to do is come shake her skanky ass in front of a Nigga, and he ready to dump his black woman. You Niggaz are fucked up, disloyal bastards! I ain't going out like that"

"How about you go out through that door and just never come back until you grow up."

Dianne furrowed her brow, glared at him and pointed a finger at his chest, "You just waiting for me to make a tiny, lil mistake so you can dump my black ass and go hook up with your cracker bitch! Nigga, you ain't fooling nobody here, Nigga!"

"Dianne, I dated White, Asian and all them other women before you, so what the fuck you saying?"

"I bet you're real proud of that huh?" she waved her arms in the air, "Look at me, I'm a Nigga done fucked White and Asian hos!!! Hoo-damn-fucking-ray!!!"

"Oh fuck! Lemme get you a mirror so you can just see yourself Dianne. You're nuts!"

"Quit tripping Nigga. Didn't we see Dennis Rodman's dumb ass on TV saying he wont date a black woman, coz we're so fucked up. Yet he was crying crocodile tears coz his white ho ex-wife wont let him see his kid. Did he say white women are fucked up and he wont date them no more? No! Black bitches are the ones that's fucked up. Who gave birth to that Nigga and raised his dumb ass. A white ho? Man, fuck all you all Niggaz!!! Treacherous bastards!"

"You guys all hate each other. Black women and black men hate each other. Queens and Bronx Niggaz hate each other, East Coast Niggaz hate West Coast and Southern Niggaz," Jay sneered. "But it ain't even just the Niggaz, Mexican Americans hate Colombians, Haitians hate Cubans and Jamaicans, Japanese hate Chinese, Indians hate Arabs... This ain't the united States of America, this is the fucking Disunited States of Asshole-Merica!"

"Oh Nigga please! You motherfuckers are always shooting each other up, plus you got them big bellied, starving kids with flies buzzing all around they faces and shit!"

"Its where you came from, yunno! You diss Africa you diss yourself," Jay laughed.

"I got nothing to do with you all. I am an American."

"White Americans that been here 200 hundred years will proudly tell you, I'm Irish-American, I'm Italian or Romanian, or whatever. Yet you guys deny and despise your origins."

"What's there to be proud of in Africa? Zebras and lions and child soldiers, huh? Poverty and starvation."

"How you gonna talk shit about a place you never seen you ignorant dumb ass?"

"I seen it on TV a thousand times."

"The white man shows you that shit to keep you dumb, ignorant, confused and divided, fighting and hating each other."

"Its just natural for people to hate each other? I mean, what them out of town Niggaz or them Spics and Chinks and them offay hos in their SUVs want in my hood anyway? They need to fuck off!"

"Your hood? Which Nigga own anything in your Hood? That shit was stolen from the Indians, and you all renting them slum dwellings from some cracker anyway. Dumb asses!"

"Nigga, next time you come through I'm a tell the homies what you saying and we'll see what they do to that Zebra riding ass!" Dianne said indignantly.

"Listen Dianne, its called "Divide and Rule!" The white man keeps you all hating each other so that you don't unite and kick his hypocritical, lying, greedy ass. And you are all playing his game so dumb. That's why the white reigns supreme over all you Niggaz, Spics, Chinks and whatever. He lives in luxury whilst you all die for a street he owns."

"Jay, I ain't dumb. Them white chicks I work with at Hooters is poor, white, trailer trash. And there's them strippers, hookers, winos and homeless crackers. They ain't got it all that good neither."

"But even the poorest white man be smirking like, "At least I'm white. I'm better off than them Niggaz, Chinks, Spics, Wetbacks and Camel Jocks." But in fact, them poor whites are getting fucked up the ass just as bad. You are all dumb!"

"Oh, so you reckon you're all that just coz you're trying to get a punk ass college Degree. Man, there's Niggaz riding in the hood your age making a gang of grip you can only dream about Nigga."

"You think the white man is scared of them gangsters, pimps and dealers? He'll let them sell drugs, shoot up the place and destroy their own. And any time they want, Five-O will get that ass quick, lock him up, fry them and give them prime time Media exposure to show how fucked up Niggaz are. The only Nigga he fears is an intelligent, educated, civilised, peaceful, successful black man living the good life. That's why you never see such Niggaz on TV. Coz them Niggaz prove that the white man is nothing better. "

"Whatever, yo! I hate them crackers. Especially them white hos! Riding through the hood in their SUVs looking for some black dick!"

"Was it them white bitches that enslaved Niggaz? Was it them white hos that raped black women?"

"I hate them. Soon as a Nigga makes it, he thinks he is too good for a black woman. Even 50 and Puffy were trying to date that alcoholic Lindsay Lohan. Niggaz are just stupid dumb!"

"You black women talk as much shit about Niggaz as them damn crackers that used to whip us and hang us and then come in the night, rape you, give you a mixed child looking like a life saver and then deny it by calling it black. Fuck this black male bashing, I don't feel that shit. There's a bunch of good Niggaz out there, but you all talk about the bad ones, like all Niggaz are fucked up. But like DMX said, "Bring it, we right here, we ain't going anywhere, we right here. Talk your shit but we don't care, we right here!"

Dianne thought about it for a while.

"You claim to be an intelligent black man, right? But all you wanna do is dump your beautiful black woman, instead of nurturing and cherishing her?"

"Dianne, self preservation is the first law of nature. I love you, but you got all this anger, hate and negativity, and you wanna pull me down with you."

"Oh, so I am just some worthless, dumb black hood rat slut that fucks you good, huh? Thanks." Her eyes became glassy as tears welled in them.

"No, Dianne. I really love you, or I would have dumped that ass a long time ago. I mean, you are a beautiful, vibrant, strong black woman. But you just feed your brains garbage. You're riding without a plan, and so you are going nowhere."

"I told you, I am looking at my perspectives and stuff..."

"Bullshit. You're kicking it with your girls, listening to Lil Kim, always doing dumb shit and you find it cool. You are wasting yourself. I need a woman I can go somewhere in life with, yunno"

"You really know how to make a girl feel special," Dianne pouted and sniffed.

Slowly, a big tear drop slid down her cheek, leaving a wet trail. Jay wiped it. Dianne suddenly broke into heavy sobs and threw her face onto his chest. Jay held her, stroking her hair and she wept heavily. In the six months he had been dating Dianne, she had never cried. Not even once.

After she calmed down, he lit a fat joint and they smoked it in silence. She was snuggling to him, her head on his chest, her hand under his shirt, stroking his belly.

"Jay," she said softly. He looked into dark her eyes. They were red from crying. "Make love to me please," she said softly.

"I don't know if that is such a good idea. I mean, we always break up, fuck one last time, and before you know, we are back together again and its just a new day, same old shit. I don't want that no more."

"Shhh!" she put a soft finger to his lips.

Dianne was nervous. She could see that he really seemed to mean it this time, about dumping her. That Nigga was fed up.

She had heard from several people that the way to a man's heart was through his belly. She had her own theory and it went, "The best way to keep your man is to fuck him long, hard and good." She wanted to keep her man. Some of the stuff he had said made sense. She wasn't sure about some of it though. However, right now, she did not want to ponder. She wanted to know that Jay would stay hers, or at least give her a fair chance to fight for his love.

Chapter 2: After the storm

Dianne rose to her feet and put on some RnB music. She turned up the bass and bump and grind rhythms filled up the room. She stood before him, swaying and gyrating her hips to the music. Slowly, sensuously, she stripped off her clothes, till she was left in a tiny cream coloured thong. She knew he just loved to see her big, heart shaped ass in a thong.

She posed before him, one hand on her hip.

"D'you like what my Mama gave me baby?" she teased in a deep, husky voice. He didn't need to answer. The lust blazing in his eyes said it all.

Jay's cock hardened instantly, causing a tent in his jogging pants. Dianne was such a bootylicious brown princess, with cocoa brown skin, smooth as silk. A pair of big breasts, like juicy, ripe fruits, jutted proudly from her chest. They were crowned with dark, crinkled nipples, thick and long like thumbs. Her flat belly had a soft, feminine curve at the bottom. A silver ring glinted in her navel. Her waist was slim, her hips wide and flaring hips. She had a thick, satiny, heart shaped butt, with cheeks like full blown balloons.

"Someone would like to say Hello," she said huskily, and insinuated a dainty finger under the gusset of her tight thong. She slowly peeled it to the side, revealing a plumb mound, covered by a trimmed, dark bush. The long, dark, engorged lips of her womanhood were shining with wetness.

"Come with me baby," she took his hand and led him to the bedroom.

Within seconds, she had pulled his sweat-shirt and his pants off. He stood naked before her, a lean, athletic, muscular black man, with dark, smooth skin. Her manicured fingers traced the bulging chest muscles. Then they lingered on his well defined, six pack belly, before descending farther downwards, to the long, thick, dark cock that was dangling between his big, powerful thighs. She took his throbbing organ into her palm and grabbed it possessively.

She stroked his cock lightly as she raised her other hand to his handsome, dark face, to trace his temple, his cheek and his chin. He had big, brown eyes framed by bushy eye-brows. His nose was big and wide, his lips thick and full. She traced them with her finger and probed them. Then she slid her fingertip into his hot, wet mouth.

"I'm your woman, your lady, your mama, your princess and your bitch baby. Take me and fuck me," she said in a husky voice, filled with carnal lust.

Jay's hands went straight for gold. He slid one palm around a thick, soft, warm tit and ran his thumb over an excited nipple as as the other hand snaked around her hip, to cup a thick, firm, soft ass cheek possessively. Dianne trembled, pressing her hot, crisp young body into his. He devoured her mouth and shoved his thick tongue inside her hot cavern.

"Mmmmmm!" she moaned, sucking on his thick tongue like a dick, her lusty hips grinding wildly against his meat.

He slapped his palm between her thighs and met with the hot wetness of her dripping gash.

"See how fucking wet I am darling. I'm staving for you cock," she rasped into his ear and nibbled it making his body tremble.

"Fuck the princess and the lady, right now, I want the bitch in you," he groaned.

"Have her," she responded, her eyes smouldering with carnal lust. She wrapped both hands around his engorged cock, double fisting him and wanking him, making his hips jerk and twitch.

"Oh damn! I love this dick!" she cried, peeling the foreskin to reveal a thick, dark, mushroom shaped head. She pulled it to her pussy and rubbed it along her slit, bathing it in her moisture. Sparks to explode in her loins, making her lusty hips tremble.

"Oh fuck!!! Stick this dick up in your bitch baby, please. I need you to fuck me..."

"Oh, you are getting fucked my darling," Jay swore as he hooked his arm under her knee and raised her thigh, leaving her to balance on one leg. "Put that fucking dick up in your slimy pussy, bitch" he growled at her.

Dianne ducked the fat head into her cunt and bore down on him, swallowing his hot, throbbing manhood into her lubricated hole.

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