tagInterracial LoveDestroy and Rebuild Pt. 05

Destroy and Rebuild Pt. 05

byThe Avenger©

Chapter 1: My enemy's enemy


Dianne smacked Lisa across the face, sending her staggering onto the couch. She raised her talons, planning to scratch the skin off the cracker bitch and then strangle her and kill her.

Jay jumped behind her and wrapped his arms around her, pinning her arms to her side and lifting her off the floor.

"Lemme go you scanless Nigga. I'm a kill that offay ho. Then I'm killing you you white bitch lover!" Dianne tried to kick him with her sandals and butt him with the back of her head.

Melissa saw red. She couldn't believe that the nigger whore had smacked her. Seeing Diane held by Jay, Lisa jumped in and smacked her hard in the face.

"You're dead, you fucking cracker bitch!" Dianne lashed out with her feet, catching her on the shin. "Shit ass chicken shit offay whore!"

Lisa snatched a bottle of wine and searched for a good angle to smash it on Dianne's head.

"You're dead, you black bitch! Nigger whore. I'll make those fat lips explode!" she growled.

Jay got fed up right there. He tossed Dianne behind him and snatched the bottle from Lisa's hand. Then he grabbed a handful of braids in one hand and handful of blond hair in the other, and yanked real hard. They both yelped. He dragged them both into his room and kicked the door shut.

He pulled their hair hard and growled into their wincing faces.

"Alright, listen to me you bitches. This shit is gonna stop right now. You are going to sit your asses down and the first one that starts some shit is gonna have to fight me!" he shoved them both onto the bed.

"Jay, you fucked the white bitch and then you held me so your white whore could hit me! I cant believe this shit!"

"Shut the fuck up Mel. I didn't fuck her."

"She said you made her cumm. Don't fuck with me Jay."

"Is that your revenge Lisa, that your man tried to rape me!"

"What!" jay exclaimed.

"This fucking bitch watched her boyfriend trying to rape me and she didn't even help me. How could you Lisa!"

"What was I to do? You were always flirting with him. You lead him on," Lisa insisted desperately.

"No Lisa. He tried to rape me, and you saw it and didn't do anything."

"I was paralyzed And I felt like shit. Like it was all my fault."

"What the fuck is wrong with you Lisa!" Dianne exploded. "You got a boyfriend who treats like shit, he uses you like a servant and he tries to rape another woman. And you feel like shit! You were even crying! Are you dumb? Bitch, is you stupid?"

"I love him!" Lisa wailed. "I know he is an asshole, but I love him..."

Lisa started sobbing heavily.

"bitch please!" Dianne groaned and rolled her eyes. Then she moved to Lisa and wrapped her arms around her. Lisa tried to pull her off. Then she threw her head onto Dianne's chest started sobbing.

Jay rolled another joint and lit it.

They all sat on the bed. A thick cloud of weed smoke hung in the room.

"How the fuck come I didn't know about this?"

"It wasn't no big deal man, I put a knife to his dick and it shrunk. I didn't want you killing him or something, neither."

"You are a tough bitch!" Lisa said and they both laughed. "I am really sorry. Its just that, imagine you see your boyfriend lusting after another woman. It makes you feel like shit. Like you failed..."

"My Nigga fucks other bitches, but I don't feel like shit!"

"He does, and you know about it?" Dianne nodded, smiling naughtily. "And it doesn't drive you mad?"

"With desire. We like sharing girls. Don't tell me you never fucked a chick. All you white girls are pussy eaters, ain't you?"

Lisa blushed. "I used to do it with a good friend of mine."

"Yeah," Jay said. "Ass hole Edgar told me that you fucked girls before."

"That ass hole has a big mouth. What did he say?"

"Well, to put in mildly, he said he rescued you from some trailer, big, ugly butch type trailer trash Dyke you used to fuck with."

Jay and Dianne laughed.

"Edgar is such a jerk. It ain't even true. She wasn't trailer trash and she wasn't a butch. She's very pretty. He was just jealous."

"Come on Lisa, don't be shy now, tell us about your butch. Did she have a clit like a lil dick!" Dianne said and squealed with laughter.

"Oh, you guys are laughing huh? Jay, you know what he tells his fraternity brothers about you. He says you are some starving African refugee that he picked up from the street coz you were homeless and shit. And he lets you stay here for free. And you cook, clean, wash and do his laundry. And that you like it when he calls you boy!"

Dianne fell over laughing. "I wouldn't laugh so hard if I were you Dianne. He said you got an ass like a fucking duck and your lips are so fat that you look like you just went ten rounds with Tyson and got bashed bad."

"That cracker is an ass hole! Have you ever fucked a black chick, Lisa," Dianne asked, looking into the big blue eyes. Dianne's eyes were narrowed to dark slits.

"No!" Lisa replied and swallowed. "Have you ever been with a white girl?"

"no!" Jay answered for her. "Dianne hates white girls. She is a racist."

"They hate us too. Its like that, isn't it?" Lisa nodded. "But I don't wanna hate you no more sweet heart. Come here."

The black woman's face broke into a sweet, devilish, dimpled smile. She stood up before Lisa and pulled her to her feet and looked into her big, blue eyes. They were sparkling with excitement.

"I cant believe I am about to fuck a white girl."

"Gosh. You are so crude Dianne," Lisa blushed.

"Oh don't you act shy on me," Dianne voice was now a soft, sexy, husky low drawl that sent tingles down Lisa's spine. "You wanna fuck my Nigga, you're gonna have to make me cumm first, alright? Do you want that?" Lisa nodded shyly. "Say it, do you wanna fuck me and do you wanna fuck my Nigga?"

"Yes. I wanna fuck you both."

"You wanna eat some Nigga pussy and suck some Nigga dick? Say it."

"Gosh, Dianne."

"If you cant say it, you wont get it. Simple as that," Lisa kept blushing.

"I cant say the N word. I'm a white girl."

"Uh huh?" Dianne moved in close, pushing her tits against Lisa's. She stroked her blond hair with one hand, whilst the other stroked her face lightly, going from her forehead, down her temple, cheek and chin, fluttering over the tanned skin like butterfly wings.

"Don't mean to tell me you never call us niggers, when you're with them other cracker hos. Tell me the truth. You do huh? Everybody uses those words." Lisa nodded bashfully. Diane grabbed a fistful of blond hair as she slid her palm around Lisa's throat.

Jay sat back with a fat joint and a glass of wine, stroking the big bulge in his boxers. He loved it when Dianne dominated a girl. And he could tell that Lisa was about to be dominated and made to eat Dianne out. It was Dianne's favorite past time. She loved breaking hos.

Dianne's grip on Lisa's hair tightened, stopping just short of making her wince. She applied firm pressure on her throat, stopping just short of choking her. Dianne made Lisa look into her eyes.

"Say it, you cracker slut. Say you wanna eat some Nigga pussy and suck some Nigga dick!" she pulled on her hair harder, making her wince and she sank her thumb and finger into her throat.

There was something about the dark skin, and thick features, that scared and paralyzed the white girl. Yet something about the dark, sultry eyes hypnotized her and made her wanna drown in them. Was this creature human, like her, she puzzled. She felt fear and excitement. It was like a fatal attraction.

"I wanna eat your nigger pussy and fuck Jay's big nigger cock!"

"That's better. You're a hot cracker slut, you know. I am gonna enjoy fucking you," Dianne said huskily. Lisa felt her warm, moist breath on her nose, and mouth.

She trembled and moaned softly. Dianne's thick lips closed over Lisa's mouth, sucking her lips into her mouth. She moaned deeply as she licked and sucked the white girl's lips. Lisa cried sweetly, her body shaking.

Dianne suddenly pulled hard on her hair, making her wince and forcing her to tilt her face upwards. Then she surprised Lisa by shoving two digits into her mouth. She stroked the white girl's wet tongue forcibly.

"Lick my fingers with that tongue bitch. Show me how happy you are to be Mama's lil white slut! Go on now sweet heart. Lick..."

There was something hypnotic about Dianne's husky, horny voice. Lisa found herself complying, slurping and licking away at the two dark digits. The black woman shoved her face into Lisa's soft neck and devoured her like a vampire, licking, sucking, nibbling and chewing away. Lisa closed her eyes and tried to stifle the moans.

Dianne dropped Lisa's gown from her shoulders, leaving her in her half cups and thongs. Then the black woman's palm slid between her thighs, to cup her cunt and squeeze it. They both felt her wet pussy squelch in her gusset.

"Mmmmm. The lil slut is so fucking wet!" Dianne eased her fingers in under the gusset.

They gently stroked and traced her dripping gash, slipping and sliding on her sensitive, wet flesh. Lisa exhaled, and her hips shuddered. Dianne located her hole. Slowly, gently, she wriggled her fingers into the wet pussy.

"O-o-o-o-o!" Lisa moaned sharply.

"Yes baby!" Dianne groaned huskily and smeared her wet, succulent lips into Lisa's. Then she pried the white girl's lips open and shoved her tongue into Lisa's mouth, just as she sank a digits up in her pussy.

Lisa moaned deep in her throat as Dianne's tongue explored her mouth, gently but firmly, just like her middle finger was exploring her wet, itching, excited pussy.

Exhilarating sensations washed all over her body. She cried softly into Dianne's mouth and started rolling her hips against her hand as Dianne finger fucked her exquisitely

"Mmmmm!" Lisa moaned and her arms rose to embrace Dianne. Dianne suddenly pulled Lisa's head back, making her wince and open her eyes in shock.

"You like that huh, white girl. Open your mouth!" Lisa complied and Dianne withdrew her fingers from her pussy. They were shiny with Lisa's juices. "One for you, one for me. Lets eat some white pussy."

They looked into each other's smoldering eyes as they each licked a finger, lapping up Lisa's salty, musky pussy juices. Then their mouths found each other and they tongue kissed each smoothly, but hungrily.

They explored each other's mouths, their tongues dancing and snaking around each other as they grabbed and fondled each other's tits. Dianne slid a thigh between Lisa's and they dry humped each other, kissing continually.

Jay was starting to get bored form all that kissing and slurping. He was just gonna say, "get it on yo!" but Dianne beat him to it.

The black girl once again grabbed the blond hair and tugged, making Lisa wince. Then she chewed and licked her cheek and neck. She bit her and Lisa shuddered.

"You like that huh! Bitch!"

"Oh!!! Yes! I like it when you are like that to me."

"Want me to finger fuck you again Lisa? Huh? Is that what you want, white bitch!"

"Oh yes! Please do it again. Please. Make me your bitch!"

"You wanna be my bitch, you gotta cumm for me bitch! You gonna do that! Cumm for me!"

Dianne place one foot on the bed and made Lisa lean her ass against her thigh and part her legs even more. Dianne wriggled three digits into Lisa's pink shaved pussy and finger fucked her, whilst she rubbed her clit with her thumb.

Lisa felt overwhelming sensations as Dianne manipulated her pussy. The dark digits were skilfully stroking her walls and the roof of her cunt and her thick, engorged clit. Sharp currents of electricity ripped through her pussy, making her whole body tremble.

"Ah yes! Oh, that's so good Dianne!"

"Then cumm for bitch! Show me how good it really is...."

Dianne clamped her mouth over Lisa's and tongued her as she finger fucked the white girl hard and fast. Her palm slapped into Lisa's mons making loud, succulent sounds as her fingers squelched so loudly in her flooding twat.

Suddenly, firecrackers were exploding in Lisa's pussy. She bounced and jerked on her feet. Dianne felt the white pussy contracting wildly around her fingers. She fucked her harder, faster and deeper, sending her hurtling into the throes of an orgasm.

"A-a-a-a-a-! Yessss!!!! Yesss!!! I'm cumming all over your fingers..." Lisa moaned sharply.

Dianne ripped off her top to expose her thick, proud dark breasts. Lisa gasped.

"Gosh! Those tits are fucking awesome!!!"

"You like them big Nigga tits huh! Come and breathe my air bitch!"

Dianne hooked an arm around Lisa's neck and pulled her into the valley between her big tits. Lisa's vision was filled by the dark, creamy orbs. She felt soft, warm flesh close around her, blotting out the light. The dark skin engulfed her into total blackness. Dianne's powerful arms closed around her head, pulling her deep into her soft flesh. Her nostrils were filled with Dianne's rich perfume and the scent of her feminine flesh.

Then her nose was squashed into Dianne's hot flesh and she could not breathe. She tried to pull back but Dianne wouldn't release her. Her nostrils sucked at Dianne skin, searching desperately for air. As she struggled futilely, it then struck her, why Dianne had said, "breathe in my air."

Finally, Dianne released her, and her head snapped back. Lisa's face was all red and she gulped breath desperately. Lisa hastily inhaled deeply.

"Do it again," she rasped. Dianne was glad to, again and again. Then she pushed Lisa onto the bed and straddled her, pushing her tits in her face.

"Damn, you bitches are into this Dyke shit big time huh!" Jay laughed, seeing the excited aroused looks on their faces. They ignored him.

Dianne snatched Lisa's hair again and pulled her to her face as she held up a big tit and brought it to meet her. "Lick my tits bitch. Come on. I'm itchy all over.

"Oh..." Lisa moaned and dove into Dianne's tits. She scooped up a big, black tit in each hand and ran her long tongue all over the dark orbs, loving the texture of the smooth, hot flesh on her tongue.

"Yeah, get them titties all wet baby. Dribble all over them and shit! Yeah. Spit on the motherfuckers and lick it up."

Lisa gasped and complied. Dianne had her hair in a firm grip and directed her mouth all over. She made her lick her tits and the valley between her orbs till everything was lathered in saliva.

Then a nipple was pushed onto her lips and Lisa hastily vacuumed it into her mouth. She wrapped her tongue around it, then she flicked and teased it. As she heard Diane moan deeply in response, she felt pride and joy. She ate Dianne's nipples till they were hard as pebbles.

Dianne gazed at Lisa's pretty white face feasting happily on her big, black tits. The sight was very arousing, especially the contrast in their skins.

"Oh yes baby, girl. That's beautiful. Go on you lil white slut! Suck on these big Nigga tits. That's so fucking hot!"

"Oh fuck yeah Dianne, I love your big Nigga tits," Lisa exclaimed. She shoved them together and tried to get both nipples into her mouth. She smeared her lips into the soft fleshy mounds and pulled them off with loud pops. Both of them gasped and then she did it again and again.

"Oh, she's getting freaky on me now! You wanna get freaky on me bitch!" Dianne growled in a thick voice as she started stroking herself between her thighs.

"Oh yes Dianne. Lets get real freaky. I wanna do you baby!"

Dianne grabbed the blond by the hair and kissed her passionately. Then she jumped onto the floor and yanked Lisa to make her sit right on the edge of the bed.

"Oh fuck Dianne, you are so sexy in white!" Lisa cooed, stroking Dianne's thighs that were in white, semi transparent mid thigh stockings.

The black girl hitched up her short skirt and and placed one foot on the bed, leaving Lisa gazing at the fat pussy in her tight white thong. It was so wet you could have wrung it and watered a garden. Dianne stroked her gusset, running her dark fingers over the soaked, white material.

"Fuck. See what you doing to me. Just the thought of seeing that pretty cracker face of yours between my thighs is making me drip like a tap baby. Be proud Lisa," Diane chuckled.

Lisa grinned, "Shit, I'm about to eat my first nigger pussy!"

"Then get started honey. Duck your head in there and get acquainted with this pearl tongue, white bitch!" Lisa's was pulled by the hair to Dianne's cunt. The horny black girl rubbed her soaked gusset all over the pretty, pale face, drenching it with pussy juices. "Yeah. Lemme water that pretty face..."

Lisa got woozy as the rich, musky scent of the black woman's arousal filled her nostrils. Her heart was beating like a drum and her mouth was watering so much Lisa had to swallow.

"You like that huh! Damn! Bitch!" Dianne grabbed her gusset and bunched it together, then she pulled it up her slit, leaving the sides of her dark, bald pussy exposed. They were shiny with her secretion. Diane pulled her thongs lewdly up and down her slit, rolling her hips like a sex crazed vamp.

"Oh fuck Dianne. You're so kinky! I never knew nigger chicks were this kinky!"

"Quit the jaw jerking and lick that Nigga pussy you darn cracker ho!"

Lisa could not resist her, she just had to obey her. She rasped and leaned in close, to lick the dark, shiny vulva. As her tongue made contact with the bald skin both women moaned. Lisa smeared her lips into it and dragged them up and down the sides of Dianne's pussy, sucking as hard as she could, moaning so sweetly with relish.

"Damn, you like them sweet pussy juices huh! Lemme take you to the source bitch!"

Dianne pulled her thongs off her cunt and jammed them to the side, leaving Lisa gazing straight up into her shiny, pink slit. Lisa's eyes sparkled with fascination. Dianne's pussy was like a greedy mouth about to devour her hungrily, and she went into it like a lamb to the slaughter.

"So, a black pussy is white on the inside. Hi hi," she giggled.

"Then put that white tongue inside!" Diane lowered her wet, steamy gash on Lisa's mouth.

"O-o-o-o-o!" Lisa moaned opened her mouth. She gave Dianne's pussy a long, wet gentle kiss. She sucked and slurped away at the thick, dark lips lapping up the salty, musky juices that flowed in abundance.

"Mmmmm!" she moaned repeatedly as she drank her fill and licked everything her tongue could reach.

"Fuck! I wanna get up in that nigger pussy!" Lisa declared, then she suddenly wrestled Dianne to the bed. She pushed her dark, juicy thighs up and knelt between them. She yanked Dianne's thongs out of the way, and then she grabbed the vulva in both hands. She pulled the lips apart, leaving Dianne's pussy hole gaping at her.


Then Lisa dove in and buried her tongue all the way up in her. She bore down on Dianne's pussy hard as if she wanted to enter her bodily, as as her long tongue played around inside, teasing the sensitive walls.

"A-a-a-a-ah!" Dianne cried. "Yesss!!!! She's a real fucking pussy eater! Fuck!"

She grabbed Lisa's head and shoved her into her pussy as she ground her hips slowly but very lustily on her tongue. Lisa huffed and puffed for breath through her nostrils as she bobbed her head up and down. She threw her head into Lisa's cunt repeatedly, tongue fucking her and swallowing the black girl's copious juices.

"Oh fuck! I love it! Shove that pretty white bitch face all the way up my pussy!!! Yes! Eat me! Fucking eat me!" Dianne cried.

Lisa pulled her face out and it was covered in pussy juices. She gave Dianne a vicious slap to her cunt. "Hold your fucking thighs up bitch. And spread them wide!" she growled. Dianne complied hastily. Lisa pulled the pussy lips wide apart and gazed into the gaping hole, seeing it contract and expand like it was breathing.

"Oh fuck! I love that pussy!!!" she wailed and dove back in there, to bury her face it it. She tongue fucked her again. Then she took the lips between her thumb and index and pressed them together. She clamped her lips on them and ran them up and down, sucking hard and pulling them off with loud, succulent smacks.

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