tagInterracial LoveDestroy and Rebuild Pt. 04

Destroy and Rebuild Pt. 04

byThe Avenger©

Chapter 1: Anal Edgar

Jay moved in together with Edgar and soon realized why everyone at the University said Edgar was anal. He was a pompous, arrogant bastard and he was stingy as hell. Though he had a long grip, as in generous allowance, he was such a miser. He did not have to pay a cent for the family apartment, but he secretly charged Jay an exorbitant amount of rent. Jay simply got the money from David. Edgar avoided doing groceries and when they went drinking, he always sneaked off to the gentleman's when it was his turn to get the next round. He let his mum or a maid do everything for him. He would simply remove his clothes and leave them where they lay. He also paid other people to do his assignments for him.

Jay soon realized that holding a conversation with Edgar was a waste of time. The guy talked constantly about his dad, "My dad's got this, my dad knows this and that guy, my family is this, my family is that, blah, blah, blah!"

Edgar also had a very ignorant opinion of blacks, talking about them as if every brother was a dumb ass thug, gang banger, car jacker and drug dealer. He had a severe case of propaganda induced racial prejudice, and it was incurable, like AIDS. It made him feel good, obviously, to fear and loathe brothers.

Jay started feeling a strong desire to put Edgar in his place. However, he put that off for a while. He was concentrating hard on his studies. He was doing a lot of reading, finding out the ways that rich white people did business and always ended up making more money and getting richer whilst the poor got poorer. He was preparing himself for the future that he wanted, a future with a big slice of the cake. A couple of times, Edgar's mother dropped by when she knew her son was not at hoe. He chatted with her and massaged her shoulders. She loved him so much for it. He knew he would have to fuck her one day and try out her mature white pussy. But right now, he just didn't have the time to court her and fuck her real good, so he put it off.

Edgar's girlfriend, Melissa, or Lisa, the 23 year old girlfriend had a tall, slim, athletic body and a pretty face framed by long, blond hair. (Dianne maintained it wasn't natural, she said it used to be a disgusting, rusty yellow when they used to work together at Hooters). The most striking thing about her were her big, blue eyes. They were big, like a doe's eyes. She was learning interior decorating, and dreamed that through Edgar's family, she would have access to wealthy clients.

Edgar treated Lisa like shit and enjoyed putting her down. He sent her around like a servant. He talked shit about her behind her back, calling her a dumb ass bimbo and shit. He often told Jay that he was planning on finding a new, younger, slimmer, prettier blond But Lisa put up with it, because his family was rich and hers was just lower middle class.

Initially, Lisa used to look at Jay with very skeptical, Angst filled eyes. She acted jittery around him, like she thought he would hold her up and rape her and then sell her mother drugs. It was only after Jay recovered a very important file she had lost on her Laptop, that Money started liking a brother. She became all nice and friendly to him.

When Lisa started warming up to Jay and smiling from ear to ear and laughing gaily whenever she chatted with him, that did not go down well with Edgar. The guy got mighty jealous. This pissed Jay off because Edgar was always fawning over Dianne, looking like he wanted a taste of chocolate desperately.

Lisa and Dianne hated each other. It must have started back in Hooters. Maybe it was just natural for pretty white girls and pretty black girls to hate each other; no idea man.

However, shit really hit the fan one afternoon, when Dianne walked into the kitchen, wearing a short skirt that hugged her thick, heart shaped butt like a second skin, and a tiny, tight top that was stretched around her thick tits. Edgar, who was drinking a cup of tea, gazed at her with greedy eyes. He started hitting on her, dissing Jay.

"Listen, do you think Jay is true to you. I am not saying he is a dog or something, although black guys usually are. But, if I had a beautiful, gorgeous girlfriend like you, I would never even look at another woman. I would do anything for her. And you know, I could really do a lot for you."

"Quit that type of talk Edgar. I am really flattered, but I have a boyfriend."

"And what can Jay do for you really? I mean, those guys usually end up dead or in jail. Or they leave you all alone with kids. I am not saying Jay is that type, but you never know. Is that what you want? Don't you think you are wasting yourself? You can do better."

"Excuse me Edgar, but please stop that."

"Listen Dianne," Edgar said, moving real close to her. "I think you need some to think about this. How about we take one of my dad's private jets and fly over to the Caribbean. Or would you rather Europe, Monaco, you know, or Switzerland. We can see places Jay could never show you. You can go shopping, anything you want, you can have. I will take you eating in places frequented only by nobility. We will stay in 5 star Hotels. Anything you want baby. Jay could never give you that!"

Edgar slid his arms around her waist and grabbed her thick ass cheeks. "Edgar, take your hands off me immediately. And as to your proposal, lemme just go and discuss it with Jay, and hear what he says."

Edgar immediately ripped his arms away, his face going pale.

"No! Please, don't say a thing to Jay."

Dianne thought to herself, "How the fuck you gonna try to get a dude's girl when you so scared of him. Fuck you! Silly ass wimp!"

"Eh, is Jay home?" Edgar asked.

"No, he's working out. He's coming in two hours."

Edgar became bolder. He just had to have this black woman. As she turned to leave, he jumped her. He pressed her in a corner, pinned her arms and tried to grab her ass and tits. He ripped her top wide open. Dianne was taken by surprise from his vicious, animal attack. She tried to push him off but he was like a beast. He was so horny and so in lust with the black woman, and he couldn't believe she was turning him down. Dianne struggled but he grabbed her by the throat and pushed her against the wall. He kneed her to the belly, knocking her breath out. Then he tried to shove his hand under her mini skirt.

Dianne just couldn't believe that a white man was trying to rape her. She was seething with rage but she was trapped. Edgar was bigger and much stronger than her and he had the strength of a man possessed. He called her sweet names, offered her lots of cash and licked her cheek.

Over his shoulder, Dianne saw Lisa walking in through the door way. The white girl stopped dead in her tracks and gasped. Then she just stood there, watching passively. Dianne couldn't believe that the white girl was standing there watching her boyfriend trying to rape her.

"Alright, Edgar, I see that you really want me," she said to him. "Calm down and I will give you what you want. Hold on. Do you want me to suck your dick baby. Want me to go down on you, and suck that big, pink dick?" she asked him in a husky voice, stroking his bulging erection through his pants.

"Oh yes, you black slut! I wanna stuff it in your mouth. Please Dianne. Please lemme fuck your beautiful, dark face, you black temptress," he rasped.

"Alright then. All you have to do is ask, now step back and take your cock out, lemme see that pink dick. It feels so large. Go on, you handsome white guy. Take it out. Lemme suck you, then you can fuck my black pussy!"

"Oh yes, you black slut! I wanna fuck you hard!" Edgar gasped, ripping his pants open and yanking out his cock.

"Mmmmm! Nice!" Dianne cooed. "Lean against the wall baby! I'm a lil shy. Please close your eyes for a sec."

Edgar leaned back, and closed his eyes, expecting his cock to be swallowed up between her lush, dark, hot lips. However, the next thing he felt was cold steel, against his meat. He opened his eyes to see that Dianne was holding a huge, sharp knife to his dick. The silver blade was gleaming so wickedly. His erection withered and he trembled. However, Dianne grabbed a firm hold on his cock and pulled it hard, making him dance on his toe tips. She stroked it with the blade, an evil glint in her eyes.

"No! Please! Please!"

"You wanna rape me huh, cracker boy! Wanna rape a Nigga slave! Huh!"

"Oh no please, Dianne!!" Edgar sobbed. "Please don't cut off my dick!"

"If you ever, ever touch me again, I will chop it off. Then I will tell my Nigga about all this shit, and he will fuck you up your ass, you hear!"

Dianne then raised the knife. Edgar screamed. She drove it into the wall besides his head.

Dianne saw Lisa quickly disappear from the door way. She stomped after the white girl, leaving Edgar sobbing like a kid.

Dianne caught Lisa at the main door. The white girl was leaving.

"You fucking white whore! Why didn't you come to rescue me? You were gonna watch him rape me? Just coz you don't wanna lose your rich boyfriend, you stupid gold digger."

"Its all your fault! You seduced him. I hate you, you black bitch! I hate you all! You just want to take our men, coz your own men are such losers..." Lisa sobbed and ran away.

From that day, the two women hated each other with a passion.

Chapter 2: Squabbling chickens

Dianne did not say anything to Jay about the incident. She was afraid he might go loonies and kill Edgar with his bare hands. Edgar also left her alone after that. However, she and Lisa now hated each other, like GW and Saddam. They hardly talked, but the evil looks they exchanged could have easily qualified for Weapons of Mass Destruction. In fact, had a former secretary of state who bowed out in disgrace known about it, those two women would have had their asses kicked and thrown in Guantanamo Bay by a certain GW, his friend, PM TB and a couple of much less important white boys.

Jay did not like disharmony, and initially he tried to get those feuding hoes to start acting their ages and not their shoe sizes. He asked Dianne to make an effort to stop the war, but she said,

"Fuck that white ho! She hates me coz I am a beautiful, intelligent black woman. Fucking racist cunt."

"Come on," Jay protested, "she ain't no racist. I get along with her fine."

"Look, Jay, I don't wanna come between you two, yunno. Or is it the three of you?"

"Stop being ridiculous."

"Why the fuck do you even talk to that skinny, starving offay when you know damn well that she is my enemy. Where is your fucking loyalty?"

"Listen, all I am saying is, try and be friendly, yunno."

"Fuck that skinny white ho! She got the body of a boy. No tits, no ass, flat booty white bitch! The bitch got eating disorders. I should feed her my nutritious knuckle sandwich."

Jay thought it might be better to try and get Lisa to make the first overtures. When he chatted with her however, she said, "Look, I don't wanna talk bad about your girlfriend Jay, but she's got a fucking attitude, you know. This a race issue."

"Come on. She gets along with Edgar."

"She hates me coz I am a tall, slim, blond girl. I mean, she is obviously frustrated with her figure."

"What? Her figure is perfect."

"Come on Jay, its decent of you to be loyal to your girlfriend, but the truth is that she's got a fat ass. You can turn a blind eye, but you are not really doing her a favor, in the long run. I mean, if I put on too much weight, Edgar always tells me, and I like it that way."

"Listen Lisa, I really dig her fat ass. And this is not a problem about weight or race, the two of you are acting like bitches man!"

"Oh, so your girlfriend sent you to insult me, huh?"

"No. But I am tired of the two of you fighting over shit!"

"Well, listen Mr, tell her to stop being such an ass hole, and I will be decent to her."

Jay gave up. The two hoes were just so determined to feud.

Chapter 3: I'll take your ho

One Friday evening, the boys threw a party at their apartment. Loads of people came. A DJ laid down fat tracks and the apartment was like a disco. There were so many hot, skimpily clad chicks that Jay felt like he was in a pussy supermarket. Many guys were cursing themselves for having brought their girlfriends along.

Blunts were passed around like the Olympic torch and the alcohol flowed like water. Everybody got pissed and stoned quickly.

Dianne was dressed in a very hot, skimpy white outfit, designed to get the dicks hard and the girls envious. She was boozing and dancing with some homies of hers. She'd come to Jay once in a while to mark her territory, catch her regular dose of kisses and rub her hot goodies onto him to remind him of the after show private party in the bedroom. They were both having a great time.

At one point, Jay bumped into Lisa. She was looking hot. The leggy blond was dressed in a tiny mini skirt, high heeled shoes and a backless halter top. She wore her blond hair open, like a shiny, smooth mane that went down to her breasts, framing her pretty, long, well made up face. She was looking bored and down. Edgar the jerk was hanging with his rich, white homies and ignoring her like last year's paper.

She tried to bitch and mourn so Jay plied her with drinks and joints and told her a few dirty joints to raise them low spirits. The two of them danced. Lisa was getting her groove on, shaking that ass like a salt shaker and putting it on Jay. Jay pushed his hips out and gave her something to rub that tight, white ass on.

Jay noticed that Edgar was watching them with a sneer/frown combination. He was hanging with his white homies, smoking blunts profusely. Jay could tell the dude was player hating on him, coz they all kept sneering and laughing at him. He ignored the jerks.

Their dancing was not even all that XXX-Rated but when tipsy Dianne spotted them, she fell into jealous fits. She thought the white chick was trying to steal her man. She stomped over and said Lisa danced like a typical white girl, in other words, SHIIIIEEET. And her outfit really made her look like a cheap, white BIIIIEEETCH! Lisa shot back, claiming that Dianne looked and moved like Ms Buffalo Butt. Plus she was dressed like a whore! Dianne threatened to bash Lisa. Tipsy Lisa began bouncing up and down like one of Charlie's Angels and going "Lets take it outside." It was on.

People gathered around and the DJ turned the music down so he wouldn't miss out on the beef. Dianne and Lisa were zealously hurling insults at each other. People were already dubbing it a black and white girl fight. Jay tried to lead Dianne away but she wanted to feud.

"Don't fucking touch me. Nigga get dem hands off me!"

"You're making a scene man. Chill out! You're fucking up my party!"

"Me! Nigga! Its that offay done fucked up everything."

"Dianne, you started this shit! You were dancing with other dudes all night, did I even trip?"

"Oh, so its like that huh? Well, you made your choice loud and clear. Have fun with your white bitch! But watch out coz when daddy finds out you're jigaboo, you're thru. I am Audi. And I am taking my sweet black pussy with me." She cupped her pussy. "U-u-u-uh! Its soaking wet and itchy, Nigga. Chew on that shit!!"

Dianne grabbed her stuff and took off with a couple of her homies. Dianne was talking shit and Jay could hear those nasty bitches pouring oil into the fire, calling him "a scanless, white pussy loving jigaboo."

Jay was pissed for a second, because he really hadn't been planning on fucking Lisa's white ass. Not yet, anyway. However, true player for real that he was, he wasn't about to spend the evening sulking. He smoked, drank and danced with a gang of hos.

When Jay met Edgar and his boys in the kitchen, his stoned room mate proved that he was indeed a moron with a P.H.D (Player Hating Degree). He smirked at Jay and said,

"What's up dude. You were having fun with Lisa, huh? Bumping and grinding huh?"

"What's up Edgar? Are you jealous?" Jay teased.

"Don't get your hopes up too high just because Lisa smiled at you. She is not one of those cheap whores that like you guys. She ain't the type to catch the jungle fever, she's immune to it, pal."

Edgar and his dumb ass homies laughed. Jay smiled evilly, and took off with their joint.

He decided to show the player hater that he could take his bitch. When a slow number started, he took Lisa onto the dance floor. She had obviously been doing some serious drinking and smoking. She gave a whoop of joy and jumped into his arms. He wrapped his arms tightly around her slim body and pulled her close. The blond snaked her long arms around his neck, resting her cheek on his and pressing her tits into his chest. Jay felt the heat of her young, crisp body almost as if she were naked.

As they swayed to the music, Jay ran his big hands up and down her back, stroking and caressing her. He felt her tremble, heard her purr in his ear and then her hands started stroking his dark, powerful arms and shoulders, touching bare flesh since he was wearing a white wife beater. He pressed his hips into hers making her feel his hard dick.

Lisa nearly jumped, with elation and excitement. His dick felt so hard and so long and fat. She could feel its heat even through his shorts and her skirt and thongs. It pulled her pussy like a magnet and she found herself grinding against it. Her heart beat like a drum and the juices poured into her pussy. Lisa dug her fingers into his dark upper arms and never let go again.

Making sure that Edgar and his cronies had an unobstructed view, Jay eased his big hands slowly down her hips, all the way to her butt cheeks and cupped them. Lisa trembled and rubbed her cheek against his. His big, strong fingers kneaded her butt cheeks like dough as he ground his hard, throbbing cock into her cunt.

He looked over her blond head at the white boys. Edgar's mates were getting all frantic and gesticulating wildly and and pushing Edgar like they were saying, "Go rescue your woman from that nigger!"

But Edgar baulked and only pulled tough on his joint. Jay smiled and thought, "What a wimp!".

Lisa noticed Jay throwing her boyfriend challenging looks and knew he was out to piss off Edgar. Initially, she went along with it to tease her boyfriend for ignoring her like a jerk. She also wanted to see if he would storm the dance floor and rip her out of Jay's dark arms. When she saw him watching, but scared to come and get her, she said, "Fuck him and his daddy's cash!"

All that mattered to her was the hard dick that was grinding into her wet, itchy, excited pussy. She purred into his ear like a cat and licked his lobe. She pushed herself up on her tip toes, so she could feel his turgid cock right along the whole length of dripping, excited slit. It felt so good that she started grinding her dripping cunt tortuously into him. The white girl nestled her face in his neck and blew her hot breath onto his skin as she exhaled.

Feeling her butt cheeks clench and unclench in his palms incensed Jay, making him wish his dick could just tear through their clothes and stab its way deep into her the dripping pussy. Since he did not have supernatural powers to pull off that type of shit, Jay slid his hands under her skirt and took her firm, soft, taut ass globes into his palms. They felt like hot buns straight out of the oven. He just had to sink his fingers in there and squeeze them like juicy fruits.

As she felt his hands on her bare skin, Lisa was overcome by such a wanton lust. She did not protest but burrowed her face into his neck and intensified her grinding. Her pussy searched desperately for stimulation and found it on the the black man's big, hard phallus. She smeared her soft lips into the skin of his neck and licked him with her hot, wet tongue. Jay eased her skirt higher so Edgar and his cronies could see his black hands on her white ass. He didn't want them to even have a small doubt.

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