tagInterracial LoveDestroy and Rebuild Pt. 03

Destroy and Rebuild Pt. 03

byThe Avenger©

Chapter 1: From Buccaneer to Billionaire.

Jay was amazed at how rich David's family was. They were not even rich, they were wealthy. The terms that people in the hood used for describing someone's money couldn't even apply to them. You could not talk about a long ass grip, a fat ass stash, a gang of ends, or a big ass stack of dollar dollar bills y'all.

Jay could not believe it when David told him that their net worth was close to 7,5 billion Dollars. David was quite proud to prove this to him though. He showed him files and documents that only immediate family members and upper, upper management had access to, and Jay saw it for himself. They had their fingers in everything. They owned heavy duty factories, car manufacturing plants, weapons manufacturing businesses, aircraft manufacturing concerns, shipping holdings, alcohol and cigarette concerns, financial institutions and a host of other stuff. The beauty of it was that they did not even have to run them, they owned the majority stakes, and let someone else do all the hard work. David's father, Seth, only came to collect his money and multiply his wealth. The family fortune increased by a net value of close to 200 million dollars annually. Jay had heard of rich black people but none of them came close to this range.

What amused Jay was that the whole family fortune had been built through crime. David's ancestors were rumored to have been pirates, highway men, armed robbers, smugglers and traffickers as far back as three hundred years. They had also owned plantations and traded in slaves, the only one of their activities that wasn't criminal; maybe morally, but legally, definitely not. The family fortune had been passed down through the generations and continued multiplying.

Jay found poetic justice in the fact that one of the heirs to this vast family fortune, was this long, blond haired, feminized, submissive, Metrosexual white guy, who not only let him fuck his alluring wife, but also sucked his dick and took it up the ass with pleasure. Whatever would his buccaneer ancestors have said to that.

Jay wanted a big slice of that pie, and he would definitely use David to get it.

Jay told David to invite him to a family luncheon. David was a nervous about how his family, especially his dad, would react to having Jay and his girlfriend, two niggers, join them at the family table. Niggers were always at the family luncheons, but they didn't sit at the table, they rushed about in maid's uniforms and aprons, serving the wealthy white family.

Jay could see that David was really scared of his father. Normally he did anything that Jay ordered him to do without even raising a brow, but risk crossing his father, no! He was so reluctant and scared, looking like Jay was literary putting him between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Chapter 2: A fantasy cumms true

Jay did not like it when his white pussy boy did not do what the hell he ordered, so he decided to teach him a lesson. He showed Dianne, his African American girlfriend, a photo of David and Ramona.

"Who the fuck is this Michael Bolton look alike? He some kind of a drag queen or what? He wear lip stick? Ugh!!!" Dianne wasn't impressed.

"Ain't you heard, they call them meterosexuals. Anyway, that's the son of the owner of Smith Holdings. Would you like a romantic supper this evening, served by this rich white boy?"

"Why the fuck would that rich white boy wanna serve two Niggaz supper? You been smoking la la or what the fuck, Nigga?"

"Chill baby, I got this shit on lock down, how you want your white waiter. Want him dressed up like a clown, with a red nose, want him naked? Speak."

Dianne contemplated the shit for a few seconds, and then she said, "Alright, how about he puts on make up, lip stick, and he wears nothing but a thong, a pink one, an apron, and high heels, plus I want a purse slung over his shoulder. And, after supper, I want the white boy to lick the balls of my feet, suck on my toes, lick my ass clean..."

"Do you want him to suck my cock when I fuck you?""

Dianne laughed. "Nigga, you a fucking daydreamer, huh? Alright, but since you into freaky fantasies, how about he sucks on my clit, whilst you fuck me, and then, after I cumm, to my contention, you fuck him up his ass, whilst he eats my pussy and makes me cumm again?"

"However you want it baby. Just make sure you're home by eight. I will make it happen. You want his white wife there too? Want her to eat you out whilst I fuck him up the ass?"

"No! Fuck a white bitch! I hate them bitches! Just bring me the rich cracker in an apron and thong and I'm cool."

Dianne didn't yet know about Jay, David and Ramona, and she thought that Jay was just talking shit. Imagine her surprise when she rang his bell at eight and the door was opened by David, in a tiny white apron, a pink thong and high heels. Dianne couldn't believe it. She laughed so hard. David looked uncomfortable, but he did everything that Jay said.

"Nigga, what's going on yo! What's up with this? You got that motherfucker on drugs or what the fuck?"

"No, I am black mailing him. I go some nasty info on him. Chill mama. Why don't you clap your hands and tell the white boy to move faster. Cuss him out a lil bit."

Dianne found great pleasure in humiliating and ordering David around. She was like, "yo, hurry up you lazy cracker, pull my chair, pour my drink? What the fuck kind of service is this. Fuck you, worthless piece of shit."

As she observed David, she noticed that he seemed to find pleasure in being humiliated, in some perverse kind of way.

"Yo, that white boy is sick, yo! He needs psychiatric help, real quick," she said to Jay. Then she turned to David and said, "Hey cracker waiter boy, come dish my food, ass hole! Get a move on, you bastard. Mother fuck you!" As David rushed to obey, his face blushing crimson, Dianne laughed her lungs out. As he bent over the table, she pinched and fondled his ass.

"Say, cracker boy," She gave that ass a smack. "Is you gonna sue me for grabbing that ass? You gonna file charges for sexual harassment. Hell fucking no, cracker boy, you ain't gonna do shit. Coz you ain't shit. Motherfuck you! Now pour my fucking drink. Hurry up, moron!"

"Damn Dianne. You really hate white people huh?"

"Damn right. Gee, thanks for this wonderful present Jay. I ought to call my home girls over so we can abuse him together. They'd just love this. Can I?"

"Maybe later. Lets just enjoy our private evening with the waiter, alright?"

After the tasty supper, which was delivered by a five star restaurant, on David's credit card of course, Dianne got her wish. She slipped on some new, skimpy, purple lingerie, that made her look like a black sex goddess. The bisexual white guy's mouth watered and he licked his lips greedily. Dianne reclined on a couch and told David to crawl to her, massage her feet, and then lick the soles and heels whilst she puffed on a joint. She couldn't believe it as he complied. She squealed with laughter. Then she got serious and told him to suck her toes. She then told him to call her black goddess and lick every little inch of her body and worship it with his mouth, and she wanted to see some real reverence, not some fake ass shit. Dianne thought there was room for improvement, but she could see he was giving it his best. She climbed astride Jay and eased his hard cock into her dripping pussy. She could not believe how absolutely wet she was. She then told David to eat her big, black ass whilst she rode her boyfriend's dick. She told him to probe his long tongue deep into her shit hole and he did it with gusto. She came so hard.

She then climbed off Jay's hard, thick cock, took it in her palm, slowly wanked it and told the white, submissive guy to crawl closer.

"Listen, you damn cracker. I want you to lick my boyfriend's big nigger dick, alright. Lick it like a lolly!" She grabbed him by the hair and made him lick it. She rubbed the dark, spongy head all over his face. Then she made him stick his tongue out and slapped it with hard, black cock.

"Damn! This is so funky!" she squealed with delight. She then made him gobble it up. She could resist the impulse to grab his head and press him down on the thick, engorged cock, making him gurgle and choke on it.

"Damn! I cant believe this shit! Look Jay, he really loves your cock. You love a big, Nigga dick, don't ya? Crack ass cracker! Answer me?"

"Yes, my black goddess. I do."

"Now, suck them balls boy, lemme see you just stroke those big black balls with your tongue and lather them with your saliva. Do it nice and slow. That's it. Now open up real wide and suck em in. Yeah. Pull them lips off real loud. Good! Atta good boy!"

Dianne was so amazed. She was however, simply astounded when Jay even made him lick his ass hole and David did it meekly, lapping, licking and sucking away, and moaning softly, with so much relish. She go to so horny that she lay on her back and begged Jay to fuck her pussy real hard. She didn't even take long to cumm. Then she said,

"Oh Jay, darling, please lemme see you stuff that cock in his mouth. Make him taste my black pussy from it."

David simply rushed at Jay's cock and gobbled it up, sucking on it greedily. Then Jay slid his dick up Dianne's ass and told David to suck her clit whilst he fucked her. Dianne came again and again. Then she desired only one thing, to see David taste her ass hole off Jay's dick. He once again didn't disappoint, sucking on the black cock with a voracious appetite. Jay came up in Dianne's ass, and she lay back and told David to suck the messy goo out of her gaping hole. He did it without hesitation.

"Gosh Jay, I love him to death. Feed yourself white boy. Lick that Nigga cumm out of my black ass hole. Yeah!"

Jay then made him bend over. Dianne lubed his ass hole and held his cheeks apart as Jay penetrated him. She slapped and pinched his pale cheeks as her boyfriend stuffed his thick, hard, black cock up that ass.

"Oh yes, that's it, fuck his ass with that big dick. Fuck him hard baby!" Dianne couldn't stand it. She grabbed a cam coder and filmed it all. She especially loved it when Jay went from the guy's ass to his mouth and back.

"Oh fuck, Look Jay, he's cumming. He's taking a black dick up the ass and cumming all over the floor!" Dianne squealed, zooming in. David was kind of embarrassed for a second, but when Jay fucked him harder, he started crying for more.

"Listen Jay, I have always wanted two dicks up in me at once. I couldn't take two huge Nigga cocks, but he got a tiny one. Please let him stick his tiny pole up my ass whilst I ride your dick. Please honey."

At first Jay didn't want it. But finally, he let her have her wish. David was so overjoyed. It was the first time that Jay allowed him to penetrate a female hole in his presence. Usually, only his holes were fucked.

Dianne went AWOL, taking the two dicks, bouncing up and down between the men's bodies and cumming hard.

For the finale, she wanked Jay's cock until he shot it in David's face. She directed the jets of cumm with precision. She let David catch one in the eye, another on the forehead, then in the ear and of course, on his lips. Then she told him to scoop up the goo and lick it from his fingers.

Afterwards, the three of them reclined and smoked a joint. Dianne was as happy as kid that had just met Father Christmas and a bunch of sweet, friendly green aliens.

But Jay was all business now.

"Listen David, we just filmed this funky shit. Now, either you get me invited to the family luncheon, or every member of your family gets to see this tape. You, double teaming a black nigger woman. And then you, getting fucked up the ass by a nigger. Now, something tells me, it would be much better for the whole family to just have the two of us at the family luncheon."

David nodded hastily.

Chapter 3: The billionaire boys club

The luncheon was held at the Smith's impressive residence. The huge Manor on the hillside must have cost a fortune. It was huge and simply awesome. It was like a Victorian Palace and you could have made five stadiums out of the gardens.

All the family members stared at the two guests that Ramona and David brought along with them. You could see they had never had Niggaz for lunch.

Seth, David's father, head of the family and President of Smith Holdings, was a tall, thickset white man of about 65, with graying hair, and steely blue eyes and a jutting jaw of a man used to commanding people around. He was neither friendly nor rude to J but he hardly acknowledged his presence. He was however, genuinely interested in Dianne, the lusty, alluring dark beauty and insisted she be seated next to him. In fact, he kept gazing at the alluring, dark young woman in a way that Jay didn't like.

His wife, Madeleine, David's mother was a 55 year old old, tall, slim, pretty, bubbly brunnette. She was sparkling with jewels and diamonds. She had an air of class and elegance about her. She spoke with a sweet, French accent. David had proudly told Jay that she was from an aristocratic family in Monaco. She was immediately enchanted with jay and insisted that he sit next to her. Dianne wasn't too pleased about the way that the elderly lady was gazing at her boyfriend, like he was a mixture between a pretty, exotic animal at the zoo and a delicious piece of cake on her plate.

David had three siblings, his elder brother, Raymond, who was thirty five, but looked more like fifty. He was balding prematurely, and his skin was pale. He had lines on his face, and he was chubby. David had told him that Raymond was a workaholic, who tried too hard to please their father. He also had a rocky marriage with his wife, Maureen. Jay could see straight away that Maureen was a snobby gold digger. However, she was a hot, sexy, leggy, big titty blond.

David's elder sister, Hilary was 32 and looked like she was in her mid twenties. She was a tall, pretty brunette, with sharp, intelligent eyes. Jay noticed that there was something prim and innocent about her, like she had never sucked dick and always switched the lights off before she fucked, probably in the missionary position. Hilary's husband was Rob, a tall, handsome, sandy haired guy. He was a loud mouth and an ass kisser. He kept sucking up to David's dad, Seth. He looked like he was so desperate to belong in the family.

Last but not least was David's young brother, Edgar. Jay knew Edgar from the University. They took Accounting classes together. Edgar was 26 year old. He was a handsome, brown haired haired guy with a crew cut. He looked like an actor from some TV series. Edgar was always well dressed, polite and well spoken, and people nicknamed the gentleman. However, he had a reputation of being an anal kind of guy.

Edgar was accompanied by his girlfriend, Melissa, or Lisa. She was a tall, pretty, slim blond aged 23. As it turned out, she knew Dianne. They had once worked together at Hooters, before she had started dating Edgar. Edgar kept putting Lisa down, making fun of her, and it seemed like the rest of the family enjoyed laughing at her. Like Robert, the son in law, she was trying too hard to belong to be accepted by the billionaire family, smiling from ear to ear and sucking up to everyone.

What struck Jay was the absence of children at the table. He couldn't believe that Seth had four children, all grown up, and not a single grandchild. The next generation of the Billionaire Boys Club was missing in action.

During the luncheon, a discussion about Edgar moving out of the house came up. His mum did not want him to live alone. She said he wouldn't manage. Edgar did not seem too keen to move out at all, but his Dad insisted that it was high time he left the nest. Seeing an opportunity, Jay said he was also looking for a new apartment, and maybe they could move in together and see how it worked out. Madeleine immediately seconded the idea. She had obviously taken a strong liking to Jay. She took his number and said she would call.

Chapter 4: House warming.

Madeleine called Jay and they went looking at apartments. They spent several afternoons together, looking at different places. Not once did Edgar come along. Jay had lunch with Madeleine several times. She was cool, was the European woman. She was fascinated with the young black man. Jay flirted lightly with her and charmed her with compliments and little gestures. He did not over do it, he did just enough to make her feel desired, without acting like he was trying to fuck her. It went down well with her. He even got the impression that she kept finding new places to look at just to be with him. A couple of times, real estate agents mistook them for lovers. Madeleine blushed, but Jay told her he felt honored that they thought she was his girl.

"Aren't you embarrassed? I am old enough to be your Mum," she said, her face beaming.

"The elder chicken makes the best soup," he chuckled dirtily.

"You naughty boy!" she gasped and kissed his cheek quickly.

From then, jay always put his hand on her back when they walked and no one was looking, and she liked it, so she started taking his elbow. She liked Jay in a strong way. He was confident, relaxed, polite, charming and intelligent. And not only did he make her laugh and feel good, but he made her feel desired and attractive.

Madeleine settled for a spacious apartment house. Jay said it was really great, but out of his range, coz it cost five thousand dollars a month rent. Madeleine waved with her hand, and they drove to the real estate agent. She signed a check and bought the house. It cost 4 million, but she got it for three point five. She then renovated it and had it decorated.

A month later, Madeleine called Jay and asked him to meet her at the house. Madeleine proudly showed him around the place.

"I thought beige and hazel brown would be a good motto, for a boy's apartment. Tell me what you think."

She then took his elbow, leaned into him and showed him around the house. Jay was impressed. It had all definitely cost a fortune, but the place looked magnificent. It wasn't his hard earned cash any old how, so Jay enjoyed the view. Madeleine had furnished the place completely. She said if Jay did not like anything, he should feel free to have it removed or exchanged. He was simply impressed with everything.

"This is so wonderful, Madeleine. I don't know how to thank you. Are you doing anything this evening?"

"No. Why?"

"Then I am going to cook you a tasty meal and we will have a house warming supper."

"No, you shouldn't bother really. We can go and eat somewhere."

"No. I Insist Madeleine. Why don't you just sit tight, and I will be back in a few."

Jay drove into town. He stopped at a supermarket and bought some premium cut steaks, two bottles of wine that cost a fortune and a half and some candles, and a bottle of massage oil, amongst other things. He had his opportunity with the billionaire's wife, and he was not going to waste it. He would make a lasting impression and conquer that ass for good.

Then he stopped at a music store and bought an Al Green CD. He then went into a shop that specialized in ladies evening wear. One of the assistants was similar in stature to Madeleine and he asked her to model a couple of naughty, sexy dresses that caught his fancy. He then settled for one. He drove to a Victoria's Secret Shop and bought a tiny, sexy thong that matched the dress.

Madeleine was watching TV when he came in. He handed her the outfit, which was wrapped up.

"I have a present for you Madeleine. I always see you in these ladies suits, but for this housewarming supper, I would like you to put this on. I hope you do not think its presumptuous of me. Please humor me."

As Madeleine got dressed Jay, he cooked a tasty meal. He had just finished cooking when Madeleine appeared in the door way, blushing profusely, yet looking rather pleased.

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